Friday, February 16, 2007

Mindless Zionist or Joooo with no clue

Many of you will read this as an attack on MZ. MZ is genuine and that is not a pun on his pen name. For better or worse you know where he stands on any subject. He absolutely believes in the material he posts and is sincere. I disagree with MZ on almost everything but we both want a strong Israel. Our positions have been fairly stable over time he seeks a type of theocracy and I see that as political suicide.

There is a clod of sorts currently representing himself as a born against hard liner,
a more apt description is a hard boiled egg. The volatile boy wonder has been all over the map and one would need a score card to figure out where he is on any given day. Being all over the map I dubbed him the super ball of Zion, look I am a Kahanist, no I am anti kahanist, next week I will be a white black Israelite, back to being a kahanist, no I've joined the left, next week I am apolitical and into Barry Manilow tunes. This may sound like an exaggeration, but there is an element of truth.

When we first met the boy wonder he was presenting himself as a reformed Kahanist trying to get over his hatred of Palestinians. He had a largely far left audience
and a cohort named Saba who was a Palestinian woman from Canada. Saba was not a bad sort, she was clearly the most genuine of the oily bunch on the boy wonders site.
Allegedly, she had to stop blogging due to death threats. His far left audience mostly left him with one low IQ exception. Suddenly left with no audience he becomes a Neo (New no Nazi slight) Kahanist again and his positions are 180 degrees where they were a few months ago with no explanation. Some of you buy this act, my advice is caveat emptor.

The boy wonder is a deceitful worm who specializes in telling you what you want to
hear. He will say one thing on his blog and send an email that says 100% the opposite thing a few seconds later. He flies off the handle frequently calls people Nazis, Extremists and then begs your forgiveness weeks later. My own experience is that he passes my private information on to Gert tells him to attempt to blackmail
me on Freedomnow's site. He then feigns ignorance of a series of blatantly antisemitic slurs and the blackmail attempt. Not only has he never expressed remorse he sends a taunting email.

The boy wonder has a lengthy history of back stabbing it seems to be a specialty of his. At various times he has sent some of you emails demanding you cut ties with MZ
for labeling his site a Chait site meaning sin. He has also sent emails denouncing me as a racist with a mindless obsession on anti Communism. MZ also asked for links
to be cut off with Greg for calling him Hitler. However, when I make the same request for an apology for blackmail it is unreasonable, nuff said.

In the fairly recent past the mindless Zionist has called me a racist, hateful fascist (Is there a loving variety), Mc Carthyite and has called MZ a Nazi several times. He has apologized for his attacks on MZ after his largely far left audience abandoned him with one oily exception.

His latest comedic manifesto looks like a case of telling his new audience what they
wish to hear. Given the acrobatic yoga like political contortions and a history of deceptive behavior my advice is caveat emptor, check if there is anything under the hood. Are you getting someone who is sincere like MZ, KL or are you getting slick marketing and more deception.

He recently listed his plan if he were elected Prime Minister what he would do.

1 Direct the army to retake the Gaza strip, West Bank and Annex it. Palestinians living in this land would be compensated for their land and deported. or B Swear
allegiance to the state of Israel and allowed to stay. They would be given a red passport and allowed to stay as temporary residents. Likewise being stripped of most of their rights such as the right to "bare arms", the right to protest grievances in public and any other right making life difficult for Israel's Jewish citizens. The logic of this is simple: Jewish needs come first in a Jewish state".

This paragraph is mildly amusing for someone who has called me a fascist several times for explaining the logic of MZ's desire for a similar plan. MZ at the time was being called a Nazi and I defended him causing the series of events leading the boy wonder to invade my privacy.

Palestinians are stripped of their right to bare arms must mean the Mindless Zionist,
who has admonished me on my spelling, would like to ban Palestinians with short sleeve shirts. If you add in the stripped part perhaps Venus De Milo will come to mind. The correct word ,known by most third graders, is bear meaning to carry weapons. His prescription is largely for a Jewish version of the Dhimmi laws minus a few of the more odious aspects.

What is with the red passport? Do the Palestinians get soccer jerseys as well. No right to peaceful protest. Is breathing okay or does this require a maroon or in the Mindless Zionists Malaprop formula a moron card.

2 The death penalty for all Palestinians aiding terror. The law would be enforced as it is in some American states. Does he mean PA where some Death Row inmates have a radio show? Does he mean a twenty year delay and endless appeals?

3 The PA would be disbanded and further activity on the part of the Palestinians strictly banned.

4 Arab Israelis and Palestinians would be allowed to continue to vote with their vote being counted as half of a Jewish vote.

Lets see Palestinians in three are allowed no political activities. However they vote in number four. The title of Mindless Zionist seems to fit like a glove.

Lets see I was called a racist for stating Palestinians are Arabs. I was called a fascist for explaining the logic of Mad Zionists resettlement plan. Now the Mindless Zionist wants to create a Jewish version of the dhimmi laws of Jim Crow?

5 All Palestinian and Communist Parties would be banned. This is mildly amusing for a person who has called me McCarthy. Maybe he has confused Mc Donalds with Mc Carthy.
Even I never stated baning parties just governmental scrutiny and enforcement of the laws of treason and sedition.

6 Kach or Kahane Chai would be given full fledged status as a legal entity. Sometimes
even a broken clock is right. If Communist parties are legal then the religious clowns who wish to impose theocracy should be permitted to exist as well.

7 No more than eight parties..
A parliamentary system works on coalition building and restricting choices is at odds with the notion of freedom of choice. One can opt for an American style winner take all system but the Mindless Zionist does not make this clear.

