Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bankrupting the Axis of Evil

The USA has the power to eliminate and bankrupt the axis of evil. Previously I had to remind some of you that OPEC is well aware of the upper price threshold. The pice of seventy five dollars per barrel is the current price that Oil Sand and Oil Shale become economically viable. The USA and Canada have plenty of supplies and can flood the market.

It is important to know that all comodity prices fluctuate in cycles. The prophets of gloom and doom always extapolate staight line price rises. This is not the way markets work.

Our enemies the Saudis, Hugo Chavez, Iran and whatever Putin is at the moment depend on Oil prices to survive. However, news last week of an Israeli method that can produce shale oil at 18.00 a barell is the best news on the war on terror so far. Our enemies chief economic component becomes worthless. The Saudi Royal Crime family could go bankrupt and Hugo will no doubt be assasinated or be overthrown in a coup.
The mullahs of Iran will see their dreams of empire go up in smoke. Well paying Union jobs will be created in Canada and Colorado. Opec will see its market share be cut and other countries with Oil Shale will get in on the act.

In the end the Saudis, Iranians and Venezuelans ruined their chance to create something. With their oil revenues the Saudis could have built Universities reclaimed the dessert. Instead they wasted their vast fortune on exporting a vile strain of Islam called Wahabism. The Iranians loose the ability to fund their Syrian and Hezbollah allies. Uncle Hugo becomes a laughing stock and his dreams of being the new Fidel die with him.

Our enemies including those who are waterfowl will invent an enviromental armagedon.
Our enemies are obstructionists and always look for excuses except when their socialist utopian ponzi scheemes go up in smoke. There was never a reason to oppose drilling in ANWAR or building new refineries or nuclear power plants. The left lives in a fantasy world where the demand side can create a green fantasy land. In reality
there is limited potential in energy reduction. The best way to reduce energy prices is to increase supply. Our enemies do not understand markets and want to live in a world of deprivation and socialist ponzi scheemes.

The future of Oil Shale is our greatest weapon in the war on terror.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo


Farmer John said...

The environmentalists would go nuts if we ever started extracting oil from shale... the current process is very high in CO^2 emmissions.

Always On Watch said...

news last week of an Israeli method that can produce shale oil at 18.00 a barell is the best news on the war on terror so far

I missed that story!

Just think of the economic changes such a technology would accomplish--the end of OPEC's extortion.

Mr. Ducky said...

Very interesting take by the Beak.Let's look a little deeper.

1. Shale extraction is nothing new and the price per barrel will be lower because there is so much less refining required and extraction isn't that much more expensive.

2. Israeli shale is low quality. About 15% yield. Jordanian is about 25% and other muslim countries even greater.

3. Beak wants more extraction and consumption. This completely ignores environmental issues and is hardly a well rounded energy policy.

4. If you buy Beak's argument then Canadian Natural Resources (ticker: CNQ) is a good long term play at 50 a share.

5. The infrastructure is in place to extract and refine oil and the majors are hardly going to let that go idle. Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Saudi will still be producing.

6. The nation most likely to be hurt is Venezuela which has massive heavy oil reserves which only pay off around 50-60 a barrel due to the high refining costs.

The future isn't in oil, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Guess what if we eliminate Hugo and the Saudis I will live with the consequences. The new Israeli method is allegedly much cheaper.
Let Jordan export oil as well as it needs jobs for the Pseudostinians to leave Israel.

The Israeli technique is will be pattened and if it is effective kiss Hugo, Iran, Saudis and Russia goodbye.

The Greens and Communists will not stop this one. I can live with more air pollution is Hugo and the Saudis are ruined.This will force the Saudis into bankrolling Communist Marxists to do their heavy lifting.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hmmm, why didn't the Saudis cultivate the desert? I wonder if beak knows that Saudi Arabia is a wheat EXPORTER.

They have also become quite advanced in desalinization and you better believe that the Australians are chatting them up on that one.

