Monday, May 06, 2013

Another week of Poultry Madness

The usual suspects are complaining because Israel bombed some military arms shipments headed for Hezbollah and a Chicken coop. The Israelis should bomb any Iranian or Hezbollah forces in Syria. Hezbollah has proven it religious games are little more then empty words by backing Alawites who some don't consider Muslim at all. Pretty much if you weren't convinced by drug dealing, you should be convinced now.

Of course while all this carnage goes on the left is silent. The Syrian regime was a Soviet client and your mentally impaired Jooo hating lefties ignored this thug regime.

The DC chapter of the Cult of Obama Gene of Harry's Place is going bonkers. He suffers from BDS, Bibi derangement syndrome, and wants America involved. In this case training and small arms will suffice. However, Iran and Hezbollah should be told to get out. If they don't airstrikes should commence.

Now from Beakerkin and Beamish Studios

                                       My Zionist Conservative Stuffed Elephant.

Ducky: I wish those stupid students of mine would just give cash instead of stupid gifts like this stuffed elephant. You are made in a sweatshop.
Toy: In a workers paradise jerk
Ducky: Ok who is pranking me. Must be the folks at the Hillel House.
Toy: Jew hating commie hack
Ducky: Okay what is this crap.  Zionist vermin
Toy:   Am Yisroel Chai
Ducky: That does it. I am going to roast you in the trash
Toy: Like a good Nazi
Ducky: Okay I'll just throw you out the window.

Later in the car

Ducky: Now I can go to the greatest hits of suicide bombers in the art house
Ducky: Didn't I throw you out the window. No matter I will run the Zionist prop over.  Dam Jews I got a flar
Toy: Marx was wrong. More people watched Smokey and the Bandit the Mission to Moscow.

Cop:  Have you been smoking too much pot again. My partner and I have seen you talking to the stuffed animal.
Toy: Stupid Pig
Cop: What did you call me.
Ducky: It wasn't me it was the Zionist Elephant.
Toy: Cop must be stupid to buy that.
Cop: All right cuff him.
Ducky: Let me go you fascist pigs it was the Zionist elephant.
Toy: He usually pays to get cuffed and beaten.
Ducky: That's a lie you stupid Jewish stuffed.
Cop: Wait till Dr. Frenkel hears this.

Tune in next week as Our Antisemitic Duck goes to the Shrink


Ducky's here said...

Beak, this is incoherent.

Ducky's here said...

What's the beef with "Mission to Moscow", Beak? Pretty good film.

Curtiz is a solid director:

Mildred Pierce
Robin Hood
White Christmas
Yankee Doodle Dandy
The Sea Hawk

... certainly the makings of a better portfolio than the studio hack who did "Smoky and the Bandit"(terrible).