Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dealing With Hatred and Passion

I want to point out I do understand the feelings of Justin and Rob. We should respect their feelings as fellow humans. I want to point out the severe differences between Communists and some of the excessive hatred towards gays. Communists, for example Renegade Eye, deliberately stoke populist anti-semitism to further their own causes. Jews are being actively targeted and killed while folks like Ren rationalize
and provide excuses.

Mere support of a Palestinian state does not make one an anti-semite. There is zero reason to construe Jams as a bigot. Jams sees pointless suffering and wishes to end it period. The difference between a Jams and Ren is that he does not encourage or welcome crass bigotry or go into denials of actual history. For a Jams or even to some degree a Beatroot the rhetoric of LWB/John Brown is clear and evident. Ren and Graeme actively link a blog recognized by the crew at Stormfront. There is also the matter of deliberately talking about Jewish cabals to manipulate the government and diabolical Jewish 9-11 plots. Graeme's odd contribution is the Obama as a tool of AIPAC mania.

For Ren all of these dischodant thugs are part of a popular mass. The movement demands as many followers as possible. Thus in this spirit Ren actively courts an actual Neo Nazi LWB. LWB does frequently call Jews traitors. This is a funny line of reasoning to a group whose entire history embodies treason and sedition. LWB/John Brown and some of the commie kooks frequently talk of a modern blood libel with Israel knowing about 9-11 in advance. This variant of the blood libel is pushed by the commies at Counterpunch.

The comments by a vocal but distinct minority of Christians towards gays is as hateful as that of the familiar bigotry stoked against my people by Communists. I do not construe a larger threat from the Rev Spitz's or the Phelps. Moreover, the Christians I know would certainly not rationalize any acts of violence or crimes against gays. The rhetoric and excesses certainly do exist, but if and when we lose our liberties and civil law it will not be to this crowd.

There is a very hateful group setting government policy and every utterance must be
checked for its ramifications. The other day I brought in a Jewish food called Kasha
and someone called it by its correct English name buckwheat. When I heard that word I had visions of going to a human resources inquisition. When I do my job and I see violations of the law on certain minority cases part of me is reluctant to do the job least I be branded a bigot. My boss would be the first to point out that failure to enforce violations of the law spell out on paper is deriliction of duty. Another example was the serious speech I got when someone asked me about how a 60 year old woman in the third world is listed on a birth certificate. I pointed out that the country does permit polygamy and it is possible that a senior wife is being credited for the actions of a more recent wife.

We will not be seeing Eric Rudolph or an abortion clinic bomber on any University faculty in my lifetime. Nor do we have presidential candidates with "collectivist abnesia" working in groups with abortion clinic bombers. In reality other than the comments of Spitz I do not ever recall seeing anyone on this site support terrorism to end abortion.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being a Moderate is tough

I want to state that I have never heard of Rev Spitz. If I am hell bound because of my support of gays to live as human beings I take my fate. In my view human beings are entitled to dignity and respect. This respect is only lost by criminal behavior such as killing, stealing or advocating class genocide.

Justin and Rob are my friends end of discussion. Why do some of us define such a wonderful person as Justin on his sexual preference. Do some of forget his military service, humanity, class and friendship. Whatever sins I have done ( and there are some whoppers) are far more serious than those of Justin and or Rob. I accept my fate
and am resigned to it.

I certainly am aware of the quotes from Leviticus. I am not so certain what those quotes in Romans refer to. Perhaps Justin, Junglemom or someone else will enlighten me. I want to separate MZ from this conversation as he really does follow the laws of the Old Testament. In his framework the quotes from Leviticus are clear. In defense of MZ, he has never advocated physical violence against gays. Moreover, I did fight with him several times on this issue.

Christians do not take the words of the Old Testament literally. Moreover, why is there such bitter hatred for that sin and not Onanist or Adulterers. At one point in our live 95% of us will admit to Onanism and the other 5% probably will lie to the end. Many of us have had premarital and extra marital sex. Some of us will even admit to recreational sex. I am guilty on all counts and this goes above and beyond anything done by Justin who is in a committed relationship.

That being said I want to move onto friendly fire. There is no comparison between Fundamentalists Christians and their Muslim counterpart. We can pull out an odd case like an Eric Rudolf of a Baruch Goldstein because such behavior is completely out of character with Christians or Jews. How many of you can Name a Muslim Terrorist not named Abu Abbas, Mohammad Attah or Imad Mugniyah. One certainly can not name many rank and file types beyond a Richard Reid or John Walker Lindh.

Moreover, if one were to discuss this matter in a serious debate with a Stephen Schwartz he would point out George Habash and some other Christians were heavily involved in some of the acts we assume to be Islamic terror. My response is that the context of the PLO was always Marxist and Pan Arab, not Islamacist.

I do not know what is in the heart of a man who made terrible remarks about gays causing 9-11. However, he did apologize and never did repeat this stupidity. I will contrast this with commies blaming Jews for 9-11 and still talking about secret cabals today.

I seriously want to know where all these Gay bar bombings are. 167 made the claim that these were common in Israel and could not produce a single one when challenged.
There may have been a gay bar or two bombed. I would urge us to look at the whole story. The fact that a gay bar was firebombed does not impute motivation. This may be another myth like the Black Churches burning non story. I did a Google search and did not see a rash of these crimes. These are serious crimes that do not happen every day.

I do not see a large Christian movement towards theocracy. I do admit there is some hateful rhetoric on both sides. However, we are Americans and should be adult enough to understand the basis of our laws is Civil.

