Wednesday, February 28, 2007

India and AIDS

When we talk about the AIDS epidemic the face that is presented is Gay men. However, world wide the face is mostly poor Africans and Indians. One of the problems with the politization of AIDS is that we attach a political message to a disease.

India has a growing problem with AIDS and the numbers cited in the book Planet India may be as high as 9,000,000. The book also cites 38% of the people who have the disease are women. The vast preponderance of these women caught the disease from their husband. The face of AIDS in India is quite different than the face of AIDS in the West.

India has problems delivering services in general to the extreemly poor. However, unlike Africa there is political stability and that alone helps enormously in delivering treatments. The size and scope of India's enormous population make this problem an enormous challenge.

AIDS is an expensive but treatable disease for now. The virus is constantly mutating and there are no long term guarantees that the current drug cocktails will stave off more aggressive strains.

My problem with the AIDS effort in the USA is that other causes of human misery have been underfunded. Stroke, heart disease and diabetes kill more people than AIDS and we should devote more efforts there. Alzhiemers, Parkinsons and many other diseases
have had resources diverted by the rush to anything AIDS related.

Note to Uptown

You will not be commenting on this blog. You had given your word in the past that you would depart if it was proven you harassed La Shawn. Florian provided ample proof that you did indeed sexually harass Lashawn. Comments about a person's sex life are not relavant to the post. Your comments to Lashawn were clearly sexual harassment. You gave your word and we will hold you to it.

Posting on a blog is predicated on good behavior. You have abused my hospitality and fouled my site. You are free to create your own site and say whatever you wish. I have zero interest in you and will not be visiting.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mindless Christophobia

In FPM there is an article about books that portray the far lefts fear of theocracy. Theocracy is a bad idea and almost entirely a Muslim experience. There are only a handful of Jewish nuts who seek this for Israel. The concern of the authors is not those who impose Sharia on non-believers but Christians in America.

The United States has a long standing history of Civil law. On a practical matter if we were to create a Christion Theocracy whose canon would we use. This is yet another example of mindless leftists hyperventilating about imagined fears while ignoring a starker reality.

Most of the people who read this blog know I am secular, but from a religious family.
The beloved Rav Roov is a fairly normal religious person, even for a clergy man. He wants to practice his faith as he interprets it without freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg deciding how he should conduct his services. The beloved Rav Roov is Orthodox and men and women sit seperately. As an Orthodox Rabbi he would not handle a gay marriage. Rav Roov should also be free to make his sermons ( Dvar Torah) as he sees fit.

The reality is God just is not PC. A PC god would be a colosal bore and very vanilla.
Those Congregations that embrace a Vanilla version of Christianity often find the pews empty. The reality is most religious Christians are not that different from Rav Roov. Most want to practice their faith as they define it without the intervention of freaks in black robes or bug eyed Marxists.

Oddly the most unhinged of the Christophobes are the sons of treason. There is something surreal about a group of nuts who advocate a system that has produced Gulags, Killing Fields, Boat People, Class Genocide, Neoslavery and deliberate starvation worrying about the 700 club or the viewers of the late Zola Leavitt. A recent version of this came on Redwines excellent blog where an unhinged Marxist was worried about the spread of Christianity in India. Christians do not behead people or engage in any large scale terrorism. Those that rail about one or two abortion clinic bombeers are mixing apples and oranges. The overwhelming vast preponderance of terrorist activity has been done via Koran or Manifesto and often a fusion of the two.

Most Christians want government to respect religious traditions but recognize the cleavage of Civil and religious law. Tuition tax credits are an example of a policy that many religious people would seek. Many wish to bypass the far left teachers union pc idiocy for a religious education. Parents would like to send their children to private schools and should get tax credits for doing so.

The only time that the State should ever get involved with a religion is when the religion exhorts people to violence. Any call to a domestic Jihad should be treated as incitement to riot. Freedom of speech and religion never has protected criminal acts such as treason, sedition and incitement to riot.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, February 26, 2007

India a land of contrasts

I am stillreading Planet India. For those of you who looking for a decent take on India it is entertaining. The author is a typical far leftist with the usual hang ups about Monsanto, Walmart and some others. The situation with Coca Cola in India is treated in a better light. However the author does not explain the mindless anti-Americanism of some of Coca Cola's critics. The charge that Coca Cola is selling product with traces of pesticides in India has some validity as nearly all of Indian water in the region the plant is located in has agricultural runnoff. Coca Cola has sent the product to be tested independently and the product meets EU safety standards. The fact that Coca Cola employs people in a region that needs jobs is immaterial to the critics.

One of the things that one reads is that many Indian corporate types have the formula for sucsess right product product and product. The author interviews a local Tea eutrepeuer and he is commited to having the best product available. The author interviews a school reformer and again the answer is product or in the case of schools results.

India does have many factors to overcome. Many of the immigrants we see are the achievers. India does have some of the best schools on the planet. It also has slums where many are illiterate. I have to independently verify the claim that thousands of Indian farmers have commited suicide. This may be a case where the far left is making absurd claims like the infamous surge of women being beaten after the Super Bowl. However the scale of numbers in India is 4x that of the USA. Plus many farmers work farms on as little as one acre meaning there are alot more than in the USA.

India does have its share of problems with water, terrible roads and grinding poverty. I also have to research the books claims about pogroms against Muslims organized by local government particularly in the Gujarati province.

The book contains a wealth of information that is interesting, entertaining and amusing. However, the book does seem to have recurent theemes of evil US corporations and saintly Indian counterparts, it is also not sympathetic to Hindus.
The book does mention the Hindu claim that Muslims built a shrine on the alleged birth place of the God Rama and the Hindus tore it down setting off riots. The author fails to mention the historic crimes against Hindus including whole sale genocide as mentioned by Trifkovic and others. I have yet to see the numerous Christians of India mentioned at all in the first 200 pages.

It is an important book to read but one should keep in mind the authors hard left world view. The author has spent around thirty pages on the evils of Monsanto, Wallmart and Hindu extreemism. The author has not delved into Communist and Muslim terror. The author has spent large portions of the book on political corruption. The author does seem to forget the Nehru machine ran the country for decades. If there is endemic local coruption in government to what extent is the Nehru cronyism a factor.

It is interesting reading but my word of advice is caveat emptor.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 26, 1993 While We Slept

On February 26, 1993 our country was attacked by Muslim radicals. The roots of the attack were in the aftermath of the Meir Kahane assassination attempt. Many of the key players in the WTC 93 blast were present at the trial of the killer of Kahane. Kahane was an unsympathetic victim and many were glad to be rid of him. Many Jews including myself viewed him as a nut. The notion of a Jewish authoritarian theocracy is not the desire of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews. However, the government never explored links to a wider plot.

Laurie Mylroie has an excellent book explaining the probable links of the WTC-93 crew to Saddam Hussein. The important part to know is that many of the key members of Al Queda are Baloch. The Baloch are yet another example of an indigenous minority
that is well off the beaten path of self absorbed Marxists who rail about contrived ones 24/7 365 days aa year. The key figure in the WTC-93 plot was none other than Ramzi Youseff. Youseff was caught in the Philipinnes where he was planning a massive attack with ten airliners called bochinka. Hussien had a history of lengthy ties in the Balloch community via his intelligence services.

By mere coincedence Ramzi Youseff's uncle happens to be none other than Al Queda number three man Khalid Sheik Mohammad. For those of you unfamiliar with that name he was the dishevled terrorist who was caught almost three years ago with a serious resemblence to a disgusting porn star Ron Jeremy. This resemblence was pariodied in local talk radio for weeks after the captire.

I was on hand and in the WTC on February 26, 1993. I was on my way to buy theatre tickeds at the discount booth at the WTC. Obviously, I wasn't able to purchase those tickets. However, the notion that the facility had been bombed never dawned on me. I had believed that an accident had happened in the Path Station or an underground power plant. I found out that the WTC had been bombed when coworkers told me. They greeted my arrival with astonishment as if they had seen a ghost. All the local radio was knocked out but via the radio I heard the news.

The only injury I suffered that day was to my pride. I called up my date who had zero sympathy as she was well aware that was where the discount tickets were. I was ordered to go to the box office and pay full price. The next day I went out on the date and the subject of the explosion was never mentioned, for my own safety.

In the comming days we were lulled to sleep with the laughable prospect of Keystone Jihadists. The main culprit was caught trying to get a 500 dollar deposit on a van he blew up. Of course the dimwit sang and a cast of charachters was brought before the media. Most notable is SheiK Omar Abdel Rahman the blind incoherent cleric who dresses like Santa Claus and has a good friend in Commie attorney Lynne Stewart who is more incoherent than Rahman. I have met Stewart in person and she is uglier in person than on TV and is quite creepy even amongst deranged Commie types i Union Square.

We were lulled into a laughable business as usual life goes on period. The bombing became part of local jokes. The media portrayed the attempt as futile and nothing short of an atomic blast would bring the buildings down. Bill Clinton never visited the site in 1993. The matter was handled as a criminal affair. Meanwhile our enemies regrouped and came up with a bigger and better plan to attack the same facilities.

Clinton's one attempt to do something about Bin Ladden came at the apex of the Lewinsky scandal. One can hear the confirmation of Mansour Ijaz's points about the Sudanese offering Bin Ladden to the USA in Clinton's own voice on the web. This is not to blame Clinton for 9-11 as nobody could have grasped this. However, the unhinged left likes to blame Bush who was President for months for a plan that took years to execute.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A special note

Long term readers know I am a survivor of the WTC 93 blast and an eye witness to 9-11. The anniversary of the blast in 1993 is approaching and I may do a special post on the subject. The 1993 blast has been forgotten in time by most except for NYers like my Jason, UI and myself and some of you.

America has a special role

I understand the frustrations some of us have with the immigration situation. The system is convoluted and outdated. We need to move from family based to strictly vocational with one exception assylum.

The assylum cases are a mere fraction of the total cases. The United States should never turn its back on people facing religious persecution. The Assyrian Christians face genuine danger in Iraq in THEIR indigenous land. The United States should grant those who seek refuge.

