Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry's Gaffe Should You Be Astonished

We have seen and noted the arrogance of John " Gomer" Kerry for years. Kerry has never worked a real job save for his stint in the military. He spent three and a half months in Vietnam and spent the next thirty three years talking about it. Kerry
betrayed is country and met with the NVA in Paris while a member of US Naval Reserves. He also presided over the forged Winter Soldier activities. The left may scream about Nixon, but he was far too lenient with people like Fonda, Kerry and Hayden.

Gomer Kerry then wins a Senate seat and spends more time representing Daniel Ortega than the people of Boston. Gomer Kerry lies about an adventure in Cambodia in sworn Senate statement that seems lifted from Apocalypse Now. The story is full of holes and should have ended Gomer's Career.

Kerry has displayed arrogance and elitism that seems comedic from a C student who married money twice. Mrs Ketchup herself also married into money, but having to put up with Mrs Ketchup is hard work.

Now Gomer displays the anti military arrogance that typifies the left. We are familiar with his statement and his shallow rationalizations. This is typical far left delusionary behavior. The members of the far left have delusions about super intelligence, but the reality is they are intellectually inbred. We have a series of clods who are known by their alleged IQ numbers. We have the bird brained Duck who lives in cinema fantasies. We have the hilarious flaming Gert/Beakerpoop who hasn't had a coherent thought in his lazy life. We have Weazie, whose 9-11 fantasies and anti-semetic drivel are comedic fodder.

The left doesn't want you to think, because the facts never back their stories. Fake indigenous people with a 1400 year history of colonialism and Jim Crowe are hoisted as victims. 100,000,000 dead in social experiments that keep failing are excused. History is faked, rewritten or ignored by the accolytes of the left who cling to Chomsky and Fanon and ignore Bat Yeor and Fred Isaac who lived in the region.

There is an arrogance amonst the left that all of you are unwashed stupid ditto heads who do whatever Rush or Falwell tell you. The reality is that the American people are smarter than the elitists give them credit for. They know a fraud and a phony when they see one and Kerry is a fraud. What jobs did Gomer hold after the military?

The left itself is becoming more and more irrelevant. Their power bases in the media and Universities are losing power. In ten years internet education and foreign competition will eliminate the accademic marxist cabals. There will be a shortage of jobs for Weathermen and unemployable Marxist junkies. India and China will make US accademia irrelevant. Hollywood arrogance has pushed many Americans away from the movies. Who wants to watch Sean Penn when I can listen to Mark Levin, blog or play videogames? Hollywood is starting to learn that there are prices to pay for arrogance. The last movie I saw was Flight 93, no big mouthed obnoxious celebrities.
Nor am I alone in my disdain for big media. We have a thousand channels of garbage
and movies jump to cable quickly.

We deal with leftist arrogance daily at this site and Kerry has behaved in typical far left arrogant style.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

kerry is your typical leftista, willing to prostitue himself however and with whomever to gain power and control over people who would normally despise him! He is human, that's all I can say about him, and he's a male, BUT he has never been a MAN!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Elmer's Brother said...

I'd like to see Kerry pull off being commander in chief now. All the military would have to say is sorry no comprende!

Elmer's Brother said...

if this had been the first time and if he had come back and said I mispoke....this is what I meant...instead he plays the victim...perhaps he should go back to college

Mr. Ducky said...

There was no gaffe.

There was a string of jokes about Bush which ended reminding us that if we put a moron in office we end up with a fiasco. he audience laughed and they weren't laughing at the troops.

Kerry is correct. The Dauphin has completely screwed up. He just backed down and gave a part of Baghdad to al-Sadr. No progress in Afghanistan. A screw up.

It's also worth pointing out that the media didn't play the speech and didn't play Kerry's press conference. Typical of the republican owned media.

Meanwhile go ahead and vote in a Republican. You'll all go deeper in debt and if this goes on much longer there may well be a draft and maybe one of you can watch your kid get his foot blown out of the hatch for nothing and sing praise to The Dear Leader.

Dulce et decorum est, and all that.

Remeber, as you praise Chucklenuts for being a real man, iraq is utterly lost and we are stuck... just as Kerry said.

beakerkin said...

This was no gaffe and Gomer Kerry has a history of this arrogance. The Navy has tested Gomer's intelligence and found that Bush is smarter than Gomer. Bush also had a higher GPA than Gomer. Gomer has not held gainful employment since leaving the military.

