Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chapter 1 of a Shameful Act

This book is considered revolutionary in that it is the first time a Turkish historian breaks with the traditional denial and excuse policy that has been a disgusting policy for almost a century. When not denying their attrocities the Turks spin a yarn about Armenians being rebelious and inspired by Russia, so it is okay to slaughter them wholesale. No doubt this is often repeated by far leftists who seek to whitewash Islamic history. These same leftists who are fond of holocaust denial, false claims that Jews are Nazis and champions of fake indigenous people do not see the obvious parallels of their illogic.

The first chapter begins with the Jim Crow dhimmi laws that are often scoffed at by bird brained waterfowl and mentally ill NYC communists who talk of American Jim Crow.
The Serbs were the first to throw off the brutal yoke of Islamofascism. The Serbs forced the turks to leave in the late 1800. A good portion of these people were resetled in Israel where they were transmogriphied into fake indigenous who had been there from the dawn of man.

The Ottomans tried to create a fake Ottoma identity that would include Christians as equals but would also compel them to serve in the military. Many of these Christians prefered the taxes to five years of military service. Many of these reforms were administered far too late as 500 years of brutal repression against religious minorities were fact. The book traces the Ottoman move from this fake Ottoman fiction to Pan Islamism that we see today in Al Queda and venerated in bird brained leftist.

Lost in this web of fantasy is that Muslims themselves were entirely a colonial pathology and not indigenous on much of their land including Turkey itself, Israel and a host of other places. What we see today is anti history with fictional tribes of fake indigenous people who are now claiming to be Canaanites sometimes. Canaanites did not migrate from Egypt to Gaza. Nor do biblical Phillistines somehow become Tartars, Bosnians and other Muslims tossed into Israel.

The far left has yet to acknowledge that Islamocolonialism, IslamoJimCrow and other abuses were far worse than there Western Equivalents.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Johny Mac to those of you who do not allready know him. Johny Mac is a friend of mine who posted on FPM and has had some trouble with Roberta whose administration of the forum has been a debacle. Much of the debacle stems from the failure of FPM to grant her the tools to root out one sick evil criminal idiot know as Socrates or El Lard Butt who has been nursing a vendetta against David Horrowitz ever since he was turned down for a job. It seems David Horowitz knows mediocrity when he see it. I continue to donate to FPM as the site publishes and promotes the excellent work of Richard Poe.


Always On Watch said...

The far left has yet to acknowledge that Islamocolonialism, IslamoJimCrow and other abuses were far worse than there Western Equivalents.

Well, the left will never make that acknowledgement. Islam is the darling of the left now. David Horowitz has analyzed as to why, and his analysis basically comes down to utopian dreams.

The Merry Widow said...

And utopianism, even in the church, i.e. amillenialism, centers on man not G*D. They think man is perfectable by human means, it has never occured to them, that the imperfect cannot make itself perfect! It takes an outside, Perfect Being to accomplish it! It is foolishness!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Mr. Ducky said...

That's an interesting perspective, merry widow. Identical to the philosophy of any fundamental muslim or any religious fundamentalist anywhere.

The only reason you don't know this is that you have been so sheltered that you only meet your fellow protestant true believers.

Frankly, you would get a better reception if you brought something positive to the world.

beakerkin said...

TMW is grace and positiveness defined.

Maybe you should read the Beakerkin
satire of Gift of the Magii entitled Gift of the Duckii.

Ducky: Okay you Capatalist sttoges I am nationalizing the brush and the watchband in the name of social justice.

Husband: Well Dear we have each other.

Ducky: No you don't it is off to the Gulag for you for displaying individualism and love.

Wife: Communist vermin how dare you take my husband. I can't live without him.

Ducky: That is okay my dear as now thanks to your counter-revolutionary statements you won't have to. Off to the firing squad in the name of Marx.

As the good Marxist say what yours is mine. Whats mine is mine and death is an alternative form of liberation.


Mr Beamish: Liberation begins with removal of Marxists.

Husband: Saved by the man in the gas mask.

Wife: And there he goes with that incoherent sidekick mumbling MEEP MEEP.

And they all lived Happily ever after Marxist Free.

Mr. Ducky said...

Why are you so fascinated with the Turkish/Armenian genocide nearly exclusively, Beak?