Our worst hour as a country was when we turned away the ship the St Louis. These refugees were not unskilled people either, but fear of foreigners made us do the wrong thing. Let us not repeat these historical mistakes with Christians and other religious minorities fleeing Islam. Christians are fleeing Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and the misruled PA.

We should never turn our backs on those who are persecuted because they embrace a different view of God. If we deny Christian and Bhai fleeing Islamic persecution refuge than the laws of assylum should be scrapped and we should hang our heads in shame. Unlike Muslims who have a variety of places to live where does the Assyrian Christian or the Bhai go to live in peace.

Let us not forget that many of our own relatives came to these shores seeking similar refuge.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Terrorism & You

Many people feel remote from terrorism. It is a concern of big cities. They are under the impression that it is something we have done.

1 Terrorist are not romantic revolutionaries. They are not the heirs of the French Resistance, American Revolution or even Tito' Partisans. This is a romantic myth of the left that has zero basis in fact. Shooting school kids in the back in Beslan has zero military significance. Killing Jews in Tunisia or Argentina has no military significance. This is just part of a sick perverse devaluation of life that does accompany many teachings of Islam. Do note there is a world of difference between your convenience store owner, Stephen Schwatrz and Bin Ladden.

2 Terrorists are poor. Most of the terrorists on 9-11 and 7-07 were not poor. Moreover, there are legitamate questions as to how religious they were in the first place. Most of them found religion fairly recently and were not especially religious.
Pre 9-11 parties a topless bars may be part of a ritual that may date back to the cult of the assasin. There is debate if this cult existed and much speculation that wine and not hashish was the agent.

3 This is a normal reaction to opression. Muslims are far more prone to be oppressors than oppressed. There are several religious and ethnic minorities with far greater cases for nation status than Palestinians who do not resort to terror. Moreover terror is part of a mindless utopian mindset that is generally accompanied by a communist or Jihadi devaluation of life. There are scores of genuine minorities in Iran with aspirations of nation status, Tibetians and many african tribes have greater cases for nation status but they do not go around blowing up civilians. They also do not have EU donors who demand they build a viable economy.

4 Terrorism doesn't affect me. Huge terrorist attacks have national economic implications. The company you work for or own will likely be impacted o some level.

5 Why do they hate us. Muslims feel a sense of entitlement and believe it is their right to place shariah law on you. The notion that Jews oppress Muslims is turning actual history on its head. This is akin to claiming Native Americans oppressed white people, slaves oppressed their owner and colonized people subjected to Jim Crow laws oppressed the colonizers. Islamocolonialism and its legacies are seldom even discussed in the West. If it is not Israel it is India, Sudan, Cartoons and who knows maybe next week it will be Pat Boone records.

6 Islamonazi terrorists use the media as its willing PR agent. The Duck comes to this blog wailing them Joooooos killed two Palestinian Woman. It turns out the Islamonazis called on their own women to act as human shields in a firefight and may have even shot them. We are well aware of the Paliwood fake Jenin massacre. Hezbollah staged the entire event in Qana with Reuters and AP approval. The same child is passed in front of the camera siz or seven times. Moreover how do people diging or walking around in imaculate white t shirts dig for victims.

7 Communist will side with any enemy of civilization and practice revolutionary defeatism. The notion of bug eyed Marxists creating a Disneyfied version of Shariah, Islamocolonialism, Slavery while railing about Western Civ is quite real. How a 1400 record of unparalled colonialism and Jim Crow becomes happy dhimis fighting to have their children become Janisaries is insane.

8 Islam is a religion of submission unlike other religions. A religion whose creed is submission is inherently more vulnerable to manipulations of malicious strong men.
In Christianity or Judaism rulers are accountable for their crimes. Mohammed says kill a poet and years later someone kills and Artist in Europe.

9 Immigrants do not have a divine right to come to the United States or elsewhere.
This priviledge is granted by the American people and the criteria of who enters the US is to be determined by the American people. People who have participated in treason and sedition like the members of Code Pink should be denaturalized even if born here. Freedom of speech ends at US borders and people who interfere in US foreign policy ala CPT, ISM should be offered jail sentences or denaturalization.

10 The United States has a moral obligation to accept persecuted religious minorites under Islamic misrule. The persecution of Christians, Bhai and others is very real. We should allow those people fleeing Islamic persecution safe haven in the USA.

Uptown Steve bad house guest and world class dope

I have zero idea why Uptown Steve comes here with his low class antics. We do not post about race on this blog unless Uptown is on board having a tantrum. There are blogs that focus on racial mattters like the Duke Rape Case, but this isn't one of them. We ran zero posts on the subject as it was of zero interest to me. Nor is this or any other blog obligated to post on every subject.

I have told Uptown many times if you have a problem with Donal, Florian, Jeff Bargoltz or any other blogger take it to them. All of the above are perfectly capable of defending themselves without my efforts. All of the above are friends of mine and I stand by them.

Uptown is devoid of intelligence of any kind and hasn't picked up a book in decades.
Among his odd obsessions are the myth of a Jewish control of the Slave trade. This would be amusing if he didn't provide a litany of excuses and rationalizations for the Muslim role and the role of Blacks themselves in slavery. Slavery was a worldwide phenomena and everyone participated in it including Native Americans, Blacks and Muslims. The notion of a Jewish primacy in the trade is racist jargon. There were also Sweedes, Native Americans and probably midgets and albinos that owned slaves.

Slavery was the norm and its abolition was the exception and not the norm. The roots of abolition are in Christianity, but there were a handful of Jewish abolitionists as well. Slavery in this century is mostly a byproduct of the Communist repression Uptown mittigates. Political prisoners tossed en masse into Gulags is neo-slavery.
The vast majority of places where it exists today are under Muslim auspices in places such as Sudan.

Uptown has an odd disdain for Americans who do not share his Marcuse Commie victimology delerium. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, La Shawn Barber, Larry Elder,
Clarence Thomas, Lynn Swan, Alan Keyes are all sell outs and in authentic black people because they achieve without excuses. Uptown will point to my disdain for Michael Lerner, Noam Chomsky but miss the point that they are actual communists. How someone who claims to read Michael Lerners writtings is unaware of his communism or drug use remains a mystery. However, hundreds of special ed teachers can't be wrong.

Uptown has a particular animus against Rudy Guliani. His animus was Rudy's can do attitude produced results where David Dinkins had failed. Those of us who lived in NYC are familiar with the failures of David Dinkins. Dinkins was a good man who surrounded himself with lousy people and was not a leader. He was elected as a healer and did not deliver. The three day pogrom in Crown Heights was his Waterloo.
He also failed to react to Korean boycot in Brooklyn for months.

Uptown is never on topic except on a post like this where his stupidity is the topic.
He asked for the source of my comments that the KGB spread rumors about J Edgar Hoovers sexual orientation. I provide the book and page refference, but Uptown doesn't read books much less check passages.

Moreover he is not supposed to be here. He promised that if evidence were produced that he harrased La Shawn Barber he would leave. Florian did produce the quote where Uptown clearly did sexually harass La Shawn Barber. Asking a woman any questions about her sex life is sexual harassment. Moreover, asking if Barber questions about White boys and motels is typical of the low class behavior Uptown is known for.

Most of us honor our words but Uptown is known for word games and selective memory.
He first denied ever calling people JEWS. Then he changes the story when the quotes were produced that calling non-Jews JEWS capitalized isn't anti-semitic. He also ingored genuine KKK types on FPM leaving myself Canadian Steve, Tricky Blane and Mike to deal with this as he pratled away on usual idiocy such as where was Arfat born, is Michael Lerner a Rabbi that have been gone over for months with dozens of links provided.

This blog does not cater to morons who have never picked up a book. We are not in the special ed business. Uptown is too lazy and stupid to build his own site as Donal, Florian and myself did. Nobody cares what he thinks or if he thinks at all.
I am rather amused at these far left troll types who come to this site long after I have departed FPM. The notion that I care about these types is ammusing and I do not seek them out. They come here bacause in Uptown's case he is too lazy and stupid to
create anything or in Weazie's case have the social skills of an axe murderer.

From now on the only comments from Uptown that will be posted are those on topic. Npr should a commenter have more comments than the host on a regular basis.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meeting with Moonbats

It is rare that one meets a naked unhinged anti-semite. The closest we come on a daily basis is the Duck. Most anti-semites avoid the Holocaust and go about their usual business of drooling and acting stupid. Even the bird brained Duck never has become unglued to the point of questioning the Holocaust.

I look for interview candidates off the beaten path most of us travel. One of these gems is Redwine who provides an amazing interview on 02/08/07. If you haven't read the interview it is your loss. I visit Redwine's site and she is under attack by of all things a Holocaust Denier who fancies himself an accademic truth seeker.

Reading the blog in question we should hardly be surprised that it is the work of an Indian Communist. Any attempt by this clod to portray me as anti-Indian might be amusing and proof of illiteracy as I have been very Pro- India long before I started blogging. One can view the exchange at

I want to point out that Redwine is not and should never be described as an anti-semite in any description. The comments of Atanu speak for themselves and are quite amazing even by the allready low standards established by Ducky.

Typical of most conspiracy cranks Atanu portrays himself as a "truth seeker". This is also a common fantasy of left wing 9-11 nuts who add an irrelevant fdact like a box of Marblboros found on the site means the tobacco industry planned 9-11. The conspiracy nuts then take these irrelant facts and build a a hypothesis based almost entirely on their bigotries.

Moving ahead to Atanu, a historical event witness by millions including survivors, perpetrators and bystanders with vollumes of evidence including photographs and doccuments is a non-starter. Even the defendants did not deny the Holocaust, the excuse was following orders. Nor were any of these trials Commie staged show trials
with screaming staged theatrical witnesses.

The burden of evidence is not upon the poeple accepting the mainsteam version of a historical event. The burden of evidence falls upon those espousing crack pipe theories that contradict mountains of evidence.

We can play this game with any subject. Prove Babe Ruth existed and was not some legend created by Capatalists to move products. Millions of people saw Babe Ruth and his exploits were in every newspaper of the day.