In a real country his meeting with the NVA while a member of the armed forces would have had a courtmartial proceeding.

Farmer John said...

When you put the quote in "context" Kerry was talking about "education", not Bush. His faux-apologetics went no-where except to underline DNC hypocrisy.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, don't be an idiot.

Remember when The Little Prince performed his skit of peretending to look for "WMDs) for the press corps? "Nope none here..maybe they're over here". You all thought it was so cute.

You know why? because you are so damn stupid you thought that overwhelming force would win this in a month. You damn stupid fools.

Now just watch the casualties pile up, watch civilians who did us no harm die and watch a country that did not threaten us be turned to rubble. I understand that's ok because there are only ragheads there but just the same.

It goes on. The cracker in chief continues to fail and no matter what you do to deflect attention he will continue to fail no matter how often he tells the great float up crowd that he's helping fulfull prophecy.

beakerkin said...


Let Gomer learn how to pronounce Ghegis correctly.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Dunce is worried about casualties. He does not seem to mind 100,000,000 of them, but is now sooo concerned.

Let the Islamosupermen know that their behavior has created this mess. This should have been done years ago, but the left is in the moral relativism game.

Next we clean out the New School and MIT.

Anonymous said...

Kerry's comment was stupid, but not the big deal the right wants to make it, it was not a attack on the military, even Oreilly agress with me on this.

Please if your going to say your tougher and not pussys like the democrats, quit acting like pussys everytime someone says a stupid comment.

I will never understand the insanity of the right!

beakerkin said...


You are forgetting Kerry's history and this statement is part of his arrogance towards the military.

Anonymous said...

Beak, if you listen to the entire video, he was talking about Bush, even a lot of Conservatives agree with this.

I don't buy into this Kerry Anti-Military stuff, i will leave that to the folks on the right.

Farmer John said...

How many time do I have to say this... It was a joke dammit! Ask Howard Dean. He was front and center in the audience! He almost spewed when I said it! I mean, he had coffee coming out of his nose!

beakerkin said...


Kerry has a lifetime of anti-military arrogance. His three month stint does not make up for 33
years of bashing the military afterwards. You are also forgetting his book the New Soldier where he ridicules the military. We agree to disagree, because I did not hear the statement that way and he shoould of apologized. He also never released his own military records. Lets see if he was reprimanded or given a dishonorable discharge.

Mr. Ducky said...

Off topic:
Who censors and who doesn't. Since I browse several sites specializing in flatulence including beaks I am interested by the censorship habits.

Here's the scorecard:

Doen't censor:

AOW - Pretty smart. She gives "probleM" posters and idea of the limits she'd like to see and gets voluntary compliance.

MadZionist - I'll give him credit. No censorship.

Moderate: Censors:

Beak -- Actually a heavy censor but for some reason he doesn't censor me. I could change that in an instant but don't really want to go there.

Beamish -- Does censor but there isn't much reason to go to his site.

Heavy Censors:

Jason Pappus: A real priss. probably the most intolerent of the group.

Outright bans:

Big Bubba -- I was surprised to find myself banned even though I haven't posted there in a while and general have a rapport with Bubba.

mustang -- I have to admit that I did try to goad him. e's just got that know everythng sheltered military mindset that loves to strut.


I'm new at Donal's dive and should have a ban in effect in no time.

Meanwhile congratulations to AOW and madzionist.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Duck

I do not allow spammers so John Brown is finnished.

Uptown's comments are published largely uncensored and he is not supposed to be here. I let most of his material go through.

95% of Weazie's comments are unfiltered. The exceptions are clear and Weazie knows why the comments were clipped and has adjusted.

Gertrude attempted to blackmail me and is banned for life.

167 has never been censored.

Greg was asked to leave and has never been censored.

My rules are simple

1 No spam
2 No major vulgarity.
3 No personal information
4 Try to be somewhat on topic
5 Never post more than the host regularly. I have no problem with Rob posting on something that is close to his heart. However someone who outposts me three to one like Uptown is another story.

John Brown will never be allowed to return. Stealing avatars, spam and the spoof blog merrits a lifetime ban. Gert's attempted criminal behavior merrits the same. Gert is also banned on Freedomnow for the same offense.
Brown is banned on AOW, MZ, Mr Beamish, Long Range and the Rocco's site amongst other places.

As long as posters behave they are left alone.

