Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clarification 2

Some of you are mistaken as to what my political beliefs are. This is largely because I have spent way too much effort defending insane political views. The defense of those views were waranted even if those defended were personally unworthy of such efforts.

This blog deals strictly with Islamic and Communist history. We do not go into the pedophile or attacks on Mohammed. We will point out the lunacy of comparing Jesus or Moses with Mohammed. The messages and life of the above are different,

This blog has always focused its attention on mindless Utopians of all stripes mostly Jihadi and far left. The desire to create Utopia in this world is dangerous and endangers all of us. The danger of Communist dolts creating neoslavery or Jihadi nuts smacking planes into buildings are very real. The inane musings of Kahanists do noy belong lumped with the other groups. They are very stupid ideas espoused by crackpots whose ideas would destroy the very state they care about.

The problems that are presented by Islam are three fold and are exacerbated by far left communist tpes

1 Muslims have little or no knowledge of the Jim Crow and brutal Colonial abuses produced by their 1400 year history. There are frequent excuses such as Janisarries were akin to an Oxford scholarship. There are some that blame the Armenian/Assyrian and Greek genocide on the Russians or the Armenians themselves.

2 There is a sense of entitlement within Islam. Most Muslims do not understand why non-believers object to Shariah being placed on them. Muslims also trot out odd fantasies about being oppressed by governmental scrutiny. However, we have not been attacked by Scabble players screaming about triple letter scores. Moreover, freedom of speech does not include sedition or incitement to riot.

3 There is ample evidence that Islam itself is the common denominator in religious strife. Even when given two ethnically cleansed states in India they demand more land and do not depart. The question of Muslims living in Peace in multi-ethnic democracies is open to debate. This is not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist.
However, to ignore terrorism inspired by Islam misses the point. Muslims oppress the Copts of Egypt and Assyrians both of whom have far greater cases for nation status than Pseudostinians. Neither group has responded with terror, nor is this a normal reaction. Tibetians are certainly oppressed and do not behave in a similar pattern.
Muslims in general are far more prone to be the oppressor than the oppressed currently and historically.

The far left fantasy about agrieved terrorists fighting for social justice always was a pipe dream. What did Ayers and Dorn's crimes have to do with Vietnam, zero.
The same can be said about any of the far left terrorists in Europe. The far left has also presented a Disneyfied version of Islamic history that is anti-history.

The other day I visited Redwine's blog and there was an actual Holocaust denier on her site. Sure enough a quick visit to the site in question shows it is that of an actual Communist. I want to point out that Redwine accounted herself quite well and does not approve of such lunacy. We have heard 167 cry Jooooos stole the Holocaust and Ducky rail about Shoah pimps. We have also heard Weazie and John Brown talk about 9-11 conspiracies on this site.

A more amusing incedent happened on FPM. A racist thug named Allain was pushing the KKK line and myself Canadian Steve, Tricky Blane and Mike all white took the guy appart. Uptown the allegedly " proud black man" was on board and not interested.
He would rather rail at Donal or spout his rabid anti-semitic act than deal with actual klansman.

The focus of this blog has always been anti-utopian. I will not defend views that I have considered inane for two decades and have never supported. We will always be vigilant against all types of Utopians as always. Those of you who have seen me in action in Bad Eagle know I am just as prone to do battle with racial power nuts as Commies. However, commies are the most apt to foul this site with their filth.


Always On Watch Two said...

One can tell a lot about a religion (or any ideology, for that matter) by looking at the life of its founder. After all, the adherents usually strive to imitate that founder.

Lots more to comment on, but I'm throwing in the above before I dash off to work.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.

Did you get any invites to post at Maverick News Network? If not, I guess you feel the same way I do - left out.

Mr. Ducky said...

Here you go again Beak. A maverick Lubivitcher who has never met a muslim talking as if you know your ass from your elbow.

I'll give you credit however, you went about three articles without mentioning the holocaust. That might be a record.

beakerkin said...