However, we get a hint as to actual motivation of this unhinged Commie turd. It is part of a broader point that he faces a stigma of being Anti-semitic because he is against Israel, the worlds only Jooooish state. The description of Redwine's Joooish
friends as well as the comments speculating that Joooos exagerated the Holocaust are more than ample evidence of bigotry and a low IQ.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clarification 2

Some of you are mistaken as to what my political beliefs are. This is largely because I have spent way too much effort defending insane political views. The defense of those views were waranted even if those defended were personally unworthy of such efforts.

This blog deals strictly with Islamic and Communist history. We do not go into the pedophile or attacks on Mohammed. We will point out the lunacy of comparing Jesus or Moses with Mohammed. The messages and life of the above are different,

This blog has always focused its attention on mindless Utopians of all stripes mostly Jihadi and far left. The desire to create Utopia in this world is dangerous and endangers all of us. The danger of Communist dolts creating neoslavery or Jihadi nuts smacking planes into buildings are very real. The inane musings of Kahanists do noy belong lumped with the other groups. They are very stupid ideas espoused by crackpots whose ideas would destroy the very state they care about.

The problems that are presented by Islam are three fold and are exacerbated by far left communist tpes

1 Muslims have little or no knowledge of the Jim Crow and brutal Colonial abuses produced by their 1400 year history. There are frequent excuses such as Janisarries were akin to an Oxford scholarship. There are some that blame the Armenian/Assyrian and Greek genocide on the Russians or the Armenians themselves.

2 There is a sense of entitlement within Islam. Most Muslims do not understand why non-believers object to Shariah being placed on them. Muslims also trot out odd fantasies about being oppressed by governmental scrutiny. However, we have not been attacked by Scabble players screaming about triple letter scores. Moreover, freedom of speech does not include sedition or incitement to riot.

3 There is ample evidence that Islam itself is the common denominator in religious strife. Even when given two ethnically cleansed states in India they demand more land and do not depart. The question of Muslims living in Peace in multi-ethnic democracies is open to debate. This is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist.
However, to ignore terrorism inspired by Islam misses the point. Muslims oppress the Copts of Egypt and Assyrians both of whom have far greater cases for nation status than Pseudostinians. Neither group has responded with terror, nor is this a normal reaction. Tibetians are certainly oppressed and do not behave in a similar pattern.
Muslims in general are far more prone to be the oppressor than the oppressed currently and historically.

The far left fantasy about agrieved terrorists fighting for social justice always was a pipe dream. What did Ayers and Dorn's crimes have to do with Vietnam, zero.
The same can be said about any of the far left terrorists in Europe. The far left has also presented a Disneyfied version of Islamic history that is anti-history.

The other day I visited Redwine's blog and there was an actual Holocaust denier on her site. Sure enough a quick visit to the site in question shows it is that of an actual Communist. I want to point out that Redwine accounted herself quite well and does not approve of such lunacy. We have heard 167 cry Jooooos stole the Holocaust and Ducky rail about Shoah pimps. We have also heard Weazie and John Brown talk about 9-11 conspiracies on this site.

A more amusing incedent happened on FPM. A racist thug named Allain was pushing the KKK line and myself Canadian Steve, Tricky Blane and Mike all white took the guy appart. Uptown the allegedly " proud black man" was on board and not interested.
He would rather rail at Donal or spout his rabid anti-semitic act than deal with actual klansman.

The focus of this blog has always been anti-utopian. I will not defend views that I have considered inane for two decades and have never supported. We will always be vigilant against all types of Utopians as always. Those of you who have seen me in action in Bad Eagle know I am just as prone to do battle with racial power nuts as Commies. However, commies are the most apt to foul this site with their filth.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have not now nor have ever been a supporter of Kahane. Any of you who are under the impression that the goofy views of Kahane and his mostly incoherent followers are reflective of the Orthodox Jewish Community are mistaken. Followers of Kahane represent a small fraction of the orthodox.

My younger brother the Beloved Rav Roov is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi. He lives an unremarkable life, but has no desire to create a theocracy Jewish or otherwise. He would never dream of mandating religious education or imposing halachic law on secular types.

The notion that the beloved Rav Roov is any less religious than any Kahanist is a farce. Above all other things Rav Roov is beloved by because he is a mensch. He does not give long winded condescending lectures about halacha. Most importantly Rav Roov walks the walk and talks the talk and is never condescending.

Kahanism is at the very best a fringe movement of nuts and is in no way representative of the viewws of the vast majority Orthodox Jews including the members of my own family.

The much awaited Redwine interview is posted.

I encourage all of you to read the excellent answers she provided. She is very articulate and everyone can learn quite a bit.

The interview was on 02/08/07.

We can debate if American suburbs would be more suitable for horror films than Translyvania. The Stepford wives were creepier than Dracula without the camp. Stay away from the SUV and soccer practice. Nooooo he's picking up edamames.

Hillary, Rudy and the blogosphere and you

Hillary Clinton is attempting the Clinton polka runleft in the democratic primary,
then try to capture the center and govern from the left. The question of what has she done in the senate is never answered. Any comparison to Chuck Schumer shows she has done nothing for the people of NY State.

The problem with Hillary is she has been reading the NYT,the Daily Kos and the DC cocktail circut. She is out of touch with the American people and can not present herself as one of us. Bill Clinton could pull off this act, but he really was a trailer park kid who went to Yale and smoked pot at Oxford. The views of the Kos and the NYT reflect a hard left elite but catering to them in general elections is political suicide as comwad Ned Lamont had done. Even Col Bernie Sanders of BSC toned down the obnoxious far left stuff in the primary. He mentioned gas prices and dairy farms in his advertisements.

Blogs in general are not written by moderates. Moderates do not tend to blog as much
but we are out here. Winning national elections becomes who can capture the middle.
The opinions of people in bowling alleys, Walmart Parking lots and PTA's become more relevant than unhinged Kossaks.

Hillary is going to have a hard time capturing the center from Rudy. Rudy also cleverly distanced himself from the Bush adminstration. He was offered jobs and turned them down. Hillary may scream at the top of her lungs, but Rudy owns the center. He is allready a proven leader and talking about Bernie Kerik with Travelgate, cattle futures, selling pardons and shady book deals is not going to cut it. Nor is talk about Rudy's divorces going to gain much traction. Judy Nathan has a
huge potential to have Laura Bush star power. Unlike Hillary she has been divorced and worked real jobs. Her down to earth qualities will help in some areas.

Rudy's choice of VP will go along way to deciding the election. George Allen would have been a good choice, had he not lost the election. A conservative Govenor in the South not named Bush would be ideal.

I still am of the opinion that there will be a Hillary Clinton meltdown. Her every move is choreographed and sooner or later the lamp throwing, foul mouthed antisemitic
harpy will be shown. Why her opponents have shied away from questions of Cattle futures and selling of pardons via Hugh Rodham is unknown. The truth is Obama and Edwards may be holding out for VP. They do not want to win this badly enough to take the fight to Hillary.

Beamish in 08

Monday, February 19, 2007

History, Patriotism , Islam & You

Most of us are Americans and we are heirs to a wonderful history. There have been some chapters that aren't so wonderful notably the treatment of the Native American and Slavery. Acknowledging this history does not make me less patriotic. I would note that Communists like Howard Zinn are not the heirs of every gripe in American History. Moreover, they are appologists for class genocide, treason and producers of nothing except misery.

Imagine us reading American history where Blacks were happy to be enslaved. Imagine this same history whith no mention of native americans except when they are smoking peyote. Imagine a German history with no mention of the Holocaust. Imagine a version of the French Revolution without Robespierre and guilotines.

This is the version of Islamic history that is taught in America today. The narratives of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians and sometimes even Muslims who were viewed as heretics is absent. The history of the Crusades and the Islamocolonization of Europe is botched. If there were innocent victims of the Crusades it were the Jews who were robbed and killed for trying to live in peace, not hyper colonial Muslims who subjected people to Jim Crow.

Fairly typical of the Marxist anti- history approach is our own Poultry. Jews have lived in Egypt long before Islamo-Arab colonization. However, the Duck views the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt as justified due to spying and terror. He also claims that sinse Bat Yeor lived in Switzerland she has no complaint. The moral of the Duck is that Yeor's narritive has a political bias and is worthless. The Duck sees no rabid polical biases in Fanon, Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein all commie dopes. He also condems people like MZ who want to deport Palestinians as a consequence of daily terror. If anything the Israelis and Indians have been restrained given daily provocations.

Even more out of touch with with reality are the teaching of the madrassas. Muslims are taught it is their right to colonize and oppress infidels. The Koran itself has plenty of examples and make no mistake Shariah law is Jim Crow on steroids. I do not
see harm in Muslims enforcing Halal laws or granting relgious divorces in the same manner Jewish courts do as an addition to the Civil procedure not super ceding it.

The problem with Islam is it has never looked at its legacy. The victims of the Armenian/Assyrian genocide are invisible. Jannisaries are treated like kids who won MIT scholarships. Nor does any depredations in Europe justify JIm Crow treatment of Jews, Christians and others for 1400 years. The notion of a non-existant ethnicity that is a part of a 1400 colonial pathology with human rights abuses only rivaled by
Communism as the worlds official victims is warped logic. This is akin to asking Native Americans to give up their reservations so Americans can build state parks and shopping malls.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, February 18, 2007


There are many long term running jokes on this blog. Among them is my disdain for the local Maple Syrup and Commie Ice Cream. I did try the local product a while back and I honestly preffer Mrs Butterworth. The local product is quite powerful and makes your hair stand up. Oddly it has a slightly vanila after taste that some swear by. If you have never tried it do not apply it like you would Mrs Butterworth.

The other running gag is Commie Ice Cream that I do not go near even when offered for free. One of our long term posters swears by Chunky Monkey. It is a good product
with a unique taste but I haven't seen chunks of anything. Obviously Commies have to produce a good product when they are faced with competition. Very interesting product but I will stick with Breyers.

