Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Dementia of The Duck or the Idiot Passion of the Poultry

Yesterday on AOW's site our bird brained friend endorsed Sharia. He seems to fear the imposition of Christianity into law , but harbors no such fears about Sharia.

Does the Duck endorse execution of homosexuals?
Does the Duck endorse amputations?
Does the Duck endorse flogging?
Does the Duck endorse Jim Crow mathamatics with womens testimony being half of a mans and non Muslims being half of a Muslim?
Does the Duck endorse special clothing for non believers?
Does the Duck endorse stoning for adulterers? Do not worry Bill from Chappaqua.
Does the Duck endorse religious police to harass and spy on people just like his vaunted Cuban Block Patrol?

Of course if Ducky likes Sharia so much the dominant part of society could arange a taste of it for him.

All Communists must wear Neon Red with a turd shaped lapel. Communists can be beaten for any reason and would be prohibited from owning weapons.

Communists can not create or fix new Universities.

Communist must also give non Communists fifty percent of their earnings and can be exiled at any time.

One third of all Commie Children are to be sent to the Oral Roberts accademy where they will learn Christianity and how to kill Communists.

In Islam the offending organ is amputated so all Commies must report for labotomies.
John Brown seems to have gotten a head start on this.

Commies will be tried in courts governed by Liberterians who will rule them with Kangaroo style justice modeled on the Slansky trial.

Sorry Duck but it seems you have been using your brain as a Coat rack.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Revamping the Citizenship Test

A few of my coworkers and I took the standard test given to immigrants and to my amazement I was the only one who passed. Many of the questions are rote memorization and do not require higher knowledge. It is not really inportant to know the what number a President was except for the first.

The fact that college graduates including several with masters degrees did not pass the test is not surprising. Most have taken one history course long ago and several may have to go back two decades or more to an American history class.

My coworkers were amazed as I scored an 85 with zero preperation. I think one of the questions I forgot had to do with the state Eisenhower was born in. That type of question is a rote memory question.

A genuine citizenship test should have an English section where the new citizens should be required to demonstrate sixth grade reading and some writing skills. There should also be a section on economics and the questions should be focused on rights, governmental structure and basic US history. The fact that a person can remember where Eisenhower was born is not as relevant as his role as General or President.

I would also like to dispell a myth that people who are born in the USA have a right to remain in the USA. People who advocate an internationalist movement that advocates
the violent overthrow of the US government have no claim to remain here. Thus a Marxist or Jihadist who advocates acts of violence has no right to remain in the USA.
Freedom of Speech does not include sedition, treason or acts of criminality. The mere fact that one is a Marxist or is a member of CAIR has established probable cause for government surveilance. The government really does not have the resources to watch everyone but denaturalizing a Madea Benjamin or Lynne Stewart is a great place to start.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chapter 1 of a Shameful Act

This book is considered revolutionary in that it is the first time a Turkish historian breaks with the traditional denial and excuse policy that has been a disgusting policy for almost a century. When not denying their attrocities the Turks spin a yarn about Armenians being rebelious and inspired by Russia, so it is okay to slaughter them wholesale. No doubt this is often repeated by far leftists who seek to whitewash Islamic history. These same leftists who are fond of holocaust denial, false claims that Jews are Nazis and champions of fake indigenous people do not see the obvious parallels of their illogic.

The first chapter begins with the Jim Crow dhimmi laws that are often scoffed at by bird brained waterfowl and mentally ill NYC communists who talk of American Jim Crow.
The Serbs were the first to throw off the brutal yoke of Islamofascism. The Serbs forced the turks to leave in the late 1800. A good portion of these people were resetled in Israel where they were transmogriphied into fake indigenous who had been there from the dawn of man.

The Ottomans tried to create a fake Ottoma identity that would include Christians as equals but would also compel them to serve in the military. Many of these Christians prefered the taxes to five years of military service. Many of these reforms were administered far too late as 500 years of brutal repression against religious minorities were fact. The book traces the Ottoman move from this fake Ottoman fiction to Pan Islamism that we see today in Al Queda and venerated in bird brained leftist.

Lost in this web of fantasy is that Muslims themselves were entirely a colonial pathology and not indigenous on much of their land including Turkey itself, Israel and a host of other places. What we see today is anti history with fictional tribes of fake indigenous people who are now claiming to be Canaanites sometimes. Canaanites did not migrate from Egypt to Gaza. Nor do biblical Phillistines somehow become Tartars, Bosnians and other Muslims tossed into Israel.

The far left has yet to acknowledge that Islamocolonialism, IslamoJimCrow and other abuses were far worse than there Western Equivalents.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Johny Mac to those of you who do not allready know him. Johny Mac is a friend of mine who posted on FPM and has had some trouble with Roberta whose administration of the forum has been a debacle. Much of the debacle stems from the failure of FPM to grant her the tools to root out one sick evil criminal idiot know as Socrates or El Lard Butt who has been nursing a vendetta against David Horrowitz ever since he was turned down for a job. It seems David Horowitz knows mediocrity when he see it. I continue to donate to FPM as the site publishes and promotes the excellent work of Richard Poe.

Monday, November 27, 2006

France Flexes its Muscle and other idiocy

France has announce it will use anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli aircraft in Lebanon. The Israelis should immediately respond by shelling the French positions.
The French do not have any intention of keeping Hezbolah forces out of the area. If they serve as shields for a redeployment of forces they have become a legitamate target. If the French and the UN did their job and disarmed Hezbollah there would be no need for these flights.

Speaking of Lebanon, the anti-semitic Weazel is at it again. The entire world seems to understand who assasinated the latest Gemayel. The Weazie cuts and pastes a post from Wayne Masden that sees this as a Jewish, Neocon and Zionist conspiracy linked to the recent US elections. The proof or evidence of this conspiracy doesn't exist so the anti-semites create grand conspiracies with whomever their bigotries decide is a PC target. Moreover, communists like Weazie and poultry have a history of these Conspiracies. Fake front groups, the Communist party USA is an independent institution and the Rosenberg's were victims of an anti semitic plot are some of the best hits.

Cindy Sheehan and Madea Benjamin are in South Korea agitating for Kim Jong mentally ill. Lets see Sheehan associates with Communists, she rushes to embrace Hugo Chavez and now she is doing Kim Jong Mentally Ill's dirty work in South Korea. The media also ignored a string of anti-semitic statements by Sheehan. Even Susan Estritch who is on the left took note of Sheehan's anti-semitic statements. The media has not done its job at all and we have been saying way back Sheehan is a Communist. Sheehan's behavior and associations have backed my assertions and as of yet she has not been asked a single question.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and John Brown back to Cuba for a second labatomy.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Final Review of Nonie Darwash's book

I will assign two different reviews to this book as it is essentially two books in one. As an autobiography it is very interesting and the Egyptian parts including the visits are priceless. The parts where she becomes an activist in America are priceless if you do not read the blogs in our community.

The amusing part is that the people who really need to read this book are mired in an insular Marxist gulag The point our friendly bird brained poultry makes is that he views the works of Darwash, Pipes and Bat Yeor as political. The Duck seems to miss these points in Fanon, Chimpanzee, Finkelstein and Menchu. A Marxist is an accolyte of glass genocide with a reputation of anti-scholarship that spans decades.
Moreover, the plethora of new Middle Eastern Studies Departments paid for with Saudi and other Foreign money should be viewed with suspicion.

The book points out what most of us are aware of Islam seeks global domination like Communism. However, we should not accept this under the guise of Freedom of religion as global conquest is a political statement. The same rationale was given by Marxist who were working towards the violent over throw of the US government in colaberation with a hostile foreign power. Society used to deal with this under the charge of criminal syndicationalism and we should do so again. The second one talks about Jihad in America one should be in denaturalization proceedings. We should also make the flow of foreign money to US educational and religious institutions illegal. At the minimum people who are the recipients of Saudi money should have to register as agents of a hostile foreign power and be subject to constant scrutiny.

