Monday, July 27, 2009

India builds a nuclear submarine

India has taken a huge step forward and built a nuclear submarine. India is a growing power that the US should align itself with for its economic and foreign policy future. It faces two enemies Pakistan and China ultimately an unstable China would be the more dangerous foe.

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American Crusader said...

Unlike Al Qaeda, from everything I've read about the Taliban basically states that they are fantastic at being fanatics and terrorizing their own people but need written instructions on how to wipe their own ass. Of course, it seems they both go hand-in-hand.
I agree that we need a strategic ally in the region. China is not our friend and I personally believe they are behind any North Korean provocation or cyber attack on this country.
Obama has already showed that he lacks the prerequisite cojones to stand up to our enemies... or maybe he is too busy apologizing for everything America has ever done (strange that he cannot give a personal apology for his actions) to even notice the provocations.