It would be beneficial to have the Saudis out of the game and avoid escapades like there current bankrolling of the Islamic Courts in Somalia but on the other hand we have more moderate states like Oman screaming that the U.S. is delivering Iraq to al-Qaeda.

Israel Uber Alles is a little premature Beak.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck does the Jew/Nazi
bit again. The bottom line is according to the experts the Israeli method costs less and produces less waste. There is a four year window and then we can bankrupt the Saudis, Hugo, the Iranian Mullahs and the Russians.

No doubt the Saudis will fund Marxist and Green agitators but the game is over. This end game will kill the remainder of the far left.

Brooke said...

Personally, I think the future may be hydro and nuclear power. There is already a power station in the works that is hydro powered, the size of an air conditioning unit, and can power/heat/cool an entire house, plus up to four cars.

Shale oil would be an excellent alternative to ME oil in the interim.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, I'm also surprised that you failed to note that the new revolutionary process requires a by-product of normal petroleum refining to function.

I'm sure you see the circularity there and I'm sure you understand why your site is not a good source of news or even well reasoned analysis.

beakerkin said...

Brooke there are limits to hydro power. I would also step up the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Ducky now you have a problem with UPI. They didn't employ Mary Mapes or Jason Blair.

Let the Jordanians have an industry
that employs Pseudostinians. There is little development there and they need resources.

Mr. Ducky said...

Off topic but Beak, would you and MZ like to comment?

Likud was naughty

beakerkin said...


You know how I feel about Communist front groups like Peace Now, Code Pinko and ANSWER. Membership in such groups is conclusive proof of moron status as well as governmental surveilance.

FLORIAN said...

Uh...Beak. You said "The future of Oil Shale is our greatest weapon in the war on terror". I would have to disagree with you on that. We've allowed ourselves to be hijacked by Arab oil mafiosos all in the name of cheap oil prices. Terrorists will want us westerners (and especially us Jews and Christians) dead regardless if we run our fuel off of garbage or water. It doesn't matter. An infidel is an infidel in the end. We do have enough oil reserves to be self-sufficient but the politicos in DC don't want us to be able to tap those resources as they claim it's "emergency reserves"....or even better the enviro-wackos who will do everything in their power to prevent us from drilling in Alaska or off-shore so as to not disturb the mating habits of some dumb whales and caribou. Getting back to my point: I believe our best weapon against terror is still in the form of good old fashioned guns, bombs and grenades. In other words: kill em' all. Death is the only language terrorists understand and so it just happens to be that we have to continually dish it out to them in order for the Muslim terrorists to "get it". I don't know why people (especially leftists) see this as difficult. When you have politcos like Tony Blair preaching about winning hearts and minds, it shows utter ignorance for our enemy. No wonder the terrorist perceive us as weak.

beakerkin said...

I disagree whales are considered smarter than Ducks.

The world has been blackmailed by oil dependency. In a world that is flooded with alternative fuel sources the Saudis, Hugo and the Iranians are finnished. They will be bankrupt in a short time. The Jihadis will resort to drug pushing
but the largess is over.

Full speed ahead on Shale Oil and harpoon any Commie or Green that objects.

American Crusader said...

Environmentalists, left-wingers and other misinformed morons effectively stopped the production of nuclear power plants in the 1970s.
Even Patrick Moore, cofounder of Greenpeace realizes this was a mistake. I think this is a much better alternative than shale..although cars run on neither.
France is touting a new nuclear reactor that produces no greenhouse gases and little waste.
I believe this is the right direction until new hydrogen technologies become cost-effective.

Mr. Ducky said...

Now see, we agree AC. Pebble reactors should be part of our energy program.

I think you will agree that the idea of just drilling for more oil is a pointless policy that needs to be balanced.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Ducky tried to steer the focus away by declaring that oil shale extraction is nothing new. True, but Beakerkin is talking about the new method of oil extraction that was discovered by the Israelis.