Great Book but one that is not apt to be read by those who need it most.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turning Humans into Farm Animals the Wonders of Marx

The accolytes of class genocide love to play games with food. Like Duncy, they talk about egalitarianism but in reality this means that everyone has nothing and lives like sewer rats. Everyone except the party elite who are selected because they are the consumate yes men parroting whatever the party elite tell them is the official line.

The process of domestication begins with manipulatio of the food supply andplanned starvation. Starving people are much easier to govern and if millions die well that is peachy in the eyes of Marxist vermin. Now that we have a zombified humans we can create block patrols and give some table scraps from the party elite. Turn in your parents who may have made a joke about the ruling diety for a rotting turnip. Better yet make up these charges on a large scale and you might get a fish head while the party elite eat caviar.

The are great freedoms in Duckys wonderland. Everyone can read exactly what they are told to read. For example fake indigenous people with a 1400 year history of colonialism and Jim Crowe are the official victims of the world, Islam is the religion of peace and Marxist economics work they just haven't been applied yet.

In order to create this plantation for lazy accolytes of class genocide individuals must be killed. Anyone who can think for themselves is a potential danger to the accolytes of class genocide. Thus if you believe in genuine economics you can be killed. Ownership of a small farm or business can also get onekilled. Those more fortunate are sent to collective plantations where the minions of Marx get to recreate slavery in the current.

The reality is for all the cheap talk about egalitarianism the accolytes of class genocide are the ultimate elitists. The people do not know what is best for them so a self appointed elite must guide them to death. The accolytes for class genocide claim to speak for the entire world. However outside of accaademic gulags, media companies and an ungodly amount of paper pushers they speak for nobody.

The humorous bit is when an accolyte for class genocide rails against Randoids or Neocon ( marxist slang for evil Jewish Republicans). Lets see has any group in history proven more disloyal to the USA than the accolytes of class genocide. Has any group had a lengthier history of colaberation with our enemies than the accolytes of Marx. Has any group promoted more death and destruction than Marx.

I choose to live as a man and only idiots are fooled by the empty words and anti-scholarship of Marxists.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Small Details that one might miss in the Darwash Book

One of the grat things about this book is that we see minor details that we bandy about. The Duck relies on outsiders and tends to dismiss anything not produced by Vomwads like Fanon, Chimpanzee or other Marxist stooges.

I have prevciously spoke of my connection to the Coptic community of NJ. My friends speak of the injustices they endure in Egypt. I ask them why they do not speak out and always get the same resonse " You do not understand ". There is some truth to the learned helplessness in the book depicted by Darwash and some fear for the community in Egypt.

I will state that in NYC I have been mistaken for a Copt when I have brought up the subject of Muslim oppression of Christians. I have most often been accused of being an Assyrian by Muslims and leftists. How or why a person would want to assume a Jewish alias while being an Assyrian or a Copt remains unknown. The fact that I have alabaster skin, green eyes and bear zero resemblence to either is also a mystery. I do not take offense at deing mistaken for a Copt or Assyrian. My reaction is one of astonishment and amazement. Yet leftist and jihadist are prone to conspiracy theories and deception so we shouldn't be surprised. I am waiting for Ducky to claim
the Rosenberg's had a different definition of patriotism, one that includes treason.

An important story that one will probably miss is Darwash's account of harassment by a former coworker who was a US embassy employee in Egypt. We have heard some stories
about this around six months ago. This coworker demanded to see the conversion certificate of Darwash's Coptic husband and asked is he a good Muslim. This employee
has violated US law and has no right to ask these questions. This is yet another account of the harassment of Copts in the US embassy in Egypt. The problem should have been solved by know but the State Deartment hires leftistas who are fed a diet of Chomsky, Fanon and Marx and are expected to behave like adults. Hopefully, the next administration Rudy or Mayor Mike, will take an axe to the State Department. Cut out all the leftistas and start hiring business grads. The USA is ill served by sending graduates of Stalinist University Gulags who are spoonfed Marcuse, Marx and Marijuana.

Beamish in 08, 12 and MT Rushmore in 16.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Book Review Now They Call Me Infidel

I did not intend to pick up Nonie Darvash's autobiography. I had my eye on a book about the Armenian Genocide. However, I needed a bit of lighter reading for the holiday.

The book is an amazing tour through Nasser's Egypt. The author does portray the grinding poverty pre-Nasser. The streets filled with beggars who are hungry and even politely ask for food at a graveside visit. The book mentions Nasser's meglomania and his Communist reforms made matters worse. A nation with millions of hungry people exports food for weapons and feeds the poor a steady died of anti-semitism. The economy continues to go from bad to worse under these Marxist reforms.

The chapters on the realities of polygamy and shariah law on women should be old news to most of us. The sole exception is Ducky who gets his idiotic views of Islam from outsiders like Fanon or Gnome Chimpanzee. The observations of an Irsad Manji, Nonie Darwash, Bat Yeor or Fred Isaac who lived under Islam are ignored. Marxist stooges are not good for much but are cheaper than rubber chickens.

If you haven't purchased the book it is excellent reading.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Dim Bulbs of the Left

The left still has not come up with a coherent answer as to what the basis of the Psuedostian ethnicity is. There is zero connection between Biblical Phillistines and modern Paleostinians. We have gone through the list of what most nations are founded by lengthy historical identity, unique language and unique religious identity.

The genius Elizabeth a dim witted troll that frequents AC site thinks the basis of this Psuedostinian ethnicity is a unique style of embroidery and folk dancing. Lets see states founded by flamenco dancing 0, states founded by the lambada 0, states founded by brake dancing, states founded by waltzes 0. There is a line of men in Las Vegas seeking to form their own ethicity based on appreciation of lap dancind. These men call themselves sleazish and get touchy when their ethnic lap dancing is claimed by the Lap people.

Then there is Elizabeths odd claim that a unique style of embroidery is enough to establish an ethnicity. The number of ethnicities based upon needlework styles is zero. One might make a better case for Bufalostan based upon hot wings and mediocre football. One could also create a state called Crackistan that elects mayors based upon recreational drug habbits.

There is no basis for a Pseudostinian ethnicity as Psuedostinians are generic Arabs. Do not take my word for it, read the PLO charter. This congame was set up by the Egyptians after they got waxed in the Six Day War. It seems that Marxist anti-semites can't rally around a Judenrhein Middle East or Pan Arabism as there are allreay 22 Arab states on mostly stolen Real Estate. Thus the leftist keep pushing an ethnicity that has zero basis in reality.

This fake indigenous group makes a mokery of genuine indigenous people such as Basques, Tibetians, Kurds and other who the left ignore.

New For Christmas The Mr Beamish & Beakerambo Video Game

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Entertainment



Mr Beamish and Beakerambo invade NYU and the New School of Communist Treason.

Among the adventures

Pelt Animal rights advocates with stale butter milk biscuts.

Kick Social Science majors rear ends.

This clip from Mr Beamish and Beakerambo study bio.

Mr Beamish: Beakerambo find a spleen.No that is a kidney, No that is a liver. Beakerambo we are running out of Social Science Majors to dismember.

Don't just sit there fix higher ed the Mr Beamish way.

This game is intended for mature adiences due to themes involving alcohol, illegal narcotics, dimemberment, gratuitous violence, botanical pornography and the placement of steel toed boots in unusal places.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bankrupting the Axis of Evil

The USA has the power to eliminate and bankrupt the axis of evil. Previously I had to remind some of you that OPEC is well aware of the upper price threshold. The pice of seventy five dollars per barrel is the current price that Oil Sand and Oil Shale become economically viable. The USA and Canada have plenty of supplies and can flood the market.

