Friday, November 17, 2006

Blogging Ownership and Freedom of Speech

The issue of blog ownership and freedom of speech has become an issue in our comunity once again. I want to point out that blogs are a propritery property and as such have different issues. The owner of the blog has the full right and responsability to establish the decorum or lack of in some cases.

This is an issue that every blog owner with any level of traffic deals with. The best and wisest policy I have yet to see was that of Richard Poe. The wisdom of Richard Poe was that one should judge the intent and history before making a move to ban a poster. Thus there were times as a Rudy Republican I could differ with Mr Poe on several issues. Yet as those differences were always presented with a reverence for a brilliant writer it never ever became an issue.

Great writers like Dr Yeagley and Rocco Dipippo also have my hesitancy to censor. We love the First Amendment as it is our stock and trade. Yet there are limits and decorum issues in any are. Dr Yeagley preffer his non-Native American areas to be educational. Thus I will be linking some future interviews and select posts from this site to the Jewish forum. Dr Yeagley has his expectations and it is up to me to live up to it.

I want to stress that spam and vulgarity are issues. My initial banning of John Brown was based on spam. I wanted to ban him for the Klanwatch section and the infamous spoof article of Warren. However, the spam and repeated vulgarity were issues enough to warrant a ban. I might have relented with decent behavior but stealing avatars and the spoof blog have ensured that Brown's ban remains permanent.
Similarly Janice is a spammer who is either very young or retarded. Someone out there is bound to point out the two are not mutually exclusive. I do publish her posts but I will not allow her to deposit a string of pointless idiocy like she did at MZ's site. She did not make a single point other than to show she is retarded. It is not politically correct to laugh at retarded people, but Janice's attendants should have kept the idiocy under wraps.

Gert also has a lifetime ban as this blog does not allow criminal behavior. His idiotic obsession with my genetalia is just creepy. Gertrude likes to post under the alias of Beakerpoop. When he posts under his own name he does a crude impersination of an anti Semitic version of Dr Smith. Unlike a more talented troll Ducky or Weazie he cries and we do not like efeminate trolls. Any retaliation from the Editrix, Jeff Bargholtz and Mr Beamish who were cowardly slammed by Gertrude is deemed appropriate.

The Duck knows that I will put up with alot of crap. He knows not to repeat himself or spam the boards. He does say some odious an anti- American as well as anti-semitic things. However, we know as a Marxist he is not all there. Normal people do not watch Blue Velvet or Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and look for Marist messages in them. Normal people also are not advocates for treason, sedition and class genocide. Paraphrasing Jerry Jones " How about them emaciated peasants starved to death on purpose". Weazie also is well aware of the limits and almost all his material is posted uncensored.

In short we do not have problems with people who disagree post away but do not clutter the board and do not repeat yourself. You can get away with non-criminal personal attacks against the host ala Weazie, but I will not put up with it against a poster.

Lastly, I want to post about Greg who was asked to leave. The issue was maturity, content and above all being a drama queen. The notion that MZ or myself who are fairly tolerant of dissent would ask you to go has zero to do with your views. If one wants to dissent there are ways to do it without being a drama queen. Make your point stick to it back it up if you can. The reason Greg was asked to leave but not banned was because of his propensity towards childish behavior.

Remember we own our blogs and have the duty to set our standards as we deem fit.

Mr Beamish in 08, 12 and in 16 on Mt Rushmore.


Robert Bayn said...

One thing i hate is censorship, but some things are acceptable and some things are not, if someone is constantly using offensive language, or being juvenile, one might decide to just remove their posts, that is understandable.

Just yesterday, i had someone leave a comment, that was rather offensive to me and probably some other people that read it, but i thought it was important to leave it up, sometimes you should leave these stupid comments up, it's a great way to show the difference between class and ignorance.

Mr. Ducky said...

Marist messages? That's a very interesting slip, Beak. Although I'm sure you will retort with something about Maristas in South America.

