Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Use Water Cannons

The recent activities of the Obama approved OWS in Oakland show the true face of the left. There is no Constitutional Right to Burn objects and provoke the police. The police have shown way too much restraint and should be encouraged to send these clowns packing.

There also need to be serious law changes requiring people arrested for violence at these events do hard time with common crimninals. A nice stint at the local prison mixed with common criminals is warranted. The protesters are to be given no protection from the guards.

Of course we will hear the usual claim from the Duck about fascism. Your right to peaceful protest stops when you are not peaceful. Long term occupation of public spaces are  not protected Constitutional expressions. Any union lending support to OWS should have its members salaries cut by 1%.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't Be Fooled

At the ninth hour Obama has suddenly given lip service to the obscene tuition increases. These increases are foisted onto the taxpayer so his faculty lounge cronies can reap high pay for no work and political indoctrination. This problem is not new but even the clueless morons at OWS are starting to grasp the role of the colleges in the student loan mess. Ulltimately blaming the banker for student loans and worthless degrees is akin to blaming the loan shark for debts of a drug addict.

An Oldie

Raising a young child frequently involves some sacrafice. I have been stuck watching the Disney and Nick kid shows wich are not that badwith one or two exceptions. I was flipping through the stations and found Mannix on Cloo. I haven't seen that show in 40 years, but remember it as a kid. I like the old detective shows and it would be good to see Jake and the Fatman, the original Kojak, Hawaii 5-0 and so forth.

I also wanted to see the episode of Welcome Back Kotter where Epstein gives Ducky a wedgie.

Ducky: Okay class who knows about Karl Marx
Horshack: Oh-Oh Mr Ducky. That was the name of one of the Marx Brothers who didn't make film.
Ducky: No no no you peasent trash. He wrote about class struggle.
Barbarino: Hey nobody insults Horseshack but us.
Ducky: Sit down you cheap Fonzie wannabe hack.
Washington: Epstein our substitue teacher needs an attitude adjustment.
Ducky: Unhand me you working class simpletons can't you #%^%^ see that you need your betters%^&^7
Epstein: Kotter was right on a teacher's salary all they can afford is Fruit of the Loom.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obama Must Go

Now that Ron Paul has been marginalized it is important the remaining candidates unify with the sole goal of outsting the clueless Obama. I have zero faith that our economy would rebound in a second Obama administration. Either Newt or Romney are better than the man who was elected as a symbol but was unfit to govern.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time for Turkey to Grow Up

It is time the Government in Turkey stops playing games with countries that recognize the Armenian Genocide. All nations have chapters that are odious and it is long past time that the rationalizations and spin ceases.

The government of Turkey has been throwing temper tantrums about history that is almost 100 years old.  These temper tantrums are not in the interests of Turkey and make the government look absurd. Genocide denial is absurd when sponsored by Iran and just as odious when condoned by the Turkish government.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Funny Thing About Lifes Lesson from the NFL

Sometimes unknown players get a glimpse of the limelight. David Tyree was known for his superior special teams play that took him to the pro bowl. I my thirty plus years of watching Giant games perhaps only a long forgotten player by the  name of R, Thompson was close. Today he is known for the catchin the Super Bowl.

In todays playoff win the forgotten hero is Devin Thomas. Thomas was a second round draft pick of Washington who is only with the Giants because of special teams play. He enters Giant history for recovering two fumbled punts and stealing victory from the jaws of defeat. There is also Steve Weatherford who saved a bad snap and got the Giants into the Super Bowl.

Brady will play the game of his life as he can not let Eli take hnim by surprise again.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another one of lifes lessons

You can learn alot from watching your Maltese. If your ever hungry dog walks away from a food you would be wise to follow suit. Members of my family are sick from some nasty take out food. I barely had any and noticed the dog wouldn't touch the stuff so I had other food. I of course went out and got different food for my daughter which the dog readily coveted.

Unfortunately, this lesson was not learned by others who remain ill.