It is important to know that all comodity prices fluctuate in cycles. The prophets of gloom and doom always extapolate staight line price rises. This is not the way markets work.

Our enemies the Saudis, Hugo Chavez, Iran and whatever Putin is at the moment depend on Oil prices to survive. However, news last week of an Israeli method that can produce shale oil at 18.00 a barell is the best news on the war on terror so far. Our enemies chief economic component becomes worthless. The Saudi Royal Crime family could go bankrupt and Hugo will no doubt be assasinated or be overthrown in a coup.
The mullahs of Iran will see their dreams of empire go up in smoke. Well paying Union jobs will be created in Canada and Colorado. Opec will see its market share be cut and other countries with Oil Shale will get in on the act.

In the end the Saudis, Iranians and Venezuelans ruined their chance to create something. With their oil revenues the Saudis could have built Universities reclaimed the dessert. Instead they wasted their vast fortune on exporting a vile strain of Islam called Wahabism. The Iranians loose the ability to fund their Syrian and Hezbollah allies. Uncle Hugo becomes a laughing stock and his dreams of being the new Fidel die with him.

Our enemies including those who are waterfowl will invent an enviromental armagedon.
Our enemies are obstructionists and always look for excuses except when their socialist utopian ponzi scheemes go up in smoke. There was never a reason to oppose drilling in ANWAR or building new refineries or nuclear power plants. The left lives in a fantasy world where the demand side can create a green fantasy land. In reality
there is limited potential in energy reduction. The best way to reduce energy prices is to increase supply. Our enemies do not understand markets and want to live in a world of deprivation and socialist ponzi scheemes.

The future of Oil Shale is our greatest weapon in the war on terror.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo

Monday, November 20, 2006

Yet another dreaded Next Post

I want to thank Mustang for an excellent interview. He was given no softball questions in the entire interview and came through with one of my all time best interviews.

The Most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Farmer John Round two
4 Angel from Woman Honor Thyself
5 Pim's Ghost
6 Storm
7 Kahane Loyalist
8 Free Cypus
9 Cubed
10 Zinla

One of these days I really want to interview an economist.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

In the Hot Seat With Mustang

I have been looking forward to this interview for a while. Mustang is a retired Marine who is currently teaching history to todays youth. A few of are readers are history buffs. Many of you will learn a great deal from topics we seldom cover.

1 How should we look at the Mongols today? Were Ghengis Khan more ruthless than the people they conquered. What was the secret to the sucsess of the Mongols was their sucsess a more tactical or due to mobility.

2 Did the Industrial Revolution excacerbate the problem of supply lines and communications.

3 Farmer John and I differ on who won the battle of Oriskany. Did the Colonials or the British win that battle?

4 Speaking about Oriskany, that campaign is one that illustrates the importance of thinking outside the box. The campaign featured sealing ever cooking utensil, blanket and any item not nailed to the floor as well as creative use of the mentally ill by Benadict Arnold. Is one of the reasons Communist armies tended to underperform is the lack of initiative at the lower levels. Is the lack of independent thinking at the platoon level a serious flaw in Communist military doctrine.

5 In the previous interview with an Iranian disident the interviewee detailed the accounts of children being used to clear minefields in the Iran/Iraq war. Is the use
of child soldiers in combat the ultimate form of child abuse?

6 It seems that many of our conflicts are now fought with photo ops in the media. We have seen staged attrocities like the fake Jenin massacre and some clear chicanery at Qana. There was plenty of this chicanery in the Vietnam era. Is the history of fighting wars with photo ops even older.

7 What is the correct view of Benedict Arnold. Unlike John Kerry, Arnold was a brave and genuinely skilled military leader. He played a key role in the Saratoga campaign.

8 People seem to forget the French and Indian war. Did Colonial tactics learned in French and Indian War play a key role in the American Revolution?

9 Do we diminish the role of disease in military history? In WW1 it is said that more men died of disease than bullets. This seems like an exageration given the batlles had casualty rates that today would be conisidered astronomical. Disease certainly played a key role in the French debacle in Haiti.

10 Is Santa Anna the most inept figure in military history?


11 What coutries do you see as keys to the future of the American economy?

12 There is an interesting hypothesis in the book the Malady of Islam. The hypothesis is that the West has bypassed the Muslim world in trade. The lack of foreign manufacturing jobs leads to high unemployment and in turn breeds religious fanaticism. There is some truth, but the issues of violence, corruption must be solved prior to this investment. Are there elements of truth in this theory?

13 Are there pseudo religious elements in the Marxist and Environmental movements?
Maxists keep failing disasterously and in the case of the Green movement it seems that they are chasing a paradise that never was?

14 What are your views on social engineering via the tax code? Should the government
tax items like gasoline consumption, cigarettes and cell phone usage? Are gasoline taxes a slap in the face of rural Americans.

Books and Letters

15 Are authors like Stephen Ambrose, Martin Gilbert and Cornelius Ryan guilty of mass marketing history. What are your views on the writing of history as entertainment.

16 What is your favorite work of historical fiction? I am partial to the works of Leon Uris. The battle sequences in Drums Along the Mohawk are entertaining as well as accurate.

17 I am against the introduction of pop psychology into history. We have had the following theories about Lincoln manic depression, gay Lincoln and oddly Linoln sufffering from syphilis. In my view all of this is a distraction from learning about the actions and legacy of President Lincoln. What are your views on the subject?

Political History

18 Where does Teddy Roosevelt rank on your list of American Presidents? Bill Clinton was alleged to see himself as heir to TR's legacy. Has the aura of romance turned TR into an American icon?

19 Is George Washington somewhat under rated as a President?

20 Was the French Revolution the first far left revolution? Was Napoleon an egomaniac
or on a par with the rest of the rulers of his era?

21 What were the most significant historic events that occured in your lifetime, pick five?


22 There was an unwriten formula for imigration sucsess in America.
1 Find a job 2 Obey the law 3 Respect others 4 Show some loyalty to your host country. Have these historic notions that served our country for two centuries become passe?

23 Should non-citizens who serve in combat roles in the US military get expedited citizenship benefits?

24 Should the US tax payer fund the Arts?

25 What are your views on drilling in ANWAR

I want to add that allegedly a new Israeli method has been found that can produce Oil Shale at $18.00 a barrel. If this is true the US government should get behind this project and expedite it. This could drive the price of oil down, produce American jobs and defund the Saudis and Hugo Chavez. Ironically, Arab obstinancy to trade created the ground work for this technology that will hurt their bottom line.

No apologies but wishing 167 a peaceful remainder of his life

Long term readers know that we like to make fun of a series of bigoted trolls. These trolls serve as in house comedic props and are less expensive than rubber chickens.
One of the most comedic is the Communist gay Dane 167 who literally is a rabid foaming at the mouth anti-semite. The Purple Avenger stumbled on his site and placed a link under weapons grade crazy.

Sadly, 167 has foud out he has contracted the AIDS virus. AIDS is more manageable than in the past and if he follows the drug regimen he should be around for years to come. AIDS is a terrible disease and unlike our left wing vermin critics we do not rejoice at anyone's suffering. We wish him a long remainder of his life hopefully as peacefull as possible. People do not become transformed by their brushes with mortality. Most of us face death in a similar manner to which we lived.

I want to state that 167 does not deserve and would not want pitty. His comments about Ariel Sharon while he was in a coma were among the most vile and reprehensible comments I have seen. 167 wished Sharon a painful dead and made jokes about making soap from porcine fat. 167 also was somewhat more generous to Pope Paul who he accused of causing the deaths of millions but could not name one. In short we wish him better than he wished others and nobody should ever mistake 167 for Mr congeniality.

The truth is 167 made himself into a cartoon. His hateful bigotries and bragadocio about his alleged intelligence made him a ripe and deserving target for satire. Smart people do not need to brag about their credentials as we witness it daily. Freedomnow or Farmer John do not have to brag as their words provide the evidence we
need and it is low class to toot your own horn.