Anonymous said...

I think Beak is pretty fair when it comes to Censorship, although everyone has a right to run their blog how they want.

I'm a tradional liberterian, i'm against most censorship, and fake apolgies, although hate speech and sophmoric comments don't deserve much attention, thats one of the reasons, i don't even acknowledge certain people as even exisiting, some who are just lowlifes.

beakerkin said...

I am thinking about a mass Christian interview. Just four or five open questions for Christians to thrash out.

We have many types of Christians and it might be interesting.

nanc said...

did you catch the most recent headline photo at drudge? HIGHLARIOUS! who says our military doesn't have a great sense of humor? it's priceless.

kerry is an idiot no matter what he says or doesn't say - he's an unapologetic cretin! talk about sidestepping - i watched the entire spiel live and had to stop what i was doing and sit down to take it all in. somebody poke him with a fork because he's overdone.

remember - the left rarely if EVER apologizes - they've never learned how.

nanc said...

even hitlery says he should apologize! pot meet kettle.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Be nice. I bend my rule against allowing Nazis to post so that you may drop comments on my blog.

Insulting military personnel will get you the shortcut to shutdown though.

The Merry Widow said...

plucky, It's Beaker's livingroom, so if he doesn't want uppity or jobro pooping and vomiting in the middle of the floor, IT'S HIS HOUSE!
If you go to my site and refrain from offensive, blasphemous, vile and profane language, you would be welcome. It's my house and my rules.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Correction, Beak.

LoBrow (John Brown) is not banned at my site. He may post as much and as often as he likes, provided he include a disclaimer with each of his comments alerting readers that they were produced by an idiot.

beakerkin said...

Correction noted, but in Brown's case this becomes redundant.

Who does Ducky allege I censor? John Brown has been banned all over the WEB including AOW. The vast majority of Uptown and Weazie posts pass through censor.

Gert's criminal behavior has earned a ban. Freedomnow also has banned the same poster for the same reason.

Greg was asked to leave on the basis of his frequent drama queen temper tantrums and general stupidity. Not one of his comments has been censored. The issue again was behavior and decorum.

Always On Watch said...

Doen't censor:

AOW - Pretty smart. She gives "probleM" posters and idea of the limits she'd like to see and gets voluntary compliance.

Well, there have been a few exceptions. However, they were post hijackings (I don't mind tangents, as you know). As Beak mentioned, John Brown has been banned all over the WEB including AOW. As I recall you once got worn out with Brownie and said "Tie a can on it."

Each blog owner can have his own rules. After all, the site is his "house."

Always On Watch said...

News flash!

After non-stop criticism from Dems today, Kerry has apologized.

The Dems' requests for apology and Kerry's apology are all about the votes.

Sometimes I get so weary of politics.

As I mentioned at my blog, I'll be glad when November 7 has come and gone. I DO care about the outcome of the elections, but I'm worn out with all the coverage--all election, all the time. It gets monotonous.

Reel Fanatic said...

Though I probably shouldn't have been, I was still shocked at the sheer arrogance of Johnboy's latest misfire .. I just knew the Democrats would do something to shoot themselves in the foot and blow this, and now he's stepped forward to volunteer his services

JINGOIST said...

Senor quakabout, I got your spin up above. Man it must be tough to be a leftist politician like Dean, Clintoon or Kerry in the era or recording devices. If this spin keeps up about what Kerry MEANT to say it will morph into, "he was giving helpful tips to our brave and beloved troops in Iraq." Senator Kerry has NEVER slandered our troops.

Man it's tough to beat those recording devices. LOL!


beakerkin said...

Reel Fanatic welcome to the blog.

I am hardly surprised given Kerry's history and arrogance. Kerry has had a lengthy history of denigrating people in the military
and hiding behind his three months in Vietnam.

Kerry should have appologized and moved ahead but he is arrogant.

nanc said...

it's a vast rightwing conspiracy!

JINGOIST said...

Beaker this is off topic BUT... The AARP has been running a very slick ad for it's website with a catchy little song claiming that some pols don't want you to ask serious questions about social security. As if the AARP were really serious about reforming and saving the program! You may have seen it.

In the last few years it's become blaringly obvious that the AARP is a left-wing activist group! They can't help but put Harry Belefonte front and center. Even less than a week after he returns from Cuba holding hands with Castro and ripping America! But I digress.

