Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our leftist poultrified David Irving

I am rereading the chapter in the Black Book of Communism that describes in vivid details the horrors perpetrated by Communists on the people of Central Europe. The Duck like to spout off about four Commieknoll nuns who were killed in El Salvador in the eighties.

His memory of the thousands of Catholic and Eastern Orthodox clergy and religious faithful killed by Marxist vermin eludes him. Pope John Paul was no stranger to these crimes unlike the Commieknoll disorder in MA. He branded Liberation theology herasy and this is the real cause of resentment against the current Pope.

The Duck and all his David Irving type goons piss on the memory of thousands while hailing those that willingly collaberated with their murders. Sorry there poultry, Pope John Paul 2 must be anti Jesuit as well when he came out against Liberation Theology.

What did the American Commieknoll disorder learn from the experiences in Eastern Europe? Aparently, they learned nothing and sided with the very same forces that killed their fellow Catholic in Europe.

Along the way many clergymen colaberated with Commies to save their necks. The archives are open and those who colaberated should be retired.

The insanity of the Commieknoll disorder should be instructive when dealing with Jewish Commies today. Communist dopes Finkelstein, Chomsky and Koevel all side with the enemies of our people. This is to be expected as Communists who betray their own
gain a chachet amongst the faithful. Communism is a criminal ideaology whose adherents practice deception by nature. A Commie by nature of being a communist is incapable of rational thought.

Much like David Irving he repeats the party lines over and over, no matter how illogical they sound. I am still waiting for an explanation from the poultry who claims that Shariah is more humane than Jim Crow. Lets see amputation and killing rape VICTIMS along with homosexuals was never a part of the odious Jim Crow laws.

None of the readers of this blog support Jim Crow. The Duck supports Islamo-Jim Crow
as long as it is done on Christians, Joooos, Hindoooo and perhaps Booooodists. The Ducks denial of Islamo brutality and colonialism places him in the company of David Irving.

Now if some of you think this is harsh do remember the Duck uses the term "Shoah Pimp". He also has some odd charges that I deny the Ukrainian famine engineered by Communists. Why an anti-Communist would deny a crime his own family lived through remains a pathology of the Duck?

The Communist obsession with Jooos is a relic of Stalinism. The bird brained poultry
thinly guised Zionst/Jooooo bit is fairly typical of Stalinist. However, Stalinists
have always depended on Chomsky's and Finkelstein types to deflect their rabid anti-semitism. As their brethern died in Europe mostly due to Stalist paraniod obsessions, Western Jewish Commies towed the party line and still do.

There is a grain of truth that the Kahanists were involved in the struggle to free Soviet Joooos. However, the broader concept was the handiwork of the Modern Orthodox Jewish community. This is the group that encompases people as far removed as Rav Roov, Alan Dershowitz and a handful of Kahanists. I was a secularist and we were there but a distinct minority.

The commie record on Christians is not much better. Forcing Clergymen to baptise themselves in fecal matter or participate in Black masses are examples of this record. However, commies want you to be worried about panties on Muslims heads and naked twister.

Beamish in 08


Russet Shadows said...

I think the real secret to understanding the psychology of the Duck is that he isn't serious about what he says. For example, over at FreedomNow, when faced with the litany of Chavez's crimes against the populace, the Duck said simply, "Viva la revolution!" Communist repression is great when done in other countries, but not here in the U.S. (How much freedom of speech do the Venezualeans really have now, and do you want that little? P.S. if you respond to this post, then you have more freedom than they do.) It's the ludicrous apogee of hypocrisy.

beakerkin said...


I did find the first form of social
behavior that Ducky disaproves of.
He does not approve of women drinking while pregnant. This is until the ACLU goes out on a limb and the party line changes.

The ulitimate form of idiocy was the Billie Boggs saga. A homeless woman abused and paraded around Harvard Law School. The fact that she was found insane three times in NY and Once in NJ was immaterial. Joyce Brown "Boggs" real name made her appearances for the ACLU after taking her medication.

The farce ended when Brown stopped taking her meds and was on the same street corner defecating on herself and commiting slow motion suicide.

kuhnkat said...

"The farce ended when Brown stopped taking her meds and was on the same street corner defecating on herself and commiting slow motion suicide."

But, Teddy boy is still in the Senate. The ACLU has a really ggod case against the State of Massachewshits if they ever decide to press it!!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
Michael Dukakis
New Kids on the Block
Matt Damon
Mr. Ducky

The ACLU has a really ggod case against the State of Massachewshits if they ever decide to press it!!

Sue 'em for being a hotbed of mediocrity?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

...and the Bee Gees

kuhnkat said...

Mr B the K,


Kennedy gets special billing due to his ALCOHOL, SEX, and DRUG ADDLED POSTURING!!!


kuhnkat said...

Mr. B the IP,

the correct spelling for the Poultries name is MR Ducky.

Mr. is an abbreviation of Mister. A term of respect such as we use for you and others deserving.

MR is, well, remember grade school??


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Da Weaz said...

This site for morons still up and running? With half the posts revealing Kuntkat's drivelling, spittle dripping imbecile blather?

Get real, beaker moron. In half the time of existence, my website has had as many visitors as your entire site, even with the barnacle trolls you have here. Give it up and get a job. Time to move out of mom's house, you pathetic monkey.