Further, it matters not about the oil capacity from Israeli shale. From a geological perspective, and since Israel sits on nearly the same strata as the surrounding Arab countries, how does "15% yield" come into play when you're talking about different borders?

Further, Ducky declares:

"...and I'm sure you understand why your site is not a good source of news or even well reasoned analysis."

So why are you even stopping in? Just making an observation here.

Mr. Ducky said...

Steve, pay attention OK. The Israelis have a process that will extract from shale by using a by product of standard refining.

Now that isn't quite the breakthrough that beak wants it to be .

Israeli shale is low grade. Only 15% petroleum content so they are going to have to hack up a lot of ground to make this produce. Jordanian shale is much richer. Manitoba and Colorado richer still.
Shale technology is there and will be used whenever big oil gives the government the go ahead to subsidize the extraction.

beakerkin said...


The Israeli method reduces the cost
and ecological impact of the process. The potential of producing oil from Shale at 18 dollars a barrel will eliminate OPEC. Increased supply reduces demand in basic economics.

Moreover, the far left will make every effort to save Chavez and the Mullahs but if this technology works the ball game is over. Terrorist will have to go back to drug smuggling.

American Crusader said...

Unfortunately...drug smuggling is a very profitable enterprise for terrorist and the United States provides the biggest demand.
Whatever happened to drug czars and the "war on drugs"?
I don't remember hearing VICTORY declared.

beakerkin said...

I would pay to hear poultry justify drug smoggling by latin American Commies and Jihadis. He will do it when the time is right.

" The opressed people have no choice...."

The above line is on its way.

FLORIAN said...

Didn't the US coast Guard just bust a Colombian Cartel cocaine sub with 3.5 tons uncut? My biggest problem with the so-called war on drugs is with the imbecile North American consumers who supply this demand. Were it not for these losers there would be no need to drug push. The blood of all the people who have fought the drug war is on their hands.

beakerkin said...

TYou are correct the problem is on the demand side. I never have Jason around when we need him . Liberterians explain this part better than average folks.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

We only import around 24% of the oil we consume from the Middle East to begin with.

The untapped ANWR oilfields contain roughly a 35 year supply of oil for America at current consumption levels - that's 35 years of America fueling itself and telling everyone from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe to go piss up a rope.

This doesn't count the 20 years worth of untapped oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

And shale oil in Wyoming...

Let's just say we could, if pressed, stick it to the world for 55+ years.

To psuedo-economists like Ducky that believe the Chinese mine plastic out of hills, oil is only an energy product.

But in the real world, the oil on the market is needed by everyone - and these suppliers in the Middle East and other places want currency for it, not hot air.

America going energy independent, even by using its own oil supply stocks, would separate the superpowers from the posers real quick.

Da Weaz said...

Well, beakspeak, another day, same ole crop. Duck pointing out the errors of your ways, but you geese too stupid to absorb anything. Anyway, for those of you who want more to bitch and whine about, you're invited to get some real news at weazlsrevenge.com

No, not the blog, just the .com

Then maybe you'll have a little more info to respond against Ducky. Without it, he just kicks your feeble asses.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Weazie is looking for comments as nobody cares about his site. In fact the only comments hr got were from the notorious criminal and failed writer Socrates
who posted in reaction to me.

The reality is Weazie uses cut and paste material and lacks the social skills to have a wide following. Weazie hasn't figured out that he is more likely to get readers from Renegade eye than this site.

That was a free plug for a mediocre site. I have no idea why he comes here. I barely acknowledge the psycho.

Da Weaz said...

I come here because I sometimes miss you little morons. Shy of FPM there is no place else with such a higher concentration of knuckle draggers, NaZionist apologizers, and mental midgets. Pardon me, I know it's cruel, but given the low traffic on this site for morons, I'd think you'd be happy to recognize that I'm one of the 66 people or so (and subtract about 50 of those for Farmer John) who still even know that you're alive. Take away nanc, and that leave's just about the three other people on this site. Sorry, beakspeak, your site is dying . . .