Let us all wish 167 a peacefull remainder of his days. He is what he is, but we are what we are, and there is a profound difference the two.

Up Next

We are honored to have Mustang sit for a Hot Seat interview. This should be a rather interesting interview as there is much ground to cover.

I will have a rare personal post before this interview. As some of you have read 167
has unfortunately been infected with AIDS. I will do a short post on the subject. Our satire will continue with Gert filling the role of anti-semitic Scrooge. If we were a Soap we would annouce and now playing Scrooge Gert.

Questions for the religious among us and Farmer John

1 One of my serious issues with Islam is the prohibition of the adoption of children.
The concept that children belong to God is offensive to me. All of us belong to God and how we treat the most vulnerable says much about us. Orphaned and unwanted children belong in loving homes and there has been a Christian tradition of looking after unwanted Children for ages. I am deeply offended by what appears to be a disregard for the welfare of children.

2 Does how we treat our disabled and our orphans speak volumes about who we are as a people?

3 Is modesty passe in today's world where everyone toots their own horn. Is there a religious component in the concept of sportmanship and being a productive member of a team.

4 Are we hurting people with perpetual welfare checks. Is handing a subsistence check forever good for a persons soul? Is there a religious value to getting people work?

5 Does a sense of community still eminate from the Church? It seems that in the current era where people move from job to job and home to home that this has been diminished somewhat?

6 Is there a religious message in Thanksgiving? Do we often forget to be thankful for the things we have and the people around us?

7 Has religion become too touchy feely? Most of us believe in redemption and salvation. However has the emphasis on the consequences of our behavior been marginalized? We know that God loves the sinner and hates the sin. However, shouldn't we understand and accept the consequences of our behavioral lapses.

8 This one is a personal gripe but many people seem to have lost a sense of honor. There used to be a personal code of conduct that seems to have fallen by the wayside.
We have people who use the governments whistleblower sanctions to promote their own careers. In the old days the notion of snitching on a coworker for anything less than theft or serious misconduct was abhorent and people were shunned for this behavior. Nowdays I see people snitching about frivolous matters as a tool to damage the competition at work. Is honor passe or is it something that was illusionary?

9 Do you dread those large family gathering?

10 Do we control our own destinies?

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Christmas Carrol Gone Haywire Starring 167 Part 1

Mad Zionist Jewish Conpiracy Production Present A Christmas Carrol Gone Haywire.

It was early Christmas in London. 167 had just returned from his Abu Gharib naked twister role playing with the Gay Commies anti-semites 1001 chapter. He went to his table to assemble his Leggo concentrtion camp he purchased in his travels to Iran. He was in a foul mood as his entry in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon did not get any notice. It seems even apocalypti blood crazed jihadis do have some standards of good taste. A foul wind crept into the room. At first he thought it was the Tofurkey as tofu tends to put a bad smell in the air.

167 looked and it was his friend Poultry.

167: You stupid American marxists always make such a big production about entering a scene. If I didn't know better I would think you have a bit of drama queen in you.
Oh we can aarange that in the bedroom.

Ducky: Comwad 167 it is I the Duck returned from beyond the grave.

167: Well that would explain the bad odor
Ducky: No that is the tofurkey.
167: But you have been decomposing for two years.
Ducky: It is the Tofurkey that is all Satan feeds us along with brussel sprouts and
fermented Yak...
167: This hell place sounds like fun where do....
Ducky: Silence Comwad I am here to tell you to change your ways or face eternal damnation. While I am here I want my copy of Almodvar's Tie me Up Tie me Down.
167: I was so disappointed that it wasn't gay porn.
Ducky: You idiot even for a Comwad you are low class.
167: You are one of those errr heterosexual well....
Ducky: I am here to tell you o mend your hateful ways. Learn to embrace the savior and his people.
167: Marx and Chomsky
Ducky: No you idiot Jesus and the Jews.
167: Never Christianity is evil and all the problems of the world are caused by dem Joooos er Zionists.
Ducky: You will have three visitors. Try to learn something or you will end up in Satan's re-education camp. Oh thanks for my Almodvar CD all they play in hell is Yentyl 24/7.

167 stood in a daze as the clock neared nine. He thought is was the cheap Vodka but he had been drinking Grey Goose all evening. He heard a dreaded sound a crash and some Barry Manilow music.

167: What is it with you Americans can't anyone just knock on the door. Its that blasted Zionist Media and Judeohollywood. So Rob did you finally wear out your welcome among the Fascist Neocon Zionista JudeoNazifriends of yours.

Rob Bayn: I am here as the ghost of holiday past. Open your heart to the savior stop vilifing his people and stop eating that Tofu.

167: You Americans are poisoning the world with McDonalds and Obesity.All you Americans are brainwashed by the Jews and you are all fat because the Jooos own the fast food companies. Judeozionists are poisoning the world with Junk food. It is the worst poisons of capitalism and Jooish control.

Rob Bayn: I will have talk to my agant there is nothing in my contact about working with idiots.

I suppose it is better to starve people to death in the name of Marx.

167: Well at least they wouldn't be fat it is sooooo unsightly and Jooooish
Rob Bayn: Dead people are not exactly healthy
167: Tell that to Kate Moss
Rob: She is still alive you dolt.
167: I thought she was dead she looks dead. She smells dead. ...
Rob: That bad stench is you lay off the Tofurkey. Root for the Detroit Lions and behold as we venture into Christmas past.
167: Do you put out on the first date.... Ouch damn Zionist deity hit me with a lightning bolt inside my flat
Rob: Thanks big guy just a few more volts next time. It will at least remove the tofu spell. Respect Gods messenger as we drift into holiday past.........

To Be Continued.

Another of those dreaded Next posts

Over the weekend I will be doing an open ended religous segment. The last one was well received and we will try another. Farmer John as a philosopher tanscends religion so he gets a special invitation. There will be a series of questions that are open ended. It is a rare chance to do something unique that we seldom do. There is no reason that we should not delve into these subjects.

The Newest most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Mark Alexander
4 Kuhnkat
5 Farmer John Round Two Life Love, Taxes and Produce
6 Woman Honor thyself
7 Big Bubba
8 Mark Winters of Bad Eagle
9 Elijah
10 Pims Ghost

At some point in the future I may want to do segments with the following themes

1 Humor- Why are certain subjects funny
2 A veterans type of open questions for our many honored veterans
3 A sports segment dedicated to the real sports hero the fans of futile sports franchises who remain fans despite mismanagement and idiocy.

Blogging Ownership and Freedom of Speech

The issue of blog ownership and freedom of speech has become an issue in our comunity once again. I want to point out that blogs are a propritery property and as such have different issues. The owner of the blog has the full right and responsability to establish the decorum or lack of in some cases.

This is an issue that every blog owner with any level of traffic deals with. The best and wisest policy I have yet to see was that of Richard Poe. The wisdom of Richard Poe was that one should judge the intent and history before making a move to ban a poster. Thus there were times as a Rudy Republican I could differ with Mr Poe on several issues. Yet as those differences were always presented with a reverence for a brilliant writer it never ever became an issue.

Great writers like Dr Yeagley and Rocco Dipippo also have my hesitancy to censor. We love the First Amendment as it is our stock and trade. Yet there are limits and decorum issues in any are. Dr Yeagley preffer his non-Native American areas to be educational. Thus I will be linking some future interviews and select posts from this site to the Jewish forum. Dr Yeagley has his expectations and it is up to me to live up to it.

