Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stereotypes and the other White Powder in the Far North

Many people aasociate the far North Country with Snow. We have many noted Ski areas
within a twenty minute drive. However, there is another white powder that seems to be
quite available and is far less pleasing, cocaine.

Police rounded up 18 locals and closed a local bar. It was fairly obvious who the drug dealers were. However, the wheels of justice take time, but this was not your average criminal. No these criminals set up their crackhouse two doors away from the local police station. The buyers would park in the police parking lot while scoring their drugs.

Sadly, much Police work does involve profiling. The Police stopped me several times as I fit a profile. The notion that the drug ring was led by a New Yorker was correct. However, it was the punk who was flashing gang singals and wearing stereotype drug dealer clothing. In a small town with plenty of drug activity the local police do need to sort out who is whom.

The drug problem was imported by lowlife hippies in the 1970. It would be nice if Police would add geriatric aging hippies with speech impediments, but this profile would include Bernie Sanders. Bernie borders on incoherent and is often mistaken for a homeless person. Locals swear Bernie cares " about whom and what are unknown as he is incoherent". It would be nice to see the police add aging hippies with brain impairments to their profile. Just how did Bernie's wife get a job as a college President? Has anyone asked Bernie about the courses offered in his wife's joke of a college? A degree in gender studies prepares one to do what?

There is a perception that Vermont is a wonderland with no drugs, poverty or crime.
This is a serious mistake and the drugs and policies ushered in by Sanders hippie bum peers have made matters worse. The myth of Vermont as presented by Ben and Jerry or Vermont Teddy Bear is about as genuine as a three dollar bill. There are plenty of poor who would be helped by jobs far more than expensive Socialistic pipe dreams.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Off topic:

Google has destroyed my blog.

sonia said...

Sadly, much Police work does involve profiling

No kidding. I related news, we found out with surprise that, sadly, in restaurants people prepare food...

Without profiling, there is no police work. Without racial profiling there is no law enforcement.

However, they should leave those hippies alone. They are part of the folklore. They should be declared endangered species, or historical monuments, and their drugs part of the exhibits. Shelburn Hippie Museum would be a hit... selling crack in the gift shop...

beakerkin said...


That is a great idea . We can get all the hippies in one place and create a monument to a wonderful State they ruined. Hippies tend to use pot and sometimes heroin.

When Bernie checks out we can preserve his Corpse like Lennin. With all the substances he may be self preserved.


I am unhappy with Google myself.

kuhnkat said...

How many times did you get stopped Beak??


Always On Watch Two said...

The drug problem was imported by lowlife hippies in the 1970.

In the 80s, three-piece-suits were into cocaine powder. Some, like Marion Barry, graduated to crack.

beakerkin said...


The total number of times I have been stopped is in the high teens in less than two years. If I make a wide right the local police use it as a pretext.

I am even more annoyed when they ask the same question five times in a row. You just asked me that and the answer hasn't changed.

Of course if I were Uptown Steve and much darker ........... This is annoying but really stupid.

Officer I know accounting irregularities are a serious problem in VT but you are unequiped to investigate such matters.

Robert Bayn said...

I make it a rule to only do crack when i'm voting for a democrat, it makes me feel better to be high and not at my best mentally when voting democratic.

kuhnkat said...


remember the SNOWMOBILE??

DeLorean thinking it was a good idea to broker large coke deals to save his company should have been a wake-up-call that too many of our ELITES were IGNORANT AND IMMORAL with a total contempt for the LAW!!!!!


Farmer John said...

White powder? Yoda has white powder not. Milk, Yoda drinks.

beakerkin said...

Yoda is smarter than the locals

kuhnkat said...

Check out!!!