Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Duck's notion of woman's rights

The other day the Duck was in his typical anti-semitic mode. Those Israelis gunned down women in Gaza. I cautioned him yet again to wait until the facts are clear. We have had fake massacres in Jenin, a staged massacre in Qana and repeated Paliwood staged attrocities of their own people. Sadly Rachel Corrie was also killed by accident. However, she clearly deserved to die and her parents should pay for any damage caused by having a mental defective child hit by a bulldozer.

Well it seems the pussies of Jihad summoned women and children to wander into a battlefield and die. It was only with super restraint and leadership that only two women were killed. The Duck does not blame the actual culprits who summoned women and children onto the battlefield. Nor does the fact that Hamas is now recruiting ugly female teenagers to be suicide bombers.

The Duck does not seem to show the slightest concern when the pussies of Jihad take a school in Beslan and mow down children on purppose. Nor does the Duck seem concerned when the pussies of Jihad target women and children in routine suicide bombings. The Duck was afraid of Islamophobia after the pussies of jihad plowed
planes into office buildings. The Duck will make every excuse for this behavior just like he never sees anything wrong with Communist human rights in Vietnam, Cuba, Zimbabwe or China. The Duck focuses 100% of his scrutiny on fake indigenous people prone to homicidal violence.

This game is not new as the Duck's beloved VC went out of their way to ensure civillian casualties and photos were everywhere. Most of you have heard of Mai Lai but do any of you remember Hue. The Duck will talk of Civil Wars and forget about Communist subversion and human rights abuses that continue today. There were no boat people until the commies took over. The Duck also forgets about Commie human rights abuses including killing hundreds of Hmong with flame throwers. Helicopter massacres
of Miskito Indians with Pseudostinian mercenaries just never seems to make the front
page either.

It is clear the Duck's warped anti-semitic Communist immaginations are in overdrive.
The Duck seems to have a fascination with water boarding. Leave it to an advocate of class genocide and property theft to be so concerned with this trivial matter. The Duck is still making excuses for Bill Ayers, Pseudostinians and the pussies of jihad who kill people on purpose. There is always an excuse for this behavior. What connection did Bill Ayers terrorism have to the Vietnam War? Ayers could have claimed a million other excuses for his criminal acts including hatred of silly puty.
Why are terrorists teaching in American Universities instead of pushing up daisies?

There are excuses galore in the antisemitic communist world of the Duck. The excuses
end with the USA and Israel who are held to impossible standards and the rest of the world is held to none.


Farmer John said...

They go to Leftist Universities to learn how to become peace activists.

Mr. Ducky said...

News article yesterday that the valiant IDF blew away several school kids. Of course kahanists like Beak will mention the brutality of muslim insurgents but when it comes to the IDF, well the chosen people are above standard morality.

The Israeli government said they would "investigate". As if these butt clowns have ever investigated the murders.

School kids and unarmed women. let's hear some more stories of the vaunted IDF. How'd did these cowards and criminals do in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah waxed their kahanist asses.

beakerkin said...

The Duck repeats communist talking points and always seems to cover for Islamo-Nazis. The Duck is not bothered by the firing of missiles into civilian areas with projectiles laced in rat poisoning as long as Joooos die.

The Duck also fails to present the logic of Hezbollah begging for peace if it were winning. This goes along with other commie classics peasants starved to death are liberated from life. Commie traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg had a different type of patriotism.

Sorry Duck you are a communist appologist for Islamonazi terrorists and a fraud. Everyone is at fault but the Islamonazis. Its the Jews, Hindus, Eastern Orthodox, Copts, Assyrians, Philipinnos fault that they can't get along with Islamonazis. Space aliens will arrive and guess who will pick a fight with the Islamonazis.

beakerkin said...

Moreover the anti-semitic Duck still will not explain how the women got into a battlefield.

The Duck still does not see a pattern of staged attrocities like Jenin and Qana by Paliwood. The Duck doesn't mind school kids shot. He has said nothing about Beslan and will make excuses.

The game is tired Duck and it is time for you to live with Hugo.

FLORIAN said...

Newsflash Duckbrain: If anybody threatens somebody else (me especially or my family) I don't give a damn if they are a woman or not--I'd pull the trigger too!

Israeli's aren't going to be made into appeasers like the Europeans have been. Palestinians obviously don't have a problem sending their children and women to death by planting bombs on them--so why should we care to gun them down before they can carry their act of evil on innocents. Your definition of "innocent" is about as perverse as I've ever seen.

These weren't "innocent little women" by any means. Good riddence to them!!!!

FLORIAN said...

"Moreover the anti-semitic Duck still will not explain how the women got into a battlefield."

