Monday, November 13, 2006

Beakerkin takes a night out

I went with Northwind to see Borat. Northwind is a local and doesn't understand my mannerism. For example I go to a resturant and I never look at the menu. I just go and order while the locals seemed perplexed. Part of being a NYer is being decisive and when one walks into a resturant one has a good idea of what is there. If you don't just ask for the special and wing it. Northwind is amazed at the speed I handle my transactions. I shop eat and order fast and sometimes the locals do not get it, but in NYC we have a different perception of time.

The Borat movie was great if you like gross humor. Northwind didn't get it, but she hasn't been out of the Northcountry much. Alan Keyes has a great cameo and comports himself well. The film does not make fun of Muslims, but it does take a swipe at Jews, Gays, Christians, Republicans, Southerners and Pam Anderson. I do not have any idea why the Kazakh government takes this seriously as the film is obviously a farce in poor taste.

The NYC scenes are real as is the Hotel Wellington which is the cheapest Hotel in Midtown but bring your own bat. I get home sick when I see my beloved city on film.
I am sorry they did not shoot a sceene with Communists in NYU.

If one is going to the theatre anyway it is a good laugh. Kudos to Alan Keyes who really did an excellent job and accounted himself well.


Robert Bayn said...

I was going to see this movie, but after some thinking about it, i did not think it would be Morally right for me to go see it, but glad you had a good time.

Elmer's Brother said...

are you talking about the politician/radio host Alan Keyes?

beakerkin said...


I am refering to Alan Keyes who did not seem fooled by the ruse. Unlike most Keyes was a diplomat and told Borat that he had met members of the Gay community.

I do want to point out some hypocrisy in this film. There is far more anti-semitism in the UK than in the USA. Cohen could easily have induce more virulent statements about jews/zionist on most college campuses.

He found the time to go into a charismatic Christian Church with faith healing. No doubt he could have gone to a mosque and had similar fun. He avoids identification as a Muslim and that is what most Khazaks are.

No doubt Cohen could play cuts of Communazi Norm Finkelstein minimizing the Holocaust or interviewed Noam Chomsky illucid rants. Chomsky appears infront of only friendly venues like Democracy
Now or a college campus. A talk show host like Mark Levin would shred his material in minutes. I would pay to see Monica Crowley humiliate Chomsky, but his media strategy protects him.

American Crusader said...

My wife and I went and saw Borat last weekend. I can't remember the last time I've been to a theater where there was so much uncontrollable laughter. I thought it was hilarious. Now I admit to having poor taste in what I think is funny but one cannot help what they perceive as being funny or not. My better half usually has more refined tastes and more dignified taste in what she finds humorous, but she was laughing just as much as I.

Elizabeth left a comment that the Torah promotes the killing of non-Jews. I've researched this and cannot find any such passage but my knowledge of the Torah is lacking. I know there are additional books than what we have in the "Old Testament". Any helped would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Ducky said...

"I am refering to Alan Keyes who did not seem fooled by the ruse."

What ruse? You are aware that everyone in this disgusting production knew they were being filmed. None of it was candid and if you have the good sense to pay attention to the editing you realize he is cutting when people tire of the stupidity.

"Borat" is an event. No wonder we are such a freakin' sorry people.

beakerkin said...


Keyes comported himself in a class
and dignity. Borat is funny however, I could find more bigoted and anti-semitc activity in a typical University. Keyes comported himself exceptionally well and avoided laughing. Keyes is all class and dignity.

Farmer John said...

Keyes is my hero. I voted for him for the US Senate a few years back... and I support him in every RNC campaign.

A more eloquent Straussian cannot be found alive today. He makes William Kristol look like a hippy.

The Merry Widow said...

I'd vote for Keyes anyday! He's a good man, intelligent too, and tells the truth.


beakerkin said...


Do note the two groups that went screaming to MSNBC about his show were GLAAD and CAIR. It seems Keyes has the nerve to denounce terrorism without equivocation and takes no PC foolishness about the myth of oppressed people.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, the people who went to MSNBC screaming about his show were the sponsors. No viewers.

Aren't you assorted neocons and thumpers figuring out what a small minority you're in?

Party is over. You're out.

nanc said...

is northwind an native american or does the moniker imply she is less than lukewarm?

my father's native name was "little coyote". otherwise i just called him "j".

just curious.

beakerkin said...

Keyes ratings were similar to that of Joe Scarborouh in the same time slot. The whiny perpetual Pseudostinian lobby went to MSNBC crying. Keyes should have come out swinging.

Duck in case you haven't figured Rudy has filed papers for 08. Apparently it is you who are out. It seems that Hugo Chavez, Mugabbe and Sheik Narsrallah are not on the ballot.

Marxism is dead and Senator Sanders will assume the same status as Col Sanders without the legacy of the latter. This is assuming a series of major ethical lapses don't have Comwad Sanders led out in handcuffs.

beakerkin said...

Northwind is part Abenaki, but is mostly French despite her heated denials. I call her that because of her unusual nature. Some days the wind is unseen, other days it is soothing and sometimes it is a storm.

She doesn't get it either.