I have read Rev Spitz site and am still in utter astonishment. I want to point out that I have never been a person who has ever advocated the ends justified the means.
This mentality is exactly the reason I fight communists who would kill millions for a fake utopia. I understand many of us do not like abortion. My dissent is that Roe vs Wade is a deeply flawed precedent. I also understand the passion of some opponents and do support the right of pro life people to exercise their First Amendment rights peaceably. I do not defend extra judicial assassinations, bombings and vigilantism from pro lifers or Bill Ayers style traitors.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My memory is going

A friend of mine who shall be nameless has compared religious Christians to fundamentalist Muslims. Stephen Schwartz would probably point out the correct terms are Wahabis and Salafist.

I must have some repressed memories because I do not remember the 700 Club attacking my city. I also seem to remember commies blaming dem Jooooos while the fires were still burning, been there done that twice. I do not blame all Muslims for 9-11. Yet these hysterical over the top comparisons do not solve a thing.

Sorry, but mindless equivalences between an odd abortion clinic bomber and Al Quedah doesn't cut it. There are certainly some Christians who hate gays. Lets also not pretend that the antics of Act Up were civil. Some gays do hate religious Christians.

I have repeatedly heard claims of fire bombing of gay bars. 167 made this claim about Israeli Jews firebombing gay bars but produced no links. I would like to seriously see links on these bombings. I will then count up bombings caused by Jihadis and Commies to see if there is some unknown epidemic.

I am not going to defend vulgar homophobic statements by Christians. However, last I checked Pat Robertson did not issue any Fatwas. He made many stupid comments but unlike Pastor half baked Wright he had the human decency to apologize. Don't hold your breath for Pastor Wright or the Commies at the World Council of Churches to ever do anything similar.

What does a persons Maoism say about them?

Lance Thruster has been dodging a fairly simple question. If a person is a follower of the planets foremost genocidal maniac Mao what does that tell you about their judgment.
This should tell most of us we are dealing with an imbecile.

The communist anti-semitism industry depends on smoke and mirror deception. The game depends on stealth and deception. Communists like Finkelstein play this game of pretending they are mere ordinary Jews outraged by Israel's actions. They fail to mention that they are communists as this would undercut any credibility. In the case of Norman Finkelstein he has his own industry made by exploiting his parents biography to further his extremist Maoist agenda. He caters to rabid Elmer Fudd obsessed anti Semites like Lance Thruster. Other communists play this game and it is a quick route to book sales, easy jobs in higher ed with worthless or no scholarship and loads of publicity. The most obvious question is how communists who are less than 2% of the population are exponentially over represented on University faculty. Commies are quite fond of wanting to skew numbers on race, but when any examination of their own exponential over representation is discussed they feign ignorance.

What does the fact that a person is or was a Maoist say about their judgment? What
does a pattern of decades long well documented mental instability say about the same person? Do actual Neonazis like Zundel and Holocaust deniers like David Irving know their own material? Why do these sorts support Finkelstein? What does a person's crank antics like the widely publicized bit over Kant in Yiddish say about Finky's real agenda. This idiocy was proven wrong as were the rants that Dershowitz did not write his own books. What does a person claiming Jewish leaders look like "Der Shturmer caricatures" or calling noted scholar Ellie Wiesel a "circus clown" or "professional Jooooo" say about Finky.

Demented morons like Thruster ignore the obvious lack of peer reviewed articles and decades long mental instability and see Finky as a victim of a Zionist cabal. This is also good for future book sales and keeping speaking fees high. Has Finky listed what
his income is from speaking fees and book sales.

A response to Junglemom's question I reported the exodus of Venezuela's Jews well over a year ago. I am surprised the number is not higher than 30%. I have met with several Venezuelan Jews in NYC all telling the same story of kidnapping and abuse. People like Retrograde Eye ignore the real anti semitic mania of the Chavez regime while pretending these crimes are something else. The persecution of Venezuelan Jews by the cronies of Chavez is sheer antisemitism. The congo line of professionals running for the door in Caracas is a constant. Apologists like Graeme Striecher pretend that engineers, shop owners and doctors are all class enemies and deserve their fate.

I have interviewed many Venezuelans and never heard a single word of praise for Chavez. I interviewed people from every part of Colombia and have not ever heard a bad word about the government. Obviously people who live in those countries know less about their own countries than communist imbeciles Renegade Eye or Graeme Striecher.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The NYT reports the obvious

The Clintons have been abandoned by the Black community. The Clintons have ended their
legacy chasing Obama in vain. I never understood what was the allure of Bill Clinton in the Black community. He accomplished nothing other than self preservation.

Where is the media circus on the Edwards affair. Edwards is all too human, but should be nailed by an equally merciless attorney for child support. Perhaps, Coulter is surprised as Edwards seems to be in love with his reflection. We expect too much from
our politicians. Unlike Hillary Mrs Edwards ts more sympathetic, especially given her health issues. Edwards would be more sympathetic if he did not try to sound self righteous 24/7.

St Albans VT in a movie

I had quite a surprise when I chanced upon a old movie called the Raid. The Raid depicts a real event forgotten mostly outside of Vermont. Confederate raiders did strike the quiet Northern Vermont town rob a few banks and try to burn the town.

Long term readers know I lived in St Albans VT for two years. The 15 mile route out of town to the border is more or less covered by a highway today. I am at a loss as to how the raiders got out of a town largely unscathed. Even local grandmothers have been known to pick off a fox or raccoon annoying a beloved house pet.

