Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Kerry Appology and Talk Radio

Gomer Kerry did what he should have done at the outset apologize and move ahead. However Gomer Kerry lives in a fantasy world where the unwashed masses aren't smart enough to understand him. Kerry thinks this is nuance but in reality it is just far left arrogance. Make no mistake the joke was intended at our military and reflects Kerry's genuine views and those of the far left like the Duck.

Welcome to the new era where Talk radio will hold the far left accountable. The MSM is a reflection of the neo-stalanist journalism schools. Thus reporting the facts takes a back seat to reporting the correct news. Thus in a Presedential election the MSM did not ask Gomer Kerry about his meeting in Paris with the enemy while a member of the US Naval Reserve, a severe violation of the law. The MSM did not touch upon Kerry's role as the spokesman for Communist thugs in Nicaragua. The MSM did not ask Gomer about when he knew his partner at VVAW Al Hubbard was a fraud and a Communist. No exposes about an anti-American book Gomer Kerry coauthored came from the MSM. We did have forged documents on Bush's National Guard duty, some speculation about DWI but this is typical for the far left.

Kerry and other politicians left of center get a free pass from the media. Maybe Gomer will sit in with Tim Russert who will ask a few tough questions, but that i about all. Hillary will only sit for creampuff interviews, but a Republican has to have every word scrutinized as well as his life story.

The reality is the MSM is shrinking. Every year ratings get smaller and the NYT circulation is dropping. The ratings of Talk radio have increased as Americans are fed up with cookie cutter clones from neocommunist Journalism accademic gulags.
The time will come in the near future where corporate ownership will have to look at the proffit ledger. The public is not being served and has moved elsewhere.

Even Reuters and A/P have felt pressure to clean up their acts. The faked pictures from Lebanon forced the firing of two employees. The pressure came from the EU blog and LGF and the far lefts reign of error is comming to an end.

People like Gomer Kerry can get away with plenty but their serious gaffes will be held up for scrutiny. Will Kerry adjust to the new reality? He won't because he lives in a state where political candidates can betray their country, run brothels out of their homes, fly pages abroad for the purposes of an affair and leave women in cars in rivers.


Elmer's Brother said...

The Phoenix rag has resorted to giving it away in promotionals to try and up subscriptions. It's not working. My wife works at a drug store chain and the newspaper stands are full everytime I go in there, including Sundays. I heard on the radio the other day that all the majors papers are losing buttloads of subscriptions. People are sick of it and they're not buying.

I could have given Kerry the benefit of the doubt if this was the first time he's insulted the military. It's not and I won't.

Always On Watch said...

Will Kerry adjust to the new reality?

Hell, no! He doesn't have to, in his ivory tower.

My husband doesn't follow politics, but Kerry's "joke" pissed him off royally. And my husband is usually so laid back.

Bush Derangement Syndrome at its most disgusting.

Farmer John said...

I guess they're following in the Greek tradition... they think themselves too good to get their hands dirty...and that having dirty hands is a bad thing.

The Merry Widow said...

FJ-Dirty hands aren't a bad thing, they usually denotes useful, helpful and honest labor! I have no problems with them, I often have them myself. Hasn't harmed me any! Or my 2, though they may want you to think so!


Farmer John said...

My thoughts exactly tmw.

It's too bad that the liberal elites who sit at their computers all day while Juanita watches their kids and cleans their houses while her husband Juan mows their lawn don't get it.

Da Weaz said...

Give it up, Beak. It's dyin'. About half of your hits are coming from Farmer John, who wastes government money on his day job surfing on your site for morons.

Wrap it up, moron. It's finished.

American Crusader said...

Originally, Kerry defiantly stated that he would "apologized to no one".

Now that Democrats don't want to be seen anywhere near him, he has retracted and offered a lukewarm apology.
I think this will probably kill any chance he had in 2008.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Weazie, my posts always have lively posts unlike yours. My site is a focal point for this blog community. Unlike your failed blog that has zero hits. We have regular readers who also do not comment.

I am content with my numbers. You on the other hand have a plethora of cut and paste mindless material.
Someone looking for original content would not spent more than a mment or two on your site.

You still have yet to name your suspects for your grand 9-11 conspiracy. Lets see Weazie are you going to blame Klingons, Samba Dancers or a Jooish Cabal.

I am happy as is thank you. If I chose to promote my site it could easily be three times larger. I preffer a lower profile to keep the John Browns, Gertrudes and Uptown Steve at bay.

nanc said...

comin' atcha from n.w. arkansas, beak - madze and family at hospital having their new son today!

it's also "all souls day" the day you're supposed to interview farmer. five questions, one session. i must warn you - as his agent, this offer expires at midnight est.

hey weaz!

beakerkin said...

I will post a five question interview for the Farmer tonight.
This should be interesting as well as abstract.

nanc said...

that's too funny weaz - the people posting above you post from five or six different spots on the map when they post at longrange...'splain that!

