Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Speech no politician can say

The economy is in a mess and we are all in this together. For decades the notion of what is a right and the role of government in our lives has been expanded endlessly. A series of special intrests have built up piles of gold on the back of the American people.

It is wrong to divide society amongst classes. A proper functioning society gives a welcoming hand and guidance to those who need it and takes care of those who can't help themselves. A normal society also punishes people for their actions which violate our norms such as criminality. Social services should be a stop gap solution with the goal of getting people off them. We may have to raise the retirement age to 70 for all except police, firefighters and military.

All of us need to re-examine every facet of government and its relationship to the governed. We need to do more with less and set new priorities. We need to encourage growth in the private sector. We need to examine healthcare and educational policies and costs. We need to rethink our immigration laws and we need to rethink our military and foreign policy strategies. We need to forbid and severely punish nepotism
and cronyism in government.

America needs to stop apologizing for its actions and history and move ahead based upon its own best interests. The opinions of the reality impaired political zombie class mostly in Europe and in enclaves of deluded prestige in the USA are not relevant to what is best for the country. Those who wish to be like the EU, live under communism or under a theological totalitarian cannon should be encourage to depart and close the door on their way out.

It is time for a new American vision based upon individual liberies, individual rights, limited efficient government and accountability for all.

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