Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New For Christmas The Mr Beamish & Beakerambo Video Game

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Entertainment



Mr Beamish and Beakerambo invade NYU and the New School of Communist Treason.

Among the adventures

Pelt Animal rights advocates with stale butter milk biscuts.

Kick Social Science majors rear ends.

This clip from Mr Beamish and Beakerambo study bio.

Mr Beamish: Beakerambo find a spleen.No that is a kidney, No that is a liver. Beakerambo we are running out of Social Science Majors to dismember.

Don't just sit there fix higher ed the Mr Beamish way.

This game is intended for mature adiences due to themes involving alcohol, illegal narcotics, dimemberment, gratuitous violence, botanical pornography and the placement of steel toed boots in unusal places.


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- Botanical porn? This I've got to see! The whole thing sounds like a scream!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


beakerkin said...


The videogame has explict sceenes of botanical procreation unfit for children under the age of 16.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Salacious stamen lickers.

beakerkin said...

Those oversexualized plants even involved other species. This footage was so shocking it could have its own show plants behaving badly.

Elmer's Brother said...

Here is a piece of botanical porn

Elmer's Brother said...

I heard KFED was about to sell a copy online.

The Merry Widow said...

Considering that the PBS show Nature had an episode of animals behaving worse...:sigh: another sign of the Fall! Truely heartbreaking when you think of it! Does it show bees and butterflies? My daughter is 16, I wonder if I should let her play it? Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Happy Thanksgiving, Beaker!


Always On Watch said...

I want to reserve a copy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Are you going to NYC to be with family?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The sunflower that teaches the "Michael Richards is more racist than Karl Marx" class is particularly lurid. If you go over to the conservative side of the school on cheat mode, you can mix up some plant killing chemicals or do other creative things made possible by grounding the actions in reality.

beakerkin said...

Good lord Elmer these plants have spent to much time around NYC residents. All these plants do is think of sex 24/7. Maybe Bill Clinton is part vegtable.

Elmer's Brother said...

the oval office was full of these flowers during his administration

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- I'm convinced!
EB-You and Rob and Mr. B. are very, very bad! ROFLOL!


kuhnkat said...

Yes, a large part of Slick Willies BRAIN is VEGETABLE!!!


Mr. Ducky said...

Sunday in iraq. Man, a tough freakin' day in the neighborhood. This is no video game but I'm glad we don't get out. If we did there would be violence.


Bring ‘em on: Three U.S. Army soldiers were killed and two wounded during combat operations in Baghdad, the military said today. The Multinational Division soldiers died at about 9 a.m. Sunday, the command said, without providing any details about what had happened.

In central Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a crowded street, killing six Iraqis and wounding three, some of whom were sitting in a parked car.

A police commando was killed and another wounded when gunmen attacked their patrol in west Baghdad.

One policeman was killed and four were wounded when gunmen attacked their checkpoint in west Baghdad.

The bodies of five people were found with gunshot wounds and bearing signs of torture just north of Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said.

Police captain Abdul-Qadir Abbas was kidnapped outside the Sheikh Zayid hospital in central Baghdad.

Gunmen attacked a Baghdad municipal office in central Baghdad and killed a guard and abducted three others.

Police in western Baghdad found the bodies of two Iraqis who had been kidnapped, blindfolded and shot.

A tortured body was found in the Tigris River. A total of 43 people were killed or found dead in Iraq on Sunday, police said.

At least 17 bodies with bullet holes in their heads were recovered in various places around the city.

The head of the Sunni bloc, Adnan Dulaimi, came under attack in Baghdad's Adel neighborhood. For an hour, his guards held off armed men who had already lobbed mortar shells toward his house but missed. Eventually, Iraqi and American forces arrived and the gunmen fled.

Several mortar rounds landed in the Shiite neighborhood of Al Mustansiriya in eastern Baghdad, wounding seven people.

In Baghdad, two mortar shells hit a U.S. military post in the mostly Shiite neighborhood of Baladiyat.

Three mortar rounds landed on a residential district and killed three people and wounded 15 others in the southeastern Diyala Bridge area of Baghdad.

In the southern district of Dora, one of the city's most violent areas, armed men in two cars attacked a police patrol at 8:30 a.m., wounding six policemen.

Five mortar rounds exploded in the predominantly Sunni Arab neighborhood of Ghazaliya, wounding five.

Residents in Ghazaliya described a harrowing scene in which Shiite militiamen opened fire with machine guns and lobbed mortars and grenades at the al-Hadithi and al-Muhajirin Sunni mosques and at a nearby market. They said the militiamen were aided in the attack by Iraqi security forces. As many as 45 people were killed and several houses destroyed, residents said.

In Hurriya, one neighborhood where Shiite militias have driven out most of the Sunni residents, Iraqi police and soldiers stood by Friday as other uniformed men in police vehicles launched rocket-propelled grenades into houses and fired their guns at Sunni mosques, according to a policeman who was present.

A mortar shell exploded in Hurriya, killing a woman and wounding three other people.

Police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on Sunday night in Husseiniya, a suburb about 13 miles outside northeast Baghdad. The U.S. military said it could not immediately confirm that such an attack had taken place. The police and witnesses spoke with Associated Press Television News on condition of anonymity to protect their own security.

In the mainly Shiite neighborhood of Karada, two mortar shells killed four civilians and injured five, including the imam of the Zuwiya Mosque. The wounded were taken to Ibn Nafis Hospital, where armed men later tried to break in. Police guarding the hospital fought the attackers, eventually repelling them as reinforcements arrived.