This type of denial is common. This week elements of the Ukrainian congress tried to introduce a bill demanding that Russia admit to the '33. Simply admit that they were intent on killing Ukrainians. Didn't happen because we still have Russian speakers in the congress and they are denying.

Has Japan accepted its part in genocidal slaughter during WW II? Hardly.

Have Catholics accepted the Church's assent to the Croat slaughter of up to a million Serbs in WW II? No, that's largely been ignored in favor of making Islam the heavy in Yugoslavia.

Human history is rife with slaughter and often we just sit on our hands as we did over Rwanda. I imagine merry widow would have considered intervention utopian. Maybe, but it could hardly have made the situation worse. But hell, that one goes back to Eisenhower and the Catholic church was also mucking it up causing less damage than Pat Robertson evangelicals did in Liberia but still nothing to be proud of.

So you remain unable to see this as a problem throughout humanity and quite frankly tend to frame it as a jewish issue only which is why you focus on muslims and deny Palestinians their humanity. Again, like the "millenialists" you bring nothing positive.

As for AOW's ascertion that muslims are the left's "darlings", all she's saying is that she doesn't perceive enough hate on the left. We aren't in the Pipes and Spencer ranks dealing in half truths and sometimes outright lies.

beakerkin said...

Why are you so intent in your anti history? Lets see nobody that I know denies the Ukranian Famine as members of my family lived through it. Let us not forget Marxist caused it.

The entire world has beaten up on the Serbs. However, Muslim attrocities and abuse against Serbs, Jews and Armenians are fact.
Your blind fealty to the idiotic lies of Fanon, Chimpanzee and Finkola are anti-history. History doesn't start in 1948 and Jews, Armenians, Copts and Assyrians are amongst the myriad of people oppressed by Islamo thugs.

Indigenous people are not indigenous when they are Jooos and Christians. Your logic and anti history elude coherent logic.

Mr. Ducky said...
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Mr. Ducky said...

I'm sorry, Beak. I tried to apply a propositional calculus to your last post but it just doesn't scan.

"The entire world has beaten up on the Serbs. However, Muslim attrocities and abuse against Serbs, Jews and Armenians are fact."

If the entire world has beaten up on the Serbs then why are you focused solely on muslims? Doesn't that help establish my thesis?

Beak, wipe off the spittle and try to live the life of the mind.

beakerkin said...

Who has taken the Serbs side in anything except for Backstreet Boy Dennis Raimondo?

The entire world ignores 1400 years of continual Islamo- human rights violations. There has been zero effort in the part of the MSM to teach genuine Islamic history. The reason is that the Marxist Cabal has a vested interest in perpetuating Muslim victim fantasies.

The notion of Jews opressing Muslim is fairly amusing and comedic given the 1400 year record that exists. The fact is that Muslims are not indigenous to Israel or much of the land they are on now.

The reason you do not understand is that you study anti-history.

The Merry Widow said...

Hmmmm, I would gather that plucky is Platonic in his basic philosophy. I tend the Aristotelan view. But then, I have no desire to have or hold the power of life and death in my hands. plucky wants the power of life and death over our minds. He would make an excellent Pelosi choice for an education subcommitee!


Jason_Pappas said...

Very funny “Gift” … didn’t Ducky enjoy the humor?

Back to genocide: yes, Ducky is right that most nations don’t face the failures of their forefathers – except for America. These days we wallow in our faults. Who denies Jim Crow? Who denies Andrew Jackson’s genocidal removal of the Cherokee? Who denies the stupidity and insanity of WWI? And only the die-hards imagine that their side of the Civil War was without barbaric excesses.

Now let’s see how that compares with the Russian's treatment of the Ukrainian Famine, the Turk's treatment of the Armenian and Greek slaughters, the Arab's non-admission of inventing the Black (and Slav and Hindu and Mediterranean) large-scale slave trade and sustaining it for more centuries than any European nation, etc.

America’s and Israel’s faults pale in comparison; and our ability to admit the past and change puts us in the top of history's great nations. Who can deny that?

Prefect? Of course not. Damn good given human history? Of course.

beakerkin said...


In the original Gift of the Ducki
I was going to have the couple rescued by Libererians. Ducky has no sense of humor as that satire was on the mark.

Mr. Ducky said...

No Jason, I can't accept that. We are humans and are not less prone to violence and subjugation than others.

We have never been seriously threatened which makes our record less impressive and I will submit that a nation is never as aware of its sins as the external world would be.

