Friday, February 23, 2007

Uptown Steve bad house guest and world class dope

I have zero idea why Uptown Steve comes here with his low class antics. We do not post about race on this blog unless Uptown is on board having a tantrum. There are blogs that focus on racial mattters like the Duke Rape Case, but this isn't one of them. We ran zero posts on the subject as it was of zero interest to me. Nor is this or any other blog obligated to post on every subject.

I have told Uptown many times if you have a problem with Donal, Florian, Jeff Bargoltz or any other blogger take it to them. All of the above are perfectly capable of defending themselves without my efforts. All of the above are friends of mine and I stand by them.

Uptown is devoid of intelligence of any kind and hasn't picked up a book in decades.
Among his odd obsessions are the myth of a Jewish control of the Slave trade. This would be amusing if he didn't provide a litany of excuses and rationalizations for the Muslim role and the role of Blacks themselves in slavery. Slavery was a worldwide phenomena and everyone participated in it including Native Americans, Blacks and Muslims. The notion of a Jewish primacy in the trade is racist jargon. There were also Sweedes, Native Americans and probably midgets and albinos that owned slaves.

Slavery was the norm and its abolition was the exception and not the norm. The roots of abolition are in Christianity, but there were a handful of Jewish abolitionists as well. Slavery in this century is mostly a byproduct of the Communist repression Uptown mittigates. Political prisoners tossed en masse into Gulags is neo-slavery.
The vast majority of places where it exists today are under Muslim auspices in places such as Sudan.

Uptown has an odd disdain for Americans who do not share his Marcuse Commie victimology delerium. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, La Shawn Barber, Larry Elder,
Clarence Thomas, Lynn Swan, Alan Keyes are all sell outs and in authentic black people because they achieve without excuses. Uptown will point to my disdain for Michael Lerner, Noam Chomsky but miss the point that they are actual communists. How someone who claims to read Michael Lerners writtings is unaware of his communism or drug use remains a mystery. However, hundreds of special ed teachers can't be wrong.

Uptown has a particular animus against Rudy Guliani. His animus was Rudy's can do attitude produced results where David Dinkins had failed. Those of us who lived in NYC are familiar with the failures of David Dinkins. Dinkins was a good man who surrounded himself with lousy people and was not a leader. He was elected as a healer and did not deliver. The three day pogrom in Crown Heights was his Waterloo.
He also failed to react to Korean boycot in Brooklyn for months.

Uptown is never on topic except on a post like this where his stupidity is the topic.
He asked for the source of my comments that the KGB spread rumors about J Edgar Hoovers sexual orientation. I provide the book and page refference, but Uptown doesn't read books much less check passages.

Moreover he is not supposed to be here. He promised that if evidence were produced that he harrased La Shawn Barber he would leave. Florian did produce the quote where Uptown clearly did sexually harass La Shawn Barber. Asking a woman any questions about her sex life is sexual harassment. Moreover, asking if Barber questions about White boys and motels is typical of the low class behavior Uptown is known for.

Most of us honor our words but Uptown is known for word games and selective memory.
He first denied ever calling people JEWS. Then he changes the story when the quotes were produced that calling non-Jews JEWS capitalized isn't anti-semitic. He also ingored genuine KKK types on FPM leaving myself Canadian Steve, Tricky Blane and Mike to deal with this as he pratled away on usual idiocy such as where was Arfat born, is Michael Lerner a Rabbi that have been gone over for months with dozens of links provided.

This blog does not cater to morons who have never picked up a book. We are not in the special ed business. Uptown is too lazy and stupid to build his own site as Donal, Florian and myself did. Nobody cares what he thinks or if he thinks at all.
I am rather amused at these far left troll types who come to this site long after I have departed FPM. The notion that I care about these types is ammusing and I do not seek them out. They come here bacause in Uptown's case he is too lazy and stupid to
create anything or in Weazie's case have the social skills of an axe murderer.

From now on the only comments from Uptown that will be posted are those on topic. Npr should a commenter have more comments than the host on a regular basis.


uptownseteve said...


You shouldn't obsess with me so much.

uptownseteve said...

See beak,

Your main problem is that being a typical boneheaded righty, you're a weak debater.

You HATE debate.

You just want to RANT with no challenge.

Just like your post here about me.

90% of it is total nonsense and lies.

But you post it at 2:00 am with no challenge and all your minions smile.


beakerkin said...

How do I obsess with someone on my own blog. I don't search the blogosphere to find you. I could care less if you live or die.

Debating if Grace Jones or Mariah Carey is better looking is not what this blog is about. As far as boneheads your next intelligent comment will be the first. This blog has never been about race except when you foul it by being here.

