Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holly Crap Batman Marxist Moron gone Jooonatic

Some people think that I go a tad tough on the Duck. The truth is when we aren't talking about politics the Duck is a decent guy who frequently has interesting things to say. Oddly many of the best posts on this site come when I toss the politics aside and talk about Lit, movies and so forth. In short the Duck is a genuine person who frequently lets his obsessions get the best of him and has dreadful political ideas.

Lance Thruster is a wannabe porn star who is a stark raving mad anti-semite. A Lubavitcher Chasid gets thrown out of the NYPD over bear length and Thruster makes a snide remark about the guy being free to join the IDF. This is on a par with your KKK guy telling a Black citizen to go back to Africa or telling an Indian to head back to Bombay. Unlike Ducky Lanve Thruster aka Butthead has zero redeming qualities and is encouraged to continue fouling USC as the "aethiest chaplain". Thruster usefull as a comedic prop and he should be considered a real Trojan just not the type that plays at USC the type that Dr Koop talks about.


beakerkin said...

It is a tribute to Israel that the Mossad does not play endless pranks
on clowns like the imbecile Thruster. In truth unwittingly he makes the case for Israel by being so unhinged and rabid in his Jooooo
hatred that formal responses are not required.

Life is not fair as there are winners and looooooosers. Thruster
is a looooooooooser but isn't quite
clever enough to pick it up. Being adressed daily as Mr. Dumbass should
have been enough for him to figure it out.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....FYI

LanceThruster said...

Beak, you are a semi-literate bully who does so behind the wall of anonymity (I don't do spelling flames but yours go beyond typos into full-on dyslexia). Your call to Mossad to smite me in whatever way they see fit is typical. Dave K. already tried that (ex-IDF) until I found out where in Van Nuys he lived.

Do you object to drivers license photos not allowing burkas? Same deal.

The NYPD accommodates where they can, but has to draw the line somewhere. Again, if being part of the application of state authority via force, the IDF and the settler criminals get carte blanche at imposing apartheid in Chosanistan.

Shalom, Beak. If it weren't for Ducky, your site would have virtually no redeeming qualities (other than an object of derision).

beakerkin said...


If the Mossad were as brutal as the Psuedostinian fakes you worship you
would be pushing up daisies. Luckily
for you they are quite civilized and do not execute developmentally disabled people. There are several
examples of the Pseudostinians abusing developmentally and mentally
disabled people by handing them a suicide vest so you are more endangered by the fake ethnics you worship then by those Jooooooos.

I need you alive to illustrate my points about low IQ Joooo obsessed freaks sucking off the publics money in academia. If Dave was in Van Nuys he was likely banking a porn film that employs Ducky's students. Performers in adult films and crew unlike you are skilled labor who create a product purchased by consumers.

What do you produce other than howls of laughter at your wated life
and your comedic rants. Your stupid bigotry is helping zionists everywhere. Amp up the bigotry and yes Jews are better than you. In fact everyone who is gainfuly employed and has a pulse is better than you. Even criminals and prostitues unlike you have a work ethic.

Lawyers whose fecal matter possses more intelligence than you will ever posses consult me for legal advice regularly. Unlike you I am known and respected by real activists helping every community your little mind can grasp. I have been decorated many times for my efforts Butthead. Even if you were to sell your scawny body you would earn a mere fraction of the rate I would bill if I were in private practice.

Don't let facts interupt your delusions of importance. Kindly crawl under the rock where you reside or perform your dancing monkey act.

There are winners and looooooosers Butthead. As a commie lackey you are clearly a looooooser. You are nothing more than life's punch line.

LanceThruster said...

Spell check is your friend, Beak.

Get help while you can. Semi-literate is an improvement over barely literate.

LanceThruster said...

You guys love to dish it out, but you got no stones when you get slapped upside your delusional heads.