One of the problems with defending views that are not your own is your own views become blurred. I have always been against theocracy in any of its forms.

The content of this blog is also somewhat shapped by the commenters.
If I had jihadis there would be more emphasis on the subject. However, I am far more apt to encounter a rabid left wing Moonbat like Ducky or Weazie than a KKK clown.


Pam is a very bright and capable person. My material really does not fit in with Maverick. The highlight of this blog is the interview segments.

I would rather interview someone like Redwine or Jams and bring a high quality post to my audience.
Interviews with Ducky or the Disgruntled Chemist would not fit in with Maverick's focus.

Maverick is a great idea and I am a huge fan of Pam's. I will be content as a fan on the sidelines.

beakerkin said...


A person described by critics as a "Hellenized" Jew is not Lubavitcher material. These same people must also view my younger brother an actual Orthodox Rabbi as "Hellenized". I respect genuine Orthodox people like Rav Roov. I will not accept the definition of my people as espoused by an arrogant group of nuts seeking a Jewish version of Iran.

Your comments about the Holocaust are odious as usual.

uptownseteve said...

Why do you lie so much beaker?

I've posted on FPM maybe twice during the last 6 months and know nothing about any "Allain".

American Crusader said...

It's the conspiracy theories and those that espouse them that drive me crazy.
Even with bin Laden celebrating and bragging about his 911 successes, there are those who still believe that Bush..Jews..or combination of both brought down the Towers and that the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile.
In my opinion, this is a form of dementia.

I know no other reason that would support this suspension of reality.

Holocaust denial is a close second and is closely related.

beakerkin said...

Uptown who said anything about this being six months ago. You also did not remember calling people JEW until the quotes were produced.


Most of those people are very hateful. We may have a visit from an actual Holocaust Denier who fancies himself an accademic. I have no patience for that ilk.

uptownseteve said...

Once again beaker, I know nor remember anything about any "Allain".

But your outrage as usual is selective.

DONAL, Greg Bargholz and Florian are as vile racists as I've ever been exposed to and you make excuses for them.

You even spewed that "the more white blacks have in them, the better they look".

That's hilarious coming from a guy who probably looks like Ben Stein's little brother.

beakerkin said...


It is Jeff Bargholtz and you have exposed nobody. All of the above are capable of defending themselves
without my help.

It is not up to defend anyone's posts other than my own. I have not observbed any type of behavior from any of the above that matches the description. If you have a problem with Donal or Florian the have their own blogs. If you are looking for Jeff Barholtz try the Autonomist first.

As far as mixed race people Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams and Mariah Carey all seem to do quite well.
Beauty is personal taste Uptown and as such is subjective. However,
marketing people who award contracts may see it differently.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Uppy's trying to tell you that Jews are to blame for Black History Month.

beakerkin said...

I always though Black history was a part of American history. Leave it to the victims rights commies to take a story of hope and progress and turn it into something vile and divisive.

uptownseteve said...

I don't recall even mentioning Black History Month.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

No no, if those naughty Jewish boat owners hadn't bought all those West African dhimmis from their Arab colonial masters and shipped them to the Western Hemisphere, we wouldn't have peanut butter today.

Peanut butter is a Jewish conspiracy keeping brothers down.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Now go make me some peanut butter, bitch!

beakerkin said...


You come with the same bag of racial garbage all the time. It becomes a colosal bore seriously.
Why don't you visit Weazie who really needs the company.

FYI I seem to recall you railing about Jeff Bargholtz and the Duke Rape case. The subject never made the blog, but the case has been dropped. Seems Bargholtz was on the money.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Where's my peanut butter?

jams o donnell said...

Dumb question, Beakerkin - what do you mean by hellenised? I am not familiar with the expression

beakerkin said...

Jams that is an excellent question and I am glad you asked.

