Sunday, June 24, 2012

Immigration abomination

One of my pet peeves in immigration is TPS. Temporary Protected Status is an abomination of a program due to the failure of politicians to reign in benefits granted. TPS was a great idea, but as with every other program it has serious flaws that the beneficiaries use and abuse.

Most of want to be helpful to people from countries where there are disasters and war. This is quite different then allowing people to stay for a decade long after the emergency is over. They frequently return home for a small fee to the country they claim is dangerous multiple times. If the country is so dangerous why do you return twice a year. The small fee does not even cover the cost of processing the form, but the beneficiaries gripe about it. Excuse me you have been in the USA about a decade after whatever natural disaster and need to return home.

The Beakerkin plan

1) TPS must end after three years for any natural disaster. Beneficiaries may go home one time on parole for a fee of $1000.
2) Any marriages to a citizen or births in that time should be treated under the law as a penalty of three to one for citizenship. Thus a person in TPS who would normally have to wait three years to become a USC would have a time penalty of an extra three years for every year they used TPS. In the case of a child sponsoring a parent the parent would have to wait an additional five years for every year they are on TPS.
3) TPS beneficiaries are barred from visiting the USA for the same length of time invoked by their status. If they stayed three years they are barred for three years unless US citizen children are involved.
4) In the case that the applicant has parented a USC child TPS can be extended, but a federal surcharge of $500 per year tax is imposed per child until the child turns 21. This is on top of any child support  or local taxation.
5) Any combination of five arrests including disorderly conduct and dismissals results in immediate deportation with one appeal. Any DWI or felony gets immediate deportation with a single appeal. The sole exception is vocational arrests such as being a clerk in a store and failing to get proper Id for beer. Each arrest add one year to the time the beneficiary must wait out of the country.
6) TPS may be extended for more than three years only for a war.
7) TPS beneficiaries may not receive educational loans and must pay out of state tuition at universities.

The goal of the plan is to stop the abuse of a noble program exploited by many for a decade after whatever natural disaster hit their homeland. Countries that receive TPS designation should be barred from the Diversity lottery for a decade after the designation has ended.


Z said...

I wish you could get your plan to congress! :-)

Alligator said...

Beak, we need to talk about your TPS reports. It's just we're putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports before they go out now. So if you could go ahead and try to remember to do that from now on, that'd be great. All right!

Just being funny there (or trying to)Beak. So, are you trying to run your plan up the flagpole within your organization, or does this kind of change have to come down from Congress?