Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rare Post

When one swears an oath of office as a federal officer respect for the law comes first. We use the databases on an as need to know basis and reveal as little as possible in the course of business to respect privacy. Thus
when my boss and I discuss a case typically the legal points are covered more then the person. Most of the time it is along the lines of these are the facts what are we going to do. One time I was uncomfortable with what I saw and asked the top boss for a consultation with our best experts in the area. The boss took one came from that area and dealt with it personally, even though she was very busy. She stated the matter was worse then I thought and took the initiative.

In dealing with security data bases, there is no excuse to ever leak stuff to the media. It is frustrating that things go wrong and politicos stonewall investigations. However, leaking things to the media or the public is not acceptable. Privacy must be respected at all times and even requests from outside law enforcement agencies must go through official channels for even the most mundane requests.

I know that many of us want to understand how the government works on high profile cases. We want government to be on top of potential security concerns. Yet we also must caution that untrained so called experts are frequently wrong.

We have discussed the gaping holes in the student visa program before.

One of my frustration with immigration reform is the rush to do everything at once. The public would be better served by fixing the laws in pieces. Instead of a massive bill nobody fully grasps we could debate section by section and get a better system in time.


Ducky's here said...

You BETTER Use That Database

Okay what more do you need?
I almost crapped myself thinking she was setting off a bomb.
Now that you have the evidence of a potential plot I hope you use your recognition database to catch this suspect.

The guy at the library table looks pretty suspicious also.

beakerkin said...

As a Communist you know zero about law. A major blunder was done by making private information public.
This is never warranted no matter how upset the officers are at the Obamarhoid incompetence.

beamish said...

I think it's fucking hilarious that the Justice Department illegally tapped phones and electronic communications at the Associated Press in search of sources of leaked information, and this illegal search got leaked to them as well.

Just another corollary to Beamish's Hypothesis:

Two or more leftists working together will only exacerbate their innate imbecility.