Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foreskin Follies

The moronic German courts have once again reminded us of the imperial and intrusive nature of the far left. The practice of male circumcision predates the familiar religious untilization of the procedure. For thousands of years it has been practiced with a ceremony here and there. Other than the ceremony it is a given with zero fanfare.

The left likes to portray itself as enlightened and tolerant. However, this toleration seems limited to gay sex and abortion. The left likes to portray actual Christians ( not the imposters practicing liberation theology) as obsessed with the private lives of others. It is not the folks at the 700 Club who are trying to ban a religious practice and ban Jewish Kosher slaughter of animals.

You can view this blatant and obnoxious as part and parcel of the faux enlightenment of the EU. Thus using legal chicanery the left is in full Nazi mode. Who decided that their intrusive morality trumps religious and parental rights. Of course this will lead to back alley circumcisions done with chainsaws. The previous sentence was a parody of the shrill abortion activists who hold up coat hangers. I am not pro life and am dismayed at the vulgar self righteous rhetoric of the abortion advocates.

The sum of your liberties on the left appears to be the right to gay sex and abort your children.

Who would enforce this law is unknown. However, there are an abundance of unemployable types with useless social science degrees and delusions of actual scholarship with high student debt loads. Get your far left morals away from my privates and back under a rock.

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Anonymous said...

I am a victim of an excessive prepuce excision ritual and know what it's like to be forced into sexual dysfunction. Historically circumcision has and still is being used as a weapon against the non religious. Cutting too much of the prepuce's nerves, flesh and muscle off the kids whose parents are undesirable wrecking their future sexual lives while doing minimal dammage to their own sons. This evil form of eugenics upon infants has lead to ethnic cleancing, wars, haulocausts, as well as causing brain chemistry malfunctions leading to mass murder/suicides, sereal killings and a host of other psychotic episodes. Governments need to protect their citizens from this subversive tool of religious domination. Frederick Rhodes