Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama the arrogant and his cult like supporters

I want to point to the blog  Harry Place as an example of Obamunist subversion. Harry's Place is a UK blog that was created to discuss the war on terror, bigotry from across the spectrum but with a focus on antisemitism, anticommunism and current affairs. An Obama Cult Member ( Obamunist) has decided the sum  of the US coverage shall be "nauseating Obama puff pieces", stupid GOP, endless rants about the TEA party
and brain impaired rants about talk radio. In response to the plethora of Obama scandals the Obama Cult Member has imposed a news blackout on all Obama malfeasance.

In a major example of arrogance Obama has been lecturing the UK government about leaving the EU. The US government has no business lecturing elected foreign governments about their internal affairs. If the voters of the UK or any other nation wish to leave or join the EU it is their business. Who decided that Obama's opinion trumps that of the people who reside in the country.

This would appear to be a major story that should be discussed at a UK blog. However, as usual the imperial Gene in the role as the high priest of the Obama Cult has snuffed any discussion of any item that might make Obama look bad. His nauseating Obamunist worship is approaching levels associated with Hugo Chavez or Leon Trotsky.

Gene follows the Obama line as delivered by the folks in Huffington. An American ambassador is killed in a
terror attack that is misreported as a spontaneous demonstration against a video nobody hear of. He rushes to post an anti terror protest in Libya by three dwarves and a kid named Leslie. A gratuitous post on Memorial Day showing three graves in Arlington a Jew next to a Christian and Muslim. Has anyone made the bizarre claim that Muslims don't serve with honor in the military.

The workings at Harry's Place shows Obamunism is very similar to Communism. Harry;s Place was not created to serve a particular figure. Much like Communists subversion of Unions HP has become the Obama
equivalent of a Communist front group. Of course Gene could simply create a new blog for the purposes of
promoting Obama but has decided to subvert an existing one with a different focus.

Obamunists also have rank and file demented followers who misbehave in various ways. Gene like Obama feigns he is above the fray while consenting to his minions disgusting behavior. There is an odd San Francisco
loon who repairs appliances claiming that all opposition to Obama is racism. He also has commented about
my privates without criticism. There is a senile Canadian who trolls around adding nothing but low brow abuse. There is a nut called Violet who like Obama lectures people in the UK about their politics from the Obamunist perspective.

The odd part is these Obamunists are so far off the map they have no clue who or what is Conservative. Pretty much if you don't worship Obama you are a talk radio brainwashed racist member of a lynch mob. Sorry but Obama is not the savior and those who criticize him are not part of a lynch mob. Criticism goes with the job of President and using the race card endlessly to deflect criticism trivialized real racism.

On a personal and Professional level I am frequently mistaken for a Progressive for my views on public service and respect for due process. Attorneys with a wide spectrum of clients know and praise my work
and legal restraint. The Obamunists talk about nuance while creating a Black and white world where everything is summed up by fealty to Obama. Sorry, I am an American and this cult of personality garbage belongs in Cuba. There is plenty of blame to go around about the bitter political polarization. However, much
of the blame belongs to the Obamunist cult of personality that is just Unamerican.

We have a President. Presidents get criticized and journalists need to treat him professionally or at least with
the same level of scrutiny afforded Justin Bieber.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tired of politics

I am exasperated by the age of Obama politics. We have a total incompetent in the white house who ran as a symbol. The media has pretty much neglected to do its job. Our President seems to be more concerned about Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party then Al Queda.

I am sick of excuses about Obama care. The program has cost jobs and sent premiums sky rocketing. The left failed to grasp that employers would shift to part time jobs to avoid Obama Care.

I am sick of I don't know as an answer. The IRS abused its authority and used its power to persecute the TEA Party. Terrorists kill an ambassador and someone blames it on a video, but Obama knows nothing. Now his eminence wants to scale back the war on terror. He certainly did not run on this strategy.

I am cringing thinking about what we will learn about the real Barry O once he leaves office.

Monday, May 27, 2013

That which matters most

Those of us that read this blog know I have survived much adversity. I could hardly imagine what life had in store for me as I survived two attacks at the WTC. I enjoy very much serving the public as an officer. It is the greatest honor to be called officer. Yet above all other things dear to my heart is when my daughter calls me dad.

