Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Obama just stupid and arogant

Obama claims he knows more about Judaism than any other President because he has Jewish friends and
read about the subject. This sounds much like the redneck who swears he isn't a racist because he has a Black friend or two and has read the biography of Malcolm X.

The logic of Obama is that a few bog hits with Jews make one an expert on Jews  is puzzling. 

I would sooner trust Nixon whose antisemitic words stand in contrast to heroic support  for Israel than Obama.


Ducky's here said...

Dear Officer Beak,

I'm sorry to be off topic. But,HERE'S YOUR PROOF.

I've begged for your help with our Muslim problem and here's one on a cell phone without so much as a by your leave.

Probably testing an ignition system for a bombing.

How do we rid ourselves of this curse. Jail is too good for these terrorists.

Please help,


Always On Watch said...

Just one more thing about Obama that pisses people off.

Z said...

Obama said he knows a lot about Judaism? I'd be happy if he knew Step 1 of Christianity.
"gee, I have black FRIENDS so I know the black experience!" :-)(not)

And you're right....some heroic support, huh? One reads that the Israelis are scared to death of this president's BIG MOUTH and LEAKS. We're so doomed because this jackass thinks it's more important to win an election than to have dignity.
Americans will die because of this louse.