The dog also is quite clever. Little dogs do not like small children. Thus when I go to sleep early the dog follows because the kids are not apt to wake me. My daughter is the exception to that rule. I fell asleep early and she returned from services to a house full of adults behaving badly. I woke up and watched the kids whilethe rest got sick from bad food and Hennesy.

I learned an unusual lesson about video games and kids. I purchased a retro game called Bejeweled 3 for the X Box. I did not expect my daughter to go near it as it is a simple puzzle. Much to my surprise the kids played it for five hours. The kids watching would point out to the players where matches were. Many video games forget the fun factor and invest too much energy in graphics. It was something the retro games on the older systems could not mess up with limited graphic technology.

The daughter loves the Pink Panther and after watching dreadful current fare like Fish Hooks it is a much needed break. I was watching the cartoon the Ant and the Ardvark and easily recognized the voice of someone doing a decent Jackie Mason impression. The second voice seemed familiar and thanks to the web I learned the person voicing the ant was immitating Dean Martin. I did have a laugh when the daughter was watching a Bewitched clip and noticed Uncle Arthur sounds like Roger the Alien from American Dad.

Go Giants

Thursday, January 19, 2012

thank you Front Pa ge Magazine

Readers of this blog need to sample the comments of the Paultards at FPM. The Paultards claim divine linneage from the founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson had his own issues with Muslims abducting Americans. Obviously the Paultards missed the part about no tribute.

There are some of you who question my depiction of FJ as an anti semitite. If the term Israel firster is bigoted when uttered by a commie Ducky its context does not change when uttered by a Paultard. Claims of Israeli contol of media, government are bigoted by Ducky and when FJ waxes off about Paul being attaced by the Jews we need look no further.

Now the claim that Paultards are true conservatives who include Stormfronters, Code Pinkos and OWS morons and Gingrich, Santorum and the opponents of Paul are Neocons is laughable. Sorry, but Mark Levin remains a Reaganite and Ron Paul left the GOP in protest of his policies. Now Paul claims Reagan and his legacy while the record shows he ran against famed lefty Russel Means for the Liberterian Party nomination. Is Means somehow a true Conservative? Means himself would never utter such lunacy and it is time Paultards admit this and quit insulting everyone's intelligence.

In actuallity Paul is the heir to the Lyndon Larouche style political cult with populist bigotry added.

Communist Cryptozoology

The belief that Arabs living in Israel are the indigenous people of the area is the Marxist equivalent of Bigfoot. The Communist mantra that modern so called Palestinians are connected in any way to Phillistines is a myth used solely for the expediency of stoking populist Jew Hatred without the gas chambers and Nazi imagery. Communists do frequently align with actual Nazis. A modern version of this is the Code Pink / Stormfront alliance in their preffered candidate Ron Paul.

The book from Time Immemorial was allegedly debunked by Maoist antisemite Norman Finklestein. While the book may have had an oddity or two in sources that can be ascibed to any book it speaks a basic truth.
There was plenty of Arab immigration to the area and Arabs allready posses plenty of colonized ethnically cleansed real estate. In fact prior to 1967 the cry Jews into the sea made no mention of this so called ethnicity that was allegedy present continuosly.

Commuists are quite fond of the populist Jew hatred industry. There are many people who make a living stoking this Communist need for cover for their own bigotries. Norman Finklestein and many an academic Marxist hack owe their entire career to this industry.

Communists feign outrage over the alleged sins of Israel and the USA. They remain silent over their own treatment of Muslims such as Stalins tactic of deporting them to Siberia or razing Grozny for far less provocations than the Israelis endure. We can add Marxists killings of Indians in Nicaragua. Our own Junglemom did write plenty on the sins of Chavez. She was threatened by the followers of Renegade Eye for speaking out. A comedic classic had Graeme lecturing Junglemom about the sanitary habits of people she lived with. The communist crank got this info by staying in the Holiday Inn.