You did sexually harass La Shawn Barber the point was proven but you do not keep your word. Nor did I force you to make the promise.

uptownseteve said...

Would you please stop this?

You don't say anything when beamish and others hurl vulgarities, threat? and personal attacks at me.

In fact you enjoy it.

You just can't stand me coming here and challenging your drivel.

You posted about Giuliani and New Orleans and I commented on them.

What's the problem?

beakerkin said...


You are not capable of challenging me. The vast majority of your posts were off topics.

Mr Beamish is an honored friend and has been with this blog since its inception. You do not set the standards here I do.

The greater question is why are you here? You promised if it were proven you harassed LaShawn Barber you would depart. This was not something I asked you to do either.
Florian did prove you absolutely sexually harassed La Shawn Barber.
Are you a man of your word?

We have seen this game where you ask for proof I prove it and then you change the story. The story was you never called anyone a JEW.
Donal posted proof and then you change stories.

You also forget this is my blog, not yours. You may create your own site but I have no obligation to post your comments.

Keep your word and depart.

uptownseteve said...

You're lying beaker and it's pathetic.

Florian claimed that I "threatened" Barber and when that was proven to be nonsense then you clowns changed it to "harassment".

I don't take back one word I said to that pathetic cow Barber but I'm curious.

When did you become Barber's protector??

Beamish has said far worse things to me over the last 2 days so obviously harassment doesn't bother you.

Just who is doing the harassing.

Now beak, I'll leave your site for now.

It's obvious how much I upset you and that's not my goal.

But please, stop the lies.

This has nothing to do with harassment or posting on topic.

You just can't stand this cocky, arrogant, militant black guy interrupting your rants.


beakerkin said...


You have no reason to be arrogant nor cocky. Militant about what proving your an idiot.

Now you are trying these word games again. You 100% did sexually harass La Shawn Barber. It is never appropriate to ask women what they do in motel rooms ever
or allude to group sex.

You volunteered to depart if the point were proven. Florian proved the point beyond any doubt. La Shawn is a human being and your comments about her sex life were not relevant to the Duke Rape case.

FYI she was also right about that as well.

uptownseteve said...

You are a liar.

It's really pathetic.

beakerkin said...


How many times do I have to prove you wrong? You volunteered to depart and now you go back on your work.

It seems that the person who describes himself as too Black too Strong ( a cliche) does not keep his word.

Sorry Uptown but you may start your own site.

uptownseteve said...


Her's just a few of beamish's threats towards me.

Any comments?

"Now put your mouth on the curb, motherfucker.
And send one of your leftist friends to collect your corpse and "open a reasonable dialogue" with us."

"We've got a chainsaw for his ass."


"We knocked over Iraq because we fuckin' felt like it.
What are you gonna do about it?
That's right. Nothing.
Go cry in the car, bitch."

"Uptownseteve would be like "Oh, please don't beat me no more, I'll obey as long as you don't hurt me no more."

And then we'll beat him for telling us shit we already knew."

"Cos he's a "proud black man" out "pointing to hypocrisy."
'Til his finger gets shoved up his ass by people who he has dared insult by assuming we give a fuck what he has to say."

"Florian, Nanc, TMW, Beak,
What say we all go kick down Uptownseteve's door and drag his ass out in the street for a beheading in front of his family because he wears the wrong color shirt?"

uptownseteve said...

I'm going to let you get away with these lies.

beakerkin said...

This is an example of your lack of reading comprehension. Those comments were part of a broader point about how Christians and Jews behave as opposed to the people you ignore.

In your case beheading may qualify as some type of aesthic improvement.

The Merry Widow said...

Hmmm, did I say that? More likely I said, on Florian's site that your pride and arrogance were obnoxious. Nothing about dragging you into the street and beheading you.
Hey, Beaker, how's the weather? Is it above single digits yet? Have Earl and the hair dryer come to a detente?


uptownseteve said...


You are not to be believed dude.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Uppy was trying to sell the leftist line that Christian fundamentalists are just as violent as Muslim fundamentalists (or even have counterparts within Muslim fundamentalists).

So I went with the other leftist line - that provoking Muslims causes terrorism - "sudden jihad syndrome," I guess - and reduced
Uppy to arguing against his first line of attack.

Uppy doesn't fear "Christofascist terrorism" - it doesn't exist.

So we're back to what we knew before Uppy even said a word.

Leftists are idiots.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I still want my peanut butter, though.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

The point went above Uptown's limited brain can handle. I wouldn't accept peanut butter from Uptown. He might try to slip in a jar of Peter Pan.