Another myth is that Vermont Water tastes better than NYC water. The local water tastes dreadful. However a friend who works on a local ski run gave me some spring water from where he works. It is amazing how much better that tastes than the water twenty miles away.

I did forgett I picket up Bridgitte Gabriel's book. I will read it after Planet India
as India is a topic we need to think about. My guess is that as outsorcing makes lives miserable that the far left will pick up the gauntlet. I have allready heard India described as the new Zionist entity by the far left.

One more note on the post Meaeting with Moonbats the ubber Moonbat Weazie shows up with his usual shtick. I responded that he is the "ass in the assylum " and he is not to pleased. I haven't visited his site in around six months as it is a bore.

Planet India Part one

While the world has been focused on China, India has been rising as an economic power. I am in the early phases of reading Palnet India by Mira Kamdar.

India is the worlds youngest nation while Europe, Japan and America are growing old
half of India's population is under twenty five. While much of the American attention remains focused on Europe the future of the world rests in events in India
and China.

There has been an ongoing rant that has been on this blog since its inceptions. We are Americans and we are a can do people. This spirit of can do is what makes us different from many other nations. This can do spirit is alive and well in the Indian corporate sector. Indian engineers talk of building a car that can be produced for two thousand dollars. In the USA the saftey features alone cost two thousand dollars.

India faces many problems including an armed rebelion by Commies that has 20,000 in arms. That number is not significant given the huge size of India. However India faces severe problems with water shortages, AIDS, Poverty. The can do spirit of eutrepeneurialism will be faced with the problem of low cost AIDS drugs.

India also has a large Muslim population and has border issues with Pakistan. However, the contrast between the two nations could not be greater. Pakistan is an ethnically cleansed country that depends on remitances. India ia an emerging superpower a multiethnic democracy with a first class educational system. Their students excell and ours read the polical musings of an incoherent linguistics professor.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Power of Words and a Change In Policy

The recent debacle over the term religious fecal matter has led me to rethink the uses of certain words on this blog. People get mistaken ideas over certain terms that are loaded. I will no longer use the term vermin to describe Communists. This is a personal choice and not a lecture to others who use it for other reasons.

The term vermin evokes images of Nazi description of Jews as subhumans. Communists will be described as accolytes of class genocide, sons of treason and other more creative terms that do not carry historical bagage. This blog has always respected human life in the perpetual fight against mindless utopians who would kill you and I for their failed schemes.

Way back when a similar point was raised when one of the most highly respected bloggers I know proposed burning the Koran. The image of book burning is one that is associated with Nazis. Arson is not a good idea in general and is quite dangerous.
Breaking things with sledgehammers is more fun but there are limited options.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mindless Zionist or Joooo with no clue

Many of you will read this as an attack on MZ. MZ is genuine and that is not a pun on his pen name. For better or worse you know where he stands on any subject. He absolutely believes in the material he posts and is sincere. I disagree with MZ on almost everything but we both want a strong Israel. Our positions have been fairly stable over time he seeks a type of theocracy and I see that as political suicide.

There is a clod of sorts currently representing himself as a born against hard liner,
a more apt description is a hard boiled egg. The volatile boy wonder has been all over the map and one would need a score card to figure out where he is on any given day. Being all over the map I dubbed him the super ball of Zion, look I am a Kahanist, no I am anti kahanist, next week I will be a white black Israelite, back to being a kahanist, no I've joined the left, next week I am apolitical and into Barry Manilow tunes. This may sound like an exaggeration, but there is an element of truth.

When we first met the boy wonder he was presenting himself as a reformed Kahanist trying to get over his hatred of Palestinians. He had a largely far left audience
and a cohort named Saba who was a Palestinian woman from Canada. Saba was not a bad sort, she was clearly the most genuine of the oily bunch on the boy wonders site.
Allegedly, she had to stop blogging due to death threats. His far left audience mostly left him with one low IQ exception. Suddenly left with no audience he becomes a Neo (New no Nazi slight) Kahanist again and his positions are 180 degrees where they were a few months ago with no explanation. Some of you buy this act, my advice is caveat emptor.

The boy wonder is a deceitful worm who specializes in telling you what you want to
hear. He will say one thing on his blog and send an email that says 100% the opposite thing a few seconds later. He flies off the handle frequently calls people Nazis, Extremists and then begs your forgiveness weeks later. My own experience is that he passes my private information on to Gert tells him to attempt to blackmail
me on Freedomnow's site. He then feigns ignorance of a series of blatantly antisemitic slurs and the blackmail attempt. Not only has he never expressed remorse he sends a taunting email.

The boy wonder has a lengthy history of back stabbing it seems to be a specialty of his. At various times he has sent some of you emails demanding you cut ties with MZ
for labeling his site a Chait site meaning sin. He has also sent emails denouncing me as a racist with a mindless obsession on anti Communism. MZ also asked for links
to be cut off with Greg for calling him Hitler. However, when I make the same request for an apology for blackmail it is unreasonable, nuff said.

In the fairly recent past the mindless Zionist has called me a racist, hateful fascist (Is there a loving variety), Mc Carthyite and has called MZ a Nazi several times. He has apologized for his attacks on MZ after his largely far left audience abandoned him with one oily exception.

His latest comedic manifesto looks like a case of telling his new audience what they
wish to hear. Given the acrobatic yoga like political contortions and a history of deceptive behavior my advice is caveat emptor, check if there is anything under the hood. Are you getting someone who is sincere like MZ, KL or are you getting slick marketing and more deception.

He recently listed his plan if he were elected Prime Minister what he would do.

1 Direct the army to retake the Gaza strip, West Bank and Annex it. Palestinians living in this land would be compensated for their land and deported. or B Swear
allegiance to the state of Israel and allowed to stay. They would be given a red passport and allowed to stay as temporary residents. Likewise being stripped of most of their rights such as the right to "bare arms", the right to protest grievances in public and any other right making life difficult for Israel's Jewish citizens. The logic of this is simple: Jewish needs come first in a Jewish state".

This paragraph is mildly amusing for someone who has called me a fascist several times for explaining the logic of MZ's desire for a similar plan. MZ at the time was being called a Nazi and I defended him causing the series of events leading the boy wonder to invade my privacy.

Palestinians are stripped of their right to bare arms must mean the Mindless Zionist,
who has admonished me on my spelling, would like to ban Palestinians with short sleeve shirts. If you add in the stripped part perhaps Venus De Milo will come to mind. The correct word ,known by most third graders, is bear meaning to carry weapons. His prescription is largely for a Jewish version of the Dhimmi laws minus a few of the more odious aspects.

What is with the red passport? Do the Palestinians get soccer jerseys as well. No right to peaceful protest. Is breathing okay or does this require a maroon or in the Mindless Zionists Malaprop formula a moron card.

2 The death penalty for all Palestinians aiding terror. The law would be enforced as it is in some American states. Does he mean PA where some Death Row inmates have a radio show? Does he mean a twenty year delay and endless appeals?

3 The PA would be disbanded and further activity on the part of the Palestinians strictly banned.

4 Arab Israelis and Palestinians would be allowed to continue to vote with their vote being counted as half of a Jewish vote.

Lets see Palestinians in three are allowed no political activities. However they vote in number four. The title of Mindless Zionist seems to fit like a glove.

Lets see I was called a racist for stating Palestinians are Arabs. I was called a fascist for explaining the logic of Mad Zionists resettlement plan. Now the Mindless Zionist wants to create a Jewish version of the dhimmi laws of Jim Crow?

5 All Palestinian and Communist Parties would be banned. This is mildly amusing for a person who has called me McCarthy. Maybe he has confused Mc Donalds with Mc Carthy.
Even I never stated baning parties just governmental scrutiny and enforcement of the laws of treason and sedition.

6 Kach or Kahane Chai would be given full fledged status as a legal entity. Sometimes
even a broken clock is right. If Communist parties are legal then the religious clowns who wish to impose theocracy should be permitted to exist as well.

7 No more than eight parties..
A parliamentary system works on coalition building and restricting choices is at odds with the notion of freedom of choice. One can opt for an American style winner take all system but the Mindless Zionist does not make this clear.

8 A new declaration of principles ..... A Constitution based of Jewish Religious laws
(Halacha), modern democracy and religious Zionist values.

Modern Democracy is based on the notion of Civil Law and the freedom of choice. Mandating people sign such a document is totalitarian.

Stay focused as it gets worse

9 All " Jews" with a Jewish father and a gentile mother would be expelled ..... At the same time those non-Jews willing to convert would be allowed to stay.

This is some kind of Martin and Lewis comedy act I expelled you then allowed you to stay if you convert. A coherent mind would reverse these concepts. Then again a coherent mind would never utter such insanity as many of these people described serve in the Israeli Armed forces. You people are good enough to die for us but not reside amongst us.

10 Groups trying to convert Jews would be prohibited. Is this Saudi Arabia lite or has the concept of freedom of thought been tossed into the trash as well.

11 Jewish religious institutions would be funded by the government. Religious studies would be part of the school curriculum.

I want to point out these points are quite curious for someone who has labeled me
a fascist, racist, Mc Carthyite quite recently. I also have zero patience for religious types who seek to impose their values on others. The Beloved Rav Roov who is my younger brother and a genuine Orthodox Rabbi has never endorsed any kind of similar lunacy. He understands the essence of our religion is the freedom to do right
or wrong. He wishes I wouldn't eat the KFC but will not letcure anyone, nor does he endorse a state where this choice is removed. Moreover, Rav Roov would never dream of mandating what type of education a parent may offer their child.

Similarly there is the intelligent blogger most of us know as MZ or Mad Zionist. I may not agree with him much but he is fairly stable on his views. One can follow a genuine thought process and articulation of coherent ideas even if one seldom agrees with them. The same can be said about KL whom I agree with even less than MZ.

The boy wonder has now earned the moniker of Mindless Zionist.

