Saturday, June 30, 2012

The assasination of the American Economy

The Supreme Court has unwittingly provided a shot to the head to the United States economy. Ever since Obama passed his health care attrocity companies have put off hiring employees. Now thanks to the blunder of the supreme court you can expect this to continue. Of course extending children to the age of 26 was a bone thrown to Obamas allies in big education.

Expect the recession to continue.

Friday, June 29, 2012

A blast from the past

I called a former boss from the 90's. He has relocated to LA where he has found employment in our old line of work. He recognized the voice but it took my stating of the less than flattering name he used to call me. It was odd that even though I worked for family in that business my boss and his brother were like family to me.

We laughed about old times and how many of the workers fell on hard times. In the modern economy it is sad that when people have to relocate their marriages don't survive.

We discussed my family and how I disowned them and walked away. My immediate family has zero to do with them save my mother who never learned to cut off bad blood. This relative thinks because she is wealthy I owe her deference. I was sitting at a familiar haunt when an annoying voice "Beakerkin". I asked the waitress for my check and left the meal without acknowledging her.

Her Aunt calls from time to time and I respond with the curt "Its nice to hear from you. I'll call you back".

Now some of you are probably wondering what this person did to get such treatment. Actually, being a condescending POS and treating me like a serf  does wonders. Funny, that when something goes wrong in her business she always looks for me. The usual song and dance with a severe problems and needing her people abroad. Got this same song and dance when I visited from VT. My response then was to offer the five figures she owes me as a divorce. Keep the money, but never come near me again.

I have nostalgia for my old boss and a soft spot for the workers. We really worked hard and in some ways
it was really fun. The work I do now is far more important, but on some levels it is different. I enjoy working with the old messed up cases. Yet part of me longs for the days of leading a crew and the latest impossible task. Many of those I worked with are dead and gone. I remember the boss of a subsequent company pointing to myself and a Vanilla Ice clone as the future of his company. I left to pursue something else and drugs and maturity dogged the other guy. The company is still around but is a shell of itself.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Racist Bigot Barron Defeated

Those of you pondering the centrality of the obsession with Jews and Israel amongst racists need look no further than David Duke. While falsely trying to tie himself to conservatism, he endorsed OWS. This should tell us all we need to know about the far left.

Now alliances between hard core racists and so called progressives are well established. Black nationalists and abortion advocates met with the Klan. Thus it comes as no great shock that a white racist would endorse a Black racist like Charles Barron. Supposedly, the Obama people poured money and experts in as a Barron victory would focus more attention on Jews who are increasingly leaving the Democratic Party.

Of course one could lift various statements from Duke and see little variation from the comments of Lance Thuster. Thruster wanted to be a porn star but failed in that job, so he became a hacktivist spouting the most hackneyeed anti semitic garbage.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foreskin Follies

The moronic German courts have once again reminded us of the imperial and intrusive nature of the far left. The practice of male circumcision predates the familiar religious untilization of the procedure. For thousands of years it has been practiced with a ceremony here and there. Other than the ceremony it is a given with zero fanfare.

The left likes to portray itself as enlightened and tolerant. However, this toleration seems limited to gay sex and abortion. The left likes to portray actual Christians ( not the imposters practicing liberation theology) as obsessed with the private lives of others. It is not the folks at the 700 Club who are trying to ban a religious practice and ban Jewish Kosher slaughter of animals.

You can view this blatant and obnoxious as part and parcel of the faux enlightenment of the EU. Thus using legal chicanery the left is in full Nazi mode. Who decided that their intrusive morality trumps religious and parental rights. Of course this will lead to back alley circumcisions done with chainsaws. The previous sentence was a parody of the shrill abortion activists who hold up coat hangers. I am not pro life and am dismayed at the vulgar self righteous rhetoric of the abortion advocates.

The sum of your liberties on the left appears to be the right to gay sex and abort your children.