Thus Communists have created their own modern Bigfoot to stoke Jew hatred to advance their foul revolutionry agenda. If the question is viewed in its proper context indigenous Jews vs Colonial Arabs yearning for additional ethnically cleansed real estate the arguments about Jews mistreating Arabs is about as absurd as Black slaves exploiting white people in the Old South. History does not begin in 1948 because Communists and Arab apologists deem it expedient.

An honest historical discussion needs to take place about how Islam was spread and its colonial history and Jim Crow chapters. Americans have examined these chapters in discussions of slavery and our often criminal treatment of Indians. We do tend to gloss over the Joseph Brandt mess. Indians needlessly involved themselves in a war that they were begged to sit out by Washington. The Indians did commit what would today be described as terrorism in the North East. The English sold out these mercenary flunkies who followed a Crown Lacky common law Brother in law of a gvernment official into dispossesion of their lands
and exile into Canada. This exploitation of American Indians should be discussed in an overall history. Europeans were adept at getting Indians involved in their petty wars long before the American Revolution.
Indians who acquired firearms used them to settle long hatreds with each other initially. The role of disease also needs to be added into these chapters as well.

Americans can look at these chapters with no loss of patriotism. It is time for Muslims and Marxists to confronmt their own histories of Jim Crow, Colonialism, Class Genocide, Ethnocide and slavery. When
one discusses anything with lefties centerists spend too much time engaging in historical arguments with apologists for class genocide and deniers of Muslim colonialism and abuse of genuine indigenous people.

How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need? What makes the case of Arab refugees more compelling than genuine indigenous people like Kurds or any African or Indian tribes. Did thne creation of ethnically cleansed states in Pakistan or Jordan lead to peace or just further demands for additional land.

Gingrich was right.

Want Peace. Egypt takes back Gaza and admits the residents there were really Egyptian. Jordan and Israel make a land deal and the PA is disbanded. Israel keeps every centimeter of the Golan Heights. This will never happen because Marxists and their Muslim allies really are more interested in eliminationalism of Jews
than about refugees who have been on the dole fo 60 years. It is time that Arabs need to be confronted with keeping people in camps for generations and demand that Arabs build viable economies.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Death of a Jerk

We come not to praise the most vulgar nasty parasite on the web but to burt him. He was despised by all that had the misfortune of meeting him. Much of the informatiom provided was accurate. The question of who wrote ther disturbing material that conveyed molesting his kids is unknown.

He was a sick man who stole people's identities and created dozens of poorly created personas such as Shanghai Charlie and nine or ten versions of Socrates. He harrassed every female he came into contact with and penned such classics as Jews into the Ovens. I did battle with him for years and the genuine article lost many a carefully established over years.

He learned to stay clear for the most part. However, every now and then he wanted to test the investigator and lost. Writting samples are like fingerprints and his style was spotted in seconds. His poorly created personas were a text book example of a person who slaved over grammar without grasping creativity or entertainment value..

The planet is a better place without this king of trolls.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Is FJ an anti semite

There are some that claim that my charge that FJ is Jooo hater is a tad extreme. Lets repeat the highlights of some of the FJ Classics dirrected at me.

After a comment on the site of PT, FJ when on to wax about the Joooooos having in for Ron Paul. Given Ron Paul's antisemitic, racist and homophobic newsletter alone this would be warranted. Comparing Gaza to a concentration camp ( Classic Israel is Nazi usually stated by Communists) and suggesting that 9-11 was a reaction to US support for Israel would tend to irk Jewish voters.

FJ is championing the same mental gymnastics used by Holocaust Deniers and Truthers to claim Paul is not anti semitic. The overwhelming evidence is there if one cares to look. The excuses about the news letters are even more far fetched than Obama's feigned cluelessness about Pastor Wright's racist anti American and anti semitic blather. I do not respond to Truthers and Holocaust deniers who frequently feign noble intentions by stating "we are just asking questions". To engage these types in dialouge is a waste of time as you are really dealing with mental illness and bigotry.