I want to stress that spam and vulgarity are issues. My initial banning of John Brown was based on spam. I wanted to ban him for the Klanwatch section and the infamous spoof article of Warren. However, the spam and repeated vulgarity were issues enough to warrant a ban. I might have relented with decent behavior but stealing avatars and the spoof blog have ensured that Brown's ban remains permanent.
Similarly Janice is a spammer who is either very young or retarded. Someone out there is bound to point out the two are not mutually exclusive. I do publish her posts but I will not allow her to deposit a string of pointless idiocy like she did at MZ's site. She did not make a single point other than to show she is retarded. It is not politically correct to laugh at retarded people, but Janice's attendants should have kept the idiocy under wraps.

Gert also has a lifetime ban as this blog does not allow criminal behavior. His idiotic obsession with my genetalia is just creepy. Gertrude likes to post under the alias of Beakerpoop. When he posts under his own name he does a crude impersination of an anti Semitic version of Dr Smith. Unlike a more talented troll Ducky or Weazie he cries and we do not like efeminate trolls. Any retaliation from the Editrix, Jeff Bargholtz and Mr Beamish who were cowardly slammed by Gertrude is deemed appropriate.

The Duck knows that I will put up with alot of crap. He knows not to repeat himself or spam the boards. He does say some odious an anti- American as well as anti-semitic things. However, we know as a Marxist he is not all there. Normal people do not watch Blue Velvet or Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and look for Marist messages in them. Normal people also are not advocates for treason, sedition and class genocide. Paraphrasing Jerry Jones " How about them emaciated peasants starved to death on purpose". Weazie also is well aware of the limits and almost all his material is posted uncensored.

In short we do not have problems with people who disagree post away but do not clutter the board and do not repeat yourself. You can get away with non-criminal personal attacks against the host ala Weazie, but I will not put up with it against a poster.

Lastly, I want to post about Greg who was asked to leave. The issue was maturity, content and above all being a drama queen. The notion that MZ or myself who are fairly tolerant of dissent would ask you to go has zero to do with your views. If one wants to dissent there are ways to do it without being a drama queen. Make your point stick to it back it up if you can. The reason Greg was asked to leave but not banned was because of his propensity towards childish behavior.

Remember we own our blogs and have the duty to set our standards as we deem fit.

Mr Beamish in 08, 12 and in 16 on Mt Rushmore.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Trifkovic claims 167 is correct about homosexuality in Islamic Countries

I am reading Serge Trifkovic's latest book in which he describes the true story of two young Turks who embraced Satre and were aparently gay. The two friends then just happened to blow themselves up as suicide bombers.

Now if being gay and reading Satre caused suicide bombings whole enclaves in NYC would be depopulated. Trifkovic seems to agree with 167 that homosexuality is rampant in the Islamic world but it is winked and nodded at. Somehow this just does not seem correct. The notion of crazed jihadis singing YMCA or Its Raining Men is a comedic thought.

Trifkovicis a brilliant writer but it looks like he may have over simplified this issue.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Janice finds a job

Are you a retarded anti-semite devoid of any social graces? We have the perfect job for you? Contact comwad Ducky at Retards for Hammas and you can be a suicide bomber. Yes Hamas has a history of using developmentally disabled children against their loving parents wishes. However, Janice does not have to worry about any loving relatives. Her relatives will be glad to see her blow herself up for fake indigenous people. Why settle for a lifetime of people telling you what a total moron you are? You can have a task that suits your limited intellect.

Pick up the phone and contact Comwad Ducky in the People's Republic of MA. You will be paid only upon completions of your task. All uncollected checks go to Comwad Ducky.

Mark Steyn "Europe Is Finnished"

I have to agree with Mark Steyn Europe is toast. The reason for this is Marxist subversion of the education and culture. Europe after WW2 had the luxury of not paying for its own defense due to the US nuclear shield. The Europeans built huge welfare states with the money freed from defense spending. However, the large welfare state with low worker productivity meant escalating taxes an on the top classes hindered capital formation.

In a last gasp attempt for some of these businesses to remain competative cheap labor was imported. This cheap labor mostly came from Muslim countries and remained after the jobs were gone. Unlike America no efforts were placed to reign in abhorent ways of life. In the new neomarxist Europe the simple formula immigrants had observed for years was tossed out the window. Immigrants were expected to work, avoid legal trouble, learn the language and respect the rights of others. There are many examples of radical imams on welfare preaching violence and sedition in the countries they opperate in. Contrary to Commie propoganda terrorists do not come from the poor and oppressed. The 7-07 bombers and the 9-11 goons came from mostly upper middle class families.

The myth of dividing the world into oppressors and opressed in a Marxist world view
is similar to the Islamonazi House of War and abode of Peace. I live in a mostly French enclave and in the midst of the Frech Riots my coworkers were amazed at one demand expressed by the lawless rioters. " Out of the Occupied Territories" was the demand. Now the Duck and Weazel will have you think that the rioters were talking about the West Bank. However, the rioters were demanding the removal of police from the Occupied Territories in France. The French reacted exactly as dimwits do by opting for a French version of affirmitive action. No doubt the European version of this American disaster will fail twice as quickly. The notion of telling people to find jobs, obey laws and respect others is too much to ask of the oppressed. Lost on the Eurodolts is that rioters in America wanted opportunity and to be a part of America. Rioters in France want to create their own little Sharia enclaves at your expense. Under Sharia tribute from nonMuslims is considered a right. Thus the European taxpayer is asked to support people who will not work and have no respect for the dominant culture. Moreover, this welfare extends to fake indigenous people
who refuse to build an economy. The notion that the Rich Gulf states should pay the cost of this farce is absent.

The future will be dominated by India and China. Militant Islam will be tolerated until either one gets annoyed enough. India can easily eliminate Pakistan in any confrontation. Yet India has a growing vibrant economy that produces engineers, doctors and has manufacturing. Pakistan produces next to nothing, because it lacks stable governance, corruption is a way of life and the rule of law means nothing. One easily finds Pakistanis as capable business people but they usually leave Pakistan and the culture of corruption to make a sucsess elsewhere.

The USA is still growing in population but our largess must stop. The reality is higher education is subsidized in many countries and their local universities are uburdened by a cadre of lazy social science Marxists. University professors in India and China spend far more time teaching. One can easily glance at an Indian Commerce major and see almost no political classes. In order to compette with a subsidized Indian student a US business grad must be a triple major. The time has come overhaul the liberal arts requirements. No student loans for Social science majors or any major unlikely to yield a job. In fact it is far more important for an Antropology major to have a series of business classes than a business major have social science classes. Reading Chomsky, Fanon and Menchu have zero value in business and time and resources should not be wasted.

The future belongs to India and China who have invested in genuine education. The USA
is heading down the same road as Europe however far left types like Ducky do not seem to breed. The key to avoiding the fate of Europe is educational and immigration reform.

Mister Beamish in 08 and 12 and 16 on Mt Rushmore. We have to see if we can convince Mr Beamish to photoshop Mt Rushmore with the Mr Beamish addition.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Beakerkin takes a night out

I went with Northwind to see Borat. Northwind is a local and doesn't understand my mannerism. For example I go to a resturant and I never look at the menu. I just go and order while the locals seemed perplexed. Part of being a NYer is being decisive and when one walks into a resturant one has a good idea of what is there. If you don't just ask for the special and wing it. Northwind is amazed at the speed I handle my transactions. I shop eat and order fast and sometimes the locals do not get it, but in NYC we have a different perception of time.

The Borat movie was great if you like gross humor. Northwind didn't get it, but she hasn't been out of the Northcountry much. Alan Keyes has a great cameo and comports himself well. The film does not make fun of Muslims, but it does take a swipe at Jews, Gays, Christians, Republicans, Southerners and Pam Anderson. I do not have any idea why the Kazakh government takes this seriously as the film is obviously a farce in poor taste.

The NYC scenes are real as is the Hotel Wellington which is the cheapest Hotel in Midtown but bring your own bat. I get home sick when I see my beloved city on film.
I am sorry they did not shoot a sceene with Communists in NYU.