I think back to my happiest moments and those moments are times I spent with my daughter. Soon, she will be dating in another four years. Beyond that she will have kids of her own, but those moments are so special
to me.

I am a boring guy. Down deep there is nothing I would rather be doing then to enjoy a day with the daughter
and the Maltese. Perhaps when I retire I will go to the North and spend my days in the woods with a canine
companion watching the seasons come and go.

In spite of all the bad times, I have been blessed to share in special moments each and every day. There is no other job quite like this that is a joy and wonder.

A year older a year wiser.

The book is not quite over, but it has been some trip.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Imaginary Dialogue With Stephen Schwartz

Sometimes, I think the country I live in has gone crazy. Most of us grasp that we need to respect the rights of others. My personal disdain for Dallas Cowboy fans does not allow me to abuse Cowboy fans. The concept
of respecting others is a core value of our country.

There have been foul acts perpetrated by losers in the name of Islam. These people are freaks and bums who can't achieve success. They wrap themselves in a shroud of false piety and commit crimes against our
tolerant society. The crimes bring attention to their failures and ultimately harm the very faith they claim to hold in their hearts.

These words may seem harsh and politically incorrect, but to a certain extent Schwartz and many other patriotic Muslims would agree in part.

If we fail to respect the right of those who wish to worship Islam peacefully we have betrayed our own values. When we gratuitously attack a faith we sink to loser levels ourselves. I won't let loser types who cling
to Beavis and Butthead jihad fantasies reduce my Americanism to Beavis and Butthead  patriotism.

Friday, May 24, 2013

made it

I survived four days in a row of work. This is very hard on officers because I depend on prep time to achieve high quality results. I had more officers I had to teach. I prefer not to do this because as my style is based on intensive prep work one gets the wrong idea. My style is to prepare focus on what I need and move on. I know who is coming in and why and where I am going.

I want to wish all my fellow Guyanese a happy independence day. Part of a running gag is how I became Guyanese. In short I am American and do not like diversity fests. For whatever reason people insist on identifying country of origin and in reality it is just Jewish. For political reasons this answer is frowned upon
and I get assigned Israel. I support Israel and have second cousins there, but I prefer the J word. I usually get assigned Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Turkey or Romania. Rather then
deal with that I just assigned myself into Guyana. I really do have Guyanese family and participate in events like reunion gatherings. The you don't look Guyanese part is worth a laugh.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Approaching day four

I can barely move today should be easier. This is day four and I have minimal prep work the cases are somewhat better. I fail to grasp why anyone in their right minds would prepare their forms without an attorney especially when the case has been previously denied.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wish me luck

I am up against an impossible schedule today. I tipped the scales by making some of the easier cases into minimal work jobs. I don't know if I can pull this one out my boss seems to think it is possible, but I don't know. The results are achieved by preparation and planning. It looks easy, but it is not.

RIP Ray Manzarek

Thank you for being the true musical genius behind the Doors. Jim Morrison sold the shirts and provided the legend. Thank you for the countless hours of musical greatness.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Obama Follies

America is slowly learning the truth about the President. He has gotten this far with media connivance and malfeasance. The latest scandals have been met with the usual Obama response to anything ignorance.

Anyone familiar with the government knows the claim of a cabal of low level employees acting in secrecy is not plausible. The excuses need to end and the mother of all spankings will commence in 2014.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mockery of American Coverage at Harry's Place

The local head of the Cult of Obama has remained silent on the the Obama abuses of power and media connivance. The Obamarhoid MSM repeated a hysterical series of lies about the Tea Party that led to the IRS abuses of power by the Obama Cultists at the IRS. No doubt the Dear Leader is shocked and will toss a few foot soldier cultists under the bus. Already the Obamarhoid MSM is spinning the abuse of power on an overworked staff. This excuse is beyond belief as an overworked staff rubber stamps items to clear the decks.

There are more Obama scandals on the way.

A Lawless administration

On top of boldly lying about Benghazi and using the IRS to target its enemies this administration is now spying on reporters. Amazingly, the administration is not satisfied with the unprecedented levels of slavish media connivance to Obamarhoid malfeasance so it needs to spy on reporters. Never before has the media willingly refused to report the facts on such a scale as this administration. Despite such overwhelmingly favorable media the great pretender still complains about Limbaugh and Fox News.The levels of media connivance are approaching Venezuelan levels.