Three years ago when the President was putting so much on the line trying to reform and save social Security the AARP was actively undercutting his efforts. Not only that, they were supporting Dems who wanted no change in the rapidly failing program. Then they turn around and put out their website asking their AARP members to pay attention to how pols treat social security. Just thought I'd make you aware of their hypocricy.


Anonymous said...

Man it's a good thing republicans never apologize for votes....


Elmer's Brother said...

I have only banned John Brown and that was because he made pedophilic passes at my children.

Ducky I believe those roadblocks were only initiated to look for the missing servicemen and therefore were not permanent fixtures. Besides it shows that the Iraqi government has some sovereignty. The fact that the MSM never leaves their hotels to make any kind of reasonable report belies their idiocy and intellectual dishonesty.

JINGOIST said...

Beaker you are absolutely right. Kerry's only honest remarks in the last two days are when he slammed the troops, then went on to scream about the Republicans who called them on it. His arrogance was in charge. Is there anyone in the US who has less call to be arrogant?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Democrats shouldn't talk about "saving" Social Security. They're the ones that fucked it up.

- Payment into the Social Security system was meant to be voluntary when the plan was introduced by Roosevelt. Now it is mandatory.

- Only 1% of the first $1,400 of annual income was to be paid for participation in this once voluntary program. Now it is much, much higher and mandatory.

- These payments were to be deductible from income taxes. Now they're not, and they tax your retirement checks.

- The Social Security program was to be a independent trust fund seperate from the general revenue, used to fund the retirement program and no other government function. Now it isn't.

Why has Social Security changed so much from the plan enacted by FDR?

The Democratic Party controlled the House and Senate under President Lyndon Brainless Johnson. They raided the Social Security trust fund so that Congress could spend it.

It was Democrats that eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) witholdings. You are now taxed on your Social Security money three times before you ever see any back at retirement, when it is taxed again.

Speaking of taxing it again, Democrat VP Al Gore cast the deciding tiebreaker vote in a split Senate to begin taxing Social Security annuities.

Under Democrat President Carter, immigrants who never paid a penny into the Social Security program were made eligible and began to recieve Social Security annuity payments.

People who vote for Democrats on the basis of wanting to "save Social Security" need to be told, every day, in no minced words, that they're fucking morons.

JINGOIST said...

Well said Beamish! People fail to realize that the huge socialist program known as social security is every bit the threat to our long term freedom that the muzzies are.


FLORIAN said...

Morning all! Just let me put my 2 cents worth in about our little commie senator from Taxachusetts. John Kerry is nothing more than a Hate-America Red Commie who would be nothing less than delighted if our country lost in our war on terror. He hates our middle-class, he dispises well-off Americans (despite the fact that he's a little sugar-baby from that wretched Ketchup Queen). This man oozes contempt for our military and conservatives. SCREW HIM!!!!!!!! Should we be surprised: HELL NO.
He's finished politically, which means we now have to target Hillary Clinton to ruin her as well before the 2008 elections. She's the big winner of this latest Kerry foot-in-mouth.

FLORIAN said...

BEAMISH: I totally agree. I wouldn't cry any tears if SS just evaporated away. A fair tax is the best way to give back the power to the people. I won't hold my breath though. If dems get control of congress in a week I'll be sure to stock up on some guns and dump the rest of my savings in IRA's. We all know the first thing they'll do is wipe out the tax cuts (despite their LIE of only wanting to tax the "rich") and then begin their ban on guns just like the cigarette Nazi's began banning cigarettes.

The Merry Widow said...

I would probably be in better shape if all those taxes were available for investment and life insurance!

Hey, Florian, long time no hear from! how's life, the universe and everything with you?

Farmer John said...

note to ducky...

I got banned by BB too. I don't think it was intentional in either case.

nanc said...

didn't big bubba get banned from fpm for life?

what on earth could one do to be banned from his site?

JINGOIST said...

Florian it's good to see you man! How's life and the woman in your life been treating you?
As per your comments, I hate to say it but we are stuck with Social Security. So we have to privatize it for a real solution. Also thanks for mentioning the FairTax! It's the only way to properly handle taxes in the long term.


kuhnkat said...


the five questions for christians idea sounds pretty good!! Go for it!!


Oh, and Rob, you mentioned you are a Libertarian?? How does that fit into the Socialist Agenda of the Democrat Leftards and the Republican party which continues to shift left picking up the same "buy the vote" mentality??