Van Heflin is somewhat wooden. Lee Marvin does a similar role that we have seen many times the troubled drunken outlaw. The movie is not historically accurate and the more important drama of what happened after the raid in Canada is not discussed.

Obama doesn't get it

The Obama folks seem surprised that his poll numbers went down after his coronation tour in Europe. Europeans do not vote in American elections. Moreover, after the over the top hyper reflexive anti American mania that followed the Iraq war they are not exactly popular here either.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Will the real Nazis stand up

The deranged communist dullard Lance Thruster has called the readers of this blog brownshirts with the exception of the bird brained duck. In the case of Thruster or the Duck being an Italian Fascist ala Il Duce would represent a vast improvement over mindless communism. Il Duce was and remains a socialist who unlike Trotsky had a brain and actually could sometimes get something accomplished.

The imbecile Lance Thruster, who in Fruedian terms is compensating for anatomical deficiencies, is a follower of Maoist dullard Norman Finkola. When not mindlessly obsessing over Joooooos he is the atheist chaplain at USC. He has not in his entire life ever held a real job. Outside of University gulags, communists are unemployable and Thruster has never done an honest days work in his life. He is a member of the Old Bolshevik club and as such his next intelligent thought will be his first.

Now it just so happens the person he slavishly worships, Maoist hack Norman Finkelstein, is also venerated by actual Nazis. His books are featured on Nazi sites
and they call him "the Joooish David Irving". Finky has never published a single sentence of original research or any peer reviewed articles. His claim to fame should be as the only communist ever fired four times in any University gulag. This is a monumental feat in a system that even employs communist terrorists like Bill Ayers.

What does a person's Maoism tell us about their lack of judgement? Mao still remains the planets all time butcher. Commies like Finky pretend that this is just a "red" herring, but it remains a fact. Furthermore Finky has created his own cottage industry catering to mindless anti semitic drones who just happen to be almost entirely communist, Nazi and Jihadi anti-semites. It would seem der Finkster has also
gotten rich without ever doing an honest days work and enjoys his own "industry".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Muslim Next Door

My Beamish asks if Stephen Schwartz is a cafeteria Muslim. Schwartz has been in a few cafeterias but is serious about his faith. He would point out that Sufism is older than Wahabism. Sufi's may be either Shia or Sunni.

The reality is that we understand some people do some very evil things in the name of Islam. Yet this does not mean that the Muslim next door is a terrorist. One does not need to look very hard to find good people who just happen to be Muslim.

My friendships are predicated on a mutual respect. I do not go off on the religion orut of respect. However, I demand the same in terms of Americanism. Stephen Schwartz is an American patriot and has no need to even dignify any questions in that area. If anyone starts with the Jooos run America or bashes the history and culture I am ready to spar.
If it is a communist I show no mercy whatsoever.

Schwartz represents the Muslim we wish were the norm. He is muslim that loves his country as much as we do. This is more common than one thinks away from campus airheads. The great part is he is a Muslim that appreciates our art, literature and culture. He is not the CAIR cartoon that sees America as born in sin. He does not mince words on terrorism. Even on Memri one can find articles about other Muslims who understand how damaging terrorism is to Islam. He has regularly swathed 9-11 conspiracy clown Justin Raimondo.

One of the great tragedies of Islam according to Naipul and my good friend Amil is the divorce of the local culture and customs in favor of some odd Arabian norms. In fairness America society is more accepting that the elitist pats on the head and passing out welfare checks and prison terms. Muslim, Hindu professionals readily point out it is about production in the USA and look ahead to competing on excellence.

There are many reasons Muslims do not riot in the USA

1 Local Americans would not put up with destruction of their property especially in small towns with armed ppulations.
2 Muslims are too busy working rather than collecting a pat on the head from the Salonista Commies.
3 Outside of Universities and Newsrooms the far left is irrelevant in the USA.
4 In the words of Muslim immigrants the local Americans are more enlightened than their long winded Eurodrones.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lets Do this slowly for the imbecile Lance Thruster

Lance Thruster is more cartoon than human I apologize to regular readers for this post.

For purposes of this blog I will compare the perpetually Thruster to inmates at a mental hospital. People at mental hospitals and jails have sometimes held gainful employment unlike who is an Old Bolshevik University Gulag crony at USC. This comparison of insane people to Thruster is unfair to hard working nut cases, career criminals who unlike Thruster have a work ethic.

The defining factor of Thrusters life is his sloth, manias and imbecility.

Thruster sees nothing wrong with comparing Nazis to Jews, so we will compare him to criminals and the insane, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Lets see Israel is a small state that has been invaded by an aggressive colonial people with a 1400 year Jim Crow tradition. Arabs have an abundance of colonized land
and the reality is that it seeks more Judenfrei real estate with the blessing of commies who stoke populist antisemitism.

Nazism is an elimanationalist racialialist genocidal movement that sought global hegemony. How do Pseudostinians numbers grow exponentially if they are being killed by genocide? The comment says more about Thruster's low IQ and manias than the situation he describes

Stephen Schwartz's Apex

Few people have bothered to read From West to East. It is a brilliant work about the movement and history of art, politics and literature in California. Many of us buy the same set of books and never challenge our assumptions. I will be buying a copy of his newest book about Sufism and will review it with an open mind.