If one is going to the theatre anyway it is a good laugh. Kudos to Alan Keyes who really did an excellent job and accounted himself well.

Commies using International Courts

We have the far left Marxist thugs abusing the international court system. The Commies at the CCR have decided to indict Donald Rumsfeld in a German court. My response is lets the trial begin and follow it up with a RICO investigation. Lets find out once and for all who funds the CCR. A quick hunch is that Comwad George Soros is behind this.

Make no mistake the CCR isn't interested in genuine human rights abuses. There is no plan to indict Fidel, Robert Mugabe or the thugs in Iran. There isn't even a lame attempt to deal with Sudan, China or the Islamonazi terrorist who shoot school kids in the back, smack planes into office buildings and toss wheel chair bound seniors off of cruise liners.

The CCR is worried about naked twister, panties on the head and some S&M inspired photographs. Some of the critics of this ( this means you Gert and 167) are upset they weren't invited and freely behave in these activities. None of these activities
constitutes torture that can be readilly found in the prison systems of most of the world. If placing panties over the head of a prisoner gets the information, do it. Humiliation is an efective tool to use against the Islamonazis and is more efective than breaking bones.

Communists like the Duck get all enraged over a misfired Israeli artilery shell. They neglect to mention the innaccurate rockets filled with plastic ball bearings dipped in rat poison used by Pseudostinian thugs precipitated the mess. No doubt an ally of the CCR will try to indict an Israeli for legitamate self defense. The outrage is selective and illustrates why the USA should never sign any treaties that allow citizens to be tried before Kangaroo courts in Belgium or Germany.

Lets send a message to the CCR, go ahead start the lawsuit. However, the Federal government wants to look over your records and will publically name donors and employees to the Communist front Group. If George Soros has a significant financial stake he should be denaturalized. Lets turn this into Rummy versus Soros and place Soros on trial.

All you lefties out there forgot the lessons of Iran-Contra. America embraced Oliver North as a patriot doing his job. This will mark the beging of the end for Soros if the government uses the RICO statute and the IRS against the CCR. Undermining the Federal Government falls under the RICO laws.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


My interview with Amil Imayani is underway at the Bad Eagle Jewish Forum. I only asked 15 questions but you take a look. Hopefully Warren or Mr Beamish will set up a link. We have alot of clowns who pretend to be Iran experts, notably 167. He seems to think because he visited Iran for six months he is an expert. Well I spent last night at a Holliday Inn and will defer to Amil. Amil speaks the language and culture and doesn't mince words.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Breakout the Cheap Booze and Bad Jokes It is a Cyberoast For Rob Bayn

This is yet another one of those dreaded cyberoasts where I serve as our host. Regular readers are well aware of the format where we salute a fellow blogger to a Dean Martin style roast all in good fun. Our hostest for the evening will be Nanc and TMW is cooking up some classics in the back. Beakerambo has been dispatched from Celebrity dodgeball because he works for minimum wage.

I first met Rob Bayn on Upon Futher Review a decent site for those on the far left. Rob at the time was living a vile ugly lifestyle as a dreaded Detroit Lion fan. The Lions who have set the standard for futility in the NFL are a poor excuse for a football team. However, the Arizona Cardinals are making a great case for football futility. The Raiders will likely pass both and Raiders fans are part mental patient even in good years.

Rob and I disagree on many things. Rob likes American Idol and I want to kick Simon's posterior. Rob tends to like Pop culture more than I do. He does not seem to seek higher wisdom in the idiocies of American idol. The idiocy of finding higher meaning through films belongs to Duncy. Duncy is still trying to figure out the politically correct meaning of the God's Must Be Crazy.

Rob is a patriotic sane liberal. This is opposed to the insane anti semitic kind who run from Bibles ala Linda Blair in the Excorcist. Maybe a future Beakerkin Parody will be on the Bad Omen Marxist starring Justin Morris, Beakerambo, Elmers brother, TMW with 167 playing a satanicaly possed Marxist anti-semite. Jason Pappas will provide a cameo as the Liberterian alternative excorcist.

Rob has the distinction of being the only person with spelling that rivals my own. Of course the the fact that most of our couch potato critics have cut and paste blogs
goes unsaid.

Let the bad quips fly and the fun begin. The roast is underway


Yesterday Rutgers shocked the nation with a stunning upset of Louisville. Few people gave Rutgers any chance and they still have to play West Virginia. If they go undefeated they will not get the oportnity to play in a BCS bowl game. I would like to see Rutgers defeat a football factory like Texas. Chances are Rutgers will end up in some bowl game even if West Virginia beats them.

I have an interview up at Bad Eagle with questions for Amil Imayani whose work has appeared in many publications. This interview is Iran 1001 for those of us who need a brush up. I will notify you when Amil responds as it will be interesting.

New Shows on Fox

From the people who produced Dancing with the Stars, yes but can they drive. Billy Joel, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and Mitch "Blood" Green present driving with the stars with special guest host Lizzie Grubman.

From the producers of who wants to be a millionaire, who wants to kick John Kerry or Ted Kennedy's behind. Contestants are promised the chance to pummel the MA politician of their choice.

John Edwards returns to TV in a new show. Interpeting the incoherent, follow as John tries to discern any intelligence in a Sean Penn interview. Edwards will try to find the humor in Kerry Jokes. He will also try and figure out what was Charles Rangel thinking when he compared the Holocaust to Iraq".

Leonard Nimoy goes in search of what noted leftist have done. What legislation if any have Bernie Sanders, John Kerry or Hillary passed.

The Politization of Sex abuse.and a wasted life

This mornings Front Page Magazine has yet another example of a narcacistic public figure claiming alleged repressed childhood sexual abuse. I have always had my doubts about the repressed memory idiocy. These doubts become cynical when the alleged victim uses them for publicity like Roseanne Barr or Betina Aptheker use them to push book sales. This is not only limited to sexual abuse but dubious claims of physical abuse such as the one by Halle Berry against David Justice were timed when her career was in a rut. There were no police reports or any physical evidence and do note David Justice is a huge man 6-3 230lbs. After the appearance on Oprah Berry's career was reignited at the expense of the reputation of a man who was most likely innocent.

The reality is that many charges come out in divorce cases. Enraged spouses and vermin type lawyers use these fabricated charges as legal thermonuclear devices. Any charge that originates in a divorce proceeding should be viewed with suspicion.

David Horrowit's review of Aptheker's self centered tome lets us know the ugliness of the far left. Herb Aptheker was a noted Communist apologist and his behavior should be viewed as cartoonish as Commies are themselves. Ronald Radosh doesn't speak a single negative word about his parents in his memoir. Radosh is a serious scholar and first rate human who has moved past being a cartoon years ago. Many people read Radical Son and get the wrong message. David Horrowitz's arguments with his father were political, but he never ever torches him as a father. There are plenty of areas where his father is portrayed as a human with faults. Horrowitz unlike Aptheker hasn't been a cartoon for years.

Aptheker is a picture of mediocrity and a walking example of how the far left has created an intellectual gulag in higher ed. The exponential over representation of Communists in faculty is a fact. The left likes to talk of statistics in death penalty cases or admissions. It fails to explain how 30% of the population is excluded from jobs in higher ed. Even far left terrorists are readily hired and given jobs in academia.

Aptheker never progresses beyond a cartoon stage. Did her fathers career ever suffer from government repression. In fact the reality is that she owes her cushy accademic career to her father and her own party connections. One can conclude that the reward for being an advocate of class genocide and the violent overthrow of the US government is a lifetime job of 20 hour workdays with one year off in every seven. The financial compensation of six figure salaries for little or no genuine work and dubious scholarship are lucrative. How a person gets a tenured job with a six figure
income and less than twenty hours and claims to be a victim remains a mystery.