Two shells fell on a house across the street from a Shiite mosque in the central Baghdad neighborhood of Karrada, not far from the Green Zone, where the U.S. Embassy and the Iraqi government are located. Four people were injured in the attack.

In Mashtal, a mixed area in eastern Baghdad, a mortar shell injured four.

At least one mortar round fell in Sadr City, wounding a woman.

Gunmen killed one man in the mainly Shi'ite Talbiya district of east Baghdad and kidnapped four of his brothers.


A police major was killed while he was trying to dismantle a roadside bomb in the oil refinery city of Baiji.

Iraqi soldiers arrested the imam of a Shi'ite mosque in the village of Bani Tamim near Balad Ruz, in Diyala province north of Baghdad. Four others were arrested with the imam, Hassan Attiya.

Baquba and Diyala Province

At least 47 Sunni Arab insurgents were killed Saturday during long gun battles with Iraqi security forces in and around Baquba, the capital of Diyala Province, a police spokesman in Baquba said. In the largest and deadliest fight, scores of insurgents, using assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, laid siege to several government buildings in the center of the city, according to the spokesman. At least 36 of the Sunni Arab insurgents were killed in that clash, which raged for about four hours, according to the official, who said he did not yet know if any Iraqi security forces had been wounded.

After nightfall, clashes broke out between gunmen and Iraqi Army troops in the Al Tahrir neighborhood in Baquba. At least 11 insurgents were killed in the fighting.

In Baquba, north of Baghdad, Iraqi security forces battled Sunni insurgents for a second day. Southwest of Baquba, armed men took over a police station and burned six vehicles as police fled. They replaced the Iraqi flag with that of a Sunni Arab insurgent group.

In Baqouba, the capital of Diyala province north of Baghdad, police said the area was mostly quiet on Monday morning after two days of fierce fighting. On Sunday, at least 17 insurgents were killed and 15 detained, police said. Twenty civilians were kidnapped and three bodies found in the province. The mayor of a municipality also narrowly escaped an assassination attempt that killed one of his guards and wounded three.

In the Sunni city of Baqubah, seven teenagers were found handcuffed, blindfolded and executed with bullets to their forehead. Gangs also looted the city's library, stealing computers, books and furniture.


An Iraqi security detainee died at a U.S. prison in southern Iraq two days after being taken to a hospital after suffering chest pains, the military said. The detainee, whose name was not given, died Saturday "from what appears to be natural causes" at Camp Bucca near Basra, the military said.

France's Defence Ministry said a French intelligence officer was killed by a local militia during an inspection at a checkpoint in Basra on Nov. 21.


Gun battles broke out in Buhruz, a predominantly Sunni village just south of Baquba, when gunmen assaulted the main police station from three directions using mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles. The gunmen began their attack using the cover of date palm orchards that surround the village and retreated after two hours of fighting. No immediate word of casualties on either side was available.


Twelve police officers were kidnapped after they ran out of ammunition during a shootout at a checkpoint near the Shiite village of Dujayl.

Alternate version: Gunmen attacked a checkpoint near Dujail and kidnapped eight policemen, police said. A ninth policeman was wounded but managed to escape. One policeman was killed and another wounded when their patrol arrived at the scene and was ambushed.


A U.S. F16 warplane crashed northwest of Baghdad with one pilot on board, the U.S. military said. A spokeswoman said she had no information on the fate of the pilot or the cause of the crash. Residents said they saw the pilot eject but that he was killed, and television footage filmed by a local journalist appeared to show the pilot dead near the crash site.


In fighting elsewhere, Iraqi authorities reported that a car bomb in Haswah, about 40 miles south of Baghdad, killed seven civilians.

South of the capital, near the town of Haswa, police found four bodies of people who had been shot in the head. They had been blindfolded and their hands tied behind their back. The four, who police of Babil province estimated had been killed on Monday, also showed signs of torture.


Two local council members were gunned down by drive by assassins in Hillah, about 55 miles south of the capital.


In a raid near Kanan on Saturday night, men wearing Iraqi military uniforms seized 25 Shiite men.


A mortar attack set ablaze oil storage tanks in northern Iraq on Monday, police said, and a source at the state North Oil Company said the attack may mean a protracted cut in output from oilfields in the region. The blaze in the oil facility at Arafa in the north of the city of Kirkuk will, however, not affect crude exports via pipeline to Turkey, the source said. Iraqi police said there were no casualties from the blast.


Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces were dispatched to the scene of an oil pipeline fire just north of Al Mahmudiyah this morning and secured the area. The cause of the fire is unknown and is currently under investigation.


Gunmen killed an off-duty policeman along with his mother in the northern city of Mosul. It was his wedding day and he was heading to his bride's house when he was shot.


U.S. forces killed two suspected insurgents on Sunday after observing them loading weapons from a cache into a vehicle Ramadi.

The U.S. military said four Iraqi civilians were wounded, including three boys aged 6, 13 and 16, when mortar bombs fired by U.S. forces against insurgents hit them. The wounds were not life-threatening, a statement said.

Tal Afar

Clashes erupted between gunmen and police during the night, killing three policemen and one gunman in Tal Afar, about 420 km (260 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

Elmer's Brother said...

Yea it's awful Duhkkky.

just make sure you clean up your spooge before you go.


the number of Americans killed the last month of WWII. Imagine if FDR had said oh sorry got raise the white flag now.