Monday, February 19, 2007

History, Patriotism , Islam & You

Most of us are Americans and we are heirs to a wonderful history. There have been some chapters that aren't so wonderful notably the treatment of the Native American and Slavery. Acknowledging this history does not make me less patriotic. I would note that Communists like Howard Zinn are not the heirs of every gripe in American History. Moreover, they are appologists for class genocide, treason and producers of nothing except misery.

Imagine us reading American history where Blacks were happy to be enslaved. Imagine this same history whith no mention of native americans except when they are smoking peyote. Imagine a German history with no mention of the Holocaust. Imagine a version of the French Revolution without Robespierre and guilotines.

This is the version of Islamic history that is taught in America today. The narratives of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians and sometimes even Muslims who were viewed as heretics is absent. The history of the Crusades and the Islamocolonization of Europe is botched. If there were innocent victims of the Crusades it were the Jews who were robbed and killed for trying to live in peace, not hyper colonial Muslims who subjected people to Jim Crow.

Fairly typical of the Marxist anti- history approach is our own Poultry. Jews have lived in Egypt long before Islamo-Arab colonization. However, the Duck views the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt as justified due to spying and terror. He also claims that sinse Bat Yeor lived in Switzerland she has no complaint. The moral of the Duck is that Yeor's narritive has a political bias and is worthless. The Duck sees no rabid polical biases in Fanon, Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein all commie dopes. He also condems people like MZ who want to deport Palestinians as a consequence of daily terror. If anything the Israelis and Indians have been restrained given daily provocations.

Even more out of touch with with reality are the teaching of the madrassas. Muslims are taught it is their right to colonize and oppress infidels. The Koran itself has plenty of examples and make no mistake Shariah law is Jim Crow on steroids. I do not
see harm in Muslims enforcing Halal laws or granting relgious divorces in the same manner Jewish courts do as an addition to the Civil procedure not super ceding it.

The problem with Islam is it has never looked at its legacy. The victims of the Armenian/Assyrian genocide are invisible. Jannisaries are treated like kids who won MIT scholarships. Nor does any depredations in Europe justify JIm Crow treatment of Jews, Christians and others for 1400 years. The notion of a non-existant ethnicity that is a part of a 1400 colonial pathology with human rights abuses only rivaled by
Communism as the worlds official victims is warped logic. This is akin to asking Native Americans to give up their reservations so Americans can build state parks and shopping malls.

Beamish in 08


American Crusader said...

History is usually written by the winners/victors. It's true in America, just as everywhere else but I believe (naïvely?) that as Americans, we have committed ourselves to being far more objective than most societies. Japanese students still don't learn the true history of World War II.
But no other society tries to rewrite history as Islam is doing today. They have co-opted Jesus, Abraham, Jerusalem, and on and on.
The Taliban destroying Buddhist sculptures is a clear example but no example is more pertinent than that of the "Palestinians".

Z said...

I painfully watched some of a CSPAN presentation this morning...from a 1/20/07 Love fest for the CartDUHS at U of Georgia...

american crusader, talk about Palestinians....I was stunned to hear Carter answer this way when a German woman identified herself and asked how he could justify not including in his latest book the fact that PA kids' textbooks are full of antisemitism, hideous stereotypes, prompting to kill Jews, and other horrors.

He said "In defense of my book, I never think teaching to hate is a good thing. And, did YOU KNOW that only now, with a new minister of education, the Israeli textbooks are going to move the green line so Israeli kids don't think PA land is Israeli property?"

Yup. Teaching little kids to HATE ANd, if you HATE, you must KILL, is a moral equivalent to Mr. CartDUH with Israeli kids not being sure where their land starts and "Pa land" ends (and even that's questionable, isn't it, it's not yet clad in good enough concrete to make anything stick).

Even I was surprised at THIS low point in this horrid little man's life.

kuhnkat said...

Since Ducktard thinks Bat Yeor has no basis for speaking out since she lives in Switzerland, when is he moving to Somalia or Lebanon to gain cachet to speak??

Of course a talking Duck may become Peking Duck with Chinese around!!



beakerkin said...


I asked him what makes the perspective of Fanon who was a visitor or Chomsky who has never spent more time in the area than Bat Yeor or Frederick Isaac who lived in the area. His response is that Yeor has an adgendoa. This is mildly amusing from a person who praises the work of communists.

He also justified the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt but rails on the basis of terrorism then lectures MZ for wanting to do the same thing for more provocation. At least MZ is sincere
unlike his mentee who should change his name from Greg to Mindless Zionist.

Justin said...

This is a poke in the eye of Muhammed and Islam if I may.

The G-d of Israel sent his son to die for mankind.

The ignorant god of Muhammed demands you send your son's to die for him. And the ignorant follow him with out question.

Frankly I think I like my G-d's position much more.

Anonymous said...

AC said that "History is usually written by the winners/victors."

He should have added that history is also re-written by pacifists and far- leftists.

Take for example the lies that are spewed out in our children's textbooks about "McCarthyism" which is a made-up term that totally falsifies and demeans the good Senator's intent: to get rid of the communists that existed in our government at the time.

As for patriotism, although I was born in the UK, I remain a patriot, unlike the far left who want to destroy our abilities to fight our enemies.

Why is it that the left are in support of our enemies?

1. Want to give terrorists in GTMO freedom and rights to fight against their incarceration;

2. Agree with bin Laden's main points;

3. Agree with Ahmadinejad McMoodles;

4. Think that we should hold talks with Hamas;

5. Are very anti-Zionist and want to see the destruction of our ally, Israel;

6. Want us to move out of Iraq, leaving it a mess;

7. Support "palestine" which doesn't even deserve capitalization;

8. Embrace the doctrines spewed forth by Khatami of Iran;

9. Want to destroy our means of protecting ourselves;

10. Remain as hippies.

Always On Watch Two said...

The problem with Islam is it has never looked at its legacy.

Many Muslims are too busy thinking of themselves as victims to look a Islam's legacy.

Anonymous said...

If you really think the madrasas are teaching the true spirit of Islam to their children then you are raped into oblivion as the teachers their themselves are worse than animals(99% of them).....and the God of Mohammad teaches righteousness to His followers just as the God of Isreal and Jesus does!
And frankly speaking only the Talibans can love themselves, no sane person can follow their lunatic ideas, they destroyed the Budhist sculptures, they don't even know the concept of art in Islam and no Talib is a Muslim or even Mohammad's follower!