Friday, November 10, 2006


Yesterday Rutgers shocked the nation with a stunning upset of Louisville. Few people gave Rutgers any chance and they still have to play West Virginia. If they go undefeated they will not get the oportnity to play in a BCS bowl game. I would like to see Rutgers defeat a football factory like Texas. Chances are Rutgers will end up in some bowl game even if West Virginia beats them.

I have an interview up at Bad Eagle with questions for Amil Imayani whose work has appeared in many publications. This interview is Iran 1001 for those of us who need a brush up. I will notify you when Amil responds as it will be interesting.

New Shows on Fox

From the people who produced Dancing with the Stars, yes but can they drive. Billy Joel, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and Mitch "Blood" Green present driving with the stars with special guest host Lizzie Grubman.

From the producers of who wants to be a millionaire, who wants to kick John Kerry or Ted Kennedy's behind. Contestants are promised the chance to pummel the MA politician of their choice.

John Edwards returns to TV in a new show. Interpeting the incoherent, follow as John tries to discern any intelligence in a Sean Penn interview. Edwards will try to find the humor in Kerry Jokes. He will also try and figure out what was Charles Rangel thinking when he compared the Holocaust to Iraq".

Leonard Nimoy goes in search of what noted leftist have done. What legislation if any have Bernie Sanders, John Kerry or Hillary passed.


Farmer John said...

I look forward to it.

The Merry Widow said...

Can I kick the "great White Whale"? Please, please, please, please, me, me, me, I want to!
I'll give you my cookies!


drummaster2001 said...

hey, i was there!!! it was the greatest sports event i have witnessed in person in my life!! just to let you know, last night set a Rutgers record setting attendance with 44,000+. the K Ito was tied for 1st in RU history in FG's until he made the tying FG where he broke it. this was the first win for Rutgers against a ranked team in 18 yrs, and not only was it against a ranked team, they were #3.

Steve Harkonnen said...

A great reality tv show would feature John Kerry being forced into 8 weeks of hell at Navy SEAL training as punishment for making his statements against the armed forces, and also for trying to cover it up with an apology.

Elmer's Brother said...

sorry beak OT but Bush just awarded the CMH to an American Hero... Cpl. Jason Dunham

beakerkin said...


I will have to talk to the people at Fox.


I would rather see Kerry have to do manual labor at a VFW hall. Take out the trash eat food like the rest of us. Let him explain his lifetime of remarks to his peers.


I am glad you got to go but you still have a Tough Schedule. West Virginia is on the schedule and there should be a bowl game. It will be interesting to see the rankings.

I would like to see Yeshiva University have its own football team the crooked accountants. The merchandise could probably fund the team. Borat could be the radio announcer.

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Fox to waste people's time with Democraps while ignoring real entertaining tv, like watching the Yankees fall apart, now that is some entertainment!

Purple Avenger said...

Ummm... I hope Ted Kennedy isn't considered a "star". Driving with him can be detrimental to one's health.

beakerkin said...


The Yankees don't fall apart often
that is what makes it entertaining.

Purple Avenger

Driving with Ted Kennedy would be like a snuff film. I suppose Ducky will come by screaming.

drummaster2001 said...

we have a fairly easy 3 games left. west virginia is the only tough one left and it is away. although if louisville beat wv and we beat louisville, then by the transitive property we will beat wv. and besides, wv is overrated.

we are definately worthy of a good bowl game (especially if we go 12-0), but because of the crappiness of the bcs workings, it won't be for the title. as rodney dangerfield would say people on espn still give us no respect, no respect. they argue that the big east is weak. but whose to say that if we played a team (fl state, texas, etc.) that they claim can beat us, we would not get a win? the bcs should have a playoff system to see which of the top teams earns the right to play in which bowl game. it's only fair- i mean how many times have wild card teams, who barely make the playoffs and who are counted out from the get go, won the championship in their sport?

a side note, i lost most of my voice since thursday night, but it was all worth it.

beakerkin said...


West Virginia is a good team and if Rutgers beats them they should have a shot at a top five ranking.
Even if they do no win they should be in some bowl against a top team.

Boise State has also not lost and they haven't played anyone of note.

There is a whole open stretch at one of the end zones. I am somewhat surprised that they did not move Thursday's game to the Meadowlands. They could have sold out the joint with ease.

drummaster2001 said...

i think they didn't because a lot of students would not have been able to go unless they hired buses to shuttle all the people and worked a way to make sure everyone was there to go back. it would have been more trouble than its worth. they also probably wanted true homefield advantage-- there is a pregame ritual involving a statue in front of the stadium, and the cannon that's shot from the hill when the team scores.

the general admission tics were sold out before the previous friday.

also, the game was free for all us students- on tuesday 11/7 the 10500 student tics were distributed [most for the student seating sections and limited tics for added temporary seating on the hill, behind the end zone]; some people camped out, but since i dorm on the campus where the stadium is, i walked with a group of friends across the campus to the stadium in the early morning. we got there @ 6 30 AM, where there was already a decent crowd, to get tics. we physically got the tics a little after 9. also, when the buses started running again at 7, the line got rediculous because all the buses were packed with students and the line looped around the stadium. all of the 10500 were gone by 12.

and to note again- wv is overrated!

American Crusader said...

And the upsets continued through Saturday.
And Florida should have lost.

beakerkin said...

Rutgers should crack the top ten maybe as high as seven.

drummaster2001 said...

to add bcs made us #6- but ap us #7. but its the bcs that counts!!! next weekend, i smell top 5.