Schwartz represents the other side of Islam that we sometimes forget about when presented with constant images of angry cartoon like hateful Wahabis and blood crazed Iranian Revolutionary madman. How do we rationalize those images with the many decent Muslims we meet in our daily lives. Does the life of my friend Omar who works 60 hours in a gas station differ as much from my life or yours. What about Abdul the printer forever doting on his daughter who dreams of buying a larger home? Is much of Wahabism fed by people not working and desperate for self worth like Nazism? Are people like the familiar middle class terrorists bombers in London reacting to a far left culture thatdemands angry Muslims as "authentic".

There is something interesting at looking at the mix of politics and art. When one looks at communists in the 1920's through the prism of Schwartz's wisdom we note the familiar self serving hacks, the amoral adventurers and the insane. The previous communists are not too dissimilar from the madmen and goons we loathe today except they no longer have the vision of a limitless future.

In many ways the cast of opportunist, hacks and are all to hauntingly familiar and real. Schwartz, has conveyed the human realities of a mindless movement out of control blundering along. Above all things the book is entertaining and thought provoking.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Norman Finkelstein Fusion of Nazi and Communist Antisemitism

Communist Jews who stoke populist antisemitism ala Norman Finkelsteinooks, Kovel, Chomsky and so forth have a cottage industry. Communists need Jews to serve as window dressing for their Elmer Fudd Jooo obsessions. They peddle books and speeches all agitating for the blood of Jews. Frequently, they resort to word games with zionist and neocon. However, the ultimate game is to give commies, Nazis and jihadis rationalizations for their manias. It is a lucrative racket and Finkelstein is guilty
of his own "antisemitism industry".

The propagandists go through extreme measures to present themselves as mere ordinary Jews who are outraged by this or that. Finkelstein is a Maoist who calls himself a "green". Anyone associated with Mao carries the stench of the most obnoxious genocidal tyrant of the century. This alone should render anything he writes irrelevant but his crank antics, lack of scholarship and mental instability has gotten him fired from four jobs. This is a feat of monumental proportions for a communist in the Old Bolshevik Network in higher Ed.

Kovel masquerades as a Mickey Mouse Cheech and Chong green. He does have some odd green tracts but just happens to coincidentally devote much of his time trying to bash anti communists. Kovel's claim to be a Green does not pass basic scrutiny. He does make a decent sum catering to the most rabid of anti semites.

Chomsky is a the greatest charlatan in higher ed. He is guilty of making up Truman quotes, agitating for Pol Pot, agitating for narco Nazi Hezbollah and endorsing Holocaust denier Faurison's scholarship. Chomsky is useful in separating Nazi from communist. To an actual Nazi like LWB, he is part of the vast jooish conspiracy. If one is a communist anti-Semite like Ren or Graeme Striecher he is a scholar.

Standard Holocaust denial has three themes

1 Rehabilitate Nazism
2 Claim that Zionist framed Nazis and the Holocaust never happened.
3 Claim that a cabal of Jews runs the USA on behalf of the zionist occupied government.


1 Claims Zionists exaggerated the Holocaust to agitate for Israel and dispossess the Palestinians
2 Makes similar claims to that of the Nazis point three
3 Recycles long discredited Soviet Propaganda
4 Champions Narconazi Hezbollah.
5 Frequently uses similar language to that of Nazis such as saying Joooish leaders resemble Der Shturmer caricatures or calling Wiesel a "circus clown".
6 Uses the same techniques as 9-11 cranks and Holocaust deniers. The entire drama over Kant in Yiddish was proven false. At best it was the musing of a crank and should have destroyed Finky's career. However, as Chomsky has proven ethics and actual scholarship do not apply to members of the Old Bolshevik network.

The reason Finkelstein's books are sold on Neonazi sites is that his claim Zionists exagerated the Holocaust to disposses the Palestinians is a large part of their own anti semitic mania.

Cultural Oddities

I want to point out that within my culture we have very specific norms. A person does not introduce a girlfriend to your parents or take her to family functions unless it is
destined for other things. I was mortified when a female coworker made a point of introducing me to her family. Apparently, I may be well known amongst her kin. I also do not permit my family to visit my jobs.

This cultural oddity is one that has perplexed many of the women I have dated. I do not
meet any family unless it is a serious relationship.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All You Christians Have It Wrong

Liberal White Boy has declared Jesus a Palestinian. This is a favorite comment of anti semitic imbeciles everywhere who do not know the difference between scripture and silly

One can look for references to Pseudostinians in the works of Josephus. However, they are not there as a contemporary people. One can find plenty of references to the Jewish people in Josephus.

Jesus and almost all of his students were Jews. This is quite evident in any reading of the New Testament.

LWB should stick to manifestos, Mein Kapf and the Protocols.

Obviously Josephus must be a premature neocon and the New Testament must be zionist propaganda. The author of this idiocy calls himself a "self loathing Christian", but retardation is usually not funny.

Lets do this slowly for all the communist, anarchists and imbeciles.

1 Jesus in his classical interpretation is the fulfilment of the Judaic prophecies.
He lived and worshiped as a Jew. The area he was born in was called Judea. Jesus's disciples were also almost entirely Jews and his title was Rabbi.

2 There are no Palestinians. The area was called Palestine well after Jesuss death.
Jesus never met a Palestinian as they were no such people in any context in his time. Phillistines were long since a memory and even in the Biblical times lived in an area about the size of the Gaza strip.

3 Arabs invaded the area and subjected the indigenous population (Jews, Christians and Pagans) to a colonialistic form of Jim Crow around 700 years later. The area was ruled by variouis people Crusaders, Ottomans, English.

Of Burkha's Beakers and Liberty

I do a understand the unique problems a Burkha presents.

