Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama the arrogant and his cult like supporters

I want to point to the blog  Harry Place as an example of Obamunist subversion. Harry's Place is a UK blog that was created to discuss the war on terror, bigotry from across the spectrum but with a focus on antisemitism, anticommunism and current affairs. An Obama Cult Member ( Obamunist) has decided the sum  of the US coverage shall be "nauseating Obama puff pieces", stupid GOP, endless rants about the TEA party
and brain impaired rants about talk radio. In response to the plethora of Obama scandals the Obama Cult Member has imposed a news blackout on all Obama malfeasance.

In a major example of arrogance Obama has been lecturing the UK government about leaving the EU. The US government has no business lecturing elected foreign governments about their internal affairs. If the voters of the UK or any other nation wish to leave or join the EU it is their business. Who decided that Obama's opinion trumps that of the people who reside in the country.

This would appear to be a major story that should be discussed at a UK blog. However, as usual the imperial Gene in the role as the high priest of the Obama Cult has snuffed any discussion of any item that might make Obama look bad. His nauseating Obamunist worship is approaching levels associated with Hugo Chavez or Leon Trotsky.

Gene follows the Obama line as delivered by the folks in Huffington. An American ambassador is killed in a
terror attack that is misreported as a spontaneous demonstration against a video nobody hear of. He rushes to post an anti terror protest in Libya by three dwarves and a kid named Leslie. A gratuitous post on Memorial Day showing three graves in Arlington a Jew next to a Christian and Muslim. Has anyone made the bizarre claim that Muslims don't serve with honor in the military.

The workings at Harry's Place shows Obamunism is very similar to Communism. Harry;s Place was not created to serve a particular figure. Much like Communists subversion of Unions HP has become the Obama
equivalent of a Communist front group. Of course Gene could simply create a new blog for the purposes of
promoting Obama but has decided to subvert an existing one with a different focus.

Obamunists also have rank and file demented followers who misbehave in various ways. Gene like Obama feigns he is above the fray while consenting to his minions disgusting behavior. There is an odd San Francisco
loon who repairs appliances claiming that all opposition to Obama is racism. He also has commented about
my privates without criticism. There is a senile Canadian who trolls around adding nothing but low brow abuse. There is a nut called Violet who like Obama lectures people in the UK about their politics from the Obamunist perspective.

The odd part is these Obamunists are so far off the map they have no clue who or what is Conservative. Pretty much if you don't worship Obama you are a talk radio brainwashed racist member of a lynch mob. Sorry but Obama is not the savior and those who criticize him are not part of a lynch mob. Criticism goes with the job of President and using the race card endlessly to deflect criticism trivialized real racism.

On a personal and Professional level I am frequently mistaken for a Progressive for my views on public service and respect for due process. Attorneys with a wide spectrum of clients know and praise my work
and legal restraint. The Obamunists talk about nuance while creating a Black and white world where everything is summed up by fealty to Obama. Sorry, I am an American and this cult of personality garbage belongs in Cuba. There is plenty of blame to go around about the bitter political polarization. However, much
of the blame belongs to the Obamunist cult of personality that is just Unamerican.

We have a President. Presidents get criticized and journalists need to treat him professionally or at least with
the same level of scrutiny afforded Justin Bieber.  


Ducky's here said...

Your legal restraint?

You trying to pass yourself off as an attorney?

beakerkin said...

Officers have the concept as well.

Z said...

great line about Beiber; as if THAT will EVER happen with this president.!

beakerkin said...

not likely. I am starting to wonder
what would happen if Bieber and Obama traded jobs.