Who would enforce this law is unknown. However, there are an abundance of unemployable types with useless social science degrees and delusions of actual scholarship with high student debt loads. Get your far left morals away from my privates and back under a rock.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Immigration abomination

One of my pet peeves in immigration is TPS. Temporary Protected Status is an abomination of a program due to the failure of politicians to reign in benefits granted. TPS was a great idea, but as with every other program it has serious flaws that the beneficiaries use and abuse.

Most of want to be helpful to people from countries where there are disasters and war. This is quite different then allowing people to stay for a decade long after the emergency is over. They frequently return home for a small fee to the country they claim is dangerous multiple times. If the country is so dangerous why do you return twice a year. The small fee does not even cover the cost of processing the form, but the beneficiaries gripe about it. Excuse me you have been in the USA about a decade after whatever natural disaster and need to return home.

The Beakerkin plan

1) TPS must end after three years for any natural disaster. Beneficiaries may go home one time on parole for a fee of $1000.
2) Any marriages to a citizen or births in that time should be treated under the law as a penalty of three to one for citizenship. Thus a person in TPS who would normally have to wait three years to become a USC would have a time penalty of an extra three years for every year they used TPS. In the case of a child sponsoring a parent the parent would have to wait an additional five years for every year they are on TPS.
3) TPS beneficiaries are barred from visiting the USA for the same length of time invoked by their status. If they stayed three years they are barred for three years unless US citizen children are involved.
4) In the case that the applicant has parented a USC child TPS can be extended, but a federal surcharge of $500 per year tax is imposed per child until the child turns 21. This is on top of any child support  or local taxation.
5) Any combination of five arrests including disorderly conduct and dismissals results in immediate deportation with one appeal. Any DWI or felony gets immediate deportation with a single appeal. The sole exception is vocational arrests such as being a clerk in a store and failing to get proper Id for beer. Each arrest add one year to the time the beneficiary must wait out of the country.
6) TPS may be extended for more than three years only for a war.
7) TPS beneficiaries may not receive educational loans and must pay out of state tuition at universities.

The goal of the plan is to stop the abuse of a noble program exploited by many for a decade after whatever natural disaster hit their homeland. Countries that receive TPS designation should be barred from the Diversity lottery for a decade after the designation has ended.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Package from Vermont

I received a box of books from a store I patronize in VT. The books are mostly on Abenakis or historical fiction set in the Revolutionary War in Upstate NY. I am reading the Jew is Not My Enemy by Tarek Fattah. The books chapter on the reaction of the Islamic community in Mumbai to the terror attacks is interesting. The descriptions of well educated Jewish conspiracy loons and the damage to the faith by Qutub and his followers in chapter 2 is informative.

It is not my typical reading but one learns by reading other vantage points.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Week.

Those of you are familiar with my vocation know what I do for a living. Those select few I talk with off line know the battles I go through every week. I am modest by nature and try to keep all but abstract discussions of the law on this site.

I want to state again that my employer is the American people not the President be he Obama, Bush or Beamish. I am tasked with upholding a set of laws. I work with attorneys and the general public. My reputation for fairness and dedication to the public has been well doccumented.

Lets point out that even if I agreed with Obama in aspects that impact my job I still live in the USA with an economy that is a wreck. Plenty of good people can't find work while our clueless leader thinks the private sector is doing well. Obama must be having flashbacks from the Alice and Wonderland Party if he can't see the mess.

At mid day on Friday Obama did made an earth shattering announcement . We will break this into two parts.

A) He announced he was going to suspend immigration on a certain class
B) He created a new set of benefits for this class

A) Plenty of people have fought for humane treatment in the system. The previous system was numbers driven. The problem was we were sending the wrong people before Immigration Judges. This was the worst example of careerism I have encountered. Many people including myself fought for sanity and a balanced system. We want to send the right people to the judges. Now a balanced system of the whole case gets discussed. 58 year old from China two USC kids one peddling arrest. The next agency will almost certainly pass and get a termination of proceedings and get this person legal status. Next case Honduran female married to a USC a conviction of drug dealing. They want this person out yesterday and we should toss them out.