1 The Burka presents a security problem. There is a legitimate concern as the disguise has been used to evade security.

HOWEVER, so have wigs, toupes, people dressing in the inappropriate gender. The question may be a matter of degree and be 100% valid.

The law aimed at the KKK raises a different point about freedom of speech and anonymity.

I am somewhat befuddled about the concern of Burkha's and integration. Hasidic Jews and the Amish do not seek to integrate and produce similar reactions. I want people to respect others right to be different. This is a problem with some Muslims who think they can dictate items as trivial as a police dog ad.

There is something wrong with this situation where I am oddly to the left of Pagan and gasp the Duck.

I want to discuss the following
1 respect vs assimilation
2 is clothing a free speech/ religion issue
3 The unique challenge of the Burkha to society

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Personal Liberty

I want to revisit the issue of Burkas and Citizenship.

The issue here is personal liberty vs failure to integrate.

The type of clothing we wear is a matter of personal choice. Are the rest of you out there ready to deny citizenship to Chasidic Jews, Rastafarians, Amish and people who wear African costume as well. I do understand that in some instances the Burka may be
imposed by intimidation but there is no evidence it was in this case.

The notion of intergration is a lousy concept legally. The concept should be changed to respect for others and private property. If a person can respect that other people have the right to dress and live differently this is sufficient. Any desire to kill Jews, Gays or whomever based upon them being themselves would be grounds for denial of citizenship as this person would clearly not respect the existing laws.

Commies do not respect the concept of private property and advocate the violent over throw of governments. Their values conflict with those of the United States and should be a bar to citizenship.

I am curious as to how Stephen Schwartz would view this matter. The Burka is not and has not been tied to Islamic practice. It is a recent trend that is akin to wearing a Che beret. However, does one have the right to personal autonomy and liberty within reasonable lengths?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama puts Marcuse to rest

The comments of Jessie Jackson are the last gasp of the old style of Black leadership via victimology or Marcuse based idiocy. Victimology itself is a divisive
by design and never had much grasvitas off college campuses.

Obama sucsess as a post racial candidate walking away from the Pastor Wrights and the luncy of the Daily Kos/communists has been quite effective. The question if these moves are window dressing or sincere remains to be seen.

Marcuse based lunacy is dead. Obama's sucsess has reduced the victimologists to bitterness like Jackson or blathering idiocy Pastor Wright.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

RIP Bobby Murcer

I want to express my sadness over the passing of Bobby Murcer. Murcer was one of my heroes growing up. I remember my great sadness and crying as a young child when he was traded away and my joy when the Yankees brought him back. I was fortunate enough to meet Murcer a few years back at a Staten Island Yankee game. He was gracious and modest in person and remembered some o f the forgotten Yankees like Bill Sudakis and many others. Murcer was always loved by the fans and even more loved as announcer. The image most of us will remember is Murcer driving in all five runs on National television after burying his friend Thurman Munson and presenting the bat to Munson's widow.

Murcer's humility and modesty were genuine. He was constantly compared to Mickey Mantle. Yet he still managed to embrace Mantle as a mentor and never was bitter about it. He embraced new players and spoke of the Yankee traditions. He also never complained about two quirks that may have cost him a chance at the Hall of Fame. Murcer served two years in the Army and had his statistics cut by the renovation of Yankee Stadium. His power numbers faded with the move to Shea and then Candlestick.

NY fans are lucky enough to have glimpsed perhaps the last Yankee to love the the uniform and traditions. Derek Jeter alone seems to understand the history, but I do not envision him being an ambassador.

RIP Bobby Murcer a great ball player and a true role model.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Personal Liberty and Madness

I want to point out the oddity of France denying a woman citizenship over the religious practice of wearing a Burka. I am glad my government does not have any similar insanity based upon invasion of a person's religious views. The applicant wears this garb through her own free will. Will the French employ this on Rastafarians or Chasidic Jews next?

I do understand that complaints about official ID are 100% legitimate. Law enforcement requires those who travel and drive be readily identifiable by law enforcement officers. These are privilages and not rights.

I wonder what take Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism will take on this.

As far as Sharia in America, there should be zero objection to Muslims maintaining laws that pertain to Muslims only such as dietary laws. The question of matrimonial or family law is another matter. Division of marital assets should be governed by a civil authority. There should be severe penalties on clergymen who create polygamous unions regardless of religious order.All treligious marriages should be required by law to be registered with the state.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hard to Say Goodbye and a visit from an Old Friend

Older readers of this blog are familiar with my nephew Drummaster. Since I returned from Vertmont I do not drive my car much. In fact my car has been moved 400 miles in the last ten months. Most of that was by other family members. I turned the keys over to my nephew who is a very good driver. He lives in an area where all public transportation is to NYC and needs to get to classes. I will get my car back after Labor Day.

I had a visit from an old college friend. My coworkers are generally nosy and invited themselves in. My office has many odd items in it including a picture of Beakerambo, a large John Wayne image, a statue of Lawrence Taylor. I do have on 8 1/2
x 11 that is always turned backwards. A cleaning woman accidentally turned the photo around and it was observed by a sharp eyed coworker. I explained that it was a photo taken by a friend of mine who is a fashion photographer. The curious coworker said the man in the photo looked familiar. I assured her it was nobody she knew and it was just one of many odd items in my office. The very nosy coworker made a point to ask this friend who had a great laugh and told her that it really was a fashion photo
taken by a mutual friend. My coworker asked who the man in the photo was? He laughed and told them Beakerkin around 1988. The photo has been the subject of alot of humor
as it represents a time when I was much younger, very cool and according to my female coworkers "hauntingly handsome".