There are a small but vocal group of religious extreemists who wish to create a Jewish version of Iran.
These people are comonly known as Kahanist and they bandy around the term Hellenized to describe people like myself who are secular and believe in civil law.

The problem with that term is my younger brother who is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi also thinks a theocracy is a bad idea. This is the opinion of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews themselves.

Kahanists claim there is nothing Jewish about democracy. However, I do not relish living in a country where I could be beaten with a hose for chosing a non Jewish lover. Judaism recognizes freedom of choice and the creation of a Jewish version of Iran itself is lunacy and would create an end to the state of Israel as we know it.

uptownseteve said...

"fYI I seem to recall you railing about Jeff Bargholtz and the Duke Rape case. The subject never made the blog, but the case has been dropped. Seems Bargholtz was on the money."

Oh know you didn't buddy, and if you can find me discussing the Duke case here post it right on this board.

I betcha don't.

BTW beaker, the rape charges were dropped by the case is still on the docket.

Just trying to help.

And what about the black Naval Academy Quarterback, Lamar Owens, who was falsely accused of rape by a white female cadet who willingly gave it up.

Owens was aquitted by a General Court Martial panel who determined that the sex was consensual and the female cadet only screamed rape when the white male cadets found it she slept with a black.

Even though he was acquitted, the Academy is still trying to dismiss Owens from the Navy.

I don't hear you clowns or the rightwing media mentioning a word about Owen's persecution.


Mr. Ducky said...

Ben Stein's little brother? Sorry Beak, looks like Uptown gave you a redass with that one.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, Grace Jones is much hotter than Mariah Carey.

beakerkin said...


Uptown can not deliver an insult and Ben Stein is far better than Rerun.

Duck most men would disagree with you on that one including those on Madison Ave. Grace Jones appears manly to me but beauty is subjective.

I am unfamiliar with the case but the government has a non-fraternization policy and both should be fired.

beakerkin said...


Uptown can not deliver an insult and Ben Stein is far better than Rerun.

Duck most men would disagree with you on that one including those on Madison Ave. Grace Jones appears manly to me but beauty is subjective.

I am unfamiliar with the case but the government has a non-fraternization policy and both should be fired.

uptownseteve said...


Ann Coulter is quite manly (even has a prominent Adam's Apple) and you righties continue to get woodies over her.

I'd take Grace Jones in a NY minute over her.

Hell, I'd take Rosie O'Donnell over Coulter.

BTW, I bear no resemblance to Rerun at all.

More like Billy Dee Williams circa "The Empire Strikes Back".

Without the perm.

beakerkin said...

Sure Uptown modesty has always been your forte.

ODonnel is more interested in Coulter than in you. Beauty is subjective and it is safe to say that many disagree with you.

uptownseteve said...

Just tellin' the truth beak.

Billy Dee (as well as I) is dark-skinned black man.

If I was trying to impress you I would've said I looked like Derek Jeter.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

More like Billy Dee Williams circa "The Empire Strikes Back"

Uppy has a dick broom on his lip?


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Grace Jones looks like the ugly forest fell on her.

kuhnkat said...

What's a Duck without a Beak???


Of course, in this case, all the Duck's brains are IN his BEAK!!! No wonder he just can't walk away!!



oh, why bother!!



clash said...

U dont know any shit abt India.

Muslims dont have a separate state India. Get your history correct dude!

beakerkin said...

Semantic Clash and apparently I know a bit more than you do. Muslims have two ethnically cleansed states that were created out of India.

Kindly look at the population demographics, pick up any recent history of the region.

By the way Clash do you smoke pot daily. How much? I would like to see how much daily usage causes brain impairment.

beakerkin said...


Minor point, the term Dude when out with the Bill & Ted Films and is now used mostly by pot heads.

When addressing a Staten Islander in popular culturisms stick with the lingo of the Sopranos. Now remember that the lingo is subtle.
Wacking, Offing and Wacking off all have different meanings.Watch the whole series on DVD and see if you can improve your popular culturalese.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Dude, that was harsh.

uptownseteve said...