And by the way, moron, the site I referred to, doesn't have a comment section. Just further evidence of how wrong and stupid you are, a symptom of a much more permanent problem. Sorry.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Weazie comes here to find Zionazis but he isn't an anti-semite. Lets face it Weazie you just don't have the social skill to manage an effective conversation. You over estimate your intelligence and most of your material is cut and paste.

Even the nutjob Socrates only visits to comment about me. Why don't you ask you friend the failed writer to conjure up more of his amatuer act.

The site does well enough to suit my tastes. I have arould ten posters who drop in and that is still ten more than you have.

I am not paid to bandy with mental patients with delusions of granduer. The staff at the Finnish Assylum you reside in are compensated to deal with your mental pathologies.

I have zero intrest in you or your mourge of a blog.

Vaya Con Dios Puto.

Mad Zionist said...

Beak, why do these communazis bother leaving their caves simply to say things like "you're a mental midget" and "your blog sucks"? Has Counterpunch shut down their website or something?

Mad Zionist said...

BTW, I think your pal Greggy may have folded up his blog. No posts in over a month and the last he wrote he was still in Chicago. I'd be willing to bet he's not going back to Israel anytime soon.

Elmer's Brother said...

Florian said:

....the imbecile North American consumers who supply this demand. Were it not for these losers there would be no need to drug push.

Let's leave Weazl and Duhkkky's personal problems out of this.

Anonymous said...

Did the axis of evil change and i was not told about it?

I so hate the term "Evil", it's just to Austin Powerish to me.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My blog can still kick Weezie's ass.

American Crusader said...

We busted a sailboat back in 87 with a little over 2 tn. uncut cocaine. Me and another coasty helped stack the cocaine (under the watchful eyes of DEA and Customs) on the dock.
2 tn. of cocaine makes an impressive pile.
I wish I had taken a picture of it.

beakerkin said...


I think many people forget the narcotics side of the terrorism game. Our enemies do traffic in narcotics and the left is oblivious.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I paid a visit to that blog.

It's brown.

beakerkin said...

I read Elizabeth's b;og as well last week. I try to tailor my responses to the idividual. When Rob Bayn disagrees this is a different animal than Ducky or Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a garden variety PC leftist and will be appearing in satire form. An ethnicity founded on embrodery and folk dancing is too rich to pass up.

Mr. Ducky said...

hi The Dear Laeder here... you no that i am the ferst m b a presidint... an i remmer businiss scool... i used ta sit in the back row and make wise craks... be caues i am not the kinda guy who is a studier i am a do er... i dont like thinkin too much about it be cause... i am gided by my gut and what my gut tells me about my prinsibles and beleifs... an i like to take bold acshin to get my prioritys...

like wen i was in the oil bisniss... i had my own compiny and there was lots of investers that we had... an there was this... big feild in texas were there wasnt any oilwells... an i sead... look at that we are gonna drill a lot of oil wells in there... so we can get the oil out.

an some fancy experts... geoligists and stuff... saed that theres no oil in that land... an i sead... hey tubby... wen i was in scool i use to beat up guys like your for there lunch money... now you go drill me those wells...

now i dont rememmer how the wells turned out... but we sold the compiny to the saudis for.. like.. ten times wat it was worth... heh heh... that proves wat a good bisnis man i am... an i am a real good presidint too.

bye for now

American Crusader said...

I was looking for the embroidery special....

American Crusader said...