Case in point, we assist in turning Iraq into an absolute shithole and now we'll have to walk away talking about "those muslims" and "the global war on terror". The pure freaking stinky cheese and we are not in any way immune.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much Beaker. Thank you for the intro. Thanks to the efforts of Donal,I did get back on FPM but quite frankly,I'm not going to make a habit of visting there. Once and awhile perhaps,just to rankle the Lefties, but the place has degenerated into a kind of "Democratic-Underground Lite'' and I think Roberta is somewhat complicit in it being so. I like the air here much better Beaker.You're a good friend,a smart man and though we've never met,to me,you're just an all around good guy.Thanks again. Johnnymac.

Always On Watch said...

Mr Beamish: Liberation begins with removal of Marxists.

Husband: Saved by the man in the gas mask.

Wife: And there he goes with that incoherent sidekick mumbling MEEP MEEP.

Beakerambo lives!

Jason_Pappas said...

I’ve given you several examples of how we are self-aware. And, of course, a large part of the country was and is against our Iraq policies as we speak. However, the subject was looking at the past in a candid manner and while we may disagree, how can you say in a comparative manner that we aren’t far better than Russia, Turkey, Arab lands, etc.?

Now Iraq was a mess before we got there. The killing was one sided: Sunnis killing Shia. Saddam slaughtered millions with the help of his brethren. We didn’t turn these people into killers. We found they were killers. Yes, I’m critical of Bush for believing the fairytale about how they think like we do and want what we want. But the left didn’t deny that. The opposition failed to point out the vast differences in values and cultures.

Without a sane opposition that provides rational criticism our democracy can’t work to fix faulty policies. Bush’s mistaken notion was compounded by stupid criticism like “Bush lied” about WMDs when the fact is that “Bush lied” about Islam. Only a few of us understood.

You’re part of the problem Ducky.

Always On Watch said...

As for AOW's ascertion that muslims are the left's "darlings", all she's saying is that she doesn't perceive enough hate on the left.

But plenty of hatred of the right. Not to mention the left's denial of Islamic genocide perpetrated upon those who were and are not Muslim.

Desiring to preserve Western civilization does not equate hatred, Duck.

Let the left team up with Islamists. Then watch the results. The left's purported desire for tolerance falls by the wayside under shari'a law. Just try to practice the freedoms you now have in any Islamic nation.

beakerkin said...


I think that the full scale production will be better. I liked the way it fits. Making the classics fun is a new way to enjoy them.

Ducky hasn't said a word, so it is good.

Always On Watch said...

America practices self-criticism to the max. Of course, we are not totally objective as to our nation's faults (past and present), but there is no comparison with how we self-criticize and with how most other nations close themselves off to even the most basic objectivity in that regard.

As you said, These days we wallow in our faults. At a certain point, focusing on our faults weakens our nation.

Always On Watch said...

Ducky hasn't said a word (about "Gift"), so it is good.

Silence is approval. ;)

z said...

Roberta at FPM admitted to me she was a bit further left than the conservative posters there...while the site doesn't allow any foul language by either side of the aisle, she feels the site is made more lively through the exchange of the left and right and won't knock anyone off for insults or belittling. Of course, FPM, being a conservative site, is one of the few which allows dissent, I just wish the lefties there would finally get through their thick skulls that FPM, an avowedly conservative site, is full of conservatives for that reason (!) and that their viewpoints are every bit as educated and well informed as they believe theirs are. The equation one starts to believe works better for them is Democrats=correct, Republicans=dumb. Once they grow up and realize how unAmerican, unthinking and downright stupid that is, maybe the site will thrive better with both political viewpoints. Until then, they've created a shoutdown that doesn't do anybody much good and includes the demise of good posters like J'Mac. That he was able to get back on is great, but staying there will require his being far more diligent about his language and insults to the left than theirs to him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


It's clear that no thought goes into anything you say.

What I want to know is whether or not you wash your hands after you pull your statements out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

So very true ZinLA. I'm the bigger fool for allowing fools like Dubya to get me worked up,but when he made insults about my late mother,I felt that was inexcusable. I happen to believe the Dubya is really Socrates and I've challenged him to a face to face meeting many times and I was perfectly willing to beat the living daylights out him,as a matter of honor. That may sound silly,and most likely his. But if a man has no honor,he isn't a man,n'cest pas? J'Mac.

