Friday, November 17, 2006

A Christmas Carrol Gone Haywire Starring 167 Part 1

Mad Zionist Jewish Conpiracy Production Present A Christmas Carrol Gone Haywire.

It was early Christmas in London. 167 had just returned from his Abu Gharib naked twister role playing with the Gay Commies anti-semites 1001 chapter. He went to his table to assemble his Leggo concentrtion camp he purchased in his travels to Iran. He was in a foul mood as his entry in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon did not get any notice. It seems even apocalypti blood crazed jihadis do have some standards of good taste. A foul wind crept into the room. At first he thought it was the Tofurkey as tofu tends to put a bad smell in the air.

167 looked and it was his friend Poultry.

167: You stupid American marxists always make such a big production about entering a scene. If I didn't know better I would think you have a bit of drama queen in you.
Oh we can aarange that in the bedroom.

Ducky: Comwad 167 it is I the Duck returned from beyond the grave.

167: Well that would explain the bad odor
Ducky: No that is the tofurkey.
167: But you have been decomposing for two years.
Ducky: It is the Tofurkey that is all Satan feeds us along with brussel sprouts and
fermented Yak...
167: This hell place sounds like fun where do....
Ducky: Silence Comwad I am here to tell you to change your ways or face eternal damnation. While I am here I want my copy of Almodvar's Tie me Up Tie me Down.
167: I was so disappointed that it wasn't gay porn.
Ducky: You idiot even for a Comwad you are low class.
167: You are one of those errr heterosexual well....
Ducky: I am here to tell you o mend your hateful ways. Learn to embrace the savior and his people.
167: Marx and Chomsky
Ducky: No you idiot Jesus and the Jews.
167: Never Christianity is evil and all the problems of the world are caused by dem Joooos er Zionists.
Ducky: You will have three visitors. Try to learn something or you will end up in Satan's re-education camp. Oh thanks for my Almodvar CD all they play in hell is Yentyl 24/7.

167 stood in a daze as the clock neared nine. He thought is was the cheap Vodka but he had been drinking Grey Goose all evening. He heard a dreaded sound a crash and some Barry Manilow music.

167: What is it with you Americans can't anyone just knock on the door. Its that blasted Zionist Media and Judeohollywood. So Rob did you finally wear out your welcome among the Fascist Neocon Zionista JudeoNazifriends of yours.

Rob Bayn: I am here as the ghost of holiday past. Open your heart to the savior stop vilifing his people and stop eating that Tofu.

167: You Americans are poisoning the world with McDonalds and Obesity.All you Americans are brainwashed by the Jews and you are all fat because the Jooos own the fast food companies. Judeozionists are poisoning the world with Junk food. It is the worst poisons of capitalism and Jooish control.

Rob Bayn: I will have talk to my agant there is nothing in my contact about working with idiots.

I suppose it is better to starve people to death in the name of Marx.

167: Well at least they wouldn't be fat it is sooooo unsightly and Jooooish
Rob Bayn: Dead people are not exactly healthy
167: Tell that to Kate Moss
Rob: She is still alive you dolt.
167: I thought she was dead she looks dead. She smells dead. ...
Rob: That bad stench is you lay off the Tofurkey. Root for the Detroit Lions and behold as we venture into Christmas past.
167: Do you put out on the first date.... Ouch damn Zionist deity hit me with a lightning bolt inside my flat
Rob: Thanks big guy just a few more volts next time. It will at least remove the tofu spell. Respect Gods messenger as we drift into holiday past.........

To Be Continued.


beakerkin said...

I wonder who gets to play the Ghost of Future Holidays, that should be obvious.

Beakerambo fans stay tuned as he is on the way.

Remember one can not love the savior and loathe his people. Stay away from Tofu especially around company.

Always On Watch said...

Just a coincidence I have to mention....My middle-school literature class just began their study of Dickens's A Christmas Carol. But I'd better not recommend this version to them. Hehehe.

Tofu turkey? YUK!!!

Robert Bayn said...

Tofu and 167 are a lot alike, if your around it enough you lose all sense of reality.

I'll take being fat and out of shape over being a communist jizz wit.

The Merry Widow said...

Brussel sprouts can drive people away too, along with liver...
My question is, who's the spirit of Holiday's Present? AoW?
G*D has very good aim!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I see I'm not the only one up partying tonight.

Ghost of Future Holidays, why that'd have to be me, if my future self in the year 2037 AD ever gets around to going back to 2004 and starting my blog.

Elmer's Brother said...

Duhkkky = drama queen

beakerkin said...

Well Mr Beamish you got that one correct. You get to play the Ghost of future holidays.

My version of a Christmas Carol has an added twist it is illogical to loathe the savior's people as one praises the savior.

The Merry Widow said...

You got it, Beaker! Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, HE speaks as a Jewish rabbi, HE lived as a Jewish rabbi. Except HE went to where the sinners are and ate meals with them, and "gasp" spoke to women in public! Seems HE didn't have a problem with us, unlike a certain anti-religion we could mention!
Morning all!


Farmer John said...

How dare you insult my marja (PBUH) by insinuating he is not basking in heaven with Allah and his 72 virgins! Sure, he is but an infidel now, but soon he will proclaim the tenents of the one true faith and convert to Islam, for it is his destiny to soon reveal himself to be the long awaited Hidden Mahdi, the 12th Imam, and usher in All of the foretold end-time prophesies! Allah Ahkbar!

beakerkin said...


It is illogical and arguably blasphemy to claim to love Jesus and loathe his people. This spoof will get funnier with Mr Beamish as the Ghost of Holidays Future and Beakerambo making an appearance.

Farmer John

We have already cast the role of Holidays Future.

Directors note, there is really a Spanish film Called Tie Me Up Tie Me Down.

beakerkin said...

This series is being discontinued due to poor taste. The real 167 is a hateful anti-semitic Communist bigot who happens to be gay. Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with AIDS and with treatment he should be around for years to come.

I certainly do not wish to make fun of a person coming to terms with his mortality. We do not aquire added wisdom as we near death. Most of us die in the manner which we live. Thus to put it mildly he is unlikely to win any awards for demeanor and personality any time soon.

I wish him the best in spite of his vile hatreds. To kick a person when he is down would make me just as hateful as 167 and I won't do it.

Thank You for your understanding.

elmers said...

how did you find this out Beak?

beakerkin said...

167 has a blogshare account and goes by the name Arty Farty. His original account was under the name Rizla Blue. His account was suspended for unethical trading.
His new account listed his home page.

We could recast Gert in the role of the Gay anti-semitic Communist.

I honestly hope whatever days he has remaining are as peaceful as possible.

Elmer's Brother said...

you're a gentlemen beak and I hope for his sake they are peaceful and that he finds PEACE.

beakerkin said...

I may write the remainder with Gert subbing for 167.They are fairly similar and he hates to be satired.

I guess while there is life there is hope. All of us face this but hopefully we do so with dignity.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- As I said at Rob's, I hope he faces his mortality and asks those fundamental issues that all of us must address!
You are a gentleman, Beaker!


beakerkin said...


I want to state that while I hope he finds peace. He has said some really spitefull things about others awaiting death. His comments wishing Sharon a painful death and a trip to hell were about the worst. He also was less than kind to the Pope.

I want to point out none of us are sanints. However, his behavior at many times was vile. Yet unlike 167
I get no joy from the suffering of others.

Elmer's Brother said...

you're right in not turning yourself into're better than that...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

In the future, holidays will be celebrated at gunpoint. You will enjoy St. Beamish Day, or else.