The Farmer has made bizzare claims that all of your familiar Talk Radio hosts are fake conservatives. Funny, but Paultards who form alliances with actual Communists at OWS and so called peace protests are not the arbiters of who is a conservative. The hysterical claims that Mark Levin is a neocon are anti semitic as the author of conservative classics is a Reaganite. The Paulite claims that Limbaugh, Hannity, Lord are corporate sellouts, tools of the Jews are usually associated with bird brained lefties.

The Farmer has stated that I am an Israel firster which is a classic anti semitic cliche about Jews are disloyal Americans. This type of hatred is most commonly seen from lefties and recognized easily.  We point out it is bigoted when stated by Duncy and it remains bigoted when stated by FJ.

The critique offered that why do we allow Ducky to comment and bar those of FJ. FJ has shown an unwillingness to play by this blog's no sock puppet rule. Ducky is also honest about his views and does not pretend to be in the political mainstream. This feigned support for Romney while attacking Paultards is merely the inability of the Farmer to step out of the Paultard closet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There is a Cancer in the GOP

I look at the primary results with dismay at the number of votes given to an anti American lunatic who makes a mockery of the GOP and to the core values that members of the party of Reagan, Lincoln and Ike held since our inception.

I am a child of the eighties and signed on to the party of Reagan. We fought the Cold War tooth and nail and won it while Ron Paul advocated appeasment of Communists. It did not matter that every single issue was doctrinaire. The GOP was the party of national defense and patriotism. We reject racial arsonists and unamerican foreign policy of blame America for every problem in the world.

The Ron Paul view that America brought 9-11 on itself by placing foreign troops on Saudi soil and by its pro Israel policy echoes the sentiments of Al Queda and the craziest voices on the far left like Noam Chomsky. A true American does not let anyone other than our citizens dictate our policies and we as a people do not yield to threats or intimidation. The Paul/Rothbard foreign policy makes a mockery of the GOP traditions.

Ron Paul claims to own Reagan and his minions including FJ play a sick version of the Howard Stern favorite Who is a Jew game. This sick game starts with the premise that Jews are not real Americans and have the interests of Israel at the top of their agenda. This crazy mania is identical to that of Communists who espouse a similar toxic rhetoric while trying to further the cause of global revolution.

Reagan unlike Paul welcomed those who rejected Communism into the big GOP tent. He rescued a Union from Communist subversion and would not have allowed Code Pinkoss and OWS clowns anywhere near our ranks. Reagan also held the door open for all those who shared our values to join the big GOP tent. He wanted no part of racial power nuts or professional Jew haters who flock to the Paul campaign in huge numbers.

Rest assured Ron Paul will not win the nomination, but the question remains what role if any will Romney offer this band of political freaks and refugees from mental health facilities into his administration. Hopefully
Romney or whomever else the nominee is grasps how toxic Paul is to the party.

Mark Levin has the correct idea to prevent the freak Paul from running on a third party ticket. Should Ron Paul run as an independent he will actively help opponents defeat Rand Paul when he comes up for election.

The time has come for all who care about the party of Reagan to take our party back from those who have made a mockery of our values and history. When our party stands for nothing and allows those who are diametrically opposed to our values to be our standard bearer then our party no longer deserves our support.We allready have one joke of a national party our nation can not afford a second joke.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FJ Kindly Leave

FJ we want to thank you for your previous help. You were a friend, but it is time for you to depart. We wish you well in your travels, but have no desire to interact with you or your sophomoric personas. We do not want sock pupettry here and really wish you would respect my wishes.

When you use sock puppets on a friend you run the risk of annoying them. Rather than state hey Beakerkin I am sorry you knowingly claimed to be a legendary cyber sicko. You claim you are not the legendary criminal and I appologize for asking if you wrote the sick material widely known to have been written by the lunatric. You bear a certain part of the responsabilty for making the claim "I am Socrates". It was a stupid remark on your part and you deserve much of the blame for anything that happened afterwards.