One of the most prominent features of the visual culture that developed in the young State of Israel in the 1950s and 1960s may be observed in the imagery and motifs associated with artistic handicrafts produced by Yemenite immigrants. Despite the relatively small number of Yemenites, the prestige of their handiwork greatly surpassed that of the artisan cultures of other immigrant groups hailing from Islamic countries. Even during the period of the Yishuv [the pre-state Jewish community in Eretz Israel], the image of Yemenite Jewry and specific elements in its culture were selected for inclusion in the developing, European [Ashkenazi]-dominated Hebrew culture as representative of the Oriental Jew. A closer look at this "birthright" during the 1950s reveals the deep structure or cultural preference prevalent within Israeli culture where Yemenite handicrafts were included while the art work of other ethnic groups was rejected. This selection defined the normative boundaries of Oriental acceptability in the nascent Israeli culture

beakerkin said...

The embroidery special will be up around 9pm.

Farmer John said...

Since the recent election has taken place, how come we haven't heard much of the evil Neocon's from their progressive philosophical counterparts at the New School?

I guess they're all off on a holiday celebrating Daniel Ortega's entry into the Castro/Chavez orbit and Olmert's recent propaganda defeat in Southern Lebannon.

Farmer John said...

...instead, all we get is ducky's lame Bush-bashing.

I guess creativity truly IS dead... especially on the Left!

Farmer John said...

btw - beak, I understand the boys from the Frankfort School moved into your old neighborhood. I wonder if they've got a hotline to Reed & Pelosi's desks installed yet.

Farmer John said...

I can't wait for ducky to show up there as their new professor of economics. I'm sure he'll have some great lectures on Veblen for the kids to hear.

It's just a shame he'll have to learn Arabic if he's ever gonna get an opportunity to deliver them.

beakerkin said...

Ducky gets upset when I call the New School the New School for Communist Treason.

I have a satire post an Advertisement for the New Mr Beamish and Beakerambo video game.
The Title is NO CLASS COMWADS Mr Beamish goes to NYU and the New School and fixes higher Ed.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, Criterion announced the release of a Paul Robeson box set in February.

Be sure to get your pre-order in on Amazon. Borderline, Body and Soul, Jericho, Native Land ... just an excellent set. It was thought that all prints for Body and Soul were lost. I'm sure you'll enjoy the set.

Farmer John said...

I can't wait!

...and tell ducky that he's gonna have to join the United Auto Workers (UAW) and get his union card if he actually gets that teaching job at the New School. You know how important it is for university professors in Manhattan to have a union protect their interests from unsavory employers. I guess tenure isn't enough for some people!

beakerkin said...

I do not listen to the songs of Communist agitators. Riddle me this how is Robeson's use of the N word 29 times in the Emperor Jones
okay for TNT but Turner will not show Speedy Gonzales.

I was surprised at how familiar my parents were with The Emperor Jones. I do not see it being produced on a major stage in my lifetime for obvious reasons.

Farmer John said...

...I guess because Speedy represented a caricature whereas Robeson represented a caricature...


Maybe I need to think on that some more!

Happy Thanksgiving beak! Don't try and eat the entire bird in a single sitting!

Mr. Ducky said...

Funny thing, Farmer. I was having dinner with my niece who plans to enter secondary school teahing.

She has a double major in English and music. She can read music proficiently and also Old English.

So we were talking about towns she might like to teach in and I suggested her working class hometown.

"No, have you checked out the pay and the class sizes. It wouldn't be so bad but you have those f'ing libertarian douchebags who wouldn't know Beowulf from the Vercelli Codex harping about you joining a union."

I really like the kid.

Anonymous said...

Communist Christmas Song:

"we wish you a a merry death

We Wish you a merry death,

We wish you a merry death,

and a genocide for the new year!"

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

That is an interesting observation,
but I was shocked by my parents familiarity with the material. Who would produce the Emperor Jones today?


You are going to get Ducky all upset. How about Merry Christas peasants what's your is mine and what's mine is none of your business off to you go to the senic gulag.

Anonymous said...

Oh you mean i might make Ducky upset?

Am i suppose to be scared?

Always On Watch said...