The system has focused on criminals and does not play games. The person is pushed to the front of the line
and whatever resources are needed are provided. In this aspect the current plan makes sense. Actual deportation cases take decades. People with serious criminal convictions get moved out quicker because they have fewer appeal rights.

One thing the government is really good with when they identify a dangerous criminal they really take no chances. We had one the other day for a very serious crime commited abroad. I was handling the matter with our specialist when the other agency got accidentally alerted. In no time armed guards were present
and a team of attorneys reviewed the case from multiple angles. Public safety is and always should be job one. If a dangerous suspect walks into a Federal Office it is far safer to grab them on our turf than outside.

Basically Obama said we are not going to deport people who almost never get deported anyway. Actual deportations take about a decade between appeals venue shopping . The most common outcome is witholding of removal.  Basically Obama stated what was going on for the last two years and made it into a cheap campaign point. Where was he when the fights for sanity were taking place golfing?

B) Creation of a new class of people for an immigration benefit employment cards

This is done through congress and crafting the correct sections of law. On this element the President appears to have overstepped his authority.

Laws are not done via touchy feely stories. Left out in this discussion is the rights of those who played by the rules and adding 400,000 people looking for jobs that do not exist.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't want to touch Immigration

I know many of you look to me for insight into this matter. This is an area where I live work and beathe. The crying shame is that in the forrest of evil the good guys and the bad are really shades of gray. The narrative of the left is painfully wrong and some of on the right are pretty nasty at times. My sypathies rest with fixing a system that has been used and abused. The right is mostly correct but in the furthest reaches there is a racism that has zero to do with big tent Reaganism and people that are familiar. You don't see these racists here but you can see them at Amren, Vdare, Stormfront and sadly Bad Eagle. They are a key segment of the Paul brigade and you can find them at Tea Party events and OWS. In Tea Party events the focus is on domestic policy so this ugly side seldom rears its head. At OWS which is all over the place it gets lost in a sea of bigoted shrill voices.

The system like everything else has decent folks and thugs at all levels.  The notion that immigrants are all angels that look like the raindow colored Swiss Miss lady is outdated. People emigrate here for a variety of reasons some honest and some dishonest. Immigrants will use and abuse every program with noble intentions to suit their needs

The system is broken and a long time ago there should have been dialouges about how to fix it.

A Beakerkin plan would contain sticks and carrots and look at the reality of this country and where we are headed and scrap the family based immigration as we know it.

Maybe the Obama non announcement will spur real reform from the outrage.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Maybe it is not so bad

I tend to agree that it might not be such a bad idea to place historical personas and possibly charachters from literary fiction into video games. The Battle of Oriskanny is not a well known event and maybe some people will learn about Herkimer and Joseph Brant. Maybe a few might even read the classic Drums Along the Mohawk.

Sadly even the tribes that supported the American cause got dispossesed. The real shame of the revolution was the disgusting treatment of the Oneidas who were our allies.

I would be interested to find out how some of you would react to seeing a charachter from War and Peace or Le Mis make a short appearance or cameo in a video game. Maybe we can build E books with tests that would reward students with short mini video games for correct answers.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Speech no politician can say

The economy is in a mess and we are all in this together. For decades the notion of what is a right and the role of government in our lives has been expanded endlessly. A series of special intrests have built up piles of gold on the back of the American people.

It is wrong to divide society amongst classes. A proper functioning society gives a welcoming hand and guidance to those who need it and takes care of those who can't help themselves. A normal society also punishes people for their actions which violate our norms such as criminality. Social services should be a stop gap solution with the goal of getting people off them. We may have to raise the retirement age to 70 for all except police, firefighters and military.