Farmer John said...

...well, if it's gonna get abstract I'll probably have to change the radio station from classical to jazz...

nanc said...

queen of o.t. here, beak - o.t. - "obsession" on two times this coming weekend fox news:,2933,227057,00.html

The Merry Widow said...

weaz is jealous, and takes out his pique by sniping!
Looking forward to the FJ interview!


Elmer's Brother said...

40 year old virgin (aka weaz)speaking of dyin' how's your man whore John Brown?

FJ- Hopefully I will be able to understand your erudite answers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Da Weaz,

Ducky fulfills the role of "clueless moron leftist" on Beak's blog.

Was there another role you might be interested in?

beakerkin said...

Lets see Weazie gets so many comments he comes here. The point is that Weazie does not have the social skills to maintain long term interactions needed to run a

Moreover the preponderance of his material is cut and paste. The original posts are few and far between.

Weazie has not figured out that one should try to join a community
to build participation. However, when one suffers from multiple personalities and has the social graces of an axe murdere this is clearly a task that Weazie can not handle.

Anonymous said...

If more people watch Conservative leaning broadcasters than Liberal media, dosen't that make the MSM Fox News?

I watch the news for facts, the reality is, the reason why Conservatives love Fox News is because it leans right, just like Talk Radio, it has nothing to do with Facts. I watch Conservatives everyday bash the "MSM" as somehow being liberal, but than deny that Fox News has a conservative Bias, to me that is Hypocritical, the problem with the MSM isn't that it isn't fair, it's that it's not conservative, and that's the real truth, but not a single conservative will ever admit and never will a leftist admit that the MSM leans left, why? Because they drink from same kool aide of demonizing, making up lies and fooling the American people.

I say call a spade a spade, MSM leans left, and Fox News Leans right, talk radio is nothing more than average folks whoring themselves out to senseless debates over senseless topics, with loudmouth conceited ego inflated bastards who's only goal is to fatten their own bank account, while in the process divide the country into two, until we break in the center, and fall into utter Chaos, this folks is conservatism and Liberalism at the core, the only hope for this country is that Moderates and Independents and Libertarians get a voice in the Government.

kuhnkat said...

Robert B,

sorry to burst your bubble, BUT, Fox News has never been RIGHT WING and is going left continuously.

The only reason it has gotten the Right Wing handle is in relation to the LEFTARD MSM!!!!!

If anything, Fox is slightly left of MODERATE!!!!

You really need to get out more and find out what exists in the REAL WORLD before trying to make representations about positions!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh, and Robert, the problem with the MSM isn't that it is LEFTWING, it is that they are a bunch of Biased, Partisan, STUPID, Lying Bastards!!! And that is being very kind!!


Warren said...

Geez Robert, take a pill!


Kerry is a flat out liar! His Vietnam stories stink to high heaven as any vet that knows the ropes can tell you.

To the weasel:

Many people will stop to look at a freak show, few will bother to stop and talk to the freaks.

Anonymous said...

Warren with all do respect, i refuse to take a pill on something i know is wrong, and is nothing more than Partisan BS.

KK, your immature response is a prime example of my problem with the right, and not even the hardest right wingers have the gull to say that fox news is on the left, that just proves how far on the right you are, but hey that's your prerogative, my prerogative is to not fall for the crap on the left or right. Is the left leaning MSM Biased, Partisan and stupid? Absolutely we agree, where we disagree is so is the Conservative media, including talk radio. I make only one representation, and that is MY position, i don't speak for no one, i speak for myself, you can think my position is stupid, or even moronic, i really don't care what anyone thinks of my positions, i stand by what i believe is true, based on what i have read and seen.

Elmer's Brother said...

I watch the news for facts

This was your first mistake Rob.

Anonymous said...

EB, if you read between the lines enough and get past "opinions" there are some facts in any news broadcast.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I haven't watched Fox News in a while. Are they still looking for that chick that went missing in Aruba?

Elmer's Brother said...

rob oh really? While I was in the Navy I participated in several high profile airline crash and recoveries. The only thing those who interviewed us got right was that we were in the Navy. They didn't care about facts just "CREATING" an interesting story. They need to sell newspapers and ads. What's the truth got to do with that.

Anonymous said...

True there is money to be made, maybe i was wrong to say any news broadcast, most would be a more fair assestment, at least from my expiereance in the News, but i also take any news broadcast with a grain of salt.

Elmer's Brother said...

I meant no offense Rob...I have been on a lot of ops where the media was there..CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX...the whole lot of them. Not a single one got it right anytime.

I was part of the Alaska Air search and recovery, the AF pilot who flew his plane into Gold Dust Peak in Colorado and several civilian plane crashes...I am just too jaded when it comes to the MSM. Add in the fact that they won't even leave their hotel room to report the news in Iraq and I have about as much respect for the MSM as I do for a skidmark.

Danny Org said...

I love Gomer Kerry