I want to make this abundantly clear. Please leave this blog and do not return. Try not to provoke me on other blogs as I have no desire to bother Z or the Pagan Temple. Whatever, issues there were between us are finnished and I wish nothing more than to be left alone. I want nothing to do with you or your numerous personas.

Do note that while Ducky has some nasty ideas he plays by a certain set of rules. He writes under one ID and we deal with those ideas. You have demonstrated an unwillingness to play by the rules we established here. Z and the others are okay with your antics, but we will not tollerate them here.

I will not bother following your links and play games with you. If you wish to have an internet blog war there are more suitable opponents to play with.

Kindly leave and do not return. We wish you the best of luck, but you have worn out your welcome.

Thank you

Monday, January 09, 2012

Why We Like Tebow

Why does a Jewish NYC resident with Hindu family like Tim Tebow.

1) All of us love and admire the person who plays fair, works hard and is told by experts he can't do it and does. Tebow is pure heart soul and determination. He works harder than the rest and plkays hard but fair.

2) He respects his team mates and opponents. He doesn't even have a bad word for his detractors.

3) He represents and embodies Christian values and spirit admired even by non Christians as myself. Likely he is probably there for a team mate down on his luck because it is the calling of his savior and a heart held value. He advocates his beliefs positively without dennigrating others who think differently.

4) He is genuinely modest and appreciates those around him.

5) He is positive at all times.

The fact that someone so wholesome and appealing to all is so hated by the Duck tells us more about the Duck than Tebow.

Not Clever

The multi personality dullard mostly known as FJ has gone off his meds. For the most part I ignore his banal posts. He is rather unoriginal and not worth the time. I reacted to yet another one of his anti semitic provocations at the site of the Pagan Temple.

In my spat with FJ, he was consistently defended by Mr. B. Now psycho FJ has turned on his friend Mr. B by paroding him as Quemish with an unoriginal title the Wank Files.

The reason I chose to avoid FJ are the rather clown like antics that are not ammusing. An honest blogger writes his support for Ron Paul and we deal with it. As a Ron Paul supporter you have basically admitted you are a freak of some sort. When person x states they support Santorum or Perry this is basically a difference of opinion. When one states they support Ron Paul and are "true conservatives" this should come with a laugh track. I do not call myself a Conservative, but I respect them when I disagree. I also respect most Liberterians like brother Jason Pappas or Warren. A true liberterian is the archfoe of Commies like our friend the Duck. While Mark Levin and the other Reaganites were fighting the Cold War Paul and Murray Rothbard were advocates of appeasement. We don't see a Code Pink brigade supporting Newt for obvious reasons, but they support Ron Paul eagerly.

As for claims FJ is not antisemitic his comments about Jews and Ron Paul are clear. I disagree with those who give him a free pass on this issue.

FJ do us a favor. Do not visit or comment here. I will do my best to avoid you. As Nixon is claimed to have stated ... "the worst crime is to be boring". Frankly, your antics are a bore and I would appreciate it if you would take this act elsewhere. The blogosphere is a big place and you need not bore me further.

Football Talk

We like Tebow and the passion and integrity he brings to the game. He seems to be getting better each week, but he is not beating the Patriots. The only equalizer is freak weather that could even things up. Tebows friend upstairs sends a blizzard or 50mph winds and all of us start Tebowing. Making this better is the Communist Duck ranting afterwards. Not going to happen but if it did priceless 44-21 Pats

Despite all the talk about the Saints outdoors they beat the 49ers. There is too much firepower to hold for too long. Brees and not Aaron Rodgers  is the best QB. I would love to see this game in a rainstorm but it isn't happening.

The Giants have over achieved and other than JPP and Tuck when healthy are not exceptional. Webster is the best and he is merely better than average. Offensively the Giants can score points when they can run and the line does have serious issues. Green Bay's Offense is good and they should put up enough points to beat the Giants 31 -17. Victor Cruz gets blanketed in the cold and has a drop. The Giants boil down to Brandon Jacobs. If he runs well they have a slim hope.