Couch potatoes of the world unite!!!! You have nothing to looooose other than well paying tenured lifetime jobs with almost no actual work. What do people who have never held a real job know about the working class?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The start of this mess

The election mess was started with the guest worker debacle. Republicans flipped their base the middle finger and ignored the wishes of the American people. The polls showed 70% percent of us do not want amnesty for illegals and the GOP ignored
the will of the American people who remained at home.

However, now that Nancy Pelosi, Rangel and Howard Dumb are talking this is good news.
Now that the far left extreemists are deluded they will let their guard down. Let Conyers start a move to impeach Bush. Let Howard Dumb flap his mouth about the results.

The only vote that was clearly about Iraq was in CT where the Stalinist Lamont aided by far left antisemites lost to Joe Lieberman. The reality is the KOSBY crew will push the dumbocrats off the cliff in 08.

Bring on Michael Bloomburg to fix Washington DC next.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The lessons of Vermont

The lessons of the Vermont Senate race are quite clear. The Repubican challenger ran an unfocused race with absurd advertisements. He danced around Bernie Sanders socialism and serious ethical issues.

Tarrant ran a series of absurd campaign advertisements that almost seemed narcisistic. He should have gone after Sanders where he is vulnerable jobs, immmigration and idiotic votes. Sanders is given the kid glove treatment in the local
media. In Vermont he talks about local issues and leaves the incendiary stuff for the Washington DC cocktail parties.

There are other jobs in Vermont other than those in the Dairy industry. The Union told us that Sanders did not lift a finger to protect Vermont jobs. The only help that our union mentioned was from gasp Ted Kennedy. While Vermont jobs were facing the axe Sanders was partying with Willie Nelson who was arrested on pot charges two days later. The reality is that friends have left Vermont because of this situation including life long Vermonters who moved across country. Other people moved because of the taxation. One friend told me his move from Vermont would result in a larger house and a $10,000 dollar tax cut.

The Tarrant campaign danced around Sanders record. They briefly mentioned some bizzare votes on sex offenders. They should have come straight out and asked what have you done in a state where taxes are sky high and jobs are leaving in droves.
The Tarant campaign should have explained that the election of a cartoon charachter
leaves Vermont with one senator. Now Bernie can take this comedy act national and become a larger joke. However, the reality is given Sanders age he will serve one term and do nothing except be the butt of every joke.

The lessons of Vermot are simple.

1 Go out and attack the record. What has Sanders done in the US House of Representatives. Even his suppoorters do not know and they trot out bunk that Bernie cares yada yada yada. Parting with Willie Nelson as jobs leave the state in droves speaks vollumes. Okay he cares but what has he done. The Bernie supporters can't answer that one.

2 Bring the absurd votes front and center. Why was Sanders against the Amber alert system.

3 What does Bernie Sanders want to do about illegal immigration. Does he echo the views of the current Mayor of Burlington who pronounced the city a haven for illegal aliens.

We also say the differences between a real sharp businessman Michael Bloomburg and Rich Tarant. Bloomburg spent his money wisely and ran a campaign in a much larger arena. Bloomburg focused on what he would do as mayor. It also helped that he ran against one of the dumbest political hacks Mark Green who has been a career politician.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Duck's notion of woman's rights

The other day the Duck was in his typical anti-semitic mode. Those Israelis gunned down women in Gaza. I cautioned him yet again to wait until the facts are clear. We have had fake massacres in Jenin, a staged massacre in Qana and repeated Paliwood staged attrocities of their own people. Sadly Rachel Corrie was also killed by accident. However, she clearly deserved to die and her parents should pay for any damage caused by having a mental defective child hit by a bulldozer.

Well it seems the pussies of Jihad summoned women and children to wander into a battlefield and die. It was only with super restraint and leadership that only two women were killed. The Duck does not blame the actual culprits who summoned women and children onto the battlefield. Nor does the fact that Hamas is now recruiting ugly female teenagers to be suicide bombers.

The Duck does not seem to show the slightest concern when the pussies of Jihad take a school in Beslan and mow down children on purppose. Nor does the Duck seem concerned when the pussies of Jihad target women and children in routine suicide bombings. The Duck was afraid of Islamophobia after the pussies of jihad plowed
planes into office buildings. The Duck will make every excuse for this behavior just like he never sees anything wrong with Communist human rights in Vietnam, Cuba, Zimbabwe or China. The Duck focuses 100% of his scrutiny on fake indigenous people prone to homicidal violence.

This game is not new as the Duck's beloved VC went out of their way to ensure civillian casualties and photos were everywhere. Most of you have heard of Mai Lai but do any of you remember Hue. The Duck will talk of Civil Wars and forget about Communist subversion and human rights abuses that continue today. There were no boat people until the commies took over. The Duck also forgets about Commie human rights abuses including killing hundreds of Hmong with flame throwers. Helicopter massacres
of Miskito Indians with Pseudostinian mercenaries just never seems to make the front
page either.

It is clear the Duck's warped anti-semitic Communist immaginations are in overdrive.
The Duck seems to have a fascination with water boarding. Leave it to an advocate of class genocide and property theft to be so concerned with this trivial matter. The Duck is still making excuses for Bill Ayers, Pseudostinians and the pussies of jihad who kill people on purpose. There is always an excuse for this behavior. What connection did Bill Ayers terrorism have to the Vietnam War? Ayers could have claimed a million other excuses for his criminal acts including hatred of silly puty.
Why are terrorists teaching in American Universities instead of pushing up daisies?

There are excuses galore in the antisemitic communist world of the Duck. The excuses
end with the USA and Israel who are held to impossible standards and the rest of the world is held to none.

Monday, November 06, 2006

One of those dreaded Next posts

First I would like to thank Florian for providing an excellent interview. In reality it is much harder to interview a familiar blogger like myself than an unknown like Possum. Florian will be interviewing Donal, be sure to catch the interview there.

The Top ten most wanted interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Mark Alexander
4 Kuhnkat
5 Amil of Bad Eagle
6 Woman Honor thyself
7 Pims Ghost
8 Free Cyprus
9 Jams ODonnel
10 Taz Max

Our open question segment went better than I expected. Over the Weekend I would like to do a Roast for Rob Bayn but we will see if he is up to it. The Detroit Lions won so he may still be celebrating.

The Madrassas of the Left

One thing that stands out is the similarity of leftist indoctrination and Hitler youth camps or crazed madrassas in Pakistan. In Hollander's book many of the Communists went to left wing madrassas in the USA or in the Soviet Union.

Ronald Radosh's memoir recounts the infamous Little Red School House in NYC and Communist summer camps. There was a constant effort to brainwash the next generations with the failed nostrums of Marx. The memoirs of Radosh and others show why Marxists should not be allowed anywhere near public education. More simply if Comwad 0 wants to abuse his children with a Marxist education pay for it yourself. However, not one dime should come from the taxpayers in the form of student loans. One could make a serious case that sending ones kids to The Little Red School House of treason may constitute a form of child abuse.

There are similar stories in Hollander's books of parents being sent to gulags and their Hungarian, Chech and Polish kids being sent to Commie indoctrination centers.
If this sounds like a modern day version of the Janisaries of old you are perceptive.
Commies think nothing of stealing children and brainwashing them to become prototerrorist Marxist automatons. No doubt we will hear excuses from the Duck about madrassas and commie theft of children. This is all part of the famous omlette nobody has seen or tasted.

Commies love to play games with numbers but ignore the number 100,000,000. Lets see if there are statistical oddities with racial numbers in death penalty cases, job hirings or bank loans the left goes into overdrive. However, the left ignores the exponential over representation of Marxists on college faculties. If the left wants to bandy numbers where are the Republican faculty members. These numbers are far more lopsided than the familiar racial numbers and on a much larger number than the death penalty cases.