The question is what will he be uttering next week. Maybe he will become a Vanilla Ice white black Israelite. I can see him wearing the Star Trek uniform with the big Star of David. "All you white people are faggots" "The white so called Jews are Impostors" "Ice Ice Baby". Maybe he will decide he wants to follow Commie Faux Rabbi
Michael Lerner next and talk about LSD and Socialism.

Given the boy wonders history of backstabbing, blackmail and flying off the handle oneis strongly advised caveat emptor. If you want the genuine coherent article stick with MZ who is 100% sincere about such matters. We can safely assume MZ and KL will be singing the same tune next week. Moreover they can present their points in a coherent fashion even when one does not agree with them. Above all for the most part
they conduct themselves like menches, albiet a tad arrogant at times.

Lastly, I want to point out MZ is Orthodox and I am secular. Orthodox people who practice the actual religion tend to me more conservative than secular types. However, even within the Orthodox community MZ's opinions are a minority not favored by most.

My own personal view is that Israelis are capable of handling their own problems without my opinions. The policies and future of the country should be determined by those that live there, not me. I am a Jewish American patriot who like MZ seeks a strong Israel. However, I consider the only important opinions to be the one of the people who live there. Yes American Jews should have opinions, but ultimately the final say belongs to those that live there

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meetings with Moonbats

I was having lunch with a fellow ex NYer. We were talking about home and the things we miss like Knishes, hot dog stands, rude cabbies, subway trains, Don Rickles Esque Black Hebrews on 47th and Broadway and the Flatiron Building.

The Black Hebrews are a low rent version of Nation of Islam. They had a public acsess
cable show called the Lions Den. Their routine on the street is the funniest thing in NYC. They insult all types of passers by whie explaining an incoherent conspiracy
theory. The white Jews are evil Kazars who have stolen the culture of the Black Hebrews who are the missing tribes of Israel. The theory has Haitians and Dominicans among many people who are the real chosen people.

I had a coworker who was a member of this cult explain to me the proof of this conspiracy is the J sound in Jooooooo doesn't exist in Hebrew. How this proves that the real Jews were black remains unclear. Certain sounds do not exist in other languages. Thus in Hebrew the letter yud is translated into English with a J. In Hebrew Jerusalem sounds phoeneticaly like Yerushalaim.

Perhaps UI or Jason has run into another of my favorites the hysterical 10%. Most of you think this is bank interest. The 10% is a radical offshoot of the NOI. White men were created by the mad scientist Yacoub to enslave the righteous black people. Only 10% of whom are to be saved. In person they are quite annoying but my comedic wit has made matters worse at times. I was at a party with a friends when a black female coworker asked me to dance. This annoyed the 10% but relieved me. I sat in my chair and resumed a conversation with a frind of mine from Guyana Deonarine or Dino. The outraged 10% finished the dance and told me I was the son of the devil. I assured him my father is an accountant. I have heard Satan described as a lawyer or Musician
but accountant is a new one to me. Dino and some others were in stitches. The Black man is the apex of gods creation and the white man is jealous and needs to opress us. Jealous of what??? (Word combination and euphamism alert) Do you not have eyes the creator has endowed the blackman. I asked how does he know this? Haven't you looked around a lockeroom or X-rated films. I assured him I had no such interest and speculated on why he was so interested in the subject. I was told the whiteman introduced homosexuality because they couldn't compette with Blackmen. I assured the gentleman that a quick look in Soho or the Village indicates many blackmen have opted out as well.

Back to VT. My friend and I were joined by a ditzy hippie chick. She has devoted her life to uncovering the secret of 9-11. The 9-11 attack was caused by Osama being upset with some missle tests that destroyed a mosque. The Israelis knew about the plot and told the Jews to skip work. My friend pointed out I was on hand and must have missed the memo. I asked her if she smoked pot daily and she stormed off. It is amazing how many of these cospiracy nuts there are in VT.

The Morning After

The storm is over and left two and a half feet of snow. There is good snow and bad snow this is the bad variety. In my relief about getting home I left my snow shovel in the car. The plow left the snow over the windshield and I couldn't open the door.

The going rate in NYC to free a car is forty dollars. I asked the neighbors kid to do it and my neighbor did it himself. The rate in St Albans is apparently twenty five. Earl the Cat has been attacking Northwind's hair dryer. The dryer is unplugged and has been attacked for twenty minutes.

The wind chill is -25 so only crazy people are outside. One has to be a dedicated smoker to go out in this. Best advice stay put and wait until the roads are better.

Religion, Dr Phil and knowing our limitations.

Religion in most cases is a wonderful thing. I see the wonderful life of my Brother the Beloved Rav Roov and his family as part of this. Religion forms the framework of the life for the Beloved Rav Roov and family. The only thing odd about the Beloved Rav Roov is his love of Spiderman. We sometimes think of clergymen as aloof apart from us, but they have some of the intrests and sometimes weaknesses as we do. We are dismayed when clergymen fail due to human weaknesses. However, some of us forget that a clergyman is a human mediator whose job it is to serve his congregation. All humans have the potential of sucumbing to human weakness it is just part of the human condition. We shouldn't be shocked that a Rabbi likes Spiderman or that a Roman Catholic Priest likes the Dodgers even long after they left Brooklyn or a Minister that likes Nascar.

Now what if Rav Roov sudenly decided that instead of liking Spiderman he is Spiderman. His problem would have nothing to do with religion. He would have an amusing condition that would be best handled by a skilled professionals and possibly
medication. Currently Rav Roov only dresses as Spiderman on Purim and at Bar Mitzvahs
so there is no concern.

Life is not a sitcom and if it were mine would be canceled. Life's problems are not solved in 30 minutes. Dr Phil can't fix a life that has decades of problems in twenty minutes. The practice of psychology is a long process that entails much training. In many ways there is an element of art to it as well. I do have a BBA but I have 2O credits in psychology, mostly industrial. I am by no means an expert in the practice and my educational experience has taught me dealing with these matters especially the more serious types belong in the hands of skilled professionals. You would not send a Rabbi to fix your car, nor should you send your car mechanic out to do a circumsicion.

Islam posses some rather ineresting and serious problems. When we look at our own religion the notion is mostly guiding and improving lives. The notion of Christians, Jews, Hindus and most other people blowing themselves up and wasting lives is incongruent with reality. The challenge of Islam is that it is not religion as we understand it. There are a few quirky types who dream of a Jewish theocracy, but it is luckily a distinct minority. Even those types do not dream of global conquest.

The begining of what is and isn't a pathology is a complex issue. The notion of blowing one's self up for 72 virgins to me is a sign of a mental defect. The word cult has a negative impact when paired with a religion. We talk of the Cult of Jim Jones and have an image of Koolaide drinking lunatics out of touch with reality. There are certainly cult like aspects of Islam. There is a dehumanization process
in certain elements of Islam. A regular person has neither the desire or motivation
to shoot schoolkids in the back, behead a bound captive or toss a senior citizen in a wheel chair off a cruise ship. The reality is that the fiery utopian rhetoric deconditions some of its followers on the value of human life.

This deconditioning of our common humanity is similar in the political arena. The utopian rhetoric of Nazism with its master race created endless wars and the Holocaust. Communism produced class genocide, Gulags, Killing Fields, Boat people and brain impaired film devotees in MA.

The common denominator is the quest for a magic solution to all of lifes problems
itself may be the sign of a mental defect. In our lives we all have ups and downs.
Some of us have quirky tastes and those differences are part of lives. We all burn
meatloaves, get flat tires, have annoying relatives and these are just aspects of a normal life.

The other point is that if utopia did exist most of us would be bored to death. One of the running jokes is that family life was peaceful except when meatloaf was served. All the folks in the house would square off in gladiator style confict to get those end cuts. Vegtables, dishes, relatives anything not nailed to the ground could end up airborne. As an adult I learned that slicing the meatloaf 3/4 of the way through cooking and placing the sclices back in the oven turned twice solves the old family problem. I now have a whole mealoaf that tastes like end cuts. Yet, I also devalued the whole meat loaf experience and it is just another day in the kitchen

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a trip home and word combinations.

I appologized for my part of this mess that has been on this site. I do not like religious lectures in general . The points on Florian's site remain MZ made the same requests for far less. Doesn't make what happened next right but it was a bad set of dominoes life goes on.

Most people know I rarely curse. I will use words like posterior, and other words that get the point across. The original draft had the term religious s#$$#t. I honestly editited the term to fecal matter to soften the sentence. I checked the post thinking I capitalized it or used it several times. I leared a valuable lesson about that particular word combination. I think it is safe to assume that one is being retired for good. I did not see that one coming.

We have 18 inches of snow and I almost made it home save 200 feet the snow was un passable. 27 miles of back country road. The most dangerous obstacle believe it or not were pedestrians. I spun out five times but not badly four were avoining pedestrians. It is also easier to see at night.

Of course after such a grueling drive Northwind reminded me what no beer I am not driving to get it. So I will be walking to get it.

Many men go through alot for a date we break the bank. Sometimes we get more than we baragained for. One such trip was on February 23, 1993 where a trip to the WTC to buy tickets did not end so well. I will do my annual special on Feb 26 1993. I was datine a wonderful Cubana named Rosie. She had zero sympathy for me as the WTC was the site of the discount theatre tickets. You cheap $^%&7 bum (please no complaints about $^%&7) go to the box office and pay full price.

As I rest I lay back in bed with a book I am greeted by Earl the cat. He uses the reading light as a suana. The snow would be over Earls head but he get the easy life for another week. If he ever aquires a taste for beer it could get ugly.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Generation Three

Lost in many of the discussion about Islam is an oddity known as generation three.
Normal immigrants who arrive are culturally emeshed in their country of origin. Using my own familiy as an example my granfather read the Yiddish paper till the day he passed on. He didn't care much for popular culture except for Gunsmoze, Bonanza and strangely Benny Hill. His life revolved around work going to temple his kids and his mixed up relatives.

My fathers first language was Yiddish. He can still speak it fluently but his language is English. He became a Bal Teshuvah later in life but is far more Americanized than his father. He is an avid Yankee fan who is also into Art, theatre
and a wide variety of music.

I am more americanized than my father as I am generation three. I do not speak any Yiddish and am not religious.

