Monday, May 27, 2013

That which matters most

Those of us that read this blog know I have survived much adversity. I could hardly imagine what life had in store for me as I survived two attacks at the WTC. I enjoy very much serving the public as an officer. It is the greatest honor to be called officer. Yet above all other things dear to my heart is when my daughter calls me dad.

I think back to my happiest moments and those moments are times I spent with my daughter. Soon, she will be dating in another four years. Beyond that she will have kids of her own, but those moments are so special
to me.

I am a boring guy. Down deep there is nothing I would rather be doing then to enjoy a day with the daughter
and the Maltese. Perhaps when I retire I will go to the North and spend my days in the woods with a canine
companion watching the seasons come and go.

In spite of all the bad times, I have been blessed to share in special moments each and every day. There is no other job quite like this that is a joy and wonder.

A year older a year wiser.

The book is not quite over, but it has been some trip.

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Always On Watch said...

Enjoy these days. She'll be "down the road" before you know it!