Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A House Divided yada yada ..............

Most of us exist in a blog community. People enter and leave and we go about our business. What made this community special was the wonderful people that are a part of it. Many of you point out that I have no right to tell you who should be in your house. However, the flip side of it that I have the right to leave if I object to the company. I do not owe anyone an explanation for why I cut them off.

I want those who spout self righteous hypocritical tones and religious fecal matter
to spare me. The reality is that what happened to me could happen to any one of you. How you react to such matters is largely unknown. However, it isn't funny when it happens to you. The reactions of each and every one of you will only be known when and if you find yourself in my shoes.

The famous words of Lincoln about a house divided are true so I eliminated the division, myself. Who and what you do on your blogs is no longer a concern of mine.
I will be visiting very few sites in the future. Among the sites I will no longer visit are those of a couple of people who are like brothers to me and one who I view fondly as a mentee.

This is Warren's community and his wisdom, warmth and humanity guide us. Humanity and warmth are not adjecives that are used to describe me. What you see on the blog is in many ways is the real me. The nexus of the group of friends started with Warren
myself and Mr Beamish. We built a community that had all the great ingredients. I provided the easiest part the entertainment and energy. Mr B provided a Charming comedic persona and the hardest part was Warren's providing the wisdom and humanity.

This community became a fun place you wanted to be a part of. Along the way we developed two other top draws, MZ and AOW. The cast and collection of people are just wonderful with a few exception. Anything this large is bound to have a few bumps and bruises.

Going ahead this site will opperate in its historic pattern. The truth is I can sit with Ducky and have a grand time. All of you are always welcome in, but I am ensconsed here. The affairs of the community are no longer my concern.


Always On Watch Two said...

I am ensconsed here.

Well, I'll come to visit YOU, then, even if you're not out and about.

This site is usually my first visit of the day. My pattern of visiting here will continue.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I'd certainly hope that you're not against coming over to my blog, beak. I currently have a good one up, which features one of my older articles I wrote a few years ago.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, aren't you overoing it?

What wisdom and humanity?

As far as I can tell the "community" is fueled by hatred, intolerance and an appalling ignorance of the arts and letters.

Sorry Beak but this place is an X-file and I'm only here because I think I might meet Scully.

beakerkin said...


Your site and Steve's are on my rounds.


You ventured from FPM to my site in cyberspace for a reason. You seem to enjoy our jousts.

Forget Mulder and Scully. Find some Red Sox Yankee Tickets, briket on Rye and a root beer.

beakerkin said...


All that know Warren respect his humanity and wisdom.

Lets see Ducky who do I hate. Commies 100million good reasons. Jihadist nuts been blown up twice two good reasons.

Now my hatred of tofu, gourds, the Dallas Cowboys, Red Sox and Julio Inglesias music are all ripe for satire.

Always On Watch Two said...

I don't like opera, either.

I prefer baritones to tenors.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Ducky, this blog would not be the same without you. I hope you show up in May to the blogger's gathering in DC.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, has the AMA found a cure for A-Rod disease.

Pettite loses a rotator cuff in spring training and it's over.

Your outfield sucks.

kuhnkat said...

Beakerkin pontificated:

"Now my hatred of tofu, gourds, the Dallas Cowboys, Red Sox and Julio Inglesias music are all ripe for satire."

Huh?? How could ANYONE make fun of these bedrocks of Conservative Idealism???


Glad to hear you aren't going through changes!!

beakerkin said...

Abreu, Matsui and Damon vs

Whatever Manny shows up, Cocco Cripies and JD " MASH" Drew.


Wang Mussina Pavano Pettie all have medical concerns but the Kiddie corps has some depth.

Mariano has some wear but the middle relief looks better.

Who closes for Boston Hansen, Groucho Marx or Manny Ortiz..


I got several complaints about the new format. To be honest it wasn't alot of fun writting those posts.

We have to be true to what we are.
Many members of the familiar cast will be departing. The key ingredients are still here. It will still be fun and fresh.

Over time new charachters will drift in.

Robert Bayn said...

So let me get this right, Kim possible in North Korea finally settles a deal to stop nukes, and the community is falling apart.

Oh things are not right in the world!

I blame Paula for being mean to Simon!

beakerkin said...

Rob you have a point there. However, the Donalds ratings tank.

We have a certain someone who seems to think my ratings and readability depend on them. Oddly this person has yet to figure out that the forula on these posts is more dependent on poultry than that person.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Don't mind me, I'll be swimming with those thrown overboard.

I always wanted to be a reject.

Mr. Ducky said...

What the hell is this spit spat all about anyway?

