Sunday, July 12, 2009

India vs China

There are some recent articles in Indian Newspapers hinting that China is planning some aggressive action against India. The article points to the internal problems at home in China.

However, to put it bluntly India is by no means a soft target. China might not win the exchange as India has plenty of manpower and would also get aid from many allies including most of the West.
A more logical target would be a historical enemy like Vietnam that could not resist the overwhelming numbers.

The United States should be firming up its relationship with India to ensure its future. India is a key ally and a more logical trading partner than China. Improving our relations with India is vital to Americas long term interests.


Freedomnow said...

India has enough problems and they dont need to manufacture another one with China.

We will have to improve our relationship with India at a great expense to our sanity. The country is still run like a third-world backwater despite their economic success.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like wishful thinking from the green elites who'd like to reduce the planet's population by a couple of B's...

The Pagan Temple said...

Vietnam has already kicked China's ass once, and Cambodia at the same time. They're the only country I know of that fought and won a two-front war and made it look easy to boot. China don't want to mess with them, or India. If anybody is in danger from China, it's Russia.