Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tired of politics

I am exasperated by the age of Obama politics. We have a total incompetent in the white house who ran as a symbol. The media has pretty much neglected to do its job. Our President seems to be more concerned about Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party then Al Queda.

I am sick of excuses about Obama care. The program has cost jobs and sent premiums sky rocketing. The left failed to grasp that employers would shift to part time jobs to avoid Obama Care.

I am sick of I don't know as an answer. The IRS abused its authority and used its power to persecute the TEA Party. Terrorists kill an ambassador and someone blames it on a video, but Obama knows nothing. Now his eminence wants to scale back the war on terror. He certainly did not run on this strategy.

I am cringing thinking about what we will learn about the real Barry O once he leaves office.

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Always On Watch said...

Even after BHO leaves office, members of the Cult of Obama will continue to believe the he was a "great President."

Human beings have incredible power of self-deception.