Saturday, June 30, 2012

The assasination of the American Economy

The Supreme Court has unwittingly provided a shot to the head to the United States economy. Ever since Obama passed his health care attrocity companies have put off hiring employees. Now thanks to the blunder of the supreme court you can expect this to continue. Of course extending children to the age of 26 was a bone thrown to Obamas allies in big education.

Expect the recession to continue.


Always On Watch said...

Ever since Obama passed his health care attrocity companies have put off hiring employees.

Not only that!

Have you heard how the rates of employer-based insurance are soaring?

Talk to Warren! It's downright scary!

Ducky's here said...

Well AOW, the bill never tried to do anything about costs so that's a whole different issue.

What we can be ABSOLUTELY certain of is that the right wing will whine like a bunch of little bitches and the health insurance situation in this country WILL NOT move forward.

There are aspects of this bill that people want and in order to cover insurers costs the mandate was necessary. Whine, whine, whine.

The Black Messiah in his usual role of a cheap corporate pimp has kicked the costs problem down he road.

For your next trick you will tell me why private insurers with an antitrust exemption will do anything to reduce the 25-30% vigorish they extort from you as profit. Oh, want to pass on that, well just whine about the bill and blame government.

Conservative Americans deserve the reaming they are getting.

roman said...

I agree.
Look for businesses to freeze hiring and cull the workforce even further if they can.
Most liberals are able to see only the expected successfull promises of govt programs.. never the hardships/costs to support them.
This administration has lied and deceived us for the last three years insisting this was not a tax increase... the sad part is that most of the voting public are not even capable of realizing they've been scammed and disrespected.