There are more scandals yet to come.   

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rare Post

When one swears an oath of office as a federal officer respect for the law comes first. We use the databases on an as need to know basis and reveal as little as possible in the course of business to respect privacy. Thus
when my boss and I discuss a case typically the legal points are covered more then the person. Most of the time it is along the lines of these are the facts what are we going to do. One time I was uncomfortable with what I saw and asked the top boss for a consultation with our best experts in the area. The boss took one came from that area and dealt with it personally, even though she was very busy. She stated the matter was worse then I thought and took the initiative.

In dealing with security data bases, there is no excuse to ever leak stuff to the media. It is frustrating that things go wrong and politicos stonewall investigations. However, leaking things to the media or the public is not acceptable. Privacy must be respected at all times and even requests from outside law enforcement agencies must go through official channels for even the most mundane requests.

I know that many of us want to understand how the government works on high profile cases. We want government to be on top of potential security concerns. Yet we also must caution that untrained so called experts are frequently wrong.

We have discussed the gaping holes in the student visa program before.

One of my frustration with immigration reform is the rush to do everything at once. The public would be better served by fixing the laws in pieces. Instead of a massive bill nobody fully grasps we could debate section by section and get a better system in time.

Rather be waterboarded

There are things worse then being waterboarded. Listening to incoherent ramblings of Jeff Rense should come with a laugh track. Lets see Obama is the tool of the Rothschild zionist communist cabal. This is the stanard Nazi Jews under every bed paranoia. Some of the material is comedic like Trotsky was a Jew born in Brooklyn.

Now when you take a bit of fact and add paranoia and Nazi nuttiness you get Rense. Listening him mangle words facts and twist logic is a study in incoherence.

I suppose there are things worse then this garbage. Listening to Communists who share about half of this material is likely worse. Watching a Barbara Streisand or Sean Penn film festival would be worse.

Incoherent, dumb and comedic are charitable descriptions of this garbage.

And the Cult of Obama Media Brigade Played On

What we are witnessing is dereliction of duty by the MSM. Story after story has shown the allegedly reliable
MSM to be beholden to the Cult of Barak. A terrorist attack in Libya after the alleged Obama success story was spun into an absurd tale about a riot out of control over a blog.

The MSM ignored multiple stories about the IRS harassment of Tea Party, Conservative and apparently pro Israel charities prior to the election of the Savior. Of course if this were George Bush and the IRS were playing games with Move On the ACLU or investigating Soros or his front groups the media would be screaming. These charges are way more serious then a fringe candidates bone headed views on rape and pregnancy, but the MSM covered them up.

We are learning that those right of center papers may indeed be right again. The Boston bombers are starting
to look linked to a crime in Boston where three Jews had their throats slit. Boston police listed this as a drug killing. Drug killers tend not to kill in a manner that is familiar from the Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl videos. Did we mention the two named persons are Jewish? Our Cult leader did not mention terrorism in an otherwise okay speech.

The media vilified the law abiding Tea Party while ignoring the criminal and frequently terrorist linked OWS. Did we mention our Cult Leader, big labor, members of NPR were all in favor of the frequently antisemitic

Have you seen your health care premiums go up? Have you seen jobs changed to part time to avoid Obama Care? Where are the stories about the long term unemployed and those working two jobs so our cult leader can take credit for the greatest man made disaster ever to hit our economy Obamacare.

Those left wing brain impaired Marxists who rail about Fox and talk radio are wrong as usual. Pardon me if
the rants about responsible press scrutiny of Obama come with a laugh track, only the joke is on America.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obama Cult Madness

I am hardly surprised that the government lied about the IRS targeting the Tea Party or Benghazi. Unfortunately, when dealing with a Cult the Ends justify the means is to be expected.

Most of us knew the government version of events about the attack were false. It was an election year and the Obama narrative was more important then the facts of the case. An absurd story about a mob outraged by an obscure video was used as a cover for a terrorist attack. The MSM did not investigate this story and those who talked about this mess were said to be suffering from Obama derangement syndrome.

