Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obama Cult Madness

I am hardly surprised that the government lied about the IRS targeting the Tea Party or Benghazi. Unfortunately, when dealing with a Cult the Ends justify the means is to be expected.

Most of us knew the government version of events about the attack were false. It was an election year and the Obama narrative was more important then the facts of the case. An absurd story about a mob outraged by an obscure video was used as a cover for a terrorist attack. The MSM did not investigate this story and those who talked about this mess were said to be suffering from Obama derangement syndrome.

Now it has been revealed that the IRS did target Tea Party and Conservative groups. There have been no firings or disciplinary actions and how high the cover up goes is unknown. The government lied about this before and again those who said this were portrayed as nuts.

The media treatment of Obama and his failures are disgusting. The next time lefties talk about talk radio or Fox remind them about Benghazi and the IRS.


Always On Watch said...

Obama is always promoting to do such and such, followed by a proclamation of "It's the RIGHT thing to do!" I think that he believes "the right thing" should trump the rule of law if that rule of law is blocking his agenda.

So far, I've heard nothing from the Obama administration regarding the imprisonment of the video maker mentioned in this post. Is it "the right thing to do" to keep him in jail as a scapegoat for Benghazi?

Here's a thought....

Was it "the right thing to do" to have our rescue forces stand down and, thus, allow Stevens to be tortured (for hours?) and to die?

Was it "the right thing to do" for the U.S. consulate to be gun running to the rebels in Syria? If it is actually true that such gun running was indeed conducted under the cover of a consulate.

Perhaps, as far as the Obama administration is concerned, "the right thing to do" is to promote The Arab Spring.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, the government lied about what the IRS was doing to organizations tagged by "Tea Party" and "patriot."


The IRS has incredible power. So my mother, an IRS auditor until 1960, told me over and over again.

Consider this: the IRS is an enforcement agency for ObamaCare. Sheesh.

beakerkin said...

On Benghazi if those on the ground seriously believed it was a trap there might be reasonable doubt. However, the administration has lied
so often about this so they just have
no credibility.

The politicos enforcing the Obama care laws is not a pleasant thought.

Ducky's here said...

The government's version of the facts was wrong?

Well it's a lot more accurate than the manure AOW is spreading.
he meme about Steven's being tortured and sodomized has long been discredited. It hasn't even been mentioned during the current hearings.

The current hearings have also filed to demonstrate a military response would have been wise or effective.

Okay, what we are down to is how long it took to call it a terrorist attack. Once more Beak and his fringe right friends will spread a little more manure and try to have us believe that the election hinged on whether or not the attackers wee called terrorists or extremists.

I assume a call for impeachment will be coming soon even though there is very little evidence of serious misjudgement, let alone a cover up (of what?).

But please keep reminding us how inept the Tea Baggers are. Hillary is going to hand you your freaking heads. Keep spreading this kind of manure.

beakerkin said...

As a communist the question of if you are capable of rational thought is settled.

Impeachment is not my goal. At this point the question is how much collaboration between the Obama campaign and media henchmen was there. Previously we know in the last campaign there was plenty.

Despite your protests Obama was endorsed by the Communist party. The cult of personality with Barry O has gone too far.

It looks like the MSM were willing accomplices to the deception. More will follow and how much comes out when sequestered employees feel betrayed by Barry O is unknown.

Always On Watch said...

I think that I said that the ambassador MIGHT have been sodomized. If I recall correctly, one of the jihad portal sites posted a cell phone video along those lines. Also, there were several photos of the ambassador with his pants pulled down almost to his ankles.

As for the manure that you say I am spreading, my post on Friday included links from ABC News and BBC News.

We shall see if more revelations appear. I well recall how slowly the Watergate revelations emerged, and I'm sure that you recall as well.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, IF a military response was already mobilizing from our military in North Africa, who told those forces to stand down?

Notice my use of IF.

I think that it's clear now that the Obama administration used a "film maker" as a scapegoat. He's still in jail, isn't he? Oh, sure. On other charges. Pfffft. We all know that he was scrutinized because of the Benghazi narrative.