Beak (to Weaz),
The site does well enough to suit my tastes. I have arould ten posters who drop in and that is still ten more than you have.

Glad that I set down my glass of wine. My keyboard is still working.

hi The Dear Laeder here... you no that i am the ferst m b a presidint...etc.

Your needle is stuck. You posted the same at my site a few days ago.

Farmer John said...

mr. ducky & weazie...

Happy Thanksgiving gentlemen!

...and anyone else I might of missed, have a blessed holiday!

FLORIAN said...

Seems like Weazie had a Kramer-style meltdown there.

Anyways....Happy Thanksgiving Beak. God Bless.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Ducky's handlers are on Thanksgiving break.

The Merry Widow said...

Rob- You're supposed to stand in awe of plucky's amazing intellect and weazie's towering ...whatever. Unfortunately for them, I'm not into idol worship! A Living G*D, WHO really is G*D is more to my taste!
Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, Beaker and cohorts!


Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Ducky's handlers are on Thanksgiving break.

Everybody needs a vacation. ;)

kuhnkat said...

Wish I had been here when it was happening!!

In Utah there is a small company starting to pump LIGHT SWEET CRUDE!!! you know, the easy to crack stuff just like we buy from Saudi Arabia. Wonder how Bush got that by his Saudi CONTROLLERS!!! It is on the fault that the big boys were searching for years that was successful in Canada. Another small company associated with them is licensed to start their exploratory drilling with the proprietary info from the first company. Early estimates suggest rather huge deposits!!!

In other words, with just this area we don't need the rest of the world!!!

As Mr. BTIP pointed out, we also have reserves in oil shale in the badlands area including Wyoming that match Saudi reserves. The new technologies for cheaply extracting this, as pointed out by Beakerkin, would also make us independent of the rest of the world!!! Even without the Israeli technology, new methods homegrown have pushed extraction where it is a moneymaker at around $50 per barrel price!!! $18/barrel would make us a LOT richer. Oh, and about that Light Sweet Crude from Utha...?!?!?!?!?! Hope you bought their stock!!


Little Che Suck the Fascist Greenie Moron,

you are purposely ignoring the important point of our subsidising our enemies by buying oil from the Middle East and your twin Chavez!!! With our internal supplies currently being developed, the deep wells just opened in the gulf may end up being economically undesirable!!

The safety in the supply line from having multiple US land based sources of oil is extremely important as we continue our war against the Fascists of all persuasions!!

The really fun part will be watching Venezuela, Iran, and other shitholes scrambling to find the people technically proficient enough to run their declining extraction systems!! If Iran manages to get Iraq the same will happen there. I imagine Sucky and friends forgot how oil PRODUCTION was declining under Saddam due to the NON-investment in maintenance and advanced extraction technology. Sucky, your but-buddy Chavez is already losing his pumping capacity!!! With the drop in oil prices due to increasing supply his, Iran, and Russias problems are just BEGINNING!! At least Russia has real technical types to continue developing new processes!!


Oh, and Greenie Suck, why are you supporting a NUCLEAR technology that produces the most TOXIC WASTE in the world?? Can we store it in your neighborhood?? Last I heard the nice caves in Nevada, developed to be our national suppository, are being held up due to environmental concerns!!! Some more of you butt-buddies????


How about a REAL shot at FUSION!!!! It has progressed very LITTLE since I was in high school and wrote a paper on it!!

Or, maybe an orbital solar/nuclear/... plant that uses electromagnetic or optical transmission to the surface??

How about a simple orbital MIRROR assembly that aims solar output to the surface??

You fascist Greenie weenies are so LIMITED in ability to understand and use technology!!!


How can you deal in Cinema and Video with so little imagination??


You MORON!!!!

Purple Avenger said...

Shell has a single plant expansion goin on in Canada that's going to be the equivalent of 5% of VE's output.

Replicate that a few times and Hugo can eat his frigging oil.