If he would have bothered to watch the documentry called "Obsession" he would know that the Islamists act just like Hitler's 3rd Reich. It's no surprise that women and children are among their ranks. Sad thing is, Ducky stands up for these people and he's nothing more than an infidel who deserves death in their eyes. Good Dhimmie Ducky!

Mr. Ducky said...

Notice how Beak has to bring his favorite talk show rants into every thread. The Rosenberg's, really beak, strictly "Weiner Nation".

I notice you bring Chechnya into a discussion about Israel. Usually Shoa pimps like to avoid Chechnya since the ethnic genocide against the Ingush and Chechens killed a greater percentage of the population than the holocaust killed European jews.

Of course, denying Shoa pimps like Beak understand why European jews would require the state of Israel but he can't seem to understand why Chechens would want Russia to get out. Clearly they don't deserve self rule because they are not "chosen" people.

beakerkin said...


I have been talking about the Rosenbergs for years. If you actually read this blog I am a big Mark Levin fan. As the great one says" I am a Reaganite and proud and in your face you Communist anti-semite."

The Commies kill Chechnyans and other Muslims and the Duck points the finger at dem Jooos. Hey Duck you are the apologist for class based genocide, not me. What this has to do with executing kids in Beslan remains unknown except in the wacky world of poultry.

Most anti-semites with half a brain
steer clear of the Holocaust. The Duck proves that he lacks half a brain and brings up the Holocaust again in a post with no relevance to it. He once again makes excuses for Muslim slaughter of children while railing at dem Joooooos.

Lets see Arabs have 22 states allready. They have 1400 years of colonialism and Jim Crow abuses against Jews and other people of the region. There is zero need for yet another Arab ethnically cleansed state. Arabs allready have an abundance of stolen land and there are no Palestinians.

The same illogic would have people born in Brooklyn claim to be Canarsie Indians. Well since I was born in Brooklyn and claim to be an Indian the Native Americans must give up more reservation land.
The above idiocy represents the duplicity of the anti-semitic Duck.

Anonymous said...

Beak, don't you know Israel is to blame for everything? Certainly not female terrorists that try blowing themselves up on the Gaza Strip, no surely that can't be the problem!

The truth is, sometimes mistakes happen, sometimes innocent people get killed in the process, but Israel is on the front line of a real war, a war that most leftist won't even acknowledge is going on, they just go with their "America and Israel is to blame for everything" rant. Instead when a few innocent people die, the leftist like to proclaim this as some regular occurrence, you know "their targeting women and children", no you NIT WIT, their targeting terrorist who like to hide behind women and children, it's unfortunate when innocent people die, but that is part of a reality of War.

beakerkin said...


The most humorous part is a Marxist
asking for sypathy over Marxist slaughter. How did Marxist solve problems with Muslims place them in cattle cars to Siberia to die.

Then these same dolts rail about Israel in the name of social justice. Social justice starts with 1400 years of Islamo coloinialism and Jim Crow. Those are just inconvenient facts in the world of Marxist anti-semitic poultry.

American Crusader said...

I think your post pretty much covered the subject.
Israel has long been a favorite target for those on the left. These women were being manipulated and used as human shields to cover Palestinian terrorist but Israel gets blamed for acting in their own self defense.

beakerkin said...


I am flabergasted at the Ducks rationalization of the slaughter of
children at Beslan. This lets us know that slaughter is okay in the dememted mind of the Duck as long as Muslims or Commies are doing the slaughter.

Da Weaz said...

Wow, Duck is onna roll. He never gets this passionate on my site. But then again, there's less need: there are many fewer morons on my site.

By the way Beakermoron, what does Norman Finkelstein have to say on the subject? Perhaps that you need to get off the Holocaust Industry schtick that degrades, rather than enhances, the memory of those who died.

And by the way, since you're so much of a brain dead, illiterate moron who keeps repeating the idiot mantra of whodunnit: the answer is Dick did it. Not you, you dick, but the Big Dick, no, not your Foley, or you Haggert, but lesbian daughter, dead eye, shot-a-man-in-the-face, Halliburton Dick.

Ask the Dick why he didn't order a shoot down of the plane heading towards the Pentagon. Oh, never mind, you're just another little dick.

beakerkin said...

Proving once again that Communist morons have no brains, Weazie invokes Norman Finkelstein noted anti-semite and communist whose book has been compared by the far left NYT Book review to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What this has to do with the post remains a mystery except to pathologically anti-semitic Communist morons. Then again being a comwad does make one a defacto moron by definition.