This is very much the normal pattern immigrants follow. However two factors have changed the third generation experience. Immigrants are not being taught American history from the blame America first crowd. Every third world civilization is disneyfied.

There is also madrassa and mosque fanaticism intervening in the generation three trend towards assimilation. Madrassas teach radical Islam and people like Mark Steyn claimed to see more angry Muslims in London than in Yemen.

Lost in the mix is that Muslims in America work jobs. We do not have the added problem of unemployed men in Mosques in large numbers that exists in Europe. It may be that we may see a generation three Americanized Muslim. There is room for hope
as popular culture tends to be the great leveler.

The future may be brighter than we assume in the long run.

A House Divided yada yada ..............

Most of us exist in a blog community. People enter and leave and we go about our business. What made this community special was the wonderful people that are a part of it. Many of you point out that I have no right to tell you who should be in your house. However, the flip side of it that I have the right to leave if I object to the company. I do not owe anyone an explanation for why I cut them off.

I want those who spout self righteous hypocritical tones and religious fecal matter
to spare me. The reality is that what happened to me could happen to any one of you. How you react to such matters is largely unknown. However, it isn't funny when it happens to you. The reactions of each and every one of you will only be known when and if you find yourself in my shoes.

The famous words of Lincoln about a house divided are true so I eliminated the division, myself. Who and what you do on your blogs is no longer a concern of mine.
I will be visiting very few sites in the future. Among the sites I will no longer visit are those of a couple of people who are like brothers to me and one who I view fondly as a mentee.

This is Warren's community and his wisdom, warmth and humanity guide us. Humanity and warmth are not adjecives that are used to describe me. What you see on the blog is in many ways is the real me. The nexus of the group of friends started with Warren
myself and Mr Beamish. We built a community that had all the great ingredients. I provided the easiest part the entertainment and energy. Mr B provided a Charming comedic persona and the hardest part was Warren's providing the wisdom and humanity.

This community became a fun place you wanted to be a part of. Along the way we developed two other top draws, MZ and AOW. The cast and collection of people are just wonderful with a few exception. Anything this large is bound to have a few bumps and bruises.

Going ahead this site will opperate in its historic pattern. The truth is I can sit with Ducky and have a grand time. All of you are always welcome in, but I am ensconsed here. The affairs of the community are no longer my concern.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't Touch that Dial

Due to couple of off line comments I adjusted the channel. The cerebral fare is part of me, but not fun to write.

Lets venture into the surreal. There is a dangerous cult out there. Now some of you are thinking this is another anti Communist rant. Well all of you are wrong. The cult that we are all a part of is the cult of unrealistic expectations and the present status quo.

Nation building has been a disaster. We haven't fixed Haiti in how long. If we can't fix Haiti with no major combat how can we expect Iraq to be run like Iowa. Communists like the Duck point to Haiti and try explain that it is proof that Capatalist countries can be as inept as Cuba.

There are those who see racial problems as a cause of the problems. The reality is that the problems are political instability and a culture of corruption. The acceptability of bribes and corruption hurts business. However the political instability and infighting scares foreign investors. The status quo with US Peacekeepers perpetuates the present cycle of instability.

We could break the cycle by allowing the sides to fight it out until there is a victor of the Strongman variety.

We could create US military run industrial parks. The US military would provide the security and stability to attract investment.

The notion of transitioning from Chaos to democracy may be misguided. Maybe a stogman like a King Hussein who can provide a strongman type of authoritarism ala Pinochet and then transition to democracy would be more natural.

Maybe the notion that all these artifical states drawn up in the 1920 Anglo French treaty is unrewalistic. We now know Yugoslavia was a myth held together by Tito's brutality. Maybe it is unrealistic for us to perpetuate the status quo. The fears about a Shia state being an Iran clone may be misguided. The Shia of Iraq are Arabs and those of Iran are Persian.

If we limit our options to the present realities we may overlook better solutions.

Burn the Town Sack the Banks Grit leadership and us

The author finishes out Chapter two with a portrait of the Vermonters paying a heavy price in the Battle of Cedar Creek. Me are dying on both sides to capture a flag. Somewhere the Duck is plotting to burn the flag.

We often talk about leadership and Charisma. We can talk of General Herkimer cooly smoking a pipe udner a tree in Oriskany wounded giving tactical directions that turned a rout intovictory. Even Benedict Arnold was a great leader and fierce in combat at Saratoga. He also saved the day in the Oriskany campaign with the clever use of the mentally ill. I am not sure how the folks in Brussels would view the use of the mentally challenged today.

In the Battle of Cedar Creek the Conefederates surprised the Union and the army was in retreat routed. However Sheridan was several miles down the road and personaly rallied his reserves and the routed men onto the field of battle. The image of Sheridan astride his black horse waving his hat and inspiring his men to follow me is a moving image of a bygone era.

It is true Patton led from the front but this maybe the product of another era. Istant fast communication means the leader may be thousands of miles away. Is it now up to the junior officers to fill the Sheridan type role.

The authors use of the Shenadoah campaign preceding the back drop of the raid in St Albans is multilayered.

1 We know where the men who would have defended St Albans were. 2 The author juxtaposes the tactics of Sheridan on a much larger scale with that of the raiders.

Do we have a bias where small units operating in a similar matter to Sheridan are percieved as terrorists. Does the bank heists and the use of a foreign nations territory and staging area and refuge change things. How far should a country go in hot pursuit across a border?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Burn the Town and Sack the Banks by Price Part One

I am not a Civil War buff but there are many of you out there. The notion of brother fighting against brother for some abstract idea has an appeal to many. There way much fighting in my hosehold growing up. This often involved myself and the beloved Rav Roov fighting death syle matches over Turkey Wings, Meatloaf or Roast Beef end cuts.

However, the book is about a little known episode in St Albans Vt. The title of the book might sound like what would happen if they closed the local liqour store. Recently two major bars closed and I wanted to start a telethon for Ernest and Julio's kids. The idea did not go over with the locals who assured me there will be no dispaced alcoholics, at least those who were not displaced before the two bars closed.

Lost in the saga of the Blue and the Gray are sagas that happened away from the armies. The noted NYC draft riots were the most spectacular of these incedents. Those of you who were lucky enough to read the Gangs of NY book by Asbury understand the magnitude of this mostly forgotten history. Do note Asbury has a touch of Paul Buyan in him. Far smaller than that was the Conferate raid on St Albans VT.

Many of you are wondering how Confederates could stage a raid so far from their lines. Many Confederates made their way into Canada, some were escaped POW. The Canadian border is around twenty minutes by car. The route the raiders took is marked along RTE 105. There are plaques along the route one can follow.

The first chapter describes the War effort in VT. VT was an abolitionist hotbed
and the underground railroad went through the state into Canada. The state exceeded
Washington's request for troops and whole towns were depopulated. The book describes the dedication to the war effort. Women did jobs men performed. Packages were sent to the troops who endured bad food. Money was sent by the soldiers to relatives who were needy.

The book describes how many businesses expanded durring the war time. A favorite of mine is the story about the Justin Morgan ( not Morris) horses. Apparently, there was a local variety of horses known for their intelligence, speed, power and longevity. The original Justin Morgan horse lived to be 32.

The raiders were motivated by the tactics of the Union in the South.

However I want to leave the readers to ponder the wisdom of this passage.

George McClellan wrote to Abe Lincoln describing the method to conduct the war.

" It should not be, at all, a War upon population; but against armed forces and political organizations.......In prosecuting the War, all private property and unarmed persons should be strictly protected; subject only to the necessities of military operations".

Lincoln turned to Grant, Sheridan and Sherman who had different visions of how to win the war. Have we become too much like McClellan in the war on terror. This is not to say America should revert to Ghengis Khan. Just something to ponder.

The next part for us to ponder is the of Lt Meigs.

General Sheridan viewed the death of Lt Meigs as an assasination. He viewed the adjacent community as being responsable for this act. Sheridan burned every house in the adjacent area and it became known as the burnt district. Do note unlike Liddice none of the inhabitants were gunned down. The question is two fold if we burn down blocks in a place like Falujah we create more refugees. However, the people of Falujah have three choices keep the insurgents out, share the fate of the insurgents
or become refugees. There is some legitimacy fom the first point of view. Yet are we being Mclellan like and wasting lives rather than getting results. There is a line of tactics that ranges from McClellan to Sheridan to Ghengis Kahn. Maybe we need to be more Sheridan like.

New Format

I have decided to change my content and format to a less interactive and ratings driven style. I have not been happy with the direction of this blog. Most of the time the posts that you see were fun to create. In the creation of a high profile site I attracted some unwanted attention.

The new format will consist entirely of book serialization. There will be no more current events, WWE posts, satire, roasts or interviews. Those of you that seek those type of posts will have to go elsewhere.

I have enjoyed spending time with you, but the time has come to move in a new direction.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bonus Post Beakerkin listens to TMW and still botches Valentines day

B Brothers cinema presents Beakerkin Bothches Valentine's Day.

This satire does contain elements of truth.

Northwind: Beakerkin you should listen to your friend TMW. We should go out on Valentines Day. Anything is better than spending time with that hairy assed moocher.

Beak: Everytime we go out you get in trouble and I end up having to talk my way out.

Northwind: Are you still talking about the State Fair?

Beak: You tried to drink the mini goldfish bowls with the goldfish in it.

Northwind: And what about you. Who was the person who almost ate the kids hand because he got too close to the blooming onion.

Beak: I mistook it for a funnel cake. It could have happened to anyone.

Northwind: Only you Beaky, but I forgive you. The radio station WBAB is playing the soundtak from Yently.

Beak: Oh alright lets go out to a resturant.