Teans vs Baltimore. This is a Fred Flintstone club defensive war. Baltimore wins a brutal defensive battle 13-3. John Goodman comes out after the game and screams NERDS.

The NFL has some good stories this year in the sucsess of a real good guy Tebow and a Rocky style Victor Cruz stardom out of nowhere. Now if the NFL would stop tilting the balance to offense it would be a better game.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Ignorance of the Duck

I am quite amused by the ignorance of the Duck. He feigns that he hates Liberterians but seems to have found a candidate that is even more anti semitic than he is, Ron Paul. He is quite vocal in his ire when it is directed to genuine Liberterians like Jason Papas or Warren. However, his angry comments about Baron Sascha Cohen's lampooning the comatose Paul as Bruno are revealing. The alliance between Code Pinkos, OWS, Nazis, Commies, Truthers and the Paultards have a common denominator da Jooooooos.

As for the Paultards who claim to be genuine Conservatives while forming alliances with Nazis, Communists
and OWS mutants, nobody is fooled. While Beakerkin and Newt were fighting Communists Paul and Rothbard advocated appeasement.

The Duck is clearly ignorant about the history and political realities of the Guyanese people. Competing Marxist parties stoked racial hatred between Indians and Blacks. The only thing Marxists did accomplish was to annoy everyone into emmigrating. A toxic brew of crime, corruption and malfeasence has made the place into a hell hole.

Anyone familiar with the odd politics of the Guyanese community could easily describe what those attacks were. Contrary to the media spin this was part of the Black vs Indian animus that is familiar to Guyanese and Trinidadians. The Mosque and Hindu Temple were part of this pattern. The Mosque was targeted because the worshipers are Indians. The Hindu Temple was targeted on a similar basis. The MSM focused on the Muslim angle because it fits their far left agenda. The reality of racist Marxist far left governments stoking racial paranoia doesn't play well in the Obama big media and academia cocktail parties.

My own family is almost entirely Hindu with a few Christians. The functions are mostly Indian, but Blacks from the same village do attend. When dealing with the reality of Guyana it is interesting to view the country in a more rural setting. Although there is clearly racial tension when one leaves the community in the community it is a different matter. The neighbors get along very well along regardless of race or religion.  I liken it to NYC in the early seventies in suburbia. The family next door was a valued nieghbor. Unfortunately, low life political hacks stoked racial hatred for its own sake. Crime was more likely to impact poor minorities than upper middle class white people.

In reality we need to get back to big table Americanism. The divisive class warfare of the Obama camp is unamerican and has no place in our nation of shared values and ideas.

An Apology to the Pagan Temple

I do offer a sincere apology for blasting the multi persona FJ/ sybil. Since our parting of ways I tend to ignore FJ. FJ has been less than honest about being a Paultard. His defense of Paul's history via the news letters and absurd statements are on a moral par with truthers.

Now many absurd statements have been made over the years. However, while Reaganites and others were fighting the Cold War Paul and Rothbard advocated appeasement. He is still advocating Rothbard style appeasement in his talks about Iran.

In NYC I have had my own dealings with Paultards. They are on a par with Truthers, Holocaust Denniers, Nazis and Communists. Sorry, but we do not hear Newt or Santorum supporters talking about saving the country from the Jews or taking up arms. Mental illness and stupidity are all part and parcel of the dishonest Paultard toxic brew.

With Newt for now, but anyone other than Paul is fine.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Media BS in NYC attacks

Once again the mindless Marxist imbeciles in some mainstream newspapers have misrepresented a hate crime. The attacks in Queens were against a Mosque and a Hindu Temple by what appears to be a mentally disturbed man with many screws loose. The media focuses almost entirely on the Mosque and makes little mention of the attack on the Hindu temple. The reason for that is plain and simple portraying this as the work of a lunatic doesn't suit their long term make Muslims into perpetual victims.