All of us need to re-examine every facet of government and its relationship to the governed. We need to do more with less and set new priorities. We need to encourage growth in the private sector. We need to examine healthcare and educational policies and costs. We need to rethink our immigration laws and we need to rethink our military and foreign policy strategies. We need to forbid and severely punish nepotism
and cronyism in government.

America needs to stop apologizing for its actions and history and move ahead based upon its own best interests. The opinions of the reality impaired political zombie class mostly in Europe and in enclaves of deluded prestige in the USA are not relevant to what is best for the country. Those who wish to be like the EU, live under communism or under a theological totalitarian cannon should be encourage to depart and close the door on their way out.

It is time for a new American vision based upon individual liberies, individual rights, limited efficient government and accountability for all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holly Crap Batman Marxist Moron gone Jooonatic

Some people think that I go a tad tough on the Duck. The truth is when we aren't talking about politics the Duck is a decent guy who frequently has interesting things to say. Oddly many of the best posts on this site come when I toss the politics aside and talk about Lit, movies and so forth. In short the Duck is a genuine person who frequently lets his obsessions get the best of him and has dreadful political ideas.

Lance Thruster is a wannabe porn star who is a stark raving mad anti-semite. A Lubavitcher Chasid gets thrown out of the NYPD over bear length and Thruster makes a snide remark about the guy being free to join the IDF. This is on a par with your KKK guy telling a Black citizen to go back to Africa or telling an Indian to head back to Bombay. Unlike Ducky Lanve Thruster aka Butthead has zero redeming qualities and is encouraged to continue fouling USC as the "aethiest chaplain". Thruster usefull as a comedic prop and he should be considered a real Trojan just not the type that plays at USC the type that Dr Koop talks about.

Some TV sucks

I am bored stiff by the reality show nonsense. Perhaps a new TV show where contestnts compette to get one million dollars or give Donald Trump a wedgie is the prize. If they choose to give the Donald a wedgie he keeps the million. He has incentive to irritate the contestants. Cheese burger death match is a show where a cheese burger is tossed between two kids who haven't eaten for 18 hours. Do you think you can fool a critic. Fake critics with hysterical reviews will review various things. The critics will be Borat style boors.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just wrong on history

I am quite amused that a videogame that has the American Revolution as the back drop will be out in October. The game Assassins Creed 3 will be set in the French and Indian War to Revolutionary war period.

While some of the criticism has been over its rural setting. Boston and NYC were not major citties as we know them today. Most of the familiar landmarks other than Trinity Church and a small area in Boston date back to this era.

The criticism of Europeans using bow and arrows and tomahawks is just wrong. The tomahawk was used as a common weapon by European settlers. In fact if you read about the Indians of Upstate NY many considered the mostly Scott mountain men to be the real savages. We romance the Mountain Man today because of the TV show Grizzly Adams. However, long before American settlement crossed the West there was a rugged man of the woods. He was a tough brutal survivor in a rugged woods. His life was violent and he was a tough opponent. The use of the bow and arrow was much less common but not unheard of.

In the Northern Army Mountain Men and Indians wrecking havoc were facts. In this respect this part of the video game is on target.

As period litterature is abundant I hope someone makes mods from Drums Along the Mohawk, Last of the Mohicans and the Kenneth Roberts novels. It would be nice to meet Cap Huff, Steve Nason, Nattanis and Doc Means . While George Washington and Ben Franklin are confirmed in the game it would be nice to see Benedict Arnold and Daniel Morgan. It seems likely that Rogers Rangers will show up in some capacity.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tired of the Media Malfeasence on Obama

The media has done a lousy job looking into the past of Obama. The fact that Obama was a stoned out Al Gore style preppie who has used his famililies far left ties and likely affirmative action to get through the system. No candidate has ever gotten this type of free pass from the media.

The media has proclaimed the latest birth certificate authentic. The latest version of the American Thinker
shows the mechanics of doccument authentication. The process is done from originals by comparing it to known exemplars. While typographers and various computer experts can provide some information they are not qualified to authenticate a parking ticket. If Obama wanted to end this he could have followed the process and sent his birth certificate to the lab.

