Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tired of the MSM malfeasence on Obama

Obama was elected as a symbol of the media's dreams of a perfect candidate. He promised a post racial America and while there is definitely those who are against him based on his race plenty of people voted for him because of his race. No candidate in any election has ever been allowed this level of deception and lapses about his past.

The result of this media coronation was the election of a prep school pothead who used and abused family connections in the far left to toady his way into social promotions. Then using the same far left connections
a job in academia, then local elected office and social promoted into the White House.

Obama has presided over a train wreck economy clueless blundering and making every situation he goes near worse. His sole achievement is he was the President who gave the order to get rid of Osama.

I am perplexed at why his admirers think his every utterance is genius when all he does is read off a teleprompter. He shows zero leadership and surrounds himself with buffoons.

Now the media is going to go into overdrive trying to scare Blacks, gays, Latinos and senior citizens that the election of a moderate Republican is going be their dooooooom. The Union thugs will leave OWS and will hold jack booted rallies. Obama's allies in big media, big academia and Hollywood will be everywhere trying to distract you from the obvious.

Is your country a mess? Do you have any confidence Obama can correct the economy?

Anyone not named Ron Paul is preferable to the potted Marxist narcissist.

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Patrick Kelley said...

I disagree with you on two points.

One, while there might well be those who are against Obama because of his race, if you look really good behind the curtain you will catch the whiff of registered Democrats.

Two, actually, yes, Ron Paul is also preferable to Obama. Then again, so would any randomly chosen person from any phone book south of the Mason Dixon Line.