No doubt some left wing blogger will attempt to connect this with Pam Geller. Of course using the same idiotic techniques that made the media attempt to spin the far left Giffords shooter into a talk radio fan we can point to the person believing in Marxist idiocy that religion is the opiate of the masses.

I am not too upset with the showing of Santorum. At one time I backed Santorum because other than Newt he has been the only one who has confronted Ron Paul. I am still with Newt and will remain so. Santorum and Romney are preferable to Obama. If Ron Paul pulls a miracle or is the VP on any ticket I will depart the GOP and become an independent. There are those who point to the Paultards as an important vote. There are plenty to strenuously object to the conspiracy and bigoted world of Ron Paul. The film clip of Paul starring in the Bruno film should be shown everywhere. Paul is a clueless dimwit and I contrast this with the rather dignified manner Alan Keyes comported himself when simnilarly interviewed by Borat. It would be nice to see Joe Biden interviewed by another of Baron Sacha Cohen's persona because he is so stupid that he is kept under wraps by the Obama administration. In fact any impeach Obama talk is ended with do you want the dumbest politician in DC to be President.

Anybody but Ron Paul running against Obama is fine.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Too Many Candidates

It looks like Romney unless a few candidates drop out. I can live with a Romney Presidency but no matter who the GOP picks the Obama media machine will stop at nothing to ensure his re-election.

Lost in the mix with the USA and Canada producing more energy is the increasing irrelevancy of Hugo the dying cocanut. Arabs may have had their moment in the sun overplayed their hands and can only get the new competitors out by lowering prices. The goal on the left is to save Chavez and the thug regime by environmental obstructionism.

Could be worse

Readers know I am less than thrilled about a three month assignment. I will be taking off every Wednesday until this dreaded abomination ceases. In many ways it was fortunate I drew this assignment now. My normal cheif is on maternity leave and her replacement .... the less said the better. They were also looking for people to go for long term assignments on the long term cases that I literally have zero interest in. The officers in that area are divas without a clue and I would do what the veterans have always done remind the powers that be that I may be held there for 90 days not one second more.

I will do my time pray for snow and be freed from bondage in April.

More Dad Time

Being a dad is not easy. The girlfriend was really sick and I had to do child care. I planned on going home and had to turn around. This would have been the rare instance I would drive my own car there, but my niece has it. I do not understand why that family always has a car in the shop and I never have my car.

I arrived exausted and took a nap only to be awakened by my daughter stating I am hungry. Off I went into the night to checkers for a pack of wings and everyone ate them including the two small dogs. My daughter in laws Maltese is very attached to me as well. He doesn't leave my side even more than the one I helped raise from a pup. For reasons unknown I preffer to sleep in the cold. The dogs litterally crawl under the blanket and sleep on my back.

I bought the daughter an X Box Dance game and was annoyed to see Barbara Streisand music in the game. I have to figure out what to do with all the Gamestop points. I got 11,000.

Around the web I am noticing lefties are seriously concerned that the USA will attack Iran. They should grasp that we do not have a functional adult in the White House and this is not happening.
In the event an exchange takes place the Joooo obsessed left will launch into its usual Jewish cabal and Israeli conspiracy mania.

Obama has all but won this election. At this moment my guess is Romney or Newt will win and the media will go into over drive to save him. The convential wisdom is that a Ron Paul third party run takes more votes from Newt. The anti semitic crew allready has a viable candidate
in Barak Obama. Much of the Code Pinko and OWS support is based on Paul's pathological obsessions and ignorance about Israel.

Left out of the mix is the role of China and India if Iran does decide to block the flow of oil. A potential alliance of the USA, China and India should leave the mad clerics no sleep.

I am also tired of this administration apologizing to Pakistan for anything. The Pakistani government feigns ignorance about Osama and crew hiding out in their territory. We need to get much tougher on this govenment of dimwits.