Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tired of the Media Malfeasence on Obama

The media has done a lousy job looking into the past of Obama. The fact that Obama was a stoned out Al Gore style preppie who has used his famililies far left ties and likely affirmative action to get through the system. No candidate has ever gotten this type of free pass from the media.

The media has proclaimed the latest birth certificate authentic. The latest version of the American Thinker
shows the mechanics of doccument authentication. The process is done from originals by comparing it to known exemplars. While typographers and various computer experts can provide some information they are not qualified to authenticate a parking ticket. If Obama wanted to end this he could have followed the process and sent his birth certificate to the lab.

We are getting a series of lies debunked daily with no accountabiility.

Obama was claimed not to be a member of the "New Party". This claim was debunked by additional evidence that the traditional media ignores. Obama has been claiming he barely knows communist terrorist
lowlife Bill Ayers. Amazingly he was witnessed celebrationg July 4 at the Ayers household by a friendly blogger.

How many lies and free passes will the media give Obama. It is not even attempting to do even the most basic research into the least qualified person to ever be elected President.


Ducky's here said...

Wow, what happened? You invite Orly Taitz and a birther convention over for cheap brandy and rancid take out?

beakerkin said...

Actually the post should not be construed as birtherism. In fact I am convinced Obama made up the story about being born in Kenya to get into many colleges he was unqualified for. His accademic records are sealed for good reason.

Obama the pothead was simply parroting the Marxism of his professors and got a boatload of gentleman C's. If his transcripts ever came out affirmative action as we know it would be finnished.

Did you claim to be a fake Indian to get your job Duncy. Sorry, but merely living in Oklahoma does not make one an Indian. Another, leftist fraud out of the Mental Ward Churchil school.

Always On Watch said...

Actually, I don't give a damn about Obama's drug use in his youth.

What I want to know: Is he using now?

I do find it abhorrent that he goes onto late-night TV and BRAGS about his stoned youth.

As for his membership in the New Party, of course the media won't tell that information!

Z said...

AOW, I'm with you...I don't want a president bobbing his idiot head when interviewers ask about drug use. I'd prefer he lied, tell you the truth; like Clinton :-)

And, Beak, you're so right; man, there are YouTubes of experts saying again and again that the latest birth cert. is a total joke if you know anything about fonts and computers,'s just plain WEIRD.
But, if we had an honest media...he'd never have been elected, so..