It is a balmy 20 degrees and Earl is still living large. He hasn't staged a fight with the Juiceman yet.

The Merry Widow said...

Earl is not a stupid cat, he knows that the Juiceman would eat his furry fanny! The hair dryer just blows hot air!
Glad you are climbing up into more balmy temps., we are roasting at about 74 and sunny. My son got a sunburn yesterday, my daughter went to tan on the roof today! The cat refuses to join her!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Damn. I wanted to thank a proud black man for peanut butter.

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. B.-Go ahead, and also thank the same gentleman for paint, ink and several other useful items that can be made from peanuts. And thank a black engineer for traffic lights.
There are a lot of men and women who have learned, taught and lead. Of many races and colors, but unfortunately, I can't find uppity among them.


z said...

Uptown thought the Koran was nothing but peace/love/dove and challenged me to find anything even remotely evil in it....anything. I spent quite some time, but to my dismay, I found one can't rely on the 'first clicks' at has to keep going into articles, clicking and clicking until the peace/love/dove is shed and the truth finally came out. (apparently, Yahoo's not interested in getting the truth out there too easily, because all the 'first layer' koran sites were LOVELY (i was about to call my pastor and say I"VE SEEN THE, babe!"!)!!

when I posted the actual words, the ugly Koran people try not to reveal, at FPM, he had no comment. Silence. Every time I'd bring him back to it, he'd deny I'd produced results.

THanks Beak....he's right, nobody should 'obsess' on a liar, but it's kind of fun. Just sad to know there are people like him out there.

I"ll thank you in advance, Uptown, for your stupid lies and insults back at me now.

Mr. made me laugh out loud. OOPS! I guess that makes me a RACIST, right, Uptown? And because I adore Sowell and Elder? YIKES..and how do you like those white folks who are crazy about these guys? Can't be they're smarter than you are, got to be that they're misled by the Uncle Tom's, right? beautiful. And typical.

Mr. Beam, thanks for the laugh. Beak, keep reminding him of the truth. I wearied of him a year ago and thought I'd never bother to type his name again. but, what the heck. it IS fun. Oh, Uptown? "teehee"


beakerkin said...

I want to point out that Z like myself tried to give Uptown the benefit of the doubt. However, his low class behavior does provoke people to respond in ways I will not personally respond.

I do not like racial garbage and can be found kicked the backsides out of white power nuts on Bad Eagle.However, Uptowns imature antics, stupidity and bigotry can test anyone's resolve.

z said...

beak, if I crossed the line, I'm sorry, but I did give him more benefit of the doubt at FPM than about anybody, truth be told..I honestly kind of liked the guy, believe it or not. We had eachothers' private email addresses for a while. I felt terrible that ANY Black man would feel such racism in this country still and fought him on it, hard....trying to point out that not all Whites felt like those few he felt slighted by. He knows that very well..But just reading his taunts here again brought up a lot in me again. HE knows I'm no racist. And he knows my anger comes from frustration.

Beak, if, in the future, you think something I said shouldn't be printed here, don't print it, though I see nothing wrong with what I said. thanks.

beakerkin said...


When I started out at FPM I tried to defuse the racial garbage. However, when Uptown's behavior is beyond the pale. Canadian Steve is as classy and patient a person as I have ever met and he has no patience for Uptown's games.

Everything you said was 100% appropriate and his antics are beneath comtemt. Race has never been a concern of mine and it is almost never occurs unless Utown is creating trouble.

My other point is if he has a problem with Donal or Florian take it up with them.

z said...

MR BEAMISH! You've got to love it. I went on your site and then remembered yours is one that you have to register at, etc., I won't be able to post there 'cause I just don't want to do that, ..but I thought I was done when I clicked off.

I go to answer a friend's email and this bizarre music is suddenly coming out of my computer and I can't figure out WHY the heck it's was like from outer space! "TRAUMA!" Cracked me up. Then I realized it had to be from a site I still had open and, voila!

cracked me UP! z

Russet Shadows said...

Wow. Someone's bragging about the fact that he was born with a certain concentration of melatonin in his skin. Way to set the standards for civilization there, Uptown. I'm positively frightened by your "too black too strong" debating skills. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this uptown steve guy. When I see his name, I think of Billy Joel's song, uptown girl.

No, I don't want to know anymore details.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Glad you liked it. I try to provide an alternative to the prolefeed.

The Merry Widow said...

As an addendum, uppity, the only pant's wetting going on here, is when you make such a stupid, prideful statement that we all end up wetting our pants from laughing so hard!


kuhnkat said...


It is quite obvious that, besides being in LOVE with you, Uptownsleeze comes here hoping against all hope that some of your CLASS will rub off on him!!