Sometimes the younger staff thinks of me as very remote and off into a series of odd books. The picture reminded them that at one time I was young cool and better looking than the so called "in clique". I reminded many of the younger set that father time catches up to all of us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shaking my head

The comments of Jessie Jackson were an utter disgrace. Had a white person made a similar comment they would have been branded a bigot. Personal responsibility is not an anti-Black issue. It is an issue that should unite all of us.

Jackson is obviously jealous that Obama has eclipsed him by attempting to run as a post racial candidate. Obama's rhetoric is still a mish mash of lousy ideas an empty words but the policy of societal guilt for all that ails America and the Black community is likely a thing of the past.

Sadly Jackson like the Clintons is addicted to the media and will not go into a dignified retirement.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Insanity from the far left

The neonazi clown Liberal Whiteboy/ John Brown has gone off the deep end. It would seem that he is now into LSD and has branded Noam Chimpanzee and Amy Goodstein as zionist apologists. This post proves that LWB/John Brown is actually a function illiterate or an imbecile. Chomsky's crime was to critique the idiotic paranoid Walt Mearstupid thesis about the evil joooooish loby. Chimpanzee has made plenty of his own stupid remarks that need no further explanation.

LWB/John Brown also proclaims David Horowitz a Trotskyite. This must come as news to Horowitz himself who is quite open about his former views and has stated adnauseum. Perhaps the dullard has mistaken Horowitz for Stephen Schwartz who was a Trotskyite, but now is a leader of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. In the wacky world of Neonazi goons there is a 1% Jewish blood law that makes anyone with Jewish blood part of the vast conspiracy except the foremost communist anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. This idiocy speaks vollumes about Finkelstein's followers. Also lost on the idiot is der Finkmiester lists Noam Chimpanzee as his mentor.

In other imbecile news All Star imbecile Renegade Eye declares FARC is not Communist. This must be news to the kidnappers and drug dealers who practice criminal forms of capitalism while recieving welfare from Hugo Chavez and dealing drugs. We should ignore everything that FARC has said about itself and listen to the Special Ed Cafeteria Commisar.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Final Conversation about Gays, Christianity and Respected Friends

I want to point out the deep respect that I have for both Justin and Rob. Somehow in all of these posts they never do seem to get around to ever mentioning the parts about respect and friendship. It is very hard to disagree with Justin because of the respect factor.

I want to remind the narrow minded among us that Justin is a friend and some of you need to be reminded he is a man I admire. He is a Vietnam Veteran, a theologian, an honored father and friend to all those who know him. Some of us are extremely narrow minded and judge the whole man by one aspect of his life. This aspect of his life is none of any one's business except for that of his partner. Above all, he is a human being entitled to respect.

I want to point out the absurdity of the people who will toss hateful words at an admirable man like Justin or Rob and give an acolyte of class genocide and treason respect. There is something extremely warped with those of us who hurl abuse at a veteran and treat communists with kid gloves. Sorry, but class genocide, treason, theft and populist anti-semitism are not alternative lifestyles.

Sometimes, Gays do tend to over react to the very hateful words that do come from evangelicals. However, the norm of rank and file lay people is to love the sinner and hate the sin.Homosexuality is not the sum of all sin. However, discussions about Civil rights do not belong in a theological context.

I want to state that the context and origins of Nazi, Communist and Anarchist anti-semitism have absolutely nothing to do with its Christian counterparts. The misguided Christian anti-semitism was purely theological and absolutely never based on racial eliminationalism or class genocidal. Convetrts were typically left alone and plenty of people practiced their religion in private. Even Jihadi based anti- semitism was never based on racial eliminationalism.

Hitler in general is probably the most over analyzed subject in history. However, one can cherry pick whatever statements and come up with whatever they wish. Hitler, had plenty of anti Capitalist statements and he had a whole wing of far leftists. The subject of homosexuality and Nazism is far more complicated than typically presented. There were Gay Nazis and there were gays sent to concentration camps. The actual number of fatalities is unknown but professional researchers have difficulties coming up with 2,000 names. Even the most inflated estimate is 15,000 that is likely a fraction of the total gays in Berlin. The anti gay policy was never implemented outside of Germany. Thus if you were a gay Pole or Balt nobody cared. This is not to say that that individual gays did not suffer. However, they were clearly not targeted as directly on eliminationalist grounds as Jews and Gypsies who were marked for death as subhuman.

My views on Christianity are largely based on Alvin Schmidtt, Dinesh D'Sousa and my own eyes. Inevitably whenever, I encounter a rabid anti-semite they are almost always a communist, Anarchist or some other form of leftist societal garbage. I do not consider advocates of liberation theology Christians. Liberation theology is merely a vehicle for communist subversion of religious orders. This subversion also takes place in reform Judaism with fake Rabbis such as Rabbi "LSD" Lerner.

I live in and am a proud member of Western Civilization. The true apex of Western Civilization is Americanism. I do not need lectures from the salon set Euroweenies with burning cities about liberty and justice. Every day, I meet plenty of Europeans
who are Muslim, African, Hindu and Asian who would tell you that they feel freer to excell and be an acepted part of the culture in the United States than in the European countries they left. These imigrants and the exiles from Venezuela, Vietnam, China and ex Eastern European emigres are the invisible people who are never listened to.