Mad Zionist didn't think some of you are crazy enough?

Questions about who's getting picked for the great float up?

Just what is going on?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Nobody was tossed overboard. I am no longer a part of the community.
Who posts where is not my concern.

You are a reject in no sane persons book. Nor is my absence from familiar sites a slight at anyone in particular.

It was pointed out that anyone should have the right to determine who is on their boards. It should also be noted that we also have the right to leave any board for any reason.

I do not put up with religious fecal matter. The reality is how anyone would react under similar circumstances is unknown. I would point out that one can read comments from the same people on this site complaining about mere name calling by the same individual. This sounds like a religious hypocrite to me.

beakerkin said...


MZ and many others aproach life from a different perspective. He is not a bad man, but he and many othhers are into redemption.

There is a vile bad egg who has done some nutty things to all of us. Well this bad egg violated my privacy and had a gender confused dolt attempt to blackmail me.

Well the bad egg is now crying about redemption. I do not take lectures from religious hypocrites who equate being called Hitler with invasion of privacy and blackmail.

MZ sees a soul to be saved. I see a bad egg just playing to form.

I hope MZ can do something with the bad egg. Nothing would make me happier than for MZ to be right on this one. However, my experiences with bad eggs ( really bad ones) is that they belong in the trash.

As far as politics goes MZ and I never agreed on much. I spent alot of time and effort defending his lunacy. Oddly I was attacked by the
same bad egg for defending MZ.

The matter was made worse by the religious lectures of MZ and his pal KY. Redemption without accountability for ones actions is a farce.

Always On Watch Two said...

I see that Duck's curiosity has been peaked. Or is that "piqued"?

Long day, bad spelling.

beakerkin said...

The Duck is an employee of the blog and deserves something. The Duck is well aware about cracking bad eggs for omlettes that nobody ever sees.

Note to the cicus master in FLA
Elvis wore sequins and is more suitably compared to someone is gender challenged like a certain resident of Tredington.

FLORIAN said...

Damn Beaker! Does that mean you don't want any part of me too?

FLORIAN said...

Religious fecal matter?????
Sorry you feel that way Beaker. I'm not going to judge you in any way--but what made you go off the deep end?

kuhnkat said...

Beakerkin said:

"The Duck is well aware about cracking bad eggs for omlettes that nobody ever sees."

Ducktart is well aware of breaking GOOD EGGS for BURIAL based on the sides he takes!!


Steve Harkonnen said...

When the privacy of an individual becomes compromised, Beak is right on, REGARDLESS of who it was that threatened to expose him on the Internet.

Not being one to choose sides, but whoever the mental giant was that threatened the privacy of Beak deserves a serious thrashing. Sadly it has come to this.

My best advice to Beak is to ignore it and move on.

Some religious people are perhaps the biggest hypocrites of them all.

beakerkin said...


The is exactly why I have decided to change the sites I spend my time on. I will be over at AOW and your site as the mix of people is more suitable.

Florian I am very fond of you personally and as a friend. Many of the people I cut of congregate at your site. For now I need to be away them.

These lectures about saving souls with no accountability are on my nerves. I do not want to hear about souls, teshuva, halacha from those who were up my ass overthe same individual for calling them Hitler. The person has never any remorse, but we are saving souls praise the lord. Sorry, that may cut it for you but not me.

I need some space for a while.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

[authorized loveable quality / character comment goes here]

beakerkin said...

At least you get the charming persona bit. Warren gets the Wisdom
and Heart. I get to be the energizer bunny and Ducky gets the worst end of the deal as the comedic prop.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

[authorized sarcastic response goes here]

Eyes said...

Whoa, what's going on here? I take that back... I don't want to know. REALLY don't want to know.
You know, Christians are just people. If you meet one who claims self-perfection, you've really only met someone who has little introspection. Being people, sometimes even Christians make mistakes,,,, sometimes without even knowing it was a mistake. So, I would just say 'cut your friends a little slack'.

All that being said, you might want to re-think your blog. I ran into an instance where my identity became known to an avowed enemy. Since then, I have taken extra precautions to make sure that anything I say, I can easily back-up to anyone (I was quite a bit more hyperbolic in the past:>)...

Although I'm not a daily 'Beak Reader', I have got some truly memorable quotes and posts from your blog (the one about trolls, which I LOVED and then another one about there only being 6 people on the Internet, all disguised as different characters... too funny!).... Personally I think there's more like 25 people on the Internet:>D LOL!

beakerkin said...

Eyes click on the link to Florian.
It would seem some of us as things of others they will not do themselves.

The whole story is there.