Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Dim Bulbs of the Left

The left still has not come up with a coherent answer as to what the basis of the Psuedostian ethnicity is. There is zero connection between Biblical Phillistines and modern Paleostinians. We have gone through the list of what most nations are founded by lengthy historical identity, unique language and unique religious identity.

The genius Elizabeth a dim witted troll that frequents AC site thinks the basis of this Psuedostinian ethnicity is a unique style of embroidery and folk dancing. Lets see states founded by flamenco dancing 0, states founded by the lambada 0, states founded by brake dancing, states founded by waltzes 0. There is a line of men in Las Vegas seeking to form their own ethicity based on appreciation of lap dancind. These men call themselves sleazish and get touchy when their ethnic lap dancing is claimed by the Lap people.

Then there is Elizabeths odd claim that a unique style of embroidery is enough to establish an ethnicity. The number of ethnicities based upon needlework styles is zero. One might make a better case for Bufalostan based upon hot wings and mediocre football. One could also create a state called Crackistan that elects mayors based upon recreational drug habbits.

There is no basis for a Pseudostinian ethnicity as Psuedostinians are generic Arabs. Do not take my word for it, read the PLO charter. This congame was set up by the Egyptians after they got waxed in the Six Day War. It seems that Marxist anti-semites can't rally around a Judenrhein Middle East or Pan Arabism as there are allreay 22 Arab states on mostly stolen Real Estate. Thus the leftist keep pushing an ethnicity that has zero basis in reality.

This fake indigenous group makes a mokery of genuine indigenous people such as Basques, Tibetians, Kurds and other who the left ignore.


Warren said...

Why Beak, didn't you know that the ethniticy of Amercians is defined by the twist and Amish quilt work!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The leftist nation of Trashcanistan is dominated by people who avoid the creation of profit by digging in trashcans for food.

Justin said...

OK I have quit rolling on the floor and laughing enough I think I might help educate poor Elizabeth (I realize this is a daunting task I set out for myself since the PC Left cannot seem to grasp actual history and archeology).

So, Elizabeth thinks embroidery and dance establishes ethnicity! Had she said based on pottery and archeology then I would find her claims to be worth considering. However, she is basing her demented theories of the Palastinian's (and that is all they are) on embrodiery and dance (how very interesting).

Elizabeth, first you have refused to do your work and find out just where the word palaistine came from and what it meant. So, if Beak does not mind I think a little tour of History (I know you people do not like history as it is you would rather invent your own just as you invent ethnic groups) but alas Elizabeth history cannot and will not allow itself to be cast aside.

Where does the word Palistine come from? Well, its really quite simple to find out if you know how to read.

The term "Palestine" derives from the word Philistine, the name of a non-Semitic ethnic group, known as the Sea Peoples who invaded canaan around the 12th century B.C.and inhabited a smaller area on the southern coast, called Philistia, whose borders approximate the modern Gaza Strip. Philistia encompassed the five cities of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath.

Not quite an indeginous group to the area now are they Elizabeth?
All of this is backed up by archology Elizabeth something I know dreamers like you prefer to ignore.

Now, where did Palistine get its name. Well Elizabeth, this one is just to easy if you read history.

As a result of the First Jewish-Roman War (66-73), Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple, leaving only the Western Wall. In 135, following the fall of a Jewish revolt led by Bar Kokhba in 132–135, the Roman emperor Hadrian expelled most Jews from Judea, leaving large Jewish populations in Samaria and the Galilee. He also changed the name of the Roman province of Judea (Israel) to Syria Palaestina named after the Philistines as an insult to the now conquered Jews. In what was considered a form of psychological warfare, the Romans also tried to change the name of Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina, but that had less staying power. Over time the name Syria Palaestina was shortened to Palaestina, which by then had become an administrative political unit within the Roman Empire.

Now Elizabeth, I know you like to think that there were no Jews in (ahem) Palistine before World War II but, you cant fool history. As was plainly stated Hadrian left a large Jewish population in Samaria (a part of Palistine). So, what does this tell us Elizabeth? There has been a Jewish Population in this whole region before the Philistines arrived and long after they were forgotten. Long before the Romans came and went. Long before the Arabs came along as well.

I know it must be crushing to have to admit that you and the rest like you are and have been wrong but, Elizabeth just as there is no Santa Claus there is not nor has there ever been and indeginous Palistinain Race.

Learn to read history and you will probably be shocked to find just how much you dont know.


The Merry Widow said...

Justin- Very succinctly put!
Truth is a terribly intrusive thing, it will come to the fore and crush the Lie under it! Or should I say, crush the Lie under HIS Foot, since G*D is Truth!
Elizabeth- Either chose to be broken upon the Rock of Truth, or be crushed to dust under it!


Always On Watch said...

Something interesting, from this source:

Alex Safian of CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, shreds the claim by Peace Now that 40% of Israeli West Bank settlements were built on Palestinian-owned land and not, as Israel claims, on public land. Safian shows that the Peace Now claim is based on information which is unsourced and uncheckable and which contains previously acknowledged cartological errors — and, most fundamental of all, that it makes misleading or downright false claims about the legal status of the land, and thus misreprents publicly owned land as private property....

Read the rest at the above link.

Anonymous said...

Crackistan, wasn't that the country of Origin of democrat Marion Barry.

Than again i guess you would have to be on crack to be the mayor of Washington DC!