Now it has been revealed that the IRS did target Tea Party and Conservative groups. There have been no firings or disciplinary actions and how high the cover up goes is unknown. The government lied about this before and again those who said this were portrayed as nuts.

The media treatment of Obama and his failures are disgusting. The next time lefties talk about talk radio or Fox remind them about Benghazi and the IRS.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Obama Cult Mythology Beck Compared Bloomberg to Hitler

Once again the Obamanoid media created a false story to deflect attention from the failed policies and incompetent leadership of Barak Obama.

A simple view of the clip shows an image of Bloomberg with an outstretched arm in a goofy coat. I looked at
this image and saw Chairman Mao. There are no Nazi emblems in the image.

The talk was about the health fascism of Bloomberg. We have been critical of these initiatives, while supporting the mayor in general. Unlike Obama, Bloomberg doesn't dodge criticism of any policy and is an actual leader. We would not be in the dire economic mess and be the laughing stock of the globe with President Bloomberg. If Biden, Hagel and John Kerry are your best and brightest, then you have raised hackdom to new heights.

The image of Bloomberg as tryant is a leftist staple. Usually anti police leftist societal misfits are the source of these rants. Stop and frisk unlike the Obama gun policies saves lives and reduces crime. Police intelligence efforts have certainly saved lives with OWS . Currently, the Muslim community is upset that NYPD does have some surveillance initiatives.

While we support Mayor Bloomberg and would vote for him in any elected office much of the Beck material
was correct.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Another week of Poultry Madness

The usual suspects are complaining because Israel bombed some military arms shipments headed for Hezbollah and a Chicken coop. The Israelis should bomb any Iranian or Hezbollah forces in Syria. Hezbollah has proven it religious games are little more then empty words by backing Alawites who some don't consider Muslim at all. Pretty much if you weren't convinced by drug dealing, you should be convinced now.

Of course while all this carnage goes on the left is silent. The Syrian regime was a Soviet client and your mentally impaired Jooo hating lefties ignored this thug regime.

The DC chapter of the Cult of Obama Gene of Harry's Place is going bonkers. He suffers from BDS, Bibi derangement syndrome, and wants America involved. In this case training and small arms will suffice. However, Iran and Hezbollah should be told to get out. If they don't airstrikes should commence.

Now from Beakerkin and Beamish Studios

                                       My Zionist Conservative Stuffed Elephant.

Ducky: I wish those stupid students of mine would just give cash instead of stupid gifts like this stuffed elephant. You are made in a sweatshop.
Toy: In a workers paradise jerk
Ducky: Ok who is pranking me. Must be the folks at the Hillel House.
Toy: Jew hating commie hack
Ducky: Okay what is this crap.  Zionist vermin
Toy:   Am Yisroel Chai
Ducky: That does it. I am going to roast you in the trash
Toy: Like a good Nazi
Ducky: Okay I'll just throw you out the window.

Later in the car

Ducky: Now I can go to the greatest hits of suicide bombers in the art house
Ducky: Didn't I throw you out the window. No matter I will run the Zionist prop over.  Dam Jews I got a flar
Toy: Marx was wrong. More people watched Smokey and the Bandit the Mission to Moscow.

Cop:  Have you been smoking too much pot again. My partner and I have seen you talking to the stuffed animal.
Toy: Stupid Pig
Cop: What did you call me.
Ducky: It wasn't me it was the Zionist Elephant.
Toy: Cop must be stupid to buy that.
Cop: All right cuff him.
Ducky: Let me go you fascist pigs it was the Zionist elephant.
Toy: He usually pays to get cuffed and beaten.
Ducky: That's a lie you stupid Jewish stuffed.
Cop: Wait till Dr. Frenkel hears this.

Tune in next week as Our Antisemitic Duck goes to the Shrink

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

No way

As usual one can count on Barry O to screw up anything he goes near. There is no need for the USA to get involved in Syria other then to help our Kurdish allies. The Kurds should be given weapons and training and the goal should be annexation of the Kurdish area of Syria into Iraq.

Arabs and the left are hypocrites when it comes to Kurds. The Kurds are more deserving then the Palestinians. Turkey and Iran whose militant obsessions with Palestine have ethnic enclaves of indigenous Kurds.