Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't want to touch Immigration

I know many of you look to me for insight into this matter. This is an area where I live work and beathe. The crying shame is that in the forrest of evil the good guys and the bad are really shades of gray. The narrative of the left is painfully wrong and some of on the right are pretty nasty at times. My sypathies rest with fixing a system that has been used and abused. The right is mostly correct but in the furthest reaches there is a racism that has zero to do with big tent Reaganism and people that are familiar. You don't see these racists here but you can see them at Amren, Vdare, Stormfront and sadly Bad Eagle. They are a key segment of the Paul brigade and you can find them at Tea Party events and OWS. In Tea Party events the focus is on domestic policy so this ugly side seldom rears its head. At OWS which is all over the place it gets lost in a sea of bigoted shrill voices.

The system like everything else has decent folks and thugs at all levels.  The notion that immigrants are all angels that look like the raindow colored Swiss Miss lady is outdated. People emigrate here for a variety of reasons some honest and some dishonest. Immigrants will use and abuse every program with noble intentions to suit their needs

The system is broken and a long time ago there should have been dialouges about how to fix it.

A Beakerkin plan would contain sticks and carrots and look at the reality of this country and where we are headed and scrap the family based immigration as we know it.

Maybe the Obama non announcement will spur real reform from the outrage.

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Ducky's here said...

Big tent Reaganism?

Are you smoking dope again?

How would your reform the system, more forms to fill out?
More interviews to make sure the forms are in order?

I dread what will happen if Obummer's order stands and you guys try to get your act together granting the visas. What a sideshow.