We are getting a series of lies debunked daily with no accountabiility.

Obama was claimed not to be a member of the "New Party". This claim was debunked by additional evidence that the traditional media ignores. Obama has been claiming he barely knows communist terrorist
lowlife Bill Ayers. Amazingly he was witnessed celebrationg July 4 at the Ayers household by a friendly blogger.

How many lies and free passes will the media give Obama. It is not even attempting to do even the most basic research into the least qualified person to ever be elected President.

NYPD stupidity

Leftists always ranble on about the "need for diversity" in the work place. Jews tend to be historically under represented in the NYPD. There was a candidate that passed the training, but was fired before they could serve due to failure to trim his beard. The beard is religiously mandated and this is a clear case of bufoonery by some dimwit in human resources.

Do not expect the lefties at the ACLU or the National Laywers Guild to lift a finger as Jews are passe.

Bloomberg should be held directly accountable for this.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tired of the MSM malfeasence on Obama

Obama was elected as a symbol of the media's dreams of a perfect candidate. He promised a post racial America and while there is definitely those who are against him based on his race plenty of people voted for him because of his race. No candidate in any election has ever been allowed this level of deception and lapses about his past.

The result of this media coronation was the election of a prep school pothead who used and abused family connections in the far left to toady his way into social promotions. Then using the same far left connections
a job in academia, then local elected office and social promoted into the White House.

Obama has presided over a train wreck economy clueless blundering and making every situation he goes near worse. His sole achievement is he was the President who gave the order to get rid of Osama.

I am perplexed at why his admirers think his every utterance is genius when all he does is read off a teleprompter. He shows zero leadership and surrounds himself with buffoons.

Now the media is going to go into overdrive trying to scare Blacks, gays, Latinos and senior citizens that the election of a moderate Republican is going be their dooooooom. The Union thugs will leave OWS and will hold jack booted rallies. Obama's allies in big media, big academia and Hollywood will be everywhere trying to distract you from the obvious.

Is your country a mess? Do you have any confidence Obama can correct the economy?

Anyone not named Ron Paul is preferable to the potted Marxist narcissist.

Organized Labor and beyond the mythology

There is an arrogance about unions in some quarters. There is the presumtion that anything corporate is evil and unions are saintly. Big labor has lost its way by allowing far left activists to marry them to inane and toxic causes like OWS. The purpose of a labor union is to collectively negotiate for its members and protect the rights of its members.

Unions lose credibility when they do things as stupid as defend teachers having sexual relationships with students. There are plenty of cases where management wrongfully abuses or terminates workers, but this is a tad much. Even guilty people are entitled to a defense, but teachers unions are utterly disgraceful sometimes.

Do note the major newspapers go crazy and hype the stories of sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church and the Ultra Orthodox Jewish sects. Despite many high profile cases they have not placed educators and their union defenders under similar scrutiny. Sorry, but the media feigns ignorance when discussing the union defence of boorish behavior by educators.

When discussing job actions like an honest mistake. I tend to be forgiving as these are clerical errors that can happen to anyone. When discussing corruption, gross misconduct or ethical lapses this is something far more serious. An educator wearing sneakers instead of shoes is a small matter. Selling grades or sexual relations with students is a more serious matter. All people are entitled to a defence including the guilty and ethically challenged. Sometimes the union guys are the good guys and frequently they are not.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Obama just stupid and arogant

Obama claims he knows more about Judaism than any other President because he has Jewish friends and
read about the subject. This sounds much like the redneck who swears he isn't a racist because he has a Black friend or two and has read the biography of Malcolm X.

The logic of Obama is that a few bog hits with Jews make one an expert on Jews  is puzzling. 

I would sooner trust Nixon whose antisemitic words stand in contrast to heroic support  for Israel than Obama.

