Sunday, November 26, 2006

Final Review of Nonie Darwash's book

I will assign two different reviews to this book as it is essentially two books in one. As an autobiography it is very interesting and the Egyptian parts including the visits are priceless. The parts where she becomes an activist in America are priceless if you do not read the blogs in our community.

The amusing part is that the people who really need to read this book are mired in an insular Marxist gulag The point our friendly bird brained poultry makes is that he views the works of Darwash, Pipes and Bat Yeor as political. The Duck seems to miss these points in Fanon, Chimpanzee, Finkelstein and Menchu. A Marxist is an accolyte of glass genocide with a reputation of anti-scholarship that spans decades.
Moreover, the plethora of new Middle Eastern Studies Departments paid for with Saudi and other Foreign money should be viewed with suspicion.

The book points out what most of us are aware of Islam seeks global domination like Communism. However, we should not accept this under the guise of Freedom of religion as global conquest is a political statement. The same rationale was given by Marxist who were working towards the violent over throw of the US government in colaberation with a hostile foreign power. Society used to deal with this under the charge of criminal syndicationalism and we should do so again. The second one talks about Jihad in America one should be in denaturalization proceedings. We should also make the flow of foreign money to US educational and religious institutions illegal. At the minimum people who are the recipients of Saudi money should have to register as agents of a hostile foreign power and be subject to constant scrutiny.

Great Book but one that is not apt to be read by those who need it most.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Great Book but one that is not apt to be read by those who need it most.

So it preaches to the choir?

beakerkin said...

No the forces of the left like Ducky are oblivious to facts and logic. A religion is only as true as its practitioners. Islam is as Islam does despite all the lies and inversion by the leftists.

Always On Watch said...

This is too often the case:

Great Book but one that is not apt to be read by those who need it most.

The left refuses to believe any Muslim who left Islam. Also leading to the left's ignoring of Nonie Darwish is the subheading at her web site reads as follows:

Arabs and Muslims who Support the State of Israel and the Cause of Peace in the Middle East

Justin said...

The left refuses to believe anything that did not come out of their warpped suicidal brains. They preach tolerance yet in reality they practice the worst of intolerance.

1. They do not believe in individual freedom or self determination. They have no core values or strengths. If it does not come from the State it is suspect at best and pure evil at its worst.

2. They believe that an opressive government or theocracy like Islam is actually liberating and has only the best intrest of the individual in mind.

3. They actually believe that the very Democracy that gives them the right to move freely, express and
their ideas freely is a scourge upon the earth and should be destroyed.

It is the belief of this reader that in fact the left is one group of sick puppies who should be given what they so desperately desire. Pack their bags and send them to live under the so called liberating regimes they so ardently support.

Elmer's Brother said... the West there is no courage in journalism, hollywood or any other elite group...they don't have the nads to go to one of those liberating regimes