FLORIAN said...

Hola J'Mac...Como estas? Hope all is well with ya buddy.

I got sick of Roberta who kept on giving low-life's like uptown and Mr. UU who are both as rabidly anti-semitic as they come. She (I've heard SHE--is really a "he") finally banned me for good late last year--hence why I started blogging. Beak helped me out quite a bit too.

FLORIAN said...

Hey beak I love it how contemporary historians will swear that "Palestinians" are direct descendants of the Philistines. Somehow it gets lost in translation that the Romans renamed Judea to Palestina after the 130 AD Jewish revolt and complete destructino of the Jewish people and eventual diaspora. In any case, even if Palestinians were there in Israel after 130 the Jews still had them beat by over 1800 years.

nanc said...

beamish said,


It's clear that no thought goes into anything you say."

nanc said,

"it's not nice to be mean to people with verbal diarrhea!"

kuhnkat said...

Ahhhh yes, Little Che Suck the Greenie Fascist Moron accuses the US of creating a sh!thole out of a sh!thole created by Saddam and the ever lovable Sunni-Shia wars!!!!


I seem to remember the Leftards accusing the US of causing the starvation and deaths of the children and old people of Iraq due to the embargoes.

Of course, now even some of the Leftards like Suck have had to admit that our embargo did no such thing. Saddam and regime kept resources from the people killing them at rates even the current sectarian battles barely surpass. The billions made through typical UN corruption allowed Saddam to continue weapons and Palace of Mass Destruction programs while his people DIED!!!!

Reality and logic is a stranger to the so-called mind of Leftards like the Suck so there is no use beating him over the head.

Besides, hitting him in the head might trigger an implosion from the hard vacuum encased therein. VERRRRRRYYY DANGEROUS!!


Mad Zionist said...

It's so ironic that Israel is a leftist state which is universally despised by leftists. Why? Because a Jew is still a Jew underneath all that marxist bullshit and the left doesn't like or trust them one bit.

A Jew by his very definition and existence is a fly in the ointment of homogeny, and no amount of self-loathing can ever change that fact in the eyes of the marxist.

The Merry Widow said...

J'Mac- I respect a man who stands up for his womenfolk! You're no dhimmi or mohammadin!


Farmer John said...

I suspect that the main reason the West is so hell-bent on self criticism and denouncing their own attrocities, and why other nations are not, lies in the fact that Westerners are "sovereigns" over their nations, whereas in most other countries (non-democratic), they are not "sovereigns".

And "sovereigns" are responsible for doing all the dirty work it takes to allow a nation to exercise sovereignty over its' own territory (like fight wars) or aggressively fight other countries when their own lands no longer have the capacity to sustain their own population level or the demands of their citizens (ie - liebensraum). In other words... when you don't live in a democracy, you can blame "Hitler" for the attrocities... and not yourself. The Germans benefitted (pre-1943) from Hitler, just as the majority of Moslems benefit from terrorists.

A Soviet citizen (non-party member) can blame Stalin for being a malevolent SOB, he doesn't have to blame himself. We should have to blame ourselves in a democracy (although you way-over-do-it like the DNC members who rhetoricized over Iraq in this past election cycle - by blaming Bush and the RNC).

The problem our citizens don't understand is that not everyone in the world is like them, and that they have to be heartless and commit gross injustices (war is social justice) sometimes that means innocent people will die in large numbers. That's part of the territory that comes with exercizing "sovereignty" and maintaining the "power" necessary for self-defense in an agressively competitive world.

Farmer John said...

I take it as a good sign that a country can be self-critical. It means that after 100 years, Turkey is transforming from an Islamic tyranny into a state who's citizens are realizing that as "sovereigns", THEY, and not their leaders, are now ACCOUNTABLE for the evil acts Turkey perpetrates on the nations and peoples around her.

Mr. Ducky said...

mad zionist, I don't despise Israel. I'd say I'm fairly moderate in supporting a state with roughly the '67 boundaries and Jerusalem as its capital.

I do despise rabid animals like yourself who think that the tribal texts of a bunch of goat herders are sufficient reason to subjugate people.

Mr. Ducky said...

Jason, I'm pleased to find out that I am "part of the problem" since if your watered down Objectivist claptrap is the "solution" then I really wouldn't want to be part of the solution.