At any rate, I'm sure this is about the "Mad Zionist" incident. Frankly, I don't get too upset about offending a rabid animal.

beakerkin said...


All of us get our share of hate messages. The truth is despite protestations there is plenty of hate on the left. In fact those on the far left seethe with it.


Have you ever pondered the notion that your anti-American and Antisemitic bloviations are creating more Neoconservatives. When I registered as a Republican in 1984 it was considered scanalous. I was a serious Cold Warrior and still want to see your kind deported or in a box.

However, a quick trip to the local NYC young Republican club shows that 1/3 of the members are Jews.
When I was a college Student I was the only one, with a few Cubans and some Irishmen thrown in.

Keep up the anti-semitic vitriol and even Marxists are departing. On my last trip to NYC I ran into a former bugeyed derelict from the 60's who said " the movement is so anti-semitic I want nothing to do with it". This was a woman who has been a radical for thirty plus years.

Thank you for creating more neoconservatives. Pelosi suffered her setback and if you haven't noticed some of these new Dumbocrats are quite conservative.

The reality is that other than Obama all your Marxist/icons have a foot in the grave. Sanders, Kennedy, Rangel, Conyers, Pelosi are all near the end. This is the last gasp and you will deal with eight years of Rudy, McCain or if we are lucky Bloomberg.

Hillary will not get the nomination
as Howard Dumb will put a knife in her back. It seems that Dean and Schumer ( the architect of the election) loathe Hillary and despite public statements they will be working to help her opponent.

As far as MZ being a mad dog an accolyte of Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Hugo and Nasrallah should be the last person to point the fingers at anyone. Now remind me again how Stalin's killing his own people is a noble sacrafice in WW 2. Where did all the Hiwi's pop up from?

Robert Bayn said...


I have recieved as much hate from the right as i have from the left, i seem to have a thing for pissing both sides off, sometimes in the same post!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky can't let a day go by without removing any doubt that he longs for Hitler's leftist utopia, can he?

Brooke said...

Only Ducky would take a small slip of the finger at the keyboard and turn it into an obscure and lame reference to something no one cares about.

VerityINK said...

Amen! Socrates showed us the responsibility of censorship--and I don't let Quackers on my blog because he just comes to gloat about the election and has nothing useful to say. We can't let our houses become sewers...

beakerkin said...


My problem with Socrates is two fold. One should never post sexually derogatry messages to women period.

The second part is that his multiple aliases and poor wtiting are a joke. I am glad he can punctuate and spell but his thread bare poor writing is a joke. Peope who speak Chenglish with no pronouns and perfect punctuation.
Israeli women that can not respond to questions a third grader could respond to but can not be found on Wikpedia. Alleged Science professors who do not describe a single internal function of a science department in three years. His poor writing is a serious joke and fools nobody. J Lowe clearly knew who Meathead was and played along.

I still donate, but this is because of my admiration of Richard Poe. David Horowitz is a good man but he needs to give Roberta the tools to rid Soc once and for all. Roberta did apologize to me in private and encouraged me to resume posting.

This is my home and when I produce eductinal material I place it on Bad Eagle.

The_Editrix said...

Any retaliation from the Editrix, Jeff Bargholtz and Mr Beamish who were cowardly slammed by Gertrude is deemed appropriate.

Who is Gertrude?

Where did she slam me?

I'm in fine fettle and didn't have a nice online brawl for ages.

beakerkin said...

I will come up with the original quote but on July 26, 2006 Freedomnow and myself defend you in the comment sections of

I will find the exact comment where he mistakes you as an apologist for the far right.

beakerkin said...

I went to

On June 11, 2006

There is a post with 132 comments and at the end Gert Myers attacks freedomnow for having a "blog that cters to German rightwingers (Nazis).

Freedomnow asks whom he is talking about and the Gertrude claims you.
This is a deranged individual.