You're such a pussy.

Why don't you deal with me mano y mano?

Don't wait till 2 o'clock in the morning to hurl weak insults when I'm not here.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I thought it was funny. I guess it was a tad over the top.


Mr B can't meet you Mano Y Mano as only one man would be present and that would be Mr B.

uptownseteve said...

Gee beak,

This coming from such a prime specimen of manhood as Ben Stein's little brother, I don't know whether to laugh or puke.

You and beamish together couldn't muster enough testosterone to fill an infant's testicles.

BTW beak, you and I were having a civil debate about Giuliani. New Orleans etc.....and I'd like to keep it civil.

Don't insult me and I won't insult you.

Beamish is a different issue.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Where the fuck is my peanut butter?

Damn you're slow.

beakerkin said...

Uptown being that you started with an insult you have zero claim to cry about them. Rerun was a much loved charachter who brought joy and happiness into all the houses he entered. You on the other hand bring joy and happiness when you depart.

Ben Stein is known for his razor sharp intellect. This quality has never been associated with you at any time.

uptownseteve said...

Known by whom?

Stein is just a cynical Jew who found fame and fortune attaching himself to the rightwing.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why don't you deal with me mano y mano?

How long will it take you to get ready, Uppy? (i.e. if there's no beer money in your wallet when I remove it from your unconscious body, I'm going to be... irate)

The last guy that grew nuts on the internet and threatened me turned out to be some wheezing retard in a wheelchair.

Can you guarantee I'll have a good time?

You're a proud black man. Make me some peanut butter.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Stein is a cynical Jew who sold out to the right wing. This is up there with Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas and La Shawn Barber are all sell outs. Sorry there Uptown but it appears that the stairs don't quite make it to the attic.

uptownseteve said...

"This is up there with Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas and La Shawn Barber are all sell outs."

Damn beak, you finally got one right.

Answer this Einstein.

How come nobody likes Sowell, Barber, etc....but white rightwingers like you?

Their black supporters couldn't fill a phone booth.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Sowell sells alot of books and it is racist to assume that he doesn't have Black readers.
I guess JC Watts, Lynn Swan and other Black Republicans aren't Black enough for you.

uptownseteve said...

They sure aren't white enough for YOU.

Swann, Steele and Blackwell all got their asses handed to them in the last election.

The fools couldn't even get a majority of white REPUBLICANS to vote for them.

Meanwhile black Democrat Deval Patrick wins the Massachusetts Governor's seat.

Black Democrats David Patterson and Anthony Brown win the LT Governorships in NY and MD.

And how many elected black Republicans are there beak????

Don't strain anything trying to answer.

uptownseteve said...

Tremendous logic there Beak.

Rush Limbaugh has millions of listeners.

What percentage of them so you believe to be black?

Especially after he told a black caller to "take the bone out of your nose".

beakerkin said...

Lets see Rush Limbaugh is an American entertainer loved by millions. His comments were less offensive than those of Sharpton before the Crown Heights riots and you don't see me bringing them up.
Limbaugh never has been accused of motivating someone to commit a crime by anyone not named Bill Clinton.

The ethnic divisions of Limbaugh's audience is irrelevant. How does one know if one is black over the telephone anyway?

Uptown you are being incoherent again. Lets see midgets like yourself calling a real Black man like Swan an OREO are the only racists I heard about.

Lynn Swan is more of a Black man than you will ever be. By the way who decided you are Black. You are a melange of white, black, Native American and can be best described as mixed up.

uptownseteve said...

"lynn Swan is more of a Black man than you will ever be."

Please explain this statement beak.

I could say that Whoopi Goldberg is more of a Jew than you'll ever be.

But that really doesn't mean anything, does it?

uptownseteve said...

"Limbaugh never has been accused of motivating someone to commit a crime by anyone not named Bill Clinton."

