Friday, June 29, 2012

A blast from the past

I called a former boss from the 90's. He has relocated to LA where he has found employment in our old line of work. He recognized the voice but it took my stating of the less than flattering name he used to call me. It was odd that even though I worked for family in that business my boss and his brother were like family to me.

We laughed about old times and how many of the workers fell on hard times. In the modern economy it is sad that when people have to relocate their marriages don't survive.

We discussed my family and how I disowned them and walked away. My immediate family has zero to do with them save my mother who never learned to cut off bad blood. This relative thinks because she is wealthy I owe her deference. I was sitting at a familiar haunt when an annoying voice "Beakerkin". I asked the waitress for my check and left the meal without acknowledging her.

Her Aunt calls from time to time and I respond with the curt "Its nice to hear from you. I'll call you back".

Now some of you are probably wondering what this person did to get such treatment. Actually, being a condescending POS and treating me like a serf  does wonders. Funny, that when something goes wrong in her business she always looks for me. The usual song and dance with a severe problems and needing her people abroad. Got this same song and dance when I visited from VT. My response then was to offer the five figures she owes me as a divorce. Keep the money, but never come near me again.

I have nostalgia for my old boss and a soft spot for the workers. We really worked hard and in some ways
it was really fun. The work I do now is far more important, but on some levels it is different. I enjoy working with the old messed up cases. Yet part of me longs for the days of leading a crew and the latest impossible task. Many of those I worked with are dead and gone. I remember the boss of a subsequent company pointing to myself and a Vanilla Ice clone as the future of his company. I left to pursue something else and drugs and maturity dogged the other guy. The company is still around but is a shell of itself.

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