Sunday, May 12, 2013

And the Cult of Obama Media Brigade Played On

What we are witnessing is dereliction of duty by the MSM. Story after story has shown the allegedly reliable
MSM to be beholden to the Cult of Barak. A terrorist attack in Libya after the alleged Obama success story was spun into an absurd tale about a riot out of control over a blog.

The MSM ignored multiple stories about the IRS harassment of Tea Party, Conservative and apparently pro Israel charities prior to the election of the Savior. Of course if this were George Bush and the IRS were playing games with Move On the ACLU or investigating Soros or his front groups the media would be screaming. These charges are way more serious then a fringe candidates bone headed views on rape and pregnancy, but the MSM covered them up.

We are learning that those right of center papers may indeed be right again. The Boston bombers are starting
to look linked to a crime in Boston where three Jews had their throats slit. Boston police listed this as a drug killing. Drug killers tend not to kill in a manner that is familiar from the Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl videos. Did we mention the two named persons are Jewish? Our Cult leader did not mention terrorism in an otherwise okay speech.

The media vilified the law abiding Tea Party while ignoring the criminal and frequently terrorist linked OWS. Did we mention our Cult Leader, big labor, members of NPR were all in favor of the frequently antisemitic

Have you seen your health care premiums go up? Have you seen jobs changed to part time to avoid Obama Care? Where are the stories about the long term unemployed and those working two jobs so our cult leader can take credit for the greatest man made disaster ever to hit our economy Obamacare.

Those left wing brain impaired Marxists who rail about Fox and talk radio are wrong as usual. Pardon me if
the rants about responsible press scrutiny of Obama come with a laugh track, only the joke is on America.  


Always On Watch said...

Last Friday was quite a day for the Obama administration. Jay Carney did a lot of squirming in that press conference. The jaws of some reporters were hanging open as they watched and listened. Quite a sight to behold!

How long before Carney is tossed under the bus?

Always On Watch said...

Possibly of interest: "The Obama Administration and The Media - The Two Shall Become As One Flesh."