American Crusader said...

Although I like Alan Keyes, I don't think I could support him for president.
He is too closely associated with the Christian Right wing of the Republican Party. As much as I usually agree with the majority of their opinions, I don't need or like having someone else's morals forced on me.
Here is a good story on Rudy Giuliani and 2008.
Thanks for clearing up that matter for me.

beakerkin said...

I like Keyes but am a Rudy or Mayor Mike Man. I prefer Keyes to the vast majority of politicians.

Hey Comwad Duncy do you want to compare Keyes accademic credentials with Col Sanders, Gomer Kerry or Ted Chapaquidick Kennedy. Where is Keyes University job? Oh wait those are reserved for Marxist Holocaust deniers, marxist hacks and marxist terrorists.

Farmer John said...

Like I CAIR!

Farmer John said...

Giuliani is too busy working for the Iraq Study Group to run for President. The race starts Jan 1, and the ISG will be busy then...

Mr. Ducky said...

Come on Beak, Chavez wasn't born in America. he can't be a presidential candidate, silly.

beakerkin said...

Lets see one could vote for Gnome Chimpanzee, Ward Churchill or Norman Finkola. How about Senator Col Sanders for President?

Yes lets try to run Bernie Sanders and try to fool the masses into thinking he is the beloved Col.

Jason_Pappas said...

"The film does not make fun of Muslims, ..."

What? No Muslim jokes? What’s happened to this country? Prior to 9/11 there were Arab and Muslim jokes and you could have Muslims as the bad guys in movies. Now it’s “let’s pretend we love them” as we are engaged into war with a group of them. What gives? Why is Islam “in?” Who made Islam the law of the land? Why the reverence towards this religion?

Mr. Ducky said...

Jason, Beak fails to tell you that the "Borat" character is a muslim.

He shows respect for muslims by filming sequences with "Borat" washing in the toilet and so forth.

It's mostly South Park humor. Very gauche. Hardly Jacques Tati or similar sophisticated, talented comedy.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm with AC on this one.

I love RUDY!

beakerkin said...

Actually the film never mentions he is a Muslim at all. One can read into the washing but the point was never made.

He walks around mostly in a fog and never mentions the fact to perplexed Americans. In fact the one time the subject of Islam comes up he is nodding and doesn't mention he is a Muslim.

One could make a better film with the Accademic rednecks.

Jason_Pappas said...

It doesn't sound like a movie I'd enjoy. I've never watched a whole South Park either. Not my cup of tea ... or is that mug of beer.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Suck the Lying Neo-Dhimmicrat Fascist ranted:

"Aren't you assorted neocons and thumpers figuring out what a small minority you're in?"

Uhhh, ya wanna quote any voting statistics to show us how small a minority we are MORON???

Ya wanna tell us about the numerous races that were decided by a few percent??


You MORON!!!!



no way Borat would have taken his show into a Mosque. Remember what happened when the Danes posted a few dumb cartoons?? He mnight have been tortured before they chopped off his head!! Little Che Suck would have been in the front row with his video equipment hoping for a little blood splashing on the lense!!


Elmer's Brother said...
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Elmer's Brother said...

Dukkky - Don't you think people in the Green party are a smaller minority than conservatives? HELLO!

I heard Borat announced an exploratory committee today, he's thinking about running in '08.

nanc said...

o.t. - check it out, beak:

my av went missing almost an hour ago.

Farmer John said...

If you get overly homesick for the commies, just let me know. I'll get my daughter to point her webcam down on Washington Square Park and take a few shots.

Speaking of shots, perhaps you'll choose to wait until I've set up my click-and-shoot remote-control rifles on the roof of her dorm... I promise much more bang for yer buck that way!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I bet a hundred dollars (that's the bill with Ben Franklin that your boss doesn't let you touch, Ducky) that Ducky didn't start hating on Borat until he found out the actor is a Jew.

Farmer John said... takers, beamish.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker old buddy,how are you? Yeah,I know what you mean about ordering in a resturant. If its a steakhouse,well,thats pretty obvious,order a steak! A diner,"give two scrambled and a side of toast"' or from the hot-dog guy on the corner,Two with mustard and 'kraut and a Pepsi''. I mean,whats complicated about that? Most people think New yorkers are rude because they rush and out-of towners thinj thats rude but what they don't understand is that a New Yorker shows politeness by rushing so the person behind them can rush as well,to get where they want to go.hey,you've got to check tis out over at FPM,I know you don't on there any more but Hank is pulling that "I work in Mahattan stuff again so I baited him by asking him just where it is he works in the Ciyt and I threw in a trick question. I asked him "I'll bet that traffic on Gun Hill Road holds you up a lot,huh"' I want to see if this idiot knows I just took a section of the Bronx and stuck it in Mahattan. Its on the thread about al-qaedas plans to kill Americans. I can't wait to see how he answers this. J'Mac.

beakerkin said...

Hank has no clue about NYC. Remember his astonishment about how I knew that a pack of kids beating gays on 14th street were not Staten Islanders. What a clod and a putz. He seemed to forgt it is expensive to park in Manhatan.