The relevance of Dick Chenny and more conspiracy hokum to this post is nil. What the sexual proclivities of Cheney's daughter and his penchant for shooting lawyers has to do with this post is unknown. The frivolous mention of Cheney's daughter's lifestyle is more of this far left homophobia that doesn't exist in their delusions.

The Weazie proves once again he has yet to have an intelligent thought. Back to the Finnish Psycho Ward and do take your meds.
I am not paid to deal with your delusions of granduer and gross stupidity.

beakerkin said...

Noted Communist Anti-semite Weazie accused Dick Cheeney of being behind his 9-11 conspiracy fantasy.
Any claim of rational thought on the part of Weazie has now been rendered comedic?

I suppose Peter Pan and the Klingons were also in on the plot.
Wait Weazie will tell us how Geraldo Rivera, Tony Orlando and Sponge Bob were all in on the grand conspiracy.

Start laughing now.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well weaz, it's a test. use the same mode of insulting, ad- hominem invective used by Beak's rabies radio heroes and see if he can figure out the nature of the merry-go-round that he's on.

He can't. Never look for anything resemblig logic or complex thought when dealing with assorted randoids and towel head haters. Bigotry is their life and they aren't going to put that aside.

beakerkin said...

One should have to pay to see this comedic spectacle. The Duck has just excused wholesale slaughter of kids in Beslan. The Weazel places Dick Cheeney at the center of his 9-11 conspiracy fantasies. Now the Communist Duck and Weazel would like to point their finger and cry bigotry and wail about Randoids.

The amount of people sent to Randiod Gulags or beheaded by Randoids remains zero. What Rand has to do with this post is also another mystery.

We have seen plenty of genuine bigotry, stupidity and homophobia but it is 100% on the part of the Duck and Weazie. I could not script better examples of anti-semitic and mental pathologies of Comwads than these two provide.

Thank you once again for showing their is a place in America for your kind it is called GITMO.

Mr. Ducky said...


Like candy from a baby.

beakerkin said...


You have once again proven beyond a shodow of a doubt you are a hypocrite and an ignoramus. People are not laughing with you Ducky they are laughing at you.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- Wonder if plucky will ever grace my site? Probably be like a vampire faced with a crucifix on one side and daylight on the other!
I'm back on and Nanc recipe is at the bottom of the page, not because I think it's bad(it's not) but something to do with writting dates! Oh well, I'm still learning!


beakerkin said...

The Duck seems to think that religious people are primitive unless they believe in the apostasy known as "liberation theology". The Duck claims to be a Catholic but two Pope's have spoken clearly about this blasphemy.

Da Weaz said...

Moron beaker outdoes his already high level of idiocy with the line . "Thank you once again for showing their is a place in America for your kind it is called GITMO."

Somebody tell the dumb bastard that Gitmo is not America.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the moronic Weazie gets this one wrong on two counts. Military bases are considered US soil in US law. People born on US bases are considered US citizens.
In the more general term America is often used to describe the Western Hemisphere.

The anti-semitic moron proves his ignorance once again.

Da Weaz said...

First off, jackass, a choice of law provision doesn't determine geography, you fucking moron. Secondly, while US may try to assert jurisdiction over foreign bases, the jurisdiction faces what's called a "conflict of laws" meaning that the US would have to argue that it can extend jurisdiction over another soverign nation's land.

The sad reality of it though, is that by whatever law actually governs, it doesn't make it a geography lesson. By no one's definition but your own idiotic one, does leased land make it "part of the United States" you fucking moron.

You should just fucking kill yourself. Buy a fucking map, and learn what the United States consists of, you fucking retard.

Da Weaz said...

And by the way, you fucking moron, I never said I didn't have a blue passport. So the reference to nationality is irrelevant or stupid, as there are NO US citizens at Guantanamo Bay, you fucking moron.

kuhnkat said...


basically, if I ripped off Little Che Suckies head to piss in it, I would make a mess. He has so many holes in it that it would hold NOTHING!!!

He proves this theory every tiome he tries to make a statement.


Let me know when you would like to throw some questions at me. Just remember, according to Che Sucky I am not conscious!!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm still waiting for Beak to adopt a Mark Levin-ism for his blog:


beakerkin said...


There are plenty of US citizens at Gitmo. They have been there for years as it is a military base. Obviously, you must have gone to Mickey Mouse law school as pre-law students are well aware that Military bases and embasies are considered US soil.

I seem to think your law degree is just another part of your delusions. We are not paid to listen to your fantasies. There are mental health. Take your meds and rest, maybe someone will believe your fantasies.

Warren said...

I used to work with a moron that would do the stupidest thinks and then act like he did them on purpose.

I don't know if anyone realizes it but Ducky just did the same thing.

