Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Obama Cult Mythology Beck Compared Bloomberg to Hitler

Once again the Obamanoid media created a false story to deflect attention from the failed policies and incompetent leadership of Barak Obama.

A simple view of the clip shows an image of Bloomberg with an outstretched arm in a goofy coat. I looked at
this image and saw Chairman Mao. There are no Nazi emblems in the image.

The talk was about the health fascism of Bloomberg. We have been critical of these initiatives, while supporting the mayor in general. Unlike Obama, Bloomberg doesn't dodge criticism of any policy and is an actual leader. We would not be in the dire economic mess and be the laughing stock of the globe with President Bloomberg. If Biden, Hagel and John Kerry are your best and brightest, then you have raised hackdom to new heights.

The image of Bloomberg as tryant is a leftist staple. Usually anti police leftist societal misfits are the source of these rants. Stop and frisk unlike the Obama gun policies saves lives and reduces crime. Police intelligence efforts have certainly saved lives with OWS . Currently, the Muslim community is upset that NYPD does have some surveillance initiatives.

While we support Mayor Bloomberg and would vote for him in any elected office much of the Beck material
was correct.

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