Time to take animal cruelty seriously

I seldom side with animal rights nuts. However, when a disturbed nut executes cats in a bag by sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner or feeds them to pythons this is something that desrves notice and action.
Unfortunately, abuse of animals is frequently a sign that shows up later in serial killers.

The subsequent snuff film is not unexpected from this moron.

In this case where a person deliberately tortured his victim the death penalty is waranted.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Retirement at 80

This may indeed be no joke given the dire financial situation.  In my job this is not so bad as barring health problems I can keep going. In the end rather than trim the large entitlements the mandatory retirement age will be raised.

If you like your job an extra 15 years is no problem. Plenty of people retired at 55 after 25 or 30 years. Social security,  pensions  and IRA's will do wonders. Of course those job openings for the young won't be there as people work longer.

Actually a more humane way is to reduce the days at 65 four day work week with a small social security payment. 70 three days a week with a larger payment. 75 two days a week  full social security and 80 retirement. Transitioning into retirement is better and the last five years should be a mentorship time.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


My duties at work have been slightly altered somewhat by the managerial rotations. I have deftly avoided all specialty work until now. Specialty work is loved by many, but I have little love for this type of work.
I like my odd generic cases day in and day out year after year.

I remained with my supervisor which is a plus. I am now her senior officer and the one with longest tenure
in the area and with her. In reality the most senior officer is expected to mentor and provide technical expertise. The supervisor provides the policy and crunches the numbers and the lead is a buffer.  The lead knows the team and provides direction. This supervisor and I rarely disagree and when we do she knows how to get me moving. It is really quite simple give a rational reason and I move accordingly. My sole difference is we take care of our own first before helping others. I was all ready mentoring three of the members of this team. 

Our team focus is military cases and general work. We do have military cases and they deserve extra effort. This is something no manager needs lecture me on. I did this long before it was a priority as the right thing to do. Top management is extremely helpful when a military problem happens. I have been called in as a specialist when nasty problems occurred with this type of case a few times. A more aggressive officer with a talent for networking is sometimes needed to achieve the task.

It is a slight diversion from my current task. Remaining with the same supervisor is a plus as I expected to remain with the same crew more or less. Being a lead is not something I really wanted as I am happier just working away on my own issues.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Mayor Nuts

Mayor Bloomberg has invaded the personal liberty of NYC with his proposed ban on soft drinks larger than 16 oz. This ban appears aimed directly at 7-11 which provides slurpees and big gulps. The soft drinks are especially needed in the summer durring a heat wave.

While Bloomberg is admirable in many respects, he does go way too far with his draconian public health initiatives. Rather than directly address the issue of personal liberty, his aides dance around the issue.
Soda consumption is on the decline and blaming obesity on any single factor is a stretch.

In the lean mean workplace there have been changes. We are expected to do the job with almost no staff. We have less than half of the officers of two years ago. All that remain are working the way I was used to. A really great coworker said "Beaks how do you keep your energy after the third interview to number 8".
I pointed to the bottles of Diet Mountain Dew. I gave him one and now we have three people using Dew as a leveler to provide cafine and water at the same time.

I have not had a lunch break since this new program started. I have resorted to grazing and others have adopted the tactic. Grazing is when workers have a break they eat quickly for five minutes. This tactic allows for a bite or two from a sandwich or a bag of chips. Even on a review day I am dumped calander cases and have to junk lunch or eat everything in five minutes.

Basically, the union is largely correct when they describe the current mode as the new plantation. We are in essence working ten hours and getting paid for eight. The system of work measurement is arbitrary and capricious and designed to punish rather than gain productivity or quality. We spend all day counting things three times when once is sufficient. My boss chided me Beaks you are 6 under draft a sheet. This information was gleaned by looking at another report. Why I simply don't copy that report I don't know.

Of course speculating on why people are obese is not resolved by cup sizes at 7-11. The world we live in has changed.  We don't get home cooked meals. Workers don't get formal lunch breaks and are harried by impossible standards and are exausted. Of course the new work place includes the brutal days worked by the 1%.