Da Weaz said...
" Wow, Duck is onna roll. He never gets this passionate on my site. But then again, there's less need: there are many fewer morons on my site."

With you and Nostradumbass here, that makes 100%, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Please Warren don't use intelligence, you will confuse them!

beakerkin said...

I wonder if Ducky is trying to be the new Borat. Has he figured out Borat is satire?

Da Weaz said...

There are plenty of US citizens at Gitmo. They have been there for years as it is a military base.

Really? You're so fucking stupid you can't even remember the context for the bullshit that dribbles from your little moron lips. So you were suggesting that Ducky and I go to Gitmo as military personnel?

You're so fucking stupid that it's always a surprise.

And as far as my law school goes, it was called Columbia. In your neck of the woods, ya know, the place that you've maybe seen if you've signed up for a walking tour. Ya know, one of the places that you and your moron friends rail about because they don't have affirmative action for morons.


Elmer's Brother said...

Da Weaz said...
" Wow, Duck is onna roll. He never gets this passionate on my site. But then again, there's less need: there are many fewer morons on my site."

Hey 40 year old virgin...Nobody gets passionate on your site because no one visits it.

Elmer's Brother said...

hey ducky can you tell how much you make per year again...it just my sway my opinion to hear it one more time

Anonymous said...

I plan on going to see that Borat movie friday, looks funny to me.

z said...

typical leftist...the minute a conservative makes real good sense we have to hear "here you go again using talkshow talking points" as if the Left doesn't do that, too? As if a conservative can't have a thought without having had it spoonfed by Rush? Oh, I'm sorry...I forgot, leftist radio shows don't do well enough to spawn many leftist talking points.

Funny, isn't it, that the news barely mentions the missiles fired into Israeli civilian areas but sure does go on ad nauseum about the Israeli retaliation and protective measures. I've noticed that a lot during the latest coverage, but it's not new.

It never fails.....the media's handling of the Israeli/"Palestinian" situation is what made me more pro Israel than I had been before. I'd felt sorry for the PA's until I read some history and realized the truth.......I sat in my apartment in Paris watching CNN Int'l do five minutes on a bus full of Israeli grandpas and children blown to bits and then twenty minutes spent on the 'horrible strikes'(rarely 'retaliation') on "Palestine". That was it with me.

That that's missed by some is incredible to me. and real sad.

beakerkin said...


Who said anything about Ducky and yourself being admitted into the military. Unlike Columbia the US military has psychological tests that neither of you could pass. Both of you should be incarcerated with the jihadis and waterboarded daily.

The claim of a law degree on your part seems fictional. You might get 98.6 degrees by sticking a thermometer in your rectum, but that is about it.


The media elite come from the gulags of the accademic left. A serious non-political or conservative Journalism major would quickly change over to business fast to avoid the brain washing and potential grade retaliation by far left commisars.

Da Weaz said...

gulags of the accademic left

Yeah, you were never stuck there.

And you're NOT a moron?

beakerkin said...

Lets see a Columbia Law Grad should know that one does not start a sentence with and. Moreover, a buttsnipe like yourself might coax by parroting the Marxist cliches of the accademic commisars. The term is gentleman C and John Kerry is a great example of Ivy mediocrity. The bottom line is if you had ability you would be at a law firm in NYC.

You have no such ability and are in a Finnish mental institution.
It seems prestigious law firm have a reality litmus test. Why don't you apply for Lynne Stewart's job.

Elmer's Brother said...

weas is too busy chasing ambulances...too bad he keeps getting run over

beakerkin said...


What is your legal niche? My guess it would have something to do with insanity.

z said...

Beak, from what you said, which is absolutely true and I've said it forever (the media being trained by our academic left), I'd say about the most important place Conservatives could give money was to scholarships for Conservative kids with journalist aspirations...pay them to STAY! Then pay them to speak UP. Pay them to tell the truth.

On second thought, maybe they'd never get hired.

Purple Avenger said...

Women should be kept barefoot, pregnant, and in the burkha. If they don't like it, then 90 lashes will adjust their attitude.

Islam - the religion of lashing

beakerkin said...


Higher Ed is increasingly run by far left extreemists. Every year the mainstream media loses more viewers and the only market that grows is talk radio. Talk Radio is ratings driven and Conservative.

The gravy train may be ending sooner than the left realizes. Most of these corparations are driven by proffit and the old days where news was sacrosanct are over.

MSNBC has hired Monica Crowley and the talented Rita Crosby from Fox. CNN has Glen Beck whom I like in small doses, he is too touchy feely. Couric is failing and I give her a year. Brian Williams is not as radical left as the other screwballs.