Parking lot

Officer Fife: Okay you get out of the car.
Beakerkin: Hey I am not even in the car.
Fife: We call this preemptive police enforcement
Beakerkin: Say what? What is the charge?
Fife: Driving while a New Yorker. Most of our drugs come from NYC. We never found the kingpin.
Northwind: Beaky stop playing with the police man.
Fife: Okay assume the position.
Beakerkin: Officer you know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you
and me.
Fife: You were an ass long before you came to VT. Assume the position.
Beaker: Officer I am from NYC do you want me to grab my ankles.
Fife: Not that position you big city pervert. You know the position and lets not pretend this is the first time. All you big city hoodlums think you are smarter than us rural folk. No more inbreeding jokes or I swear you'll get the Rodney King treatment.
Hmmmm: You got a strange bulge in your pants. Are you happy to see me you sick pervert. Oh wait thats a wallet. You have foreign money in here.
Beaker: You idiot those are hundred dollar bills and there are only two of them.
Fife: Okay you can go but I got my eye on you.
Beaker: I think you have alternative lifestyle issues of your own.
Fife: What did you say? Its not my fault my parents were second cousins. Take that and that.
Northwind; Beaker will you stop playing with the cop.
Beaker: Pardon me for getting pummeled.


Northwind: Lets go there
Beaker: That isn't resturant its a bar.
Northwind: They serve food there
Beaker: Pretzels and Peanuts are not food. We are going there.
Northwind : You never think of me
Beaker: They serve alcohol.
Northwind:Lets go.


Waitress: May I take your order.
Beakerkin: Lets have ........
Northwind: A pitcher of Budwieser
Beaker: They don't serve beer in a pitcher here.
Waitress: Oh yes we do.
Beaker: Let me have the Chiken special with vodka sauce.
Northwind: Vodka sauce I'll have one too.

Waitress: Sir your English is amazing what country did you emigrate from.
Beaker: Staten Island.
Waitress: Oh so you are from the Caribean. How many people live on that Island?
Beaker: 464,000
Waitress: So you are a boat person
Northwind: Are you flirting with my boyfriend.
Waitress: Listen you French wh^&re.
Northwind: How many times do I have tell people I am not French. Listen here you serving wench
Beaker: Northwind you are not supposed to drink from pitcher.
Waitress: What does your girlfiend do for a living
Beaker: She is a PA.
Waitress: A personal assistant.
Beaker: No a Professional alcoholic
Northwind: How many times have I told you I am a drunk. I have never been to a meeting in my life. It even says it on this T shirt.


Beaker: Northwind has passed out again. Its a good thing she is petitte. I'll carry her to the car.

Fife: Caught you red handed drop the dead body. So you are a hitman, I watch the Sopranos. Who paid you to whack off your girlfriend?
Beaker: Officer its whack.
Northwind: Burp!!!!!!1
Fife: Luckily for you dead people don't burp.
Beaker: You are sure about that.
Fife: I get the impression you think I am stupid. What's that brown bag in the car.
Beaker: Its a bag of Knishes.
Fife: I knew it you were the kingpin. That is some NYC street lingo for crack. Oh wait this looks like food. I will have to take it to the station for further inspection.
Beaker: Can I go now:
Fife: Public urination is a fine. Remember I got my eye on you.


Beakerkin: Well I listened to TMW's romantic advice, but it just didn't work out for me. I won't be getting any tonight so it's Sinatra's fault.

Well at least I got some chicken in a bag. Earl get back here with my chicken.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Filler Post How about some nice Jim Crow with amputations

Every nation has a right to set its own standards. I have no desire to place my religious views, or lack of them on anyone else. When one decides to live in the West one must abide by the norms of the culture and respect others. If you want to have more than one wife you should have your head examined first and move to another country.

I want to talk about some of the lesser known problems caused by Sahriah.

Most people define marriage as a union between man and wife for better or worse until
death or a divorce lawyer says other wise. It is very rare but some se4cts of Islam have a term marriage. Is this marriage as we in America define it? I could sit with ten of my peers and get ten unique answers. The general consensus at the moment is no.

There are different types of divorce under Sharia as well. There is a type of divorce where the woman and children continue to live with the husband minus conjugal right. The legal validity of this is also murky.

There are no adoptions under Islamic law and there are long term guardianships.

In the United States we have the concept of equal protection under the law. This is incompatable with Sharia that has Jim Crow on steroids features.

Free expression is part of our culture in the USA. I have to endure Bush=Hitler signs from far left loonies. Muslims have every right to peaceably respond to speech they do not like. Threats,sedition and treason are not protected under the Amendment.

Theocracy of any type is just a bad idea.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Much hyped Redwine Interview

Today we are fortunate enough to have Redwine as our guest interviewee. Romania is not a subject many of us think about often. This is a chance for us to learn about Romanian history and culture.

1 Many people are unaware that Romania was under Ottoman rule. How did the Romanian people achieve independence?

2 How is Vlad the Impaler treated in Romanian history?

3 Are Romanians amused that every horror tale seems set in Transylvania? It does make for a better backdrop than haunted American suburbs. I am sure Elmer or someonelse is dying to point out the Stepford Wives and Amityville Horror were set in suburban Ameica.

4 Moldovans also speak Romanian is there any talk of a reunification between the two countries.

5 In the West there were many stories about the plight of the Roma more commonly known as gypsies in the eighties. Has their situation inproved? Are they still considered outcasts?

6 How did Romania end up on the German side in WW2?

7 This also set the stage for brutal reprisals by the Soviets. However, Bulgaria which never sent troops to fight against the Soviet Union also had a somewhat less brutal period of bloodshed in the late foutries to the fifties.

8 People are unaware that the satelite countries had their own gulags. The Black Book of Communism is quite explicit that the brutality of the Communists in Romania was extreeme in any comparison to any of the satelite states.

9 What are the major political parties in Romania today?

10 Has governmental corruption become endemic in Romanian culture? Has government officials taking bribes and kick backs become part of the local culture.

11 Has the transition from Communism to a market economy been difficult? I do remember several fashion companies producing products in Romania from my days as a fashion executive. What are the key sectors of the current Romanian economy?

12 Do Western leftists understand the realities of life under communism? I am amazed
at some of the absurd statements I read at Sonia's site defending Castro? These people do not have the ability to seperate flowery Marxist rhetoric from the dismal
reality of life under Communism.

13 You and I have discussed the near religious zealotry on the far left. It seems that some have an almost religious devotion to failed ideas. The hope springs eternal that each new messenger of Marx will triumph where others have failed. The latest savior is Hugo Chavez and when he fails they will find another. The notion that the system doesn't work and always produces repression never seems to enter the minds of the faithful.

14 Has reflexive mindless anti-Americanism become a staple of the far left.

15. You have noted the anti-Semitism on the far left. Are members of the far left aware of how regular people view their obsession with Jews and the plethora of anti- semitic conspiracy theories.

16 We are familiar with the trial of Ceausescu and of his crimes against the Romanian
people? Were any of his subordinates held accountable and tried? How has Romanian justice dealt with Communist crimes against the Romanian people?

17 Does local TV show any American TV shows. Are American films shown with Romanian subtitles or are they dubbed into Romanian.

18 What are some of the tourist highlights that you would advise Americans to visit.

19 How are the costs of higher education handled in Romania. Does the state pay for the cost of a college degree or does the cost fall on the individuals?

20 Is the medical system socialized. Do you wait on long lines for medical care. Are
there private doctors that work outside the system? I live in a border region and there are Canadians on line at some of the local doctors offices. In fairness some of my coworkers do cross the border for dental care.

21 How does the government raise money? Is income taxed in Romania? Are a percentage of sales taxed? Are funds raised via import tarrifs?

22 Has there been any attempt to restore native species like the Wolf or the Winessent (a animal closely related to Buffalo) into the environment. NY State restored the otter and Peregrine falcoln in the last decade. The Beaver seems to have returned without help in NY State and in Vermont.

23 Klezmer music which has its roots in Romania, Poland and the Ukraine has become fashionable in some parts of America. I do consider it somewhat disturbing that my parents musical tastes are considered to be cooler than mine in some circles. Klezmer music is a fusion of Eastern European, Jewish and Gypsy music. Has this type of music become a relic of the past? Is local Romanian folk music still popular?

24 Has there been a renewed interest in Christianity with the end of Communism?

25 Has the European Union been a help, hinderance or irrelevant to the Romanian economy?

I want to thank you in advance for helping many American readers learn about your country. Romania is not a topic that is often discussed in our blog community.

Rudy Time or is this the Hillary you wish to die on

Our nation is divided and we are at war. The Communist far left and their Jihadi allies will nominate the next Democratic nominee. Hillary looks like the nominee but her numbers are soft. A gaffe could send her into a Howard Dean like tailspin. She is there only for lack of a better alternative. Obama and Edwards have not chosen to attack and are illsuited for such tactics. Joe Biden is as Mark Levin describes "the stupidest man in the senate". However, Levin should consider Col Bernie Sanders for that title.

Republicans need to be reminded of the Democrats debacle in the "affair de Leiberman". The far left backed an anti- American far left lunatic who was crushed in the general election. Elections are not won at the Daily Kos or at College Campuses. They are won in Walmart Parking lots and at local houses of worship.

The most common bugaboos

1 Gay Marriage- Rudy is for civil unions an option favored by the majority of Americans. The issue is never presented this way as the far left militant gay groups seek a fight that is not needed rather than practical results.

2 Abortion- Reagan did not outlaw the procedure and it has become part of the culture. I would like to hear Rudy's opinion on partial birth abortion. This procedure is infanticide and his opinion on this will let us know if he has distance from NARAL. My objection as a pro- abortion type is the way that some on the left hold this procedure up to be a sacrament. If Osama bombs an abortion clinic we may get support from the Commies in MA.

3 Gun control NYC is a different environment than rural America. There is no hunting or room for recreational hunting. This is a different set of circumstances than VT where hunting is part of the culture. Even Col Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean did not mess with hunters firearms.

4 Immigration. We allready have an existing guest worker program H1b. It has been in place for years without major problems.

Rudy offer vision, leadership and above all else a can do attitude. He has a proven track record of leadership and has faced a constantly hostile NYC Press, racial arsonists and genuine Communists. His appointments were all competant and did an excellent job. Ask people if they would rather have Bernie Kerik or Janet Reno, Madeline Halfwit, Sandy Burglar, Donna Shaloooooser or the late corrupt Ron Brown.
The best of the mediocre Clintonoids was Robert Tatoo Riech "The Plaaaaaane Master Bill".