The bottom line is that there is no reason in this day and age that the current Liberal arts base needs to remain. Business majors need business classes and should not have their time wasted by reading Chomsky. Our students must now compette in a global economy and Indian and Chinese students get more classes in their majors and are better prepared. In fact Liberal Arts and Social Science majors would be more employable if they were required to have a base of business classes. The social sciences have become a jobs program for unemployable Marxists.

It is tiime that the government start regulating what majors are eligible for student loans. No more money should be wasted on majors that do not provide a chance of gainful employment. If you want to be a Peace Studies Major do it with your own funds.

Beamish in 08 and in 12 and on Mt Rushmore on 16.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Welcome back Florian

I am glad to welcome Florian back to the blogosphere. I want to help relaunch his blog by sitting for an interview at his site. Florian will have the honor of interviewing the interviewer. He has had an excellent interview with Florian and did his best with John Brown. There are three people I will not interview Brown, Gertrude and the clown. I refuse to interview moronic cartoon charachters who have nothing intelligent to say.

The interview should appear today or tommorow and I am running around with Northwind.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Open Questions for those of us who are Religious

I will pose some simple questions to those of us who are relgious. They are primarily aimed at our Christian audience, but our non Christian religious types like MZ or Morgan are also encouraged to respond.

1 As a Christian do you accept the notion of a division between theological and Civil law?

2 I am pro-abortion but I am vehemently against partial birth abortion. I do not want to live in a country that practices infanticide. What are your views on this topic.

3 I am against euthanasia or any attempt by the medical community to determine what life is worth living. My position is grounded in the Nazi killings of handicapped people before moving on to genocide of Jews. Lets hear your views on this subject.

4 What do some of you think of the 1950's Hollywood version of Biblical films. Are there any that stand out as particularly good or bad.

5 The concept of redemption is a Jewish concept that seems to have gained added importance in Christianity. Redemption and Salvation are Jewish concepts but they seem to be at the core of Christianity. Is my understanding of these concepts as essential components of the Christian faith accurate.

This may call for the expertise of Justin and Warren.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mark Levin hits a homerun

If any of you gets a chance go to Listen to the clip Gimmemypattonmusic. This is why Levin Rocks. He also has a recent interview with John ONeill

Five Questions with Farmer John

Farmer John and I sometimes delve into the abstract. This five question interview will focus on some vauge topics.

1 In my extensive readings and contact with Communist it seems that almost everyone that I encounter grew up in a home without religion. Is this a case of nature abhoring a vacum? Does Marxism have religious overtones?

2 Are the ecoutopians guilty of inventing a paradise that never was intheir Green Fantasies.

3 Are those on the far left elitists or thieves with killer PR?

4 Should man recreate extinct species with modern technology. Is cloning a Wolly Mammoth from frozen DNA a bad idea?

5 Are bioenginered or genetrically altered foods a potential problem for mankind. Is the lack of genetic diversity amongst domestic annimals and crops a potential problem in the future.

The Kerry Appology and Talk Radio

Gomer Kerry did what he should have done at the outset apologize and move ahead. However Gomer Kerry lives in a fantasy world where the unwashed masses aren't smart enough to understand him. Kerry thinks this is nuance but in reality it is just far left arrogance. Make no mistake the joke was intended at our military and reflects Kerry's genuine views and those of the far left like the Duck.

Welcome to the new era where Talk radio will hold the far left accountable. The MSM is a reflection of the neo-stalanist journalism schools. Thus reporting the facts takes a back seat to reporting the correct news. Thus in a Presedential election the MSM did not ask Gomer Kerry about his meeting in Paris with the enemy while a member of the US Naval Reserve, a severe violation of the law. The MSM did not touch upon Kerry's role as the spokesman for Communist thugs in Nicaragua. The MSM did not ask Gomer about when he knew his partner at VVAW Al Hubbard was a fraud and a Communist. No exposes about an anti-American book Gomer Kerry coauthored came from the MSM. We did have forged documents on Bush's National Guard duty, some speculation about DWI but this is typical for the far left.

Kerry and other politicians left of center get a free pass from the media. Maybe Gomer will sit in with Tim Russert who will ask a few tough questions, but that i about all. Hillary will only sit for creampuff interviews, but a Republican has to have every word scrutinized as well as his life story.

The reality is the MSM is shrinking. Every year ratings get smaller and the NYT circulation is dropping. The ratings of Talk radio have increased as Americans are fed up with cookie cutter clones from neocommunist Journalism accademic gulags.
The time will come in the near future where corporate ownership will have to look at the proffit ledger. The public is not being served and has moved elsewhere.

Even Reuters and A/P have felt pressure to clean up their acts. The faked pictures from Lebanon forced the firing of two employees. The pressure came from the EU blog and LGF and the far lefts reign of error is comming to an end.

People like Gomer Kerry can get away with plenty but their serious gaffes will be held up for scrutiny. Will Kerry adjust to the new reality? He won't because he lives in a state where political candidates can betray their country, run brothels out of their homes, fly pages abroad for the purposes of an affair and leave women in cars in rivers.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry's Gaffe Should You Be Astonished

We have seen and noted the arrogance of John " Gomer" Kerry for years. Kerry has never worked a real job save for his stint in the military. He spent three and a half months in Vietnam and spent the next thirty three years talking about it. Kerry
betrayed is country and met with the NVA in Paris while a member of US Naval Reserves. He also presided over the forged Winter Soldier activities. The left may scream about Nixon, but he was far too lenient with people like Fonda, Kerry and Hayden.

Gomer Kerry then wins a Senate seat and spends more time representing Daniel Ortega than the people of Boston. Gomer Kerry lies about an adventure in Cambodia in sworn Senate statement that seems lifted from Apocalypse Now. The story is full of holes and should have ended Gomer's Career.

Kerry has displayed arrogance and elitism that seems comedic from a C student who married money twice. Mrs Ketchup herself also married into money, but having to put up with Mrs Ketchup is hard work.

Now Gomer displays the anti military arrogance that typifies the left. We are familiar with his statement and his shallow rationalizations. This is typical far left delusionary behavior. The members of the far left have delusions about super intelligence, but the reality is they are intellectually inbred. We have a series of clods who are known by their alleged IQ numbers. We have the bird brained Duck who lives in cinema fantasies. We have the hilarious flaming Gert/Beakerpoop who hasn't had a coherent thought in his lazy life. We have Weazie, whose 9-11 fantasies and anti-semetic drivel are comedic fodder.

The left doesn't want you to think, because the facts never back their stories. Fake indigenous people with a 1400 year history of colonialism and Jim Crowe are hoisted as victims. 100,000,000 dead in social experiments that keep failing are excused. History is faked, rewritten or ignored by the accolytes of the left who cling to Chomsky and Fanon and ignore Bat Yeor and Fred Isaac who lived in the region.

There is an arrogance amonst the left that all of you are unwashed stupid ditto heads who do whatever Rush or Falwell tell you. The reality is that the American people are smarter than the elitists give them credit for. They know a fraud and a phony when they see one and Kerry is a fraud. What jobs did Gomer hold after the military?

The left itself is becoming more and more irrelevant. Their power bases in the media and Universities are losing power. In ten years internet education and foreign competition will eliminate the accademic marxist cabals. There will be a shortage of jobs for Weathermen and unemployable Marxist junkies. India and China will make US accademia irrelevant. Hollywood arrogance has pushed many Americans away from the movies. Who wants to watch Sean Penn when I can listen to Mark Levin, blog or play videogames? Hollywood is starting to learn that there are prices to pay for arrogance. The last movie I saw was Flight 93, no big mouthed obnoxious celebrities.
Nor am I alone in my disdain for big media. We have a thousand channels of garbage
and movies jump to cable quickly.

We deal with leftist arrogance daily at this site and Kerry has behaved in typical far left arrogant style.

Beamish in 08