I enjoy the right to practice my faith on my own terms and the right to be an equal member of the greatest family ever known to man, the American people. The journey to the present did involve many errors including those against my own people and indigenous peoples elsewhere. However, the notion that indigenous people should have rights and that slavery was inhuman originates in the very Christianity that the high minded arrogant gin impaired solonistas and their American wannabes gets lost in the mix.

Like any other movement Christianity has been abused by those seeking power. However, it does not readilly avail itself to inhumanity as secular communism to crimes against humanity or a religion based upon submission.

I do respect Justin's passion for his position. However, the truth is that radicals never get anything accomplished. The folks at Act Up set back the cause of gay rights decades with their sophomoric temper tantrums. Genuine progress and respect will only come through working together and respectfully with Christians and other reasonable types. Obviously people who use nasty slurs are not amenable to practical
discussions on a higher level. I would not urge them to engage bigots any more than I would ask a fellow Jews to engage Communists who advocate the Protocols of the Elders of Zion 2.0.

Moving on to the question of if marriage is a civil contract or a theological matter. Most of us agree that dog ownership and driving privilages are regulated by civil authorites. The very laws of who may marry is a central part of every religious order. A civil union avoids the government intrusion into theological law where it does not belong. Perhaps the Duck will find the section in the Talmud or Hindu tracts that deal with driving privilages.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Having some technical dificulties

I am having some issues with my computer. I will resolve them in a few days.

I will be on the radio with AOW, Warren and Mr B. I do not know how much will interest anyone but.....................

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Luck to a Respected Friend

I would like to wish respected friends Rob and Justin good luck. I consider both to be good friends
with whom I sometimes agree.

I want to remind people that the problems of being a moderate is both sides never quite are satisfied with your own convictions. While I recognize that some of you feel passionate about the issue of homosexuality, it is another thing to knowingly castigate and say hurtful things.

Some of the comments that many of you wrote are in bad taste, deliberately hurtful and are mean spirited. I do not condone the use of the term Fagot, just as I do not use the N for word Blacks or Kikes for Jews. For me these are epithets, that show a lack of class and creativity.

I understand some of you are uncomfortable with the concept of homosexuality. This is not my preference, but what consenting adults do is not my concern. I do not pretend I understand love
or the internal grace and dignity of those who are true religious people like TMW, Junglemom, Warren and yes Justin. If I do have a failure in life it is the inability to move beyond that which one may add, subtract or divide. I do not understand love, but I admire those who feel it. Nor, do I understand the dignity and grace that true religious people possess, but I admire it from afar.

The hateful comments that some of you wrote about gays do not reflect my own views. Sadly, Justin and Rob think that those comments are my opinions. I find this amazing as I do not consider being mistaken for gay to be an insult. I am a New Yorker and as such my life crosses paths with all types of wonderful people who are different from me in many ways including homosexuals. Moreover, many of you out there probably have had similar experiences in your own community. As Justin says "The only way you know that I am gay is if I slept with you or told you." Most of you probably do come into contact with gay people, even if you do not notice it. Maybe the nice coworker who is obsessed with his lawn is gay. Or perhaps the woman whose life revolves around a deranged quest for fashion is a lesbian. As Justin says one just never knows with any certainty who is or is not gay. For me the entire subject is moot as I merely have friends. Sadly, I regret that the hateful words of some of you have caused two friends I valued to turn their backs and walk away.

This blog is my creation and its content comes from my own convictions. While I respect Justin and Rob's passion on this issue it is apparent they do not respect my convictions. I have always been a non-Christian admirer of a wonderful life affirming faith that I feel embodies the best of what we can be as humans. I admire the grace that permeates the life of an AOW, TMW, Junglemom,Warren, Justin and many others of you posses. Rav Roov also has that same grace. The grace only comes from those whose life is devoted to God out of a higher type of love or internal conviction. My views are influenced by Alvin Scmidtt, Dinesh D'Souza, Zola Leavitt and of course the special people who brighten my day.

I will defend a messianic Jews right to his convictions from hateful Kahanists. I will defend the right and nobility of Christians from Marxist perversions of the faith such as Liberation theology or its racist Black and Aryan counterparts. I will also defend Christianity from the hateful words of communists and freakazoid Anarchists.

In my opinion claiming Nazism or Eugenics has any origin in Christianity is a slander. In any movement as wide as Christianity one can cherry pick the most hateful comments such as Falwell's vulgar claim that gays caused 9-11. Falwell to his credit immediately apologized. However, do not ever expect the commies who talk of Mossad advance warning of 9-11 or Joooooish cabals running the United States government to ever display any type of similar humanity.

I understand Justin's and Rob's passion on the issue of Gay marrriage. Sadly, in their zeal they do not respect my passion for respecting Christianity. Moreover, as a person whose life was surrounded by Holocaust survivors I heard many things. These survivors were friends, coworkers, relatives and members of my community. I never heard any of these survivors ever blame the Holocaust on Christianity. Similarly, I do recall many goofy things said by my friends over at Bad Eagle. I do not recall ever hearing any of the posters ever blame the crimes committed against Indians on Christianity. Moreover, most of them are very devoted Christians of various denominations.

People do say stupid things. At work yesterday a close friend told me my people were slave traders. I reminded her that my people did not arrive in this country until around 1920. Moreover, everyone including Blacks, Indians, Scotts and so forth had some members who owned slaves. Oddly Barak Obama's sole connection to Slavery in America was that his mothers family contains slave owners. In fact as many African Americans are multiracial it is highly probable that the friend who said it is more apt to have a similar relation to Slave owners that a person whose family arrived in America from the years 1900 -1930. She also said "You Jews are always complaining about the Holocaust but slavery was just as bad". Actually, I never discussed
the topic at work with anyone and slavery though it is evil is not as bad as industrial eugenic annihilation. My valued friend said some stupid things, but I love her for who she is despite those absurd remarks.

