Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another one of lifes lessons

You can learn alot from watching your Maltese. If your ever hungry dog walks away from a food you would be wise to follow suit. Members of my family are sick from some nasty take out food. I barely had any and noticed the dog wouldn't touch the stuff so I had other food. I of course went out and got different food for my daughter which the dog readily coveted.

Unfortunately, this lesson was not learned by others who remain ill.

The dog also is quite clever. Little dogs do not like small children. Thus when I go to sleep early the dog follows because the kids are not apt to wake me. My daughter is the exception to that rule. I fell asleep early and she returned from services to a house full of adults behaving badly. I woke up and watched the kids whilethe rest got sick from bad food and Hennesy.

I learned an unusual lesson about video games and kids. I purchased a retro game called Bejeweled 3 for the X Box. I did not expect my daughter to go near it as it is a simple puzzle. Much to my surprise the kids played it for five hours. The kids watching would point out to the players where matches were. Many video games forget the fun factor and invest too much energy in graphics. It was something the retro games on the older systems could not mess up with limited graphic technology.

The daughter loves the Pink Panther and after watching dreadful current fare like Fish Hooks it is a much needed break. I was watching the cartoon the Ant and the Ardvark and easily recognized the voice of someone doing a decent Jackie Mason impression. The second voice seemed familiar and thanks to the web I learned the person voicing the ant was immitating Dean Martin. I did have a laugh when the daughter was watching a Bewitched clip and noticed Uncle Arthur sounds like Roger the Alien from American Dad.

Go Giants


Always On Watch said...

I barely had any and noticed the dog wouldn't touch the stuff so I had other food.

If a dog, which, unlike a cat, typically gobbles up food, refuses a dish, avoid that dish!

Some people have to learn that lesson the hard way, Iguess.

Always On Watch said...

I just checked Wiki are read that "The Ant and the Aardvark" cartoons were made from 1969 to 1971. During those years, both Dean Martin and Jackie Mason were enjoying quite a heyday.

beakerkin said...

By the way have you noticed with the candidates thinning out Ron Paul goes way down. If Santorum or Newt go out Paul is revealed to have a small lunatic base of nuts.

Alligator said...

Beak, I've learned a lot of things about sanitation in the restaurant business. Food poisoning is no joke. Every time I eat out now, I wonder about employees washing hands, did they come to work with a 'bug' are the food prep areas cleaned and sterilized. do they rotate stock and throw out unused food. If they are not on their game, you pay dearly. Speaking of toxic food, I have to digress here a bit if I may.

Ducky, I just saw "Eraserhead" with Jack Nance. That had to be one of the creepiest, darkest and most bizarre movies I have ever seen. On the one hand it was repulsive, on the other it really provoked a (morbid?) curiosity to endure the whole thing and see what it was about. I recognized Nance as "Nefud" from the 1984 blocbus---boring "Dune."
Afterwards, I found myself wondering about your take on the film as an arts instructor.

beakerkin said...


Never had bad luck with that resturant. Guyanese people have some odd habits and add all types of things to dishes they eat in their drinking binges.

I come from a tradition where drinking in front of children is not permitted. I tend to not eat that stuff but was shocked when the dog ran from it. He did not run from the deli sandwich which was strange.

I tend to stay with the kids as being a good father to my daughter
is much more important thank knocking a few back. The small dog
also hides behind me so that the younger kids will leave him alone.

Ducky's here said...

Well, gator, the disturbing aspect of Erserhead may be that it really isn't a post apocalypse fable.

Patrick Kelley said...

I loved Jack Nance, that was an unfortunately grossly underused actor.

Ducky's here said...

Is that the national dish, Beak? Rancid take out and cognac.

Alligator said...

Beak, the dog's nose knows. Heed the dog.

Ducky, I'm still mentally sorting through Eraserhead and I agree it is not post-apocalyptic although it imparts that kind of feel.

I'm guessing a comment on post-industrial society, since the landscape is bleak and devastated by industry that you hear but never really see. The living quarters are minimal to sub-standard and Nance's character is obviously nothing more than a commodity to be used in the bigger scheme of things.

What I can't process is
1) The baby (eeewww!)
2) The chick with fat jowls in the dream sequence. What am I saying, I can't process any of the dream sequence.

Ducky's here said...

Yes gator, I think that's closer to it.
Also a dread of paternity.

beamish said...

David Lynch movies are to be watched, not understood.

Alligator said...

Ducky - "Also a dread of paternity."

That makes sense.

Beamish - "David Lynch movies are to be watched, not understood."

Undoubtedly. Really, the only thing that kept me watching was just the sheer creepiness of it.

Ducky's here said...

Only if you try to limit understanding to conventional narrative.
He joins Rivette and others in breaking it down but being an American director he can't stray too far from a perverse surrealism.

beamish said...

I loved Lost Highway. Eraserhead's just kinda meh. Blue Velvet rocked.