8 A new declaration of principles ..... A Constitution based of Jewish Religious laws
(Halacha), modern democracy and religious Zionist values.

Modern Democracy is based on the notion of Civil Law and the freedom of choice. Mandating people sign such a document is totalitarian.

Stay focused as it gets worse

9 All " Jews" with a Jewish father and a gentile mother would be expelled ..... At the same time those non-Jews willing to convert would be allowed to stay.

This is some kind of Martin and Lewis comedy act I expelled you then allowed you to stay if you convert. A coherent mind would reverse these concepts. Then again a coherent mind would never utter such insanity as many of these people described serve in the Israeli Armed forces. You people are good enough to die for us but not reside amongst us.

10 Groups trying to convert Jews would be prohibited. Is this Saudi Arabia lite or has the concept of freedom of thought been tossed into the trash as well.

11 Jewish religious institutions would be funded by the government. Religious studies would be part of the school curriculum.

I want to point out these points are quite curious for someone who has labeled me
a fascist, racist, Mc Carthyite quite recently. I also have zero patience for religious types who seek to impose their values on others. The Beloved Rav Roov who is my younger brother and a genuine Orthodox Rabbi has never endorsed any kind of similar lunacy. He understands the essence of our religion is the freedom to do right
or wrong. He wishes I wouldn't eat the KFC but will not letcure anyone, nor does he endorse a state where this choice is removed. Moreover, Rav Roov would never dream of mandating what type of education a parent may offer their child.

Similarly there is the intelligent blogger most of us know as MZ or Mad Zionist. I may not agree with him much but he is fairly stable on his views. One can follow a genuine thought process and articulation of coherent ideas even if one seldom agrees with them. The same can be said about KL whom I agree with even less than MZ.

The boy wonder has now earned the moniker of Mindless Zionist.

The question is what will he be uttering next week. Maybe he will become a Vanilla Ice white black Israelite. I can see him wearing the Star Trek uniform with the big Star of David. "All you white people are faggots" "The white so called Jews are Impostors" "Ice Ice Baby". Maybe he will decide he wants to follow Commie Faux Rabbi
Michael Lerner next and talk about LSD and Socialism.

Given the boy wonders history of backstabbing, blackmail and flying off the handle oneis strongly advised caveat emptor. If you want the genuine coherent article stick with MZ who is 100% sincere about such matters. We can safely assume MZ and KL will be singing the same tune next week. Moreover they can present their points in a coherent fashion even when one does not agree with them. Above all for the most part
they conduct themselves like menches, albiet a tad arrogant at times.

Lastly, I want to point out MZ is Orthodox and I am secular. Orthodox people who practice the actual religion tend to me more conservative than secular types. However, even within the Orthodox community MZ's opinions are a minority not favored by most.

My own personal view is that Israelis are capable of handling their own problems without my opinions. The policies and future of the country should be determined by those that live there, not me. I am a Jewish American patriot who like MZ seeks a strong Israel. However, I consider the only important opinions to be the one of the people who live there. Yes American Jews should have opinions, but ultimately the final say belongs to those that live there


Farmer John said...

Sounds like when you visit a Chait site... you get what you pay for. No caveats needed.

beakerkin said...


You are 100% right. I am somewhat disappointed that the obvious question what prompted this conversion has never been asked or adressed.

When we visit a blog we kind of know what to expect. How a person advocates the very policies he called Nazism a mere six months ago is unknown.

kuhnkat said...


sounds like you found the SOURCE of MR Brownstain's and Little Che Duckturd's claims of an APARTHEID Israel!! Wonder why they never noticed that it isn't the REAL Israel's policy and it is being promoted by a LEFTARD??


What a bunch of MAROONS!!!!

beakerkin said...


This is the opinion of Greg of Hear O Israel who has called me a Racist and Fascist and MZ Hitler.

You are 100% correct about the draconian nature of the post. Shame on anyone who takes this nut seriously.

We all know MZ, MZ is respected by most of us, Greg is no MZ. Shame on those of us who buy this stupidity. I have said it before one can look for an intelligent thought from Greg, but it isn't there.

sonia said...

The really sad irony of this strange 'manifesto' is that it is actually fairly mild and moderate compared to what Ahmadinejad and Osama openly say they have in store for Israel. A red passeport, short sleeves and a 50% vote is still far better than a nuke blast...

beakerkin said...


You are 100 correct and there is something funny. In most Muslim States the population has 0% of the vote.

This is a lothsome manifesto from a person who is like a ping pong ball. My opinion is this is just telling potential visitors what they want to hear.

I read the original post that the Palestinians would be forbidden to bare arms. This means long sleeves 365 days a year.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Leftists always have a prefer(red) way of dealing with people.

Do watch the French do. Turn the cameras off and fire up the machine guns.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Those people on the Greenpeace ship the French sunk were very tough.

We know MZ, MZ is respected by all of us and liked by most of us Greg
is no MZ.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Yes, but also realize that those French DGSE agents that sank the Rainbow Warrior did it in a harbor some 11,000 miles away from France.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

You are familiar with the story of the three Israeli gunboats taken out of Cherbourg. The Israelis paid for them and the French wouldn't deliver so the Israelis just took delivery on their own.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Yeah, I remember that. It would have been funny if the French tried to fight the Israelis over those gunboats. In fact, Israel should have bombed Paris for making Israel come get them.

Then again, I can justify bombing Paris for lots of reasons, including the fact that it is Sirip spelled backwards.

Farmer John said...

Piris? You mean Suearip.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

What? They spell backwards "sirip" wrong?