So why don't you make an attempt in 25 words or less to describe "the problem".

Really, be a good Eddie Willers and let me know.

beakerkin said...

Duck those tribal texts are backed by archeology and history. There is no reason to perpetuate a myth when Arabs have 22 states allready.

Duck you are indeed the problem as your kind rationalizes every Muslim grievance and white washes genuine history. Any notion of Muslims being victims is a joke.

Elmer's Brother said...

25 words or less duhkkyy:

"the problem": Leftists are morons.

Mr. Ducky said...

That was very insightful, Elmer.

Say hi to Aunt Bee.

Mad Zionist said...

Duck confirms: I do despise rabid animals like yourself who think that the tribal texts of a bunch of goat herders are sufficient reason to subjugate people.

Like I said, no matter how far left a Jew may go he will always be mistrusted by marxists as an obstacle to their plans for utopian assimilation. The fact that many marxists give backhanded, tepid recognition of Israel is more about tempering the pace of destroying the Jewish state so that it will be more palatable for public consumption.

Make no mistake, though: the concept and identification of JEWISH STATE is contrary to marxist doctrine. It implies CHOSENNESS and DIFFERENTIATION and RELIGION all in one anti-marxist fell swoop. Duck and his ilk seek destruction of Israel and the Jews through militant assimilation. His vision of Israel is that of a multi-national state in which Jews are gradually blended out of distinction: the same plans his kind envisions for worldwide Jewry.

America and European Jewry is rapidly assmilating out of existence, mostly due to converting Jews to secular liberalism and the resulting drastic decrease in their reproductive rate and increase in their intermarriage rate.

Marxists don't always work loudly and in our face; often they stealthly use PC policy to move society in directions that progressively eliminate religion and in its place implant radical secular humanism.

Israel is on the right track for them now, but has a long way to go before the marxists will believe they have accomplished their larger mission: the elimination of the Jewish State and the end of worldwide Jewry.

Jason_Pappas said...

The problem is a refusal to face the facts about Islam and Arab culture.

Bush says they are like us and want what we want. They clearly don’t and Bush couldn’t see that. The left says they are like us and “you’d be an insurgent too if your country was invaded.” But they are clearly killing each other (prior to our involvement) and once again.

Both sides projected their own character unto an alien culture. Both underestimated the force of Islam and tribal loyalties. Bush needed criticism but neither side could point to the limitations of the Arab culture and Islamic Revival.

Mr. Ducky said...

That gets a little circular, Jason. The issue is, why the hell are we there in the first place?

Now you have to take the weight for assuming that military force would settle some imagined issue in Iraq.

As far as "the limitations of Arab culture" it's none of our freakin' business.

Do we want to fight terrorism. Of course. And there are some good minds out there who understand it and offer sound advice. Louise Richardson's work "What Terrorists Want" is particularly good.

To me the problem is terrorism, to you the problem is Islam. You wish to control a quarter or so of the world's population (since you seem to see them as all of a cloth and as a result you lose right out of the box. You aren't even attended to, just as the military fools who though Iraq would be a cakewalk are not attended to.

To repeat, you the militarist takes the weight for this fiasco.

Mr. Ducky said...

The first, the supreme, the most far-reaching act of judgment that the statesman and commander must make is to establish...the kind of war on which they are embarking; neither mistaking it for, nor trying to turn it into, something that is alien to its nature.

—Carl von Clausewitz

beakerkin said...

Lets see Poultry fails once again
in basic understanding of events.

The vast preponderance of terrorism is inspired by Marxist clods or Jihadists. One can pull an oddity out of a hat but those are the facts.

Rob and TMW are both anti-abortion, but neither endorses bombing clinics. Terrorism starts from a demented leftist perception of oppressed people with no other means. This is mildly amusing as plenty of other people are in similar situations and do not toss senior citizens in Wheel Chairs off cruise ships or massacre school children.

The myth that muslims are persecuted is part of a leftist anti-history that is divorced from actual reality. Leftist anti-history creates fake indigenous people and spits on the genuine ones. History does not begin in 1948 and there is no such ethnicity as Palestinian. Arabs have twenty two states allready and should settle their own people.

Jason_Pappas said...

There you go again, as Reagan would say. All you can say, like all the other leftists, is “I told you so.” That’s what I mean by the left being useless when it comes to criticism. Even a broken watch is right eventually.

We needed serious criticism once we were in but the left couldn’t help here. All they could say is “I wouldn’t have done that.” As the insurgency continued to grow all the left could say is “it will go away if we leave.” Just like Bush the left didn’t understand the problem; and yes if they want a civil war it is none of our business. I’d like to see a leftist who can face the fact that Iraq has been in a civil war for 30 years and will continue to be in one for the foreseeable future. Fiasco? Yes, Islam is a fiasco with dictatorial regimes everywhere and vast violence globally.

I have no trouble leaving but I predict the left will switch sides and say we must remain to prevent a humanitarian disaster … an Iraqi “Darfur.” Expect this switch in the next 2-3 years.

Farmer John said...

...the kind of war on which they are embarking; neither mistaking it for, nor trying to turn it into, something that is alien to its nature.

and who's responsible for that, mr. ducky??? The Abu Ghraib no torturing boys? The no korans in the toilet a Gitmo whiners?? The no profiling Arabs at airports?? The no demonizing Moslems or using any form of pro-American propaganda allowed in Iraqi newspaper idiots??

That's right... The ooops, a soldier and a civilian were killed, let's all sing kumbaya instead of FIGHT A WAR crowd. Redeploy the troops home crowd. What nonsense was THAT?

Farmer John said...

so who are the "statesmen". Those that fought the war like a war...

or those who insisted we punish terrorist in the war like they were civil rights activists?

Farmer John said...

...but you are right about one thing... Phases 2 & 3 were very badly executed. But it would have been okay had the Left's "state-pussy's" not undermined our own and pumped up the enemies "will to fight".


Mr. Ducky said...

No Jason, I said you take the weight for this fiasco because your militarist mindset is obsolete.

Now we need Arab assistance to get the hell out and guess who is going to be the sacrificial lamb. Well, it's their own damn fault.

beakerkin said...

We do not need Arab assistance to get out of Iraq. What we need is to place leftists like yourself in Iraq. Lets Al Quedah behead a few superfluous Americans like Noam Chomsky, Bernadine Dorn or second rate media talents like Amy Goodman.

After the good Jihadis care a few of your kind up like second rate swine then you will beat the drums of war. Lets start rounding up leftists today and dump them in the mix.

Elmer's Brother said...

thanks duhkky for the compliment. I realize the truth hurts.

Jason_Pappas said...

Not quite Ducky.

As I said over the past several years: Iraqis need a dictatorship. I advised against nations-building because Arab/Islamic culture can’t sustain a liberal democracy.

Now why didn’t we slap in another dictator like we did in the Cold War? If we did the leftists would have blamed us for Iraq not having a democracy; the left would have blamed us for the harsh treatment that a dictator would have to use to get Iraq under control.

So were damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Before we invaded Iraq, the leftists blamed us for the deaths when Saddam starved his people by stealing their food money for weapons. The left blamed us for dealing with a dictator like Saddam in the 1980s. And now the left blames us for the civil war that is a continuation of Saddam’s terror against his own people. No matter what we do the left will blame American for the failure of Arab culture.

Of course, if we left Iraq with a dictator, as Daniel Pipes suggested (and I blogged about often) we would have saved the lives of many American troops. And since the left is going to blame us for the violence that Iraqis commit on their fellow Iraqis anyway, what did we gain by trying to install a democracy? We lost the chance of stabilizing Iraq with far less bloodshed. And appeasing the left never wins their respect. They're like Muslims ... they'll always hate us no matter what we do.

Next time we should start with a firm understanding that Islam and democracy don’t mix. But you leftists didn’t help us there. With your silly movies like Syriana and folk tales about how “freedom fighters” are fighting for a decent society, you contribute nothing to the debate. False criticism drives out valid criticism … Gresham’s law of politics. You're part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hola Florian! Good to see you here. I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago. Yeah,believe it or not,I'm still haunting FPM,Donal got me back on, God love her! But the place has turned into a cesspool and I just can't stand that pinche cabron Dubya. I've tried to get on your blog recently but was prevented some how. Computers! J'Mac.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the Fascist Greenie MORON is quoting a guy who was beaten and captured by French, married money, and was later bailed out of being beaten by the French a SECOND time by the English and Dutch??


WOW!! Must be another typical EASTERN ELITE TYPE!!


Hey plucked SUCKY, how about quoting something a little more relevant, like, Apocalypto!!!