Saturday, July 04, 2009

Consumed by Hated

I find myself accused of being a Black Indian Mexican gay communist by some people who are obviously illiterate.

A bunch of white supremacists have set up shop at a site I comment on. The next thing I know is that these Nazi kook racial supremacists start calling me Unamerican and a traitor based upon my ethnicity. Next thing I know a Nazi starts to question my morality based upon my being a Edomite who supports gay marriage and abortion.

As stated since this blog opened I am a Rudy Republican. I was always and remain stridently anti communist. Any basic reading of my blog makes this obvious. I was a Cold Warrior who fought commies on their home turf my beloved NYC. My positions are fairly mainstream for a NYC Republican, but I am not nor have I ever labeled myself a Conservative.

I do not condone racial supremacy of any type and I am a relentless foe of white supremacists or their Black counter parts. This type of hatred is unamerican and is a violation the principles that founded this nation. When I point out the idiot that made these idiotic accusations got chopped to pieces by Mr Beamish who does not like Nazis it should give you a clue that this is no super patriot. People as diverse as The Merry Widow, Nanc and Rocco had this person tossed from the Autonomist for Nazi style rants.


beamish said...

Black Indian Mexican gay communist

Comrade Leroy Sashays-to-Disco Gonzales?

beakerkin said...

That is pretty funny.

Rightminded is at it again with the Nazi crap. If you disagree with his idiocy than you are a Communist or tool of the Jews.

He is a loon

beamish said...

I'm a tool of the Jews. I got my Zionist decoder ring at a secret meeting in a Mossad safehouse cleverly disguised as a kosher deli up in Monsey that you can only enter if you know the proper Masonic handshake.

Messing with the tinfoil hat crowd is almost as fun as messing with leftists.

The_Editrix said...

Oh for Heaven's Sake Beaky! Are you STILL not done with that? There are so many interesting topics to discuss and you can't let go of that freak show.

If you want to wallow in antisemitism, homophobia and racism, let's discuss Stormfront. At least they have a certain importance through their sheer number of contributors and readers.

Even better, use the time you waste there to post something interesting here. By the way, I've got yet another blog.

beakerkin said...


I wish you weren't right but you are.

I am saddened of the inability of some to grow beyond their hate.

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, you can't grow beyond something when you revel in it. That's what Nazis do, they revel in their hatred of who and what they perceive to be their enemies. It's reflected in their music, their conversation, their general lifestyle, in almost everything. That's why they find a certain camaraderie at certain events that take place on a yearly basis. It's a brotherhood of sorts, though a not necessarily united one. It's more of a confederation of hate. Only they don't see it as hate. It's very important to remember that. They see it as a love for and defense of the things they value. The sooner you see it in that light, the sooner you make inroads towards understanding where they're coming from.

beakerkin said...


Part of it is jealousy.

We have an interesting gathering of friends that are united by something beyond hatred. Part of my inability to understand is that a certain amount of popularity has always been natural.

This particular Nazi shares a history with myself and Mr B. There
was a group of bloggers at Moonbat
Central but this one guy just never
fit in. He had a run in with a now
familiar foil of mine Mad Zionist.
He expected everyone to rally to his side but it didn't happen.

When that site closed down the group moved to the Autonomist where
he also did not fit in. He was just
creepy and had no spirit. He ran into the Mr Beamish buzzsaw and got whipped.

He goes to Bad Eagle where I hang my hat and is about to get banned.
He stokes populist antisemitism and
a nasty fight ensues. I did handle such light weights with ease, but what did I win.

The racial power bigots have trashed the site from a great lively place to a cheap clone of Stormfront. It is sad really, that many do not understand being pro indian does not mean anti anyone else.

In a way the site is healthy. Indians tend to be mystified in certain section as all wise peaceable people. Any trip there shows the same if not more human weakness that the rest of us have.

I never suffered from the idealization, but Indians supporting white supremacy is as insane as Jews supporting Nazism.
The history and legacy of dehumanizing anyone on the basis of race or culture should be apparent to Indians. Sadly, some people need an "other" to scapegoat
to make them feel better. Others use hatred of Jews for populist means.

The Pagan Temple said...

I don't think Bad Eagle supports white supremacy, if that's what you were saying. I only read a few things in the forums, but from what I did read, he just strikes me as someone who is patiently, maybe a little too patiently, allowing them to have their say, probably more out of interest in letting his other readers see their words and judge them accordingly.

That should not be construed as support. He probably doesn't want to say anything to discourage them from showing their true colors, and if he came down on them too hard, they would probably not be so open, if they commented at all, which if they did, it would just be a lot of vitriol. He's giving them a chance to calmly explain their position, in a non-defensive way, which is a better way to get at a dialogue with somebody you're trying to understand, and want your readers to understand.

I don't know if what I am saying makes any sense to you, but bear in mind, Bad Eagle is a scholar, so you can expect him to approach such topics in a scholarly fashion. He wants to learn, and wants his readers to learn.

Bear in mind also that these people are a small minority, even among far right conservative Americans, or for that matter, even among a lot of people one might consider racist, a good deal of which is born out of ignorance more than it is any kind of malign intent.