Beak, Limbaugh used his maid to score illegal painkillers.

uptownseteve said...

BTW I didn't call Sowell, Swann,etc... anything but fools.

You're the one using the terms sellout and Oreo.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Swan is a world class athlette and broadcaster known for his class and intelligence. None of the above can be used to describe you.

You might make the comment about Whopee Goldberg. However as you have zero clue what constitutes being a real Jew or any intellect the comment would just be more of the same idiocy we have come to expect. The satement would be more amusing than upsetting.

uptownseteve said...

Okay let's try this.

Al Franken is more Jew than you, beaker, could ever be.

So there.

tee hee

beakerkin said...

Lets see inciting two riots that resulted in fatalities for Sharpton and geting a maid to use pain killers. I think riots are more serious than painkillers and that is a trival matter. Maybe Limbaugh should smoke crack and run for Mayor in DC.

Being a fool yourself you may have some credentials as to determining who is a fool.

Your comments about Al Franken are typical of an ignoramus who calls people like Donal, J Baumgart, Florian and the Pointman Joooos when they clearly aren't. Your record speaks for itself.

uptownseteve said...

Beak, you're all over the place.

Shall I bring up Foley's diddling with the pages?

Or maybe Cunningham's criminality?

Or the VP outing the status of a VIA spy (a criminal act BTW).

Or how about Bush getting over 3,000 young Americans killed, tens of thousands wounded, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead over a goddamn LIE?

beakerkin said...

No my targets are on the money as you have called people who are clearly not Jews JEWS. You also failed to recall it until Donal posted it.

Being that you call Donal, J Baumgaurt, Florian and the Pointman JEWS when they clearly are not your reputation of talking out of your backside would warrant
any such condsiderations absurd.

Lynn Swan vs you is a non starter who has described you as intelligent. Hundreds of special Ed teachers can't be wrong.

uptownseteve said...

"Lets see Rush Limbaugh is an American entertainer loved by millions. His comments were less offensive than those of Sharpton before the Crown Heights riots and you don't see me bringing them up."

You couldn't provide a direct quote from Sharpton before the Crown Heights riots if your life depended on it.

Prove me wrong beaker.

beakerkin said...

Lets see I provide links from books and you do not check them. I am still waiting for you to check the sources from about six or seven other items.

His quotes by the way are common knowledge as are his role in the Freddy's Fashion Mart fire. He fires up a crowd and one of his followers burns the store down.

uptownseteve said...

I do believe that ol beaker has gotten downright hysterical.

I'm gonna leave now beak.

I don't want you to soil yourself.

ta ta.

beakerkin said...

Don't let the door hit you on the rear as you leave. Say hello to Raj and Dwayne.

uptownseteve said...

"Maybe Limbaugh should smoke crack and run for Mayor in DC."


It's been far more profitable for Rimjob to pop illegally obtained Vicodin and Viagra while going on Dominican sex tours and posturing as the conscience of conservative America.

tee hee

beakerkin said...

That would still leave him better off than Robert KKK Byrd or the Swimmer from Chapaquidick.

uptownseteve said...


What about Trent "White Citizen's Council" Lott or Laura "vehicular murderer" Bush"?

Keep it comin' beak.

You can't deal with me dude.


uptownseteve said...

Let's not forget Fox TV moralizer Bill "phone sex" O'Reilly.

beakerkin said...

Uptown you are neither Black nor Strong

You seem to be equating entertainers with politicians. O"Reilly is now qualified to be President.

Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Clarence Thomas are strong Black Men. They get that title by excelling in what they do without crying victim. What have you excelled at? You haven't even picked up a book except to color in it.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Uppy is too black, too strong. Like truck stop coffee. Keeping truckers up, all night long.


Warren said...


Try deodorant and toothpaste, retard!

What are you anyway?

You come off as a parody of a shorter, dumber George Jefferson!

I mean, come on, you got to be a whitey acting black for laughs.

tee hee