The hateful comments directed at gays do not represent my feelings. Those of you who do know me know that the only people I do despise are Utopians and anti American imbeciles.

My position on the gay community is that progress will be made only by reaching out to reasonable people. Progress will only be made by reaching out to reasonable people of all types.
The over the top shrill rhetoric comparing evangelicals to Nazis is more apt to ultimately hurt their cause with Christians and Jews.

I wish Rob and Justin the best of luck in all their life's journey. My door is always open to those I always considered and still consider friends to return if they are so inclined. I am sorry they decided to turn their back on me, but they must be as true to their convictions as I am to mine and hopefully you are to your own.

PS The last paragraph excludes class genocidal lunatics whose convictions have been have been shown to be lethal in every application.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Beakerkin on Homosexuality

I want to state emphatically that I do not have gay friends. I have friends I respect and admire as people who happen to be gay. When think of Justin , I think of a person who I sometimes agree
with but always as a friend. I do not recall ever agreeing with Rob, but the only thing he does that gives me the creeps is root for the evil Dallas Cowboys.

I do not endorse any acts of violence gays against or anyone else. People who are Utopians should be under 24/7 security scrutiny and jailed, denaturalized and deported or face capital punishment
for violating the laws. Sexual orientation is a private matter so long as all the participants are willing adults. I honestly do not care who sleeps with whom.

That being said, contrary to the opinion of the Duck, marriage is a religious term. Every religious order has strict rules dealing with who may marry whom. In the wacky mind of the Duck, a marriage contract is on a par with zoning and dog licenses. I favor Civil Unions as an exclusive option for homosexuals who do not have the option of traditional marriage. Black robed Marxist
freaks need to be kept away from theology.

My disagreement with Justin and Rob is a respectful difference of opinion with valued friends. I understand their passion on this issue even if I do not agree with them.

My response to Justin

One can misuse any teaching including that of Christianity. Christianity does not lend itself as easily
to this type of abuse as Islam,es hence the preponderance of Islamic suicide bombers and terrorists.
The small cult groups you speak of are rare examples of that type of abuse. However, Jim Jones was an actual communist who preached a variation called Communalism. To eliminate communism from Jones is to miss the point. Jones is a communist role model in that he practiced class genocide on himself.

When one looks at Hitler one can see almost whatever one wants to see. Hitler left many words
that can be read all over the place. There are ample words that prove he envisioned himself as a man of the left. Much like the lunatics at God Hates Fags blames everything on Gays, Hitler is on record blaming Jews for Christianity, Bolshevism,Capitalism and I may have missed plenty more.It is a mistake to read too much into any one aspect of Hitler's life. We have various psycho experts blaming every malady under the son including various diseases, homosexuality and vegetarianism. Hitler's sexual hangups had little to do with his genocidal obsession with Jews.

Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Anarchism and Progressivism all share common roots. At the turn of the century there were misguided movements that sought to elevate man to God. Nazism was the German variation on one of these themes. Moreover, like Italian Fascism it attempted to blend Socialism with nationalism. Mussolini was an articulate Socialist who was well
aquainted with Marx. His variant did not include the racial idiocy of Nazism. The racial idiocy of Eugenics was a far left movement. In America its most notorious practitioner was Margaret Sanger who was not a Christian and wanted to reduce the numbers of Blacks and met with the KKK. Communist Dubois praised Nazism and it was viewed as a competitor on the far left and not a rightist movement.

Eugenics was part and parcel of the above mentioned groups that thought technocrats/scientists
could usher in a Utopia for the unwashed masses. Hitler was obsessed with Darwin, Nietzsche and the occult not Christianity. Moreover, Christians left converts alone. The addition of racial
foolishness was a far left addition of Darwin. Proudhon also advocated killing Jews on racial grounds independent of Christianity. This is not to say Darwinism caused the Holocaust.

The crimes against Indians in and of themselves were those of colonial powers with technological
superiority. Christianity was largely incidental but certainly a factor. However, the notion that
indigenous people have rights, slavery is wrong is also a Christian based leap forward for humanity. Many missionaries were tireless advocates for the communities they served.

You seem to underestimate communists and their ability to corrode institutions. There have been numerous examples of communists trying to pervert churches such as liberation theology, the World Council of Churches and divestment drives. The most obvious counteraction was the recent move by Anglican traditionalists in Jerusalem that was incorrectly pointed out as a solely anti -gay move. The anti gay element was prominent but it was aimed at returning to traditional theology as opposed to marx based arrogant elitism.
Communist also abuse well meaning Peace Protests for their own agendas, it is just what they do.

It is a mistake to point to eugenics as "Christian". Its opponents were Christian, but it was a leftist deformation of Darwinism. The ultimate evil is the notion that man is God or technocrats should lord over the masses. Communisms man as as God has only led to Death, Neoslavery and the worst manifestations of tryany and torture ever created by man.

Ultimately, for gays to make social progress it will have to reach out in a reasonable manner to evangelicals. It is a tactical mistake to assume this is impossible based on a series of admitedly off the wall writings of lunatics. One should not bother to try and reach out to rabid bigots. However, unlike communists one can easily find decent types to engage in polite political persuasion.