People like the Duck like to point towards Kerik. However, they ignore Filegate, selling pardons with the involvement of Hugh Rodham, sham book deals, Chinagate, Whitewater, Blue stained dresses that were a product of the vast right wing conspiracy, Broderickgate, being booed by fireman and many other Clinton gaffes.

Its about leadership and vision stupid. Rudy led a major city through a terror attack
unprecedented in American history. Hillary led the failed health care debacle, some guy named Craig Livinstoned with some FBI files and maybe a conga line at Teachers Union Randi Wiengarten's party for Fidel Castro.

Some of you can hold out for Newt, Tancredo or the Ghost of Reagan. However, a key ingredient of Reaganism was the can do attitude and vision. There is more Reagan in Rudy than many of you think.

Beamish in 08.

Partial Birth abortion should only be performed on John Brown. His brain never functioned and society as a whole would be improved by his removal.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Arrivals

I am still waiting for my copy of America Alone by Steyn to arrive. However some of my odd arrivals did show up early. I do want to thank UI for recomending the book L. Ron Hubbard Mesiah or Madman. I will get to this book in the future sometime. When Scientologists start blowing things up and trashing America maybe Ducky will join their ranks.

I also picked up a small book by Eszter Spat on the Yezidi. The Yezidi are the mystery people of the Middle East. The theories about who they are and their origins are all over the map. They are one of the many groups of indigenous people mistreated by Muslims. The Armenians have welcomed a group of Yezidi into their country. There are accounts of Yezidi allowing Armenians to hide in their community in the turn of the century Armenian Genocide.

Lastly I am reading The Beta Israel in Ethiopia by Kaplan. The Beta Israel is the preffered name of the Falshas. The term Falasha is considered a pejorative and not popular with the community it self.

The question of who is a Jew is still vexing to this day. Most people still rely on halacha and the answer is anyone born to a Jewish mother or who converts. Converts have the same rights within the community as people born into the religion. The question of the origins of the Beta Israel are moot. If they were the children of Menelik son of Solomon and Sheba, the tribe of Dan, members of a trading community
are all irelevant. Whatever their origins were they are still Jews.

I want to point out that there is a biological connection between the Lemba and the Jewish people as well. However as the Lemba have been Christians for hundreds of years this is moot. Jewish Communities have sprung up in unlikely places as China and Ghana.

It is important to understand that Eithiopia has had extensive ties with the Middle East. Amharic is the fourth semitic language and there has been extensive contact between Yemen and Eithiopia for well over a thousand years.

There are the Afrocentrists who view the Falashas as the "authentic Jews". This is the less anti- semitic malady of the Frankfurt school. The more anti-semitic variety espouses Melanin theory along with Marx at tax payers expense.

The realities of who and what a Jew are are limited by halacha. A Jew who accepts conversion is no longer a Jew. Authors Stephen Schwatz and Richard Poe are held up by
Anti- semites as Jews on the basis of a Nazi like 1% law. Schwartz mother was a Communist of Catholic origin and he converted to Islam. Poe's mother was also Roman Catholic and he been a Catholic for decades.

Communism is a political religion not disimilar from militant Islam. Jews who are adherents of this ideaology are not Jews. They may parade around as fake Rabbis like Michael Lerner, but they ceased to be Jews when they signed on to the people of class
genocide and treason. Similarly Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Joel " deranged"
Koevell have made careers out of laying up their bloodlines in the advocacy of class
genocide. The creation of Utopia in this world via a failed philosopher who loathed Jooos and Blacks is apostasy.

There are Jews that call themselves Kahanists that are oblivious to Marxist treason.
They see the Chomskys, Finkelsteins and Adam Schapiros as wayward souls in need of redemption. These souls are not wayward and would just as soon terminate real Jooos in their effort to gain Marxist bonafides. Historically these same clods are often killed by Communists who revert to their anti-semitic norms. American Jewish Communists defended pacts with the Nazis and were loyal to the cause of treason even as their bretheren were being slaughtered by Stalin.

Some of us see the enemies of America and the Jooos only as cartoon like bug eyed
incoherent people screraming Allah Ahkbar before slaughtering or beheading. There is a more evil an vile enemy the American people. The enemy of the American people are the salon/university commies. They are ruining our education system as we speak. They side with every enemy of the Ameican people at every turn. They do not teach history and live in the world of narritives.

These people disnify Islamic history and Communist history and claim to be the heirs of every wrong done to Native Americans and Blacks in this country. Thus Joooos and Christians who were abused by Islam for centuries have no validity. Yet the only version of American history that is valid are those that 100% dwell on the sufferings of Africans and Native Americans.

However, the Falashas became Jews they are far more Jewish than Michael Lerner. Lerner is a Joooooooo but the Beta Israel are Jews.

Beamish in 08.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My candidate for President has jumped out to an early lead. I am not a true social Conservative. However, these are special times and these times call for a leader and a man of action. We are a country at war and we are divided. The issues like gay marriage and abortion should be secondary to most of you. The reality is that Newt has no chance and I do not desire a Goldwater style debacle.

Unlike Hillary, McCain or Newt Rudy ran a huge city that is larger than many states. He has had to deal with entrentched unions and nearly 100% hostile media in NYC and local city council. Rudy came into the mayoralty in a city in decline. David Dinkins was a fine man with a good heart swept into office by the Bensonhurst saga. The three day pogrom in Crown Heights was his Waterloo. Charles Rangel and all of the cities Black politicians let Dinkins drown. Dinkins was not a leader and did not know how to react to a crisis. Dinkins thought racial arsonists like Sonny Carson and Al Sharpton were people who could be engaged. Dinkins appointed dreadful people around him like Out of town Lee Brown and Laura "Pink Couch" Blackburne. Rudy's can do attitude turned the city around. On 9-11 he showed his leadership to the nation and the world.

On the interview front I want to tip my hat to author Stephen Schwartz. Many of us are under the delusion that wanton deaths caused by Communism were a product of its Russian origins. Obviously this must come as great news to the people of Albania and Yugoslavia where the parties were free of hegemony. In later years Romania also was free of the orbit and the suffering was just as bad if not worse than the Soviet Union.

I have been reading the chapters of the Black book to brush up on Romania. I do prepare for interviews and I learned quite a bit about Romanian history. This interview will be educational and fun on many levels.

My interview policy is that anyone with a blog or well known to me from other forums such as Bad Eagle, Moonbar Central, FPM can ask for an interview. Those of you who wish a second interview can do so as well. I will not grant interviews to banned bloggers such as John Brown, Gertrude and Uptown. I may also ask some to consider an interview at Florian's site. Florians skill has improved markedly and I would like to see him interview an AC or Freedomnow. I interviewed both of them in my early days and did not do as well as they deserved. I have interviewed far left types such as the Duck and one of my favorites Rob the dirty liberal. When I set up an interview I am functioning as a host and a good host does not bludgeon his guests.

Beamish in 08

Monday, February 05, 2007

HAHAHA You Morons The Much Anticipated Kuhnkat Interview

This is the interview many of you have been waiting for. Kuhnkat may be the only interviewee who can say he got more intrest from the reader base than an interview about nudity.

I want to stress there is something soothing about his catch phrase HAHAHAHAHA YOU MORON. It is frequently applied to anti-semitic Communist waterfowl. It also works quite well on other trolls. My favorite line of all time was said by Mr Beamish to another troll "Get off my planet asshole". This troll went to Freedomnow and started to cry.

Lets start off with some fun questions.


1 What trolls other than Ducky stand out in your opinion as Morons?

2 What is the stupidest comment you have seen from a troll? My classic is the dolt from the UK who claims Jewishcunt, Donkey of Zion and telling an American patriot of Jewish heritage "GO TO ISRAEL" are not anti-semitic. There is the Ducky classic that Code Pink is founded and led by Communist, but is not a communist front group. We also have Weazie blaming Dick Cheeney for 9-11.

3 Do these trolls set themselves up by boasting about their intelligence? Other than Uptown Steve all of these clowns are boasting and when they get slapped down it makes
for a louder thud.


4 There are non-citizens in the US Military now. Should they be awarded expedited citizenship benefits?

5 Should the United States end family based immigration and move to vocational based

6 Should we place greater scrutiny on student visas?


7 Do gasoline taxes adversely impact rural Americans?
8 Are cigarette and alcohol taxes excessive? The notion of bootleggers smuggling cigarettes is now a reality.
9 Are you in favor of tax credits for people who elect to send their children to private school.


10 Are people on the left more bigoted than many presume. I have heard the Duck call
Condi Rice "Aunt Jemimah" and call noted author Ellie Weisel a " shoah pimp". Uptown Steve is fond of calling non Jews "JEWS" when they disagree with him.
11 Does the far left have an obsession with religious Christians. It seems that these nuts will go into overdrive at any utterance of Falwell and ignore every insane utterance of Imams.

Crime & Punishment

12 What are your thoughts on the death penalty?
13 Should people who defraud the governmental programs like welfare do hard time?
14 Should we place a greater emphasis on punishing those who employ illegal aliens?
15 Should the people at Code Pink face jail time for sending money to our enemies in Falujah?


16 Why do the costs of higher ed, health care and housing keep outpacing inflation?
17 Should there be one set of rules in health and auto insurance to promote greater competition? The insurance industry is regulated at the state level currently.


18 Who are the most annoying celebrities?
19 Do you watch profesional sports? Do you have a favorite team?
20 Do you listen to talk radio? If so who are your favorite hosts?
21 What are your thoughts on casinos? Are they good for the communities they opperate in?
22 Is the amount of money spent on AIDS research excessive. Should more money be spent on heart disease or more common ailments such as heart disease.
23 Do we have a problem in America with a law suit culture? Have malpractice and product liability lawsuits hurt our country?
24 Should we change our primary system to one day all 50 states so that everyone gets a say?
25 Is drug abuse a medical or moral problem

Beamish in 08