Thursday, November 23, 2006

Book Review Now They Call Me Infidel

I did not intend to pick up Nonie Darvash's autobiography. I had my eye on a book about the Armenian Genocide. However, I needed a bit of lighter reading for the holiday.

The book is an amazing tour through Nasser's Egypt. The author does portray the grinding poverty pre-Nasser. The streets filled with beggars who are hungry and even politely ask for food at a graveside visit. The book mentions Nasser's meglomania and his Communist reforms made matters worse. A nation with millions of hungry people exports food for weapons and feeds the poor a steady died of anti-semitism. The economy continues to go from bad to worse under these Marxist reforms.

The chapters on the realities of polygamy and shariah law on women should be old news to most of us. The sole exception is Ducky who gets his idiotic views of Islam from outsiders like Fanon or Gnome Chimpanzee. The observations of an Irsad Manji, Nonie Darwash, Bat Yeor or Fred Isaac who lived under Islam are ignored. Marxist stooges are not good for much but are cheaper than rubber chickens.

If you haven't purchased the book it is excellent reading.


z said...

now go get the book on the Armenian genocide.......I have vested interest (smile)

My Armenian mother was born in Istanbul and raised in Cairo.....even THEN, Cairo was rough........King Farouk would be sitting on a fancy barge on the Nile and my mom's cousins would take her sailing..the minute they'd see the king passing by she'd feel hands on her head forcing her down into the boat..that man could point to a woman (even at her wedding reception!) and say "i want her"..and it was done.

Mom was a blue eyed/auburn haired Armenian, beautiful, if I may say so (I take after my father, so it's okay to brag on Mom, right?).......and she spent a lot of time inside the boat.. hiding.

Quite a country, Egypt. Farouk never 'got her'...but, because blue eyes are so unusual among Armenians, I like to say King Richard the Lion Hearted got SOMEONE in my family back 'then'(before mother!)....not one of his guys, mind you, but HIM. YOu may call me 'Queen Z'

I'm feeling frisky on this holiday before going to the family dinner (i'm on the west coast, remember) so I'm sorry if I veered from serious remarks in answer to your post re: Darvash's autobiography! I hope you're enjoying a marvelous Thanksgiving.

the Queen!!!! maybe princess. no less.

beakerkin said...

The definitive book on the Armenian genocide is still the work of Toynbee. Toynbee's eyewitness accounts are the logical starting point for any serious student.

Sadly many Islamic advocates mitigate or attempt to deny the Armenian genocide. This should be treated in a similar manner as we treat Holocaust deniers.

Darwish does mention Armenians in Egypt. I have seen the paperwork for some Greek Orthodox but the vast majority of Christians in Egypt are Copts.

VerityINK said...

Great book review--Thanks for including it. How was your Thanksgiving?