Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrong Infereence by the Duck and a community post

The Duck as usual gets the story from Nigeria wrong. He points to the use of government force against a Muslim sect and gets the wrong message. Governments need to ensure the safety of its citizenry especially in a country with tribal and religious strife like Nigeria. One group's behavior threatened the stability of the country and the government took appropriate actions. It did not target every Mosque, just the ones affiliated with a sect responsible for the criminal riots.

The Editrix is largely correct in her comments. CM provides some history on the other aspects not observed by me. A community is a reflection of the people in the community. In our community the Duck states his views but there is a level of behavior that all understand. The Duck disagrees with around 99% of what I write. However, his contributions keep me sharp and this would be a boring place if we all agreed. The Duck and I have an odd friendship that has gone on since 2004.It is funny that when I do a radio interview the subject of the Duck comes up in passing.

This site is in no description anti Yeagley. I do understand he has upset some friends. We also have people who do post here who are not upset, but left for various reasons. I wish his site would return to the era where ideas and history were discussed. A certain person has never contributed to the intelectual debate on that site. Her role seems to be to make the Dr look ridiculous by fostering an attmosphere that at times resembles a hate site.

I also want to contrast the examples of some Conservatives and BE. When we read a Mr Beamish or AOW they are not fans of Obama. However, they discuss eroneous policies sans any talk of race. The issue of Obama is his dreadful plans to send the country in the wrong direction.
As a conservative it is illogical to attack a person's heritage as we discuss ideas and celebrate individualism. Blacks are part of the American family and they serve with distinction in all capacities. We do not attack family members for being different here, we note our differences state our opposition to the ideas and not the persons community. Ultimately the ideas are more important than Obama the person.


Always On Watch said...

Ultimately the ideas are more important than Obama the person.

How long is "ultimately"? The BHO Cult still thrives.

Ducky's here said...

No Beak, I got it exactly correct. You went off on you nonsense trying to make this a Muslim/Christian issue.
It isn't. It's a whackjob cult like the Davidians or the Kahanists.

You spend too much time over at Gay Eagle, Beak. It warps you.

Ducky's here said...

Yo, Beak, catch a clue. Obama is only ensuring that the country CONTINUES on the wrong course.

This guy is about as revolutionary as Bill Clinton.

The_Editrix said...

Hey! I agree with the Duck! What a wonderful start of the day.

roman said...


The issue of Obama is his dreadful plans to send the country in the wrong direction.

Indeed, BHO is a great speechmaker with an abundance of charisma and intelligence but he definitely is taking this great country in the wrong direction. His penchant for spending record-breaking amounts of money for pay-offs to his election backers and other political hacks are on full display. The really sad part is that the main stream media and other sycophants like the Duckster are so deeply invested in his mystique that they continue in their headlong positive spin masquerade even though the dirty-low-down Chicago political cut-throat power grabs are on full display daily. They just cannot bring themselves to utter one critical thought and follow blindly towing the party line. After controlling Congress for two and a half years and the presidency for a half, these people still blame all the nation’s ills on Bush and the Repubs. It would truly be laughable if it wasn’t such a sad chapter in our nation’s history.
I don't know if this is due to the delicate PC factor involving the racial issue or that they fully back him despite his many broken promises.
Transparency? Broken!
No more pork? Broken!
Post-racial POTUS? Broken!
Non-partisan cooperation? Broken
Fiscal responsibility? Well, he never pledged this, so I guess he’s got the green light!
Many accused him of being an empty suit. Unfortunately, it is starting to become very evident that this may in fact be the case.
I do like the fact that he drinks Bud Light, however!

CM said...

Umm, ice cold beer and crunchy, salty pork skins....those were the days.

Our Country has been in worse shape! Chins up.