Thursday, November 09, 2006

The start of this mess

The election mess was started with the guest worker debacle. Republicans flipped their base the middle finger and ignored the wishes of the American people. The polls showed 70% percent of us do not want amnesty for illegals and the GOP ignored
the will of the American people who remained at home.

However, now that Nancy Pelosi, Rangel and Howard Dumb are talking this is good news.
Now that the far left extreemists are deluded they will let their guard down. Let Conyers start a move to impeach Bush. Let Howard Dumb flap his mouth about the results.

The only vote that was clearly about Iraq was in CT where the Stalinist Lamont aided by far left antisemites lost to Joe Lieberman. The reality is the KOSBY crew will push the dumbocrats off the cliff in 08.

Bring on Michael Bloomburg to fix Washington DC next.


Always On Watch said...

The election mess was started with the guest worker debacle. Republicans flipped their base the middle finger and ignored the wishes of the American people.

Of the Republicans whom I've heard say that they stayed home to spank the Republican Party, this adminstration's idea of immigration reform was the overriding issue for them.

Now we can watch immigration reform become amnesty, with the tax burden on American citizens. IMO, GWB, who has always been soft on immigration, will go along with a Democratic Congress on that particular issue. I also expect the North American Union to go forth, unopposed by both GWB and Congress. In fact, lots of Americans haven't even heard of the NAU!

The lessons of Lieberman's victory will go unheeded.

Mr. Ducky said...

The only vote about Iraq was in Connecticut and you won that. So that's why Chucklenuts fired Rummy the Dummy?

Damn, you just can't calm yourself and reson can you Beak?

Did you come up with that all by yourself or did you get it from rabies radio?

beakerkin said...

Bush panicked and it was rather silly. Rummy should be hired to clean up NYU. That was purely a political move engineered by PR dolts.

Farmer John said...

Panicked? Nope. Time to change the players in the War on Terror in a little play called "Good Cop, Bad Cop".

beak, your buddy Rudy Giuliani has been working with Bob Gates & the Iraq Study Group finding the middle ground and hammering out Phase II on the War on Terror w/the DNC. It's finally time to suck Iran under Iraq's wing, and that couldn't happen w/US Marines running through the streets of Bagdad.

nanc said...

beak, i borrowed your post in it's entirety and posted it as a comment at fpm, first article - you may be correct, of course coupled with a few other minor (ahem) details.

beakerkin said...

I am fed up with career politicians
bring on Bloomberg to clean up the mess.

Mr. Ducky said...

IDF Brownshirts at it

Hey Beak, something to make the kahanists proud.

You killed 18 children.

Israeli tank gunners found an enemy they could handle.

beakerkin said...

Ducky how many of these staged attrocities do we have to go through. It isn't like you honestly care either when muslims smack planes into office buildings, shoot school kids in the back or toss people in wheel chairs off cruise ships.

You also do not seem to care about deliberate starvation, class genocide and ethnocide. How many of these fictional things do I have to go through with you.

You will be glad to know Hammas has come up with a career path for ugly teanage girls. If you are too ugly to be married Hamas invites you to be a suicide bomber. Incinerate women and children and blow up public transportation for allah. If you kill enough Jooos maybe the comwads at the Daily Kos will make you into a hero and airbrush younr picture.

Anonymous said...

The interesting part is the Democrats and Bush actually agree on Immigration, it was the Hard line GOP, that did not like Bush's plan.

Farmer John said...

What the election might mean for Israel.

American Crusader said...

I have to disagree with you beak. I believe the debacle started with Social Security reform. Only an idiot would think that Bush was trying to "privatize" Social Security but the Democrats were able to use this distorted charge to stop legislation and to hammer the President and the Republican Party this election. Everyone knows that Social Security is going to run out. Now everyone will be able to blame the Democratic Party but that won't help those who are depending on it.
Fortunately I think I'll just sneak by before it does. But either way, I'll be prepared. Unfortunately most Americans won't be.

AOW...I hope you wrong. More than just the economics, it's the demographics that scare me. If we had limited immigration to its pre-1964 levels and stopped illegal immigration, our population would have pretty much topped off already. Now the numbers run past 700 million before topping off, and that's if we stopped illegal immigration now and limited legal immigration.

Mr. Ducky said...

Now stop it Beak. I have it on good authority that you asked Medea Benjamin for a date and were turned down.

Ever since you've had to date shiksa's and have developed a hatred for the left.

Freedomnow said...

Duck you know the reason that Rummy quit.

With control of the Senate and Congress the Dems were going to make firing Rumsfeld their number one priority.

Admit it, Bush made a smart move.

The Dems dont know what to do now.

You always take things out of context. Thats why you are a liberal...

beakerkin said...

Freedomnow they said similar things about Oliver North. Let Rummy go up like a man and cook Ted Kennedy. Kerry and company looked absurd questioning North.


The Beak does not associate with Communist, nor are Communists Jews.
I may humiliate them or use them for comedic relief or allow my dog to relieve himself upon a communist
but that is all. Maybe if we get hit again I can round them up for waterboarding and deportation.

For the record I preffer nonJewish women.It is mostly attitudinal and not having to deal with moronic extended families is a plus.

Freedomnow said...

As far as the election goes we only need two words to describe what happened,

Mark Foley

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I've been able to glean a few details of what policy changes the Democrats want to impose on the war in Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't think it's a war, but rather a "problem to be solved." No word on if anyone's told her we have troops in Afghanistan (re: her comments a few months ago about the war in Afghanistan being "over.")

John Murtha wants to defund our "broken" troops and withdraw them to Okinawa where they can rapidly re-engage in Iraq as needed (I don't think a geography tutor would help this hopeless case)

Joe Biden wants to strip sovereignty from the duly elected national government of Iraq (without the use of military force to topple the democratically elected government, I'm guessing) and divide Iraq into three countries. No revelations were given on how many crack rocks were incinerated to construct this idea.

It's deer in the headlights time as the nation turns to the Democrats to see their ideas, and as usual, they don't have jack shit.

kuhnkat said...


You are absolutely right. The fight over immigration is just beginning. Some of those Dhimmicrats campaigned on NO AMNESTY and NO GUEST WORKERS!!!

Some of those Dhimmicrats already elected are also against these two disasters!!

Getting a bill to Bush allowin g either will not be a slam dunk!!

Most of the Republicans who lost were due to the pork spending and the IMMIGRATION ISSUE whether they were personally involved or not!!!


Oh, and Little Che Suck the Lying GREEN Fascist,

try this SCIENTIFIC presentation if your tiny little DUCKY brain can handle it!!

And how about this!!

and meet some REAL SCIENTISTS who are against Kyoto!!!


You GREENIE WEENIES exemplify the PROPAGANDISTS view of the world. Keep up the good propaganda you MORON!!!!!

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

I am trying to think of how many Democrats actually worked a genuine job. So far Frank " Corpse"
Lautebberg founded ADP. Bernie Sanders, Kerry, Kennedy, Schumer have not held a job or ran a business.

Mr. Ducky said...

What if they have brown blood?

And it's not just a few yahoos. Official government policy.

Elmer's Brother said...

Over in Tim Blair's comment section, a guy named Dave S. said this:

"The Republicans lost and the Democrats won for the same reason -- they distanced themselves from their base. "

beakerkin said...


Delude yourself all you want. The entire world knows you are a Stalinist without a coherent thought. Are you going to have another planned famine in your workers paradise. Stick with film Duck as the American people are on to your kind.

kuhnkat said...


the Greenies are going to have much more than a FAMINE if they ever get power. The insanity they puke would put most of what is left of the population running around naked. Their civil enforcement would KILL anyone with the temerity to damage a PLANT or animal to make clothing!!! Running manufacturing for synthetics would also be banned as it might emit, displace, or otherwise interfere with something and inhibit NATURE from acting its normal incoherent self!!!!

Ain't that right Little Che Suck the Lying Greenie FASCIST!!!!


Always On Watch said...

More than just the economics, it's the demographics that scare me.

More than that! Have you noticed the msm sympathy toward immigrants' having large families? The rest of us are supposed to live within our means and curb our reproduction rates, but immigrants--particularly illegals--get a pass.

Have you read Mexifornia. Hansen discusses the demographics in some depth.

Purple Avenger said...

The hard left is about to get stiff armed HARD. Its already begun with Ford being batted around for DNC chair.

The dems want 1600 in 08' and any with a few neurons left firing know they gotta throw the moonbats overboard. The last thing they need is the Kos